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Compassion. Inspiration. Impact. Two Ten Footwear Foundation • 2012 Annual Report

Uniting and engaging the footwear community since 1939 For more than 70 years, whenever shoepeople have needed a hand, Two Ten Footwear Foundation has been there. Our legacy of “shoepeople helping shoepeople” drives everything we do today. It propels our compassion for those who need financial and emotional support. It inspires us to engage and enrich a vibrant footwear community. And it is the driving force behind the measurable impact we have throughout our industry. But none of it would be possible without the generosity of the thousands of shoepeople and footwear companies that have made Two Ten their charity of choice. They truly make Two Ten possible.

There’s a growing need for the support we provide: In just three years, our number 1972 Annual Gala Dinner

of intake calls from footwear industry professionals seeking financial assistance has more than doubled.

2012 Annual Gala Dinner


A letter from Board Chairman, Jim Salzano Dear Two Ten Family: I have the great privilege and honor to Chair the Two Ten Board of Directors and to work with the Two Ten team as it helps those who need a hand up. I’m talking about the people from the footwear industry—our industry— who have suffered from Superstorm Sandy. Or lost a loved one and can’t see the way forward right now. Or have a son or daughter who has the appetite to learn but faces financial constraints that could close the door on a higher education. The variations on this theme of hard luck or misfortune are numerous. And that’s where we come in. This industry has drawn people together who share a common set of values and an extraordinary sense of humanity. We make it our business to care for each other unconditionally, twenty four hours a day seven days a week—all the time. Two Ten is supported by thousands of people who are ready to go beyond their everyday responsibilities—personal or professional—to help people they may never meet. That’s why our founders established Two Ten: to provide a place and a means to care for people in this industry. When the original founders would gather to meet, they would pass a hat at the end of the meeting and leave it in the lap of the person who needed the hand up. We still carry on that tradition, though on a bigger scale with greater impact. But with the same humility and genuine sense of caring. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. If you described what we do to someone, it wouldn’t sound like an industry. It sounds more like a family. We are on a mission today to carry out a vision that has stood the test of time and demonstrated its sustainability for almost 75 years. Shoepeople helping shoepeople. And as we take it forward, we’re committed to expanding its reach, to provide more financial relief, more educational opportunities, to build more community. To do that, we will need help in multiple currencies. Of course, the dollars are important, but so is your time. Please join me and so many industry supporters and volunteers. Contribute some of your time or dollars or both. When you do you will not only help change the lives of individuals who need a hand up, you’ll also expand the capacity of Two Ten to help shoe people helping shoe people. Thank you. Sincerely,

Jim Salzano President, Clarks Americas Board Chair, Two Ten Footwear Foundation 2


A letter from Two Ten’s President, Neal Newman Dear Friends and Supporters The Two Ten Footwear Foundation is dedicated to one clear goal – to help footwear workers and their families lead happy and productive lives. For 74 years. Through good times and bad. From coast to coast. During hurricanes, tornados and floods. Two Ten has been making a real difference in shoepeople’s lives, delivering emergency financial assistance and critical support services to thousands of men, women and children in our footwear community – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t do this alone. Your tireless support was instrumental to these efforts. 100% of the funds raised from the footwear industry last year were used to prevent nearly 1,000 evictions. Your generosity went directly to 500 footwear families unable to keep the heat and lights on in their homes. With your financial support, we helped hundreds of footwear cancer survivors stay on the job during treatment or recovery. Last year was unprecedented. Two Ten helped over 2,000 shoepeople – a 42% increase from just 2010. We delivered 417 college scholarships and doubled the awards to $2,500. We helped hundreds of shoepeople obtain confidential counseling or essential social services from local organizations. We connected over 1,000 footwear professionals in our Women in Footwear Industry (WIFI), Young Professionals (YP) and at our HR Leadership Conference. Your compassion made all this possible. And we’re very happy to report that even during a difficult economic climate and two hurricanes that tested us all, the finances and operations of the Two Ten Footwear Foundation remained in excellent health. On behalf of our footwear community, I’d like to simply say – thank you. Your continued support is more important than ever before and deeply appreciated. Sincerely

Neal Newman



2012 January • Neal Newman joins Two Ten as President

How we Help:

• Jim Salzano begins two-year term as Chairman

Financial Assistance

February • Ars Sutoria course at Two Ten

Bethany & Jeremy Barno

• Steve & Wendy Madden donate $1M

We weren’t working because we were

• New England community service

taking care of our terminally ill son. We

The year was 1939. The Great Depression was still in full force. U.S. unemployment was 17.3%. A building

• WIFI Las Vegas

were faced with thousands of dollars

at 210 Lincoln Street in Boston housed over 300 shoe companies. Abe Shapiro, owner of the building,


Our focus is—and always has been—on helping shoepeople

gave a $500 gift to help unemployed shoe salesmen create Two Ten Associates, the precursor to the Two Ten Footwear Foundation.

