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Letter to The Editor To The Editor: I have just read your article pertaining to the great work of Sophocles, Oedipus Rex. You stated that it was a brilliant tragedy, and that Oedipus the King did not deserve the fate imposed upon him. However, I feel that Oedipus truly deserved what came to him. Oedipus was a character that had an excessive hubris and could not suppress his anger, which was the ultimate cause of his downfall. As you know, here in Greece, having a massive ego is frowned upon, and eventually it will come back to you. This is exactly what happened to Oedipus; he was full of himself, so he fell to the bottom of the social ladder. Sincerely, Socrates Dear Socrates, Thank you for your critical analysis of the play. Your point of view was well thought out, and has opened my eyes to a wider view of the play, but I still believe that Oedipus did not deserve the ending of the play. He was very egotistical, but his actions were true and he did what he thought was best for the people. Sincerely, Euthyphro


The Life of Pan Pan, the God of Music, is a satyr well known for his beautiful works of music. Born to Hermes and a nymph, Pan became the god of music and fertility.

By: Homer

into reeds. When he saw what happened he let out a groan due to the fact he lost his lover. However, that groan created a wind that blew through the reeds to make an enchanting noise. Falling in love with Syrinx yet again, he took the reeds and crafted his famous pan flute out of her body.


One of his well known feats is how he obtained his musical instrument, the pan flute. It started with Syrinx, a beautiful nymph. She and Pan crossed paths, and Pan immediately felt the need to help with her “fertility”. Knowing about Pan’s intentions, Syrinx ran away to her sisters for help. With their power, her sisters transformed her


Pan playing his newly formed Pan Flute from the body of Syrinx.

Pan carried the flute with him everywhere, playing beautiful melodies as he wandered the land. He still carries the instrument with him today as he moves among the land of the mortals!




The War Between Greece & Sparta lood spills from hundreds of bodies littering the floor of Athens’ countryside. This is the result of the ongoing battle between Athens and Sparta, two fierce rivals in our country of Greece. The war between Athens and Sparta, The Peloponnesian War, began as Athens began to grow more powerful and wealthier. This made other citystates, like Sparta, angry of the “pompous philosophers” that lived in Athens. Eventually Sparta grew tired of waiting, and declared war upon Athens by marching into their land and burning their food supply

6 Those babies in Athens needed to be taught what it’s like to be a real man.

- Archimadus II As a result of the Spartan attack, Athens had no food and citizens were being slaughtered. To save the citizens Pericles brought everyone into the city where everything was safe from the Spartan invaders. For nine years, Athens defended itself from Sparta and traded with other nations to gain food. However, Trading with other countries resulted in a disease which killed 33% of the population. The disease crippled Athens, and forced them to sign a peace treaty with Sparta. Unfortunately, that peace did not last long. Athens, in an attempt to weaken Sparta invaded Sicily with its massive navy. In a crippling loss, Athens lost its navy in one battle to the defenders in Sicily.

It was a terrible loss of many good Athenian soldiers, and a failure of strategy on my part. - Pericles


After the defeat in Sicily, Spartan warriors invaded Athens by land, and have continued to invade Athens for eight long years. In those eight years, Athenians have become tired of the onslaught and wonder why they just don’t give in to the Spartans. Thucydides, the general of the Athenian army, replied to their pleas with:

The glory of Athens must be preserved! We continue to fight the barbarian Spartans because we must protect our beautiful city, full of wealth and knowledge. If the Spartans were to gain control of Athens they would destroy our city! - Thucydides


Mauryan Emperor or Jain Monk? The founder of the Mauryan Empire, Chandragupta Maurya, gave up his throne earlier today to become a Jain Monk, or an extreme Buddhist. Millions are troubled and tons are confused. Chandragupta, a once outstanding ruler of the Mauryan Empire, now a peace loving pacifist. How can a man with such a massive army convert to a Jain who resist harming living things? Our sources say that he converted due to the fact that he believes that life should have no violence, and he is willing to let religion take over the rest of his life. I don’t know how the Empire will do it without him, and he surely will not accomplish great things by being a pacifist. No one in the history of India will ever be successful by being a pacifist.


