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Draping Period Costumes

9. Pin the other side of the muslin to the SF seam. There may be a small amount of ease over the bust point. Trim away any extra fabric leaving one inch of seam allowance at every seam.

10. Approach the back of the muslin in the same manner, working from the CB seam toward the side seam. Be sure that you drape the back pieces on the same side of the body as the front pieces you have draped. When draping the shoulder seam, pinch in a one-quarter inch tuck on either side of the princess seam. This will give you a total of one-half inch of ease across the back of the shoulder for movement.

11. When you drape the side seam, pin the front side seam to the back side seam as if you were pinning it with right sides together.

12. When you pin the shoulder seam, be sure to line up the back of the neckline with the front of the neckline, the side back (SB) princess seam with the SF princess seam, and the back of the armscye with the front of the armscye. 13. Before you take the muslin off the dress form, it is essential that you mark all of the seams. Use a #2 or designer pencil to mark every pin on your muslin. Be especially careful at the corners of the pattern pieces

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Draping Period Costumes: Classical Greek to Victorian  

Draping Period Costumes: Classical Greek to Victorian  

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