• Board doubles scholarship awards to $2,500 per student • WIFI St. Louis launch

We’ve come a long way from quite literally passing the hat to help out-of-work shoe salesmen. But we’ve

• New York City community service

in medical bills and we thought, how are we going to pay them? How are we going to survive this? We needed help desperately. So I reached out and I’m really glad I did because Two Ten was


very quick to respond. There are people

• 450 scholarships awarded for 2012/2013 academic year

out there that want to help you. There’s

Today, Two Ten Footwear Foundation is the footwear industry’s national charity—the only industry-wide

• New York golf tournament

no way we could have gotten through

foundation of its kind in the United States – and 100% funded from the footwear industry for the

• Midwest community service

what we went through if Two Ten hadn’t

footwear community.


Why we do what we do

• 4th Annual HR Leadership Summit

never lost sight of our original goal: to provide assistance to shoepeople when and where they need it.

• FFaNY Industry Party in support of Two Ten

Unlike any other industry in the United States, footwear has a philanthropic soul. Shoepeople helping shoepeople is more than a slogan at Two Ten. We believe footwear workers deserve every opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives. We want to advance the careers of footwear workers and build a collegial and unified footwear community. We believe that higher education is an essential step along the route to a happy and satisfying life.

• YP Moonshine Party

been there to help.

Katherine Jones My son and I were homeless. We


stayed in my car. Two Ten told me

• Zappos 4 210 fundraiser

they could help—and they did. They

• Hurricane Isaac strikes Gulf coast

helped me get an apartment and that

• Margafeeta party sponsored by Zappos, NoSox and Merrell

apartment is where my son and I live

• St. Louis golf tournament

today. They cut three checks in one

• WIFI National Meeting in Las Vegas

day. And without Two Ten, it would


have never happened.

• Ars Sutoria course at Two Ten • National Shoe Travelers donate $1.5M • WIFI Boston • WIFI Columbus • YP Boston community service

October • Hurricane Sandy strikes East Coast • WIFI St. Louis • Partnership with Pensole Academy begins


Housing: 912 people helped with

Car payments/repair: 249 people helped with

Utilities: 664 people helped with




November • Over 1400 at Two Ten Annual Dinner • 10 new members join Two Ten’s Board 7

How we help: disaster relief Hurricane Sandy swept through the

Our mission: to help people in the footwear industry With a $34 million endowment dedicated to supporting people throughout the footwear industry in perpetuity, Two Ten Footwear Foundation is unique among private foundations in the country. As an operating foundation, we utilize 100% of the annual funds we raise from industry to provide social services or run our own community-enhancing programs, as opposed to distributing grants. As a result, all of our activities are laser focused. We pride ourselves on being responsible stewards of our donors’ money—something that is supported by Guide Star Exchange and other metrics. We benefit from continual guidance from a 40-member industry-leading board of directors, an honorary board led by Tim O’Donovan, Steve Nichols and Dick Rubin that helps us deepen the impact of Two Ten, and from more than 70 industry icons and former board members who are helping us prepare for our 75th anniversary in 2014.

Caribbean and up the east coast of the United States in late October of 2012. The storm left dozens dead, thousands homeless and millions without power. Total damage is expected to be in the billions of dollars. Two Ten received 622 Hurricane Sandy emergency calls in just 10 weeks—a significant 36% increase in typical call volume for a 10week period. Fully 98% of all Sandy emergency callers received a response from Two Ten within 48 hours, which meets our response time goal. To date, Two Ten has provided $291,100 in emergency assistance to 463 footwear families during the Sandy crisis, representing 16% of our total annual relief spend. Families have used Two Ten assistance to purchase generators and pay for mold abatement, to replace lost clothing and household basics like pots and pans, and to pay for temporary shelter during the displacement caused by Sandy.

2012 Hurricane Sandy



Social Services 2012 was a year of great accomplishments and challenges for the Social Services team. We experienced a record-breaking 29% growth in intake calls for emergency assistance and a 35% increase over 2011 in the number of people who received financial assistance. In response, Two Ten began 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week phone coverage to meet the increased call volume.

What we do An additional $534,379 was allocated to emergency relief spending this year, totalling $1,776,816 Driven by a compassion that extends back to the days of the Great Depression, we help footwear workers

delivered to 1,737 footwear employees from 180 footwear companies. The average award amount given

and families directly.

to people in need was $1,023.

• Emergency Assistance: Financial relief is available for eligible individuals within the footwear community

The reason most cited by shoepeople needing assistance was “employment issues,” followed by “natural

who are facing difficult times. Two Ten’s direct assistance towards housing, utilities, food and other basic

disaster” and “family issues.” Two Ten provided help for mortgage and rent payments, car payments, utility

needs help footwear families get back on their feet.

bills, funerals, and crisis relief due to natural disasters. The top five states that footwear workers called from were Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, Arkansas, and Michigan.

