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Tasha Huang Contact 0937547818 Beitou Distrct/Taipei 1990/06/11


M.S. Textiles and Clothing Design and Culture Group 2015-2017 Fu Jen Catholic University B.A. Public Relationship and Advertisement 2008-2012 Shih Hsin University


Knitting Design (Circular/Flat Knitting) Planning Grphic Design (Photoshop/Illustrator) Hand Painted


725 points

Capability Responisbility Calm Detailed Teamwork

Graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University with a master’s degree in Clothing and Textile Design, focusing on knitting. I have experience in operation of flat knitting machine and circular knitting machine. Through the collage curriculum and practice, I accumulated knowledge related to fiber and fabric. 2-3 years of planner job experience, often as a coordinator and communicator to carry on cross-functional cooperation; market data analysis and observe the trend of consumers. Past work experience traing combined with knitting expertise which is conducive to Textile design can be closer to the satisfaction of the market and consumer, to achieve the goal of product sales.

Experience 2017.7 Thesis: A Study on Consumer’s Image Perception of Textile Lighting Appearance and Material 1. Fabricating a knitting lighting lamp by an automatic flat knitting machine for fabric transmittance test. 2. Induction on form and fiber material literature. 3. Execute the questionnaire to analyze consumer's tendency to classify the preferred fiber and shape. 2017.5 Conference on Innovation of Taiwan Textile Industry Excellent Award 2017.5 “Science of Design Research” held by Chinese Institute of Design-Qulification of Oral Presentation 2016.9-2017.6 Circular Knitting Technology/Machine Practice 2016.5 Plant Cell Construction Applied to Fabric Design A case of Vascular Bundle-curation/exhibition The plant vascular bundles were systematically designed and printed on self-kintted fabrics by digital printing technique. 2015.9-2016.6 Knitting Technology/Machine Practice 2014.9-2015.8 Mandarin Daily News corporation, Web Marketing Planner 1. Communicate with various departments for online marketing 2. Analyze social media data and observe market trends 2012.7-2013.10 Juan Juan Enterprise, Marketing Planner 1. Study the materials, plating and design of various jewelry, and list feature of produce on marketing. 2. Use google analytics to detect visits, new visitors and back Analysis of visitor and other data, to evaluate the implementation effect of planning.

Autobiography The idea position is knitting designer, researching fabric structures and composition, and faces consumer to design products that meets market and aesthetics. In 2015, I was admitted to Institute of Textile and Clothing Design , Not only took creative design courses of the Institute but also studied flat knitting machine technology, circular knitting machine technology, product design of the university to trained my professional ability. The actual operation machine accumulated experiences and art works of the knitting. In terms of job, I have worked as a marketing planner and web marketing planner for more than 2 years. It faced cross-functional communication and solved problems together. I analyzed and observed media data every day to grasped consumer trend in a short period of time. I believe that the combines previous work experiences with knitting profession can cause communication of design more effective. Cooperating with sales and brand designer analyze the market conditions. Accurately understand the satisfaction of consumers or clients, and moderately integrate into the products to help them achieve sales goal. During the period of studying textile and clothing , I was honored to receive the top scholarship for the Design and Culture Group when I entranced. I served as a assistant for professor of fashion design, applying garment pattern basic knowledge to correct the assignments of college students and help them. In the thesis, it investigated consumer image cognition on form and material of textile lighting, submitted to intramural and extramural seminars. Conference on Innovation of Taiwan Textile received excellent awards and seminars organized by the Chinese Institute of Design got oral qualification. Content of the thesis was based on literature of textile lighting material and form, surveying consumer preferences through the questionnaire. Afterwards, processed the statistical analysis, it obtained consumer favourite shape and material. Using preferred fiber to executed a test of fabric transmittance, knitting fabric by automatic flat knitting machine. The final oral test score was 91 points. Challenges which I have often encountered during my studies and work. When I suffered difficulties, I calmly face it and patiently analyze the current situation. I believe that perseverance can only achieve goal. Moderately teamwork which bring about different perspectives and takes everyone own role. It may causes difficult tasks easier and that’s the why I enjoy the multi-person group. When I passed master oral defense, going to working holiday in Australia for 5 months and traveling in Europe around 40 days. These experiences courage me to talk with foreigners, improving my English speaking ability and solve all straits on the way. I hope I fully implement my learning and training in textile industry, facing the challenges with courage and continue to absorb new knowledge. I am very keen on textile design job. I am willing to devote myself to this field, and will keep further study in design and knit fabric structure, in order to have permanent development and ability in this area. .

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