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The Victorian Lady

What remained from the previous period was the extravagant ornamentation, including draped swags, tiers of ruffles, bows, and a variety of applied trims. Rather than perching atop the woman’s bustle, the decorations appeared to be sliding off the hip and down the train. 1. Cut a piece of muslin as long as the woman’s shoulder-to-floor measurement. Use the entire width of the muslin. Drape the CF seam as far down on your dress form as possible. Drape the neckline, shoulder seam, and armhole seam. Drape the side seam down to the waist. Fit the extra fabric to the form with two long darts beginning under the bust and ending below the hip. These darts will eliminate more fabric at the waist and less as they move down toward the hip.

2. Drape the side seam. If you need to remove extra fullness at the waist, you can take a horizontal dart right on the waist seam. Shape the side seam over the hip, then angle it toward the back.


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Draping Period Costumes: Classical Greek to Victorian  

Draping Period Costumes: Classical Greek to Victorian  

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