• Counseling and Referral: Many people need help managing their mental and emotional health. Coping with the loss of a loved one, alcohol or drug abuse, domestic violence, chronic illness or other crises

Two Ten Social Services workers also helped 36 footwear workers through our counseling services and

can affect an individual’s emotional well-being. Two Ten provides confidential counseling by telephone

556 individuals were given referrals to local community resources and charities. Our staff served footwear

and assesses each situation. Two Ten also provides information about utility assistance, food resources,

workers from coast-to-coast, with the top five states served including Tennessee, New Jersey, New York,

foreclosure prevention, and emergency assistance programs within local communities.

Arkansas, and Michigan. Sectors of industry served were retail (67%), manufacturing/logistics (25%), corporate (6%), and wholesale (2%).

• Scholarships: Two Ten provides Higher Education Scholarships to students affiliated with the footwear, leather or allied industries, and Footwear Design Scholarships, that are available to any student studying

While the impact of Social Services relief dollars was impressive under normal circumstances, it was during

design with a focus on footwear.In 2012, Two Ten helped 417 students nationwide meet the rising cost

natural disasters that Two Ten’s ability to help shoepeople in need shined.

of a college education by awarding $700,000 in scholarships and raising the award amount to Hurricane Isaac struck the northern Gulf coast region in late August 2012 with most damage occurring in

$2500 per student.

Louisiana and Mississippi. The hurricane caused tremendous flooding and forced many people to evacuate • Professional Development: Two Ten provides training in footwear design and development through

their homes. Two Ten helped 144 individuals from 13 footwear companies with $41,745 in assistance

partnerships with Pensole Academy and Ars Sutoria School. Pensole, based in Portland, OR, offers rigorous

–-an average award of $290 for temporary housing, food, and water primarily to those living in Louisiana

design training through a “learn by doing” curriculum. Ars Sutoria of Milan, Italy, offers a 5-day, full-time

Parishes where there was mandatory evacuation. Hurricane Isaac relief efforts lasted approximately one

footwear development program. Both programs take place at Two Ten’s Waltham, MA headquarters.

month, and we maintained our 48-hour return call policy and sent many relief checks overnight so people could get immediate help. Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast in late October, leaving a path of devastation and destruction to Metropolitan New York and New Jersey. Calls requesting assistance quadruple, but we maintained our call return guidelines, returning 98% of all calls within 48 hours. By the end of the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, a total of 622 people had called and we had given $291,100 to a total of 463 footwear families employed at 35 different footwear companies. The average award of

Hurricane Sandy Service Report


House damage Loss of food and clothing Missed work Hotel stays

$628 went to purchase generators and pay for mold abatement, replace lost clothing and household basics

Number of families helped

Average emergency gift amount

Total Hurricane Sandy spend




like pots and pans, and pay for temporary shelter during the displacement caused by the storm.


How we Help: Scholarships Keziah John-Paul Two Ten received two generous donations during 2012 that offset some of the increases in spending. The

Two Ten continued its partnership with Ars Sutoria, a Milan-based

I was looking for money for school. I

Hurricane Sandy appeal raised $136,224 from 57 footwear companies and individuals.

footwear construction school, and held two week-long classes at

was the kid who had applied for every

Two Ten headquarters.

single scholarship. I was at work one

We also a received $1.5 million gift from National Shoe Travelers (NST) to begin a special relief fund for their members.

Scholarships In 2012, our scholarship program also had significant growth and impact. 417 students from footwear

day when I saw a poster about Two We began a new partnership with Pensole Design Academy,

Ten’s scholarships. So I applied—and

a Portland Oregon-based educational resource founded by

I [will receive] $11,400 toward my

D’Wayne Edwards, a former design director for the Jordan brand

college expenses. It’s amazing to

at Nike. Pensole is teaching a number of design classes at Two Ten

know that there are people that want

in 2013.

to help you. There’s no way that I

families received $717,000 in scholarships in 2012. Our Board also elected to double the per-scholar award to $2,500 per student.

could pay for school without In partnership with Pensole, Two Ten launched its first footwear

this support.

design competition – Two Ten Shoecase that gave 210 students an Our donors expect us to make their donations go as far as possible. That’s why we have chosen to work

opportunity to take classes online or on-site at Pensole in Portland.

Apryl Washington

with outside groups that provide expert scholarship administration and professional, short-term

We launched the competition in October 2012 and design winners

I hope that one day I will be able to

counseling services.

displayed their designs in Las Vegas at FN Platform in February

be as generous as you were to me

2013. Hosting the competition on the Mesh 01 website, a hub for

and help other students achieve

In the 2011/2012 academic year, Two Ten launched the first year of a partnership with International

designers worldwide, helped increase awareness of Two Ten and

their goals.

