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A Lite Bike Fit is the minimum standard and must Every customer who enquires but doesn’t buy a be done within the sales process bike on the spot must leave with a quote • • • •

Inseam measurement Torso measurement Arm length measurement Print out specifications

• • • •

An Advanced Bike Fit can be done for road and high-end bikes.


Generated in Retail Express Print A4 Quote Staple A5 handout detailing our guarantees Ask the customer for a specific time to call them within 24hours


Sold bikes are always ‘delivered’ to the customer • Owner’s manual inside Bike Delivery envelope • A5 handout attached • Hook Me Up referrals attached • A5 handout/envelope is explained to the customer and filled in from start to finish

• Quotes are printed and allocated in every huddle • Quotes are called within 24 hours • Follow up again with SMS templates before any sales • Sold bikes: 3 day SMS; 1 month SMS

“How To’s” in Corporate • • • • • •

Knowledge Gurus → Module 6 Bike Fits – Road and MTB Knowledge Gurus → Module 7 Bike Delivery Procedures → Sales Process Procedures → Bike Fitting Procedure Procedures → Phone Answer Procedure Procedures → Quote Templates

99 bikes BRAND GUIDE


99 Bikes Brand Guide  

99 Bikes Brand Guide

99 Bikes Brand Guide  

99 Bikes Brand Guide