Roman Colosseums Wondering where all the noise and screams are coming from? Roman Colosseums seem to be the main culprit. In Colosseums, gladiators combat, most wanted prisoners and wild animal wrangle on the arena; thousands of people have come from all over the region to see a beating and have a good time. The Colosseum not only provides entertainment, but also serves as an attractive landmark to citizens from all over! The Colosseum took approximately ten years to be constructed, and it is made of stone and concrete; its architecture is one of a kind. With its many entrances, multiple arches and stairways, and massive size, the Colosseum can hold more than fifty thousand spectators, including the emperor. He and his citizens are all eager to see blood spatter before their eyes. There are no entrance fees, but seating arrangements merely depend on one’s social status. Visitors have called the Roman colosseum “The largest amphitheater around.� To add on to the excitement, Spectators are also permitted to bet on winners of the battle. The Roman Colosseum is a place for entertainment and amusement to citizens of all ages.

The enormous Roman Colosseum.

10 The battles that take place at the Colosseum include slaves, prisoners of war, and criminals. They will battle with different weapons and some will ride on chariots. The gladiators fight one on one, re-enact previous battles, and even fight dangerous animals! This Roman Colosseum is a new step for Rome, and it being “the largest Amphitheatre around� may lead the colosseum into being well-known worldwide.

The bloody fight between gladiators, and the audience cheering for more bloodshed.


Daily Entertainment



1. Mauryan Emperor or Jain Monk?

2. War between Athens and Sparta

3.The largest amphitheater around

4. Jain Monk

5. Takes on strong male traits in her household

6. Wise Philosopher

7.Where silk items are sold

10. Common in the Gupta Dynasty

8. Sold at the Silky Way

11. Time of Chandragupta Maurya

9. Persia tries to conquer or eat

14. Tunnels and bridges that bring water from moun12. Where carvings of Lord Vishnu, the God preserver, tains, springs, or rivers cover the walls 15. A brilliant tragedy on a man’s horrific fate 13. Fought in Roman Colosseums 17. Sick of home, no rights 18. Constantly developing through Classical Civilizations 19. Marched into Athenian land and burned their food supply 20. Now filled in the Gupta Dynasty due to the great influence of Buddhism and Jainism

16. One of the Medical Centers of the world

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The Greatest Night of Your Lives!


The Great Contributions

Now Hiring! Opening Reception on November 3rd, at 7:30 pm at the Greek theatre. Farmers needed to help crop food for the Gupta Dynasty. Film on the Great Mathematicians near you. Starring Euclid, The father of Geometry, Aristotle and his piece on logics, and Archimedes with his measurements of volume.

The Gupta Dynasty is now filled with vegetarians due to the great influence of Buddhism and Jainism. Call: 1-800-902-3456

Beauty of Art Are you interested in seeing pictures of the Hindu Culture? Fascinated by the great color and vivid sculpting? Come down to the Dashavatara temple in the Gupta Dynasty, where carvings of Lord Vishnu, the God preserver, cover the walls!

Ask Socrates

ear Socrates: I haven’t left my house in years and all I do is clean. I’m sick and tired of being an Athenian woman with no rights. My husband won’t let me leave our home, and I just need some air to breath! He is overruling and controlling and I just can’t take it anymore! -Athenian Woman ear Athenian Woman: Don’t get caught up with your husband secluding you from the real world. Your husband is trying to protect you. He thinks you’re of value and he wants you all to himself. Would you rather him think of you as a brother? -Socrates


ear Socrates: Earlier today I was told I looked like a man. I got so angry, but then I realized that maybe I am the man in my household. I mean my husband is so lazy and I do all the work. I am also much more muscular than him and it’s pretty pathetic. I just can’t believe how he let this happen! He let me take all the responsibilities and jobs of a male. How do I deal with this situation? -Spartan Woman ear Spartan Woman: If you really want to be feminine you have to set it into your mind. In order for other people to believe, you must believe. However, you could also try to embrace the manliness in you. -Socrates

ear Socrates: I live in Persia and my mother is very ill. She’s gotten to the stage where she cannot walk and I have to help her go wherever she wants. It is quite tiring, and knowing that I have to take care of her all day lead me to realize I have no extra time to do anything for myself or for my children. If you know any good doctors, medical treatments, or practically anything that could stop this outrage, it’ll be a great help! -Desperate Persian Woman

ear Desperate Persian Woman: I see you are upset with your mother’s health but is she not the one who cared for you when you could not walk? It’s quite ironic how you struggle to take care of her; yet, she talks unlike you as a child. Also, if you would like her to get better send her to the hospital with the practice physicians. After all, you do live in Persia, one of the medical centers of the world! -Socrates

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