Scholarship Tuition Services (ISTS), an online application provider, streamlining the entire scholarship

our design scholarships.

process, and reducing Two Ten costs by moving to an online application format enabling Two Ten to provide the best possible services at the lowest possible cost. Through ISTS, Two Ten began sending text

The Two Ten Scholarship program will continue to provide

messages to students, reminding them of application deadlines and encouraging them to renew their

impactful scholarships to footwear employees and their children


who are in financial need so they can pursue their educational goals and career dreams.

We have awarded $18 million to over 5,000 Two Ten scholars since the inception of our scholarship program in 1969. Each year, we award $700,000 to students in need. Two Ten provided 417 scholarships in 2012.


Scholarships awarded in 2012

Scholarships since 1969


$18 million 13

How we Help: Wifi Mentoring Anna Bakst

What we do

President, Shoes & Accessories at Michael Kors

We don’t just offer financial assistance to people in the footwear industry. We also organize national support

Two Ten really filled a vacuum in the

networks that inspire and connect shoepeople with each other. Helping shoepeople make an impact.

industry with its WIFI program. Before WIFI, there was really no networking

Uniting the footwear community

opportunity for women in footwear. The WIFI community represents both

• Two Ten Human Resources Leadership Committee. This committee builds a network of human

established women leaders and the

resources and business professionals dedicated to learning, innovation and supporting the footwear

emerging generation of professional

industry and its people. The committee adds bottom line value to the businesses its members serve and

women. The WIFI mentoring program

contributes to the professional development of all members and raise awareness of Two Ten

is an excellent way to give young

Footwear Foundation in the companies.

talent access to an amazing one-on-one personal development

• Young Professionals for 210. YP210 provides support and camaraderie for the next generation of leaders in the footwear industry who work together to raise money for and awareness of Two Ten. YP210 creates

program. It truly inspires the next generation of leaders.

a forum for young professionals from all aspects of the industry to discuss, seek advice, brainstorm and work through issues that arise in the industry. • Women In Footwear Industry. Under the leadership of Carol Balocchi, Sr. V.P. DMM Footwear, Kohl’s Department Stores, and Diane Sullivan, President & CEO, Brown Shoe Co., Inc., WIFI includes established women footwear leaders and the emerging generation of professional women. WIFI’s hundreds of members work to build a community of support among women in the industry, increase the visability of women leaders and professionals in footwear, and foster advancement to strengthen the industry as a whole. The WIFI Mentoring Program was led by Anna Bakst, President - Accessories & Footwear, Michael Kors (USA) Inc. • Annual Gala Dinner. The Annual Dinner is the once a year opportunity to bring together people from across the industry. The 2012 Dinner was chaired by Steve Madden, President & CEO, Steve Madden, Inc. with a Dinner Committee led by Joe Ouaknine, CEO, Titan Industries, Inc. and Danny Schwartz, CEO, Schwartz & Benjamin, Inc. A record number of guests—over 1,400—attended and our industry raised over $2 million to help families in the footwear industry who are in need of financial assistance, scholarships and other social support services. • The Fromm Forum. The Fromm Forum, supported by the Ron & Cheri Fromm Leadership Fund at Two Ten, convenes footwear leaders to address salient issues impacting the industry

1000 footwear professionals networking at Two Ten Wifi, YP210 and HR events 14

Three years after launching WIFI, the WIFI mentoring program has quadrupled the number of young women in footwear with experienced mentors.


Why Steve & Wendy Madden Support Two Ten How long has Steve Madden Ltd. been involved with Two Ten?

What are the most important reasons behind your support for Two Ten?

Steve & Wendy: Since 1993

Steve: I think it’s important to give back to the industry that supports your business. It sets an example to my competitors and Two Ten truly helps people who need help.

How did your involvement with Two Ten start?

Wendy: I think this all stems from “shoepeople helping shoepeople. ” There is a commonality in our

Steve: Our personal involvement started when we began donating to the organization.

industry that helps us support one another and I am a big fan of some of Two Ten’s smaller community

Wendy: The company’s involvement really started in 1998 with recruitment and outplacement services.

events, like WIFI and HR Leadership Committee where best practices and challenges are shared and solutions are discussed and adopted. Are you aware of any Steve Madden employees who have benefitted from Two Ten? Steve & Wendy: Yes, quite a few of our associates were assisted with rent payments when times were tough and they were close to eviction. Two Ten helped Steve Madden associates with Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and several of our associates or their families were assisted with the scholarship program. Sometimes associates are more comfortable approaching an anonymous foundation for help instead of talking to their employer. Your 2012 gift to Two Ten was very generous. What do you hope it will allow Two Ten to do? Steve: I hope our donation inspires other shoepeople to step up and donate their money or time to allow Two Ten to continue to provide outstanding services to the footwear community. Wendy: To continue to educate shoepeople about all the resources Two Ten has to offer, continue to inspire people to stay and flourish in our industry, and most importantly financially help our community. What do you think people should know about Two Ten that they might not know? Wendy: Two Ten is able to turn on a dime when they receive a call for help. Their unbelievably quick response is amazing and extremely supportive. Once, we had a store manager pass away suddenly and his family did not have the resources to bury him. Two Ten sent a $3,000 check to the funeral home within 24 hours. They don’t just write checks –they teach people practical skills to help them overcome obstacles. Is there anything else you’d like to say about Two Ten and its work?

