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waterless UK Why go Waterless ? For many organisations and businesses, converting to waterless urinals is the simplest and most cost effective way to reduce non operational/potable water consumption and achieve a positive environmental impact. Due to our circular economy, water foot printing is the new environmental agenda globally. This has prompted investment in innovation to develop technologies that drive legislation, our waterless system uses cutting edge engineering to deliver real results. Going waterless also demonstrates minimal Capx, reduction in CO2, lowering of operation costs whilst keeping ahead of legislation on BREEAM. All water flushing urinals have a bottle trap which have a 1 pint capacity and are fitted to the waste line with the sole purpose of trapping odours using a water barrier much like a WC. When water flushing is reduced the result is the trap has concentrated urine instead of clean water as a barrier, when flushing does occur the urine is diluted and not flushed clear of the trap along with any other debris. Low flush technologies promote concentration then partial dilution of urine in the trap this provides the perfect conditions for;  the lime in the water and uric acid in the urine mixing causing the chemical reaction which builds pipe blocking crystals  the crystals and stale urine are a perfect breeding ground for odour producing bacteria

The Waterless UK Key Valve System  100% recyclable within normal recycling waste streams and made from recycled materials.  No clinical offensive waste implications, so therefore fulfils zero to landfill targets.  Non modular, therefore maintenance requires only one component to be removed reducing maintenance time and can be self serviced, reducing costs.  The system is designed to be no touch therefore washroom hygiene is improved.  The optical indicator triggers maintenance, omits a pleasant fragrance into the washroom and releases positive bacteria into the waste line to keep it clear.  Due the side slits in the silicone valve debris such as chewing gum is easily expelled thus not leaving the valve open.  The technology can retro fit existing water flushing and waterless systems as well as being supplied with a bowl for refurbishments/new builds making it perfect for Design Standards across a variety of building stocks. Waterless UK is a specialist Company providing water cost savings. Specialising in Waterless Urinals focuses our business on customer advice and support.

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