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Alumna : Daniela Urbieta Carrillo Profesora: Laura Veronica Briones Lima Ciclo: 2013 – 2014

Semestre: “B”


PART 1 1.1


PART 2 2.1 Profeccions 2.2 WH questions 2.3 Water museum

PART 3 3.1 Conversation

3.2 Demostratives

PART 4 4.1 Our house

Part 1 My friends, my family

hold a family tree, this helped us to understand and differentiate between members of a family

Our first job was to

Part 2

In the second part we study the professions, they are pronounced and written.

My Neigborhood

In the third quarter we made a conversation that helped us practice our spoken English and use it fluently.

Part 4

In part four we study the parts of the house, and reinforce what aprendidio in the third set.

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