Photo: Steve Eichner

Steve: Over the years Two Ten Footwear Foundation has evolved tremendously and continues to stay


ahead of the curve by anticipating the needs of the footwear community. Wendy: They’ve implemented Ars Sutoria classes to teach design, they offer a mentoring program through WIFI to develop women in the footwear industry, and they are always listening to the community and anticipating the next need.


Financial overview Over the last year, we’ve distributed more than $2.5 million in financial assistance and scholarships. We provide vital support that meets a rapidly growing need: In just three years, the number of calls we receive from footwear industry workers seeking financial assistance has more than doubled.

Statement of Activities


Make a difference right now

Cash and cash equivalents




Today, someone in the footwear industry needs our help. And no matter who he is or where she works,

Contributions receivable, net

Two Ten will be there. But we can only help prevent evictions or keep the heat on if you help us with a

Other assets

donation. 100% of annual contributions from the footwear industry goes back to footwear workers.

Current Assets

Donations can be made directly as well as through gifts of stock or planned giving. Footwear companies

can host fundraising events—we’ll be happy to help you set up your event. Remember, you have an

Fixed Assets

essential role in making what we do possible. Please donate today.

2,730,438 71,652 31,804,874 2,277,502

Revenue and Support Annual giving


Net revenue from special events



Interest and dividends


Allocated Investment Income



Total Assets


For the Year Ended June 30, 2012


Total revenue and support


Two Ten Footwear Foundation

1466 Main Street

Liabilities and Net Assets

Waltham, MA 02451


Accounts payable, and accrued liabilities


Human Services

Other liabilities


Membership and education


Total Liabilities


Chapter Relations



Leadership dev./public awareness

Net assets

Total program expense

369,234 3,265,510

Unrestricted Net Assets


Temporarily restricted


Management and administration


Permanently restricted




Total Net Assets


Total Expenses


Total Liabilities and Net Assets


Change in net assets before other changes $(420,808) Other changes


Change in net assets



34% 40%

Service Report 18

Clients served reside in 47 of 50 states

Dollars awarded

Companies served

Calls responded to within 48 hours





Annual Giving 26% Special Events 40% Self-generated Revenue 34%

Spending 31% 17% 15%

10% 16%



Scholarship Payments 17% Relief Payments 31% Human Services 15% Communication3% Outreach 8% Administration 16% Fundraising 10%


Thank you to our generous supporters! Every dollar raised goes directly to shoepeople in need.

Our Donors $1,000,000+

The Ellison Foundation

E.S. Originals, Inc.

Steve and Wendy Madden

Foot Locker, Inc.

Eastland Shoe Manufacturing Corp.

National Shoe Travelers Association Footwear Plus Footwear Unlimited, Inc.

Eastman Group

$100,000 - $999,999

Ronald and Cheryl Fromm

Deborah L. Ferrée

Brown Shoe Company, Inc.

Greg Goldstein Importer of FS, Inc. FFANY

The Clarks Companies,

Kenneth Cole


Hunter Boot, Ltd.

North America

The Jones Group

Mary and Blake Krueger

Iconix Brand Group

Micro-Pak Ltd.

Mason Companies, Inc.

Implus Footcare, LLC.

New Balance Foundation

Nike, Inc.

J.C. Edward Corporation

Nine West Group, Inc.

Pentland USA, Inc.

Jimlar Corporation

The Estate of

Puma North America, Inc.

Jessica Lu

James and Shana Salzano

Macy’s, Inc.

Rob Schmertz

Marc Fisher Footwear

Schwartz & Benjamin, Inc.

Michael Kors (USA), Inc.

$50,000 - $99,999

Titan Industries, Inc.

Minnetonka Moccasin

ALDO Group, Inc.

Topline Corporation

Mojo Moxy

Collective Brands, Inc.

Yellow Box Corporation

Nina Footwear, Inc.

Footwear Association

Zigi New York

Nordstrom, Inc.

Richard and Fern Stauffer

Steven Madden, Ltd.


Productions Foundation

Elan-Polo, Inc.

Paramont Asia, Ltd.

Charity Event, Inc.

Footwear News

$10,000 - $24,999

R.G. Barry Corporation

H.H. Brown Shoe Co., Inc.

adidas America

Reebok Foundation

Li & Fung USA

Adoni Group

Gregg and Polly Ribatt

Timothy and Karen O’Donovan


Rocket Dog Brands, LLC

Payless ShoeSource

B&B Footwear

The Rockport Company

Wolverine Worldwide, Inc.

BCNY International, Inc.

Rocky Brands, Inc.

Aldo Bensadoun

Ross Stores

Camuto Group

Scott and Tara Savitz

$25,000 - $49,999

Chinese Laundry, Inc.

ASICS America Corporation

Cole Haan Holdings, Inc.

Stuart Weitzman, Inc.

BBC International, Ltd.

Deckers Outdoor Corporation

Pamela and Laurence Tarica

Converse, Inc.

DKNY Shoes

TJX Companies, Inc.

DSW, Inc.

Dynasty Footwear Ltd.

Under Armour, Inc.

Vida Shoes International


Rue La La

WEYCO Group, Inc.

Finish Line

Martin and Paulette Samowitz

Peter Fong

Daniel and Barbara Schwartz

$5,000 - $9,999


Andrew S. Shames


G.H. Bass & Company

Shoe Carnival, Inc.

David Bensadoun

Chris Gallagher

Skechers USA, Inc.

Douglas Bensadoun

Impo International, Inc.

Diane and Michael Sullivan

Alan Beychok

Italian Shoemakers Inc.

William Tai

Gerry Bonomi

Johnston & Murphy


Brain Lab, Inc.

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Timberland Company

Robert E. Callahan

Barbara J. Kreger

Tucker & Latifi, LLP /

Caparros Corp.

Wayne Kulkin

Century 21

Steve Levin

Darren Tucker

Terry Chen

The Levy Group

Donald VanDine

Columbia Sportswear Co., Inc.

Joe Masella

Vans Inc.

Consolidated Shoe Company, Inc.

Matisse Footwear

LuAnn and Tom Via

Crocs, Inc.

Robert and Cynthia McHugh

White Mountain by Connors

Dansko, Inc.

Me Too, L.L.C.

De La Rentis Imports, Inc.

Modern Shoe Company

$1,000 - $4,999

Lauren DeBlasio

Michael and Rita Mooney

ACI International Inc.

Deer Stags, Inc.

Munro American

ACT International

Dolce Vita Footwear

New York Transit, Inc.

Addison Shoe Company

Earth, Inc.

Bruce Nordstrom

Aerogroup Int’l Inc.


Rack Room Shoes Inc.

Deepak Alag

ENK International

Robert W. Baird & Co.

Ostrolenk Faber LLP


Our Donors $1,000 - $4,999

Capital One

Linda Finkelstein

Allen Edmonds Shoe Company

Jennifer Caron

First Capitol Consulting, Inc.

Ralph J. Amabile

Century 21 Associates

FLIK International

Annie Shoe Co.

Foundation, Inc.

Foot Petals LLC


Chainson Footwear, Inc.

Karla Frieders

Antebi Footwear Group LLC

CIT Commercial Services

Stan Friedlander

Ars Sutoria Arpel Group

James A. Clarin

Fross, Zelnick, Lehrman & Zissu, P.C.

The Atlanta Shoe Market

Betty Click

Kelli Fujitani

Avery Dennison

Bryan P. Collins

Ted and Louise Gedra

Carol and John Baiocchi

Cone, Inc.

Genesco, Inc.

Anna and Peter Bakst

Greg Connors

Richard Gibbs

Bank of America

Crystal & Company

Ninive Giordano

Michael Bartos

Eric Dauwalter

Beverly and Abe Goldberg

Rod Beckett

James S. and Anne Davis

Gregory Goldstein

Deena Benedon

Dana Davis

Gordan Rush

Martin Berendsen

Greg Devey

Michael J. Griffiths

Michele A. Bergerac

Caroline Diaco

Michael Hackman

Gene Berkowitz

Diba Shoes

Hanig’s Footwear, Inc.

Rod Berman

Division Six Sports, Inc.

Havaianas (Alpargatas USA)

Martin and Else Berman

Doolin Shoe Company

David J. Hill

James Biolos

DryDock Footwear Group

Hip Chix, LLC

Boot & Shoe Travelers of NY


HMS Sales Corp.

Born Footwear

E.A. Hughes and Co., Inc.

Daniel and Linda Hunt

Michael Bornstein

East Lion Corp.

Huron Technology

Brooks Sports, Inc.

Eastmount Shoes

Husch Blackwell LLP

Buckingham Capital

D’Wayne Edwards

Insource Services Inc.

Dawn Erickson

Susan Itzkowitz and Thomas Turco

Kevin M. Burke

Dean Estes

J. Renee

Jamie Burns

Fancy Ocean International Limited

J.P. Original Corp.

Katherine B. Butler

Marc Fanning

Kerry W. Jackson

Management Inc.

Amanda Cabot and Peter Kjellerup Farylrobin Faytex Corporation Carol and Bruce L. Cagner


Call & Jensen

Jane K. Feigenson

George S. Campbell

Stephen A. Fine

David and Barbara Jay Joele Frank, Wilkinson

Brimmer Katcher

Suzanne M. Johnson

Patrick Mooney

Price Waterhouse Coopers LLC

John Jonas

Jack Mosinger

Quabaug Corporation

Matt Joyce

Margaret Murray

Christopher and Rosanna Quinn

Jumping Jacks Shoes

Thomas and Po Murray

R J Kiln & Co. Limited

KEEN, Inc.

Alison Muskat and Josh Male

Sari Ratsula

Michael Kilgour

N.Y.L.A. Shoes Inc.

Paula Reid

James B. Klein

Tsering Y. Namgyal

Reid & Company Executive Search

Carol Kroto

National Shoe Retailers

Tobias Reiss-Schmidt

Laird Limited Inc.


Katherine Remley

Mark Lardie

Mark Neal

Robert Wayne Footwear

Meredith Lardie

Francisco Negron

Rode & Qualey

Patricia Lauria

Neal Newman and Orla Kennedy

Sandra Rogan

Elliott & Rosanne Levin and Family

Amelia Newton Varela

Francis C. Rooney

Pamela Linton


Edward Rosenfeld

Lord & Taylor

Blake Nordstrom

David Rosenfelt

Michael J. Massey

The NPD Group, Inc.

Rosenthal and Rosenthal, Inc.

Maxgreat International Co., Ltd.

Susan Q. Hudson O’Neil


Matt McCauley

Onex Imports

Eric Rutberg

McLaughlin & Stern, LLP

Joe and Angelique Ouaknine

Sanita Clogs, Inc.

Tracey McLeod and Kwame Morris

Palos Verdes Footwear, Inc.

Ellen Schiff

McRae Industries, Inc.

Pan-Brothers Associates, Inc.

Schimenti Construction

MEK Search, LLC

Richard and Anne Paterno

SGS North America, Inc.

Mia Shoes, Inc.

Phoenix Footwear Group Inc.

Nahum and Desiree Shar

Modell’s Sporting Goods

Phillip Pine

Lawrence and Joan Siff

Modern Vintage

PLV Studio, Inc.

Clifton Sifford


Our Donors


$1,000 - $4,999


Me Too Kids

SMAC, Inc.


Howard D. Medwed

Soles4Souls, Inc.

Boot Country

Julie Metsker

Spark Communications

Walter T. Bray

Michigan Shoe Market

Spring Footwear Corp.

William J. Brown

Stephen Mullen

Stella International Ltd.

Richard Byrne

Neptune Advisors, LLC


Gary Champion

Erik Nordstrom

Patrisha Sweeney

Brian R. Clore

Opportunity Shoes, Inc.

Larissa Sygida Peleschuk

Jeremy Coen

Nicholas P. Ottenwess

Thomas and Clay Tarica

Peter S. Cohen

Pedro Garcia

Tate Shoes


Pensole Footwear Design Academy

The Look (M C O)., Ltd.

El Naturalista


Timely Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Evolution Design Lab, Inc.

Pratt Industries (USA), Inc.

Douglas J. Treff

Evolutions Footwear, Inc.


Trimfoot Company


RCS Logistics Inc.

TSG Consumer Partners

John W. Florsheim

Sarah Reid

Greg and Heidi Tunney

Thomas W. Florsheim

Rich Footwear Group

Two Lips Shoe Co.


John P. Rimmer

Two Ten Foundation of Canada

Scott French

Lisa Sheldon

U.S. Continental Marketing, Inc.

Roberto and Sheila Grasso

Renée Snelson

United Shoe Retailers Association

Haflinger USA

Conrad Strohacker

Michael Vincent


William S. Susman

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Michael J. Hebreard

Ken Syrba

Wells Fargo Capital Finance

Sheryl Henk

Ross Tannenbaum

Worldwide Logistics

Steven and Debbie Hill


Roberto Zamarra

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Michael G. Zawoysky

Kelsi Dagger

Veeco Holdings, LLC

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Mary E. Kuconis

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A. Marinelli Shoes & Accessories

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Advanstar Communications Inc.

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Lucchese, Inc.

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Mahwah Apparel Group LLC

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“K” Line America, Inc.

City Lighting Products Co.

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A. Lyons & Co., Inc.

Conde Nast Publications

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The William and Joan Alfond Trust

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Argix Direct

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Hanjin Shipping America, LLC

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Cindy L. Hansen

Marvin Bearak

Alyson Dipilato

Harbor Footwear Group Ltd.

Ellen F. Bengry

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Arthur D. Bickel

Dry Creek Enterprises LLC

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The Bon-Ton Stores

Thomas Eaton

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Edgecraft Corporation

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Bruno Magli USA Inc.

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Sullco, Inc.

Yahn Lebo

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Summit Safety Shoes, LLC

Nicholas Licavoli

Susan Pellish-Thaler

Swimwear Anywhere, Inc.

Loeffler Randall, Inc.

Francisco J. Perez

Ted’s Enterprises Inc.


Joseph T. Picarella

John J. Teixeira

Salina M. Lytle

Jan Powell

Nick Terlizzi

Michelle Mackin

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Richard and Debbie Thornton

Magnanni, Inc.

Prime Leather Finishes Co.

Andrea Thompson

Steven G. Maier

Randy E. Putnam

Kelly Timmer

Donald A. Mains

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Tip Top Shoes

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Triple Eight Distribution, Inc.

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Dawn Rosecrans

Aubrey Tuitt

Jamie Marr

Bruce G. Rosenfelt

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David L. Massey

Richard H. Rubin

Susan Vandriel

Julie McCauley

SAS Factory Shoe Store

Brenda Vugteveen’


Jeffrey T. Schenkel

Charles C. Wang

Michigan Shoe Travelers Club, Inc.

Dave Schoengart

Zachary E. Warner

Mobile Giving Foundation

Tim Scobie

Paul D. Williams

Richard J. Moe

Seychelles Imports LLC

Thomas Wolf

Cindy Moore

D. L. Sherman

Palmer Woods

Minoru Murata

Siff Charitable Foundation

Richie Woodworth

Benjamin Myers

Rene Signer

Elani Myers

Neal C. Silverman

Two Ten Agreement of Association, 1939

$2.5M given in support to families in 2012 26


Corporate support for Two Ten At Wolverine, we’re very focused on

Board of Directors 2012

giving back to the community, and

Chair: James Salzano

Bob Campbell

David Jay

Gregg Ribatt

Diane Sullivan


Chairman & CEO,

CEO, The Jay Group

President, CEO,

President, CEO, Brown Shoe Co., Inc

Clarks America

BBC International, LLC

Mary Kuconis

Collective Brands Performance

MEK Search

& Lifestyle Group

Vice Chair: Blake Krueger

David DiPasquale

Chairman, President and CEO, Wolverine Worldwide, Inc.

Debbie Ferree

we do that each year. We believe it is so important to support what is really the last safety net for people in the footwear industry.

President Private Brands,

Steve Madden

Scott Savitz

President, CEO, Steve Madden, Inc.

Founder, Managing Partner

Vice Chairman,

Data Point Capital

Secretary: Lawrence Siff

Chief Merchandising Officer,

Robert McHugh

Managing Director,

DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

Executive VP, CFO, Foot Locker, Inc.

Jimlar Corporation

Greg Tunney President, CEO, R.G. Barry

Daniel Schwartz

Blake W. Krueger Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President Wolverine Worldwide, Inc.


CEO, Schwartz & Benjamin

Neptune Advisors, LLC

Treasurer: Tom Murray

Thomas Tarica

Two Ten is one of the top three ways

Ronald Fromm

Tracey McLeod


President, Marketing and Sales,

Tobias Reiss Schmidt

Brown Shoe Company, Inc.

BBC International, LLC

President & CEO, The Rockport

Kevin Wulff


President & CEO,

very important in common – both

Asics America Corporation

are built on foundations of caring

Michael Atmore

Jerry Turner

Editorial Director,

Beverly Goldberg

Michael Mooney

Fairchild Publications, Inc.

Vice President, Florsheim

CEO, Owner,

Sonny Shar

Footwear Unlimited, Inc.

Non Executive Chairman,

Carol Baiocchi

Steven Hill

Senior VP and DMM, Footwear,

VP of Merchandising,

Kohl’s Department Stores

Anna Bakst

President, CEO,

Neal Newman

President, Accessories and

Mason Companies, Inc.


Footwear, Michael Kors (USA) Inc.

are excited and pleased to see Two Ten constantly evolving to meet the

Alison Muskat

Daniel Hunt

Two Ten Footwear Foundation

Jim Issler Martin Berman

President & CEO,

Joe Ouaknine

Managing Director, Micro Pak, Ltd

H.H. Brown Shoe Co., Inc.

CEO, Titan Industries, Inc.

Amanda Cabot

Susan Itzkowitz

Christopher Quinn

President, CEO, Dansko, Inc.

President, Marc Fisher Footwear

Executive V.P., North American Sales,

Footwear Foundation have something

and serving our communities. We

Pentland USA Creative Director, Deer Stags

Brown Shoe Company and Two Ten

changing needs of our industry and engaging new members like never

Two Ten Management

before through its young professional and WIFI programs. Two Ten’s new

Neal Newman

Kate Kaplan

initiatives are critically important in


Director of Development

keeping the organization relevant for the next 75 years.

Kate Alley

Elba Marcillo

Director, Social Services

Chief Financial Officer

& Scholarships

Diane Sullivan President, CEO, Brown Shoe Co., Inc

Jeanne Connolly-Horrigan Director of Communications

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. 28


Compassion. Inspiration. Impact. The Charitable Foundation of the Footwear Industry since 1939 1466 Main Street, Waltham, MA 02451 • • 1-800-FIND-210