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Draping Period Costumes

Setting Up


The Proper Dress Form

• Shoulders across front

Before beginning the draping process, certain preliminaries need to be addressed. A well-equipped costume shop should have several dress forms in a variety of sizes and shapes. You will need to be certain that the dress form to be used is the proper size and shape for the wearer of the costume you are draping. To do that, you first need to take accurate measurements of the wearer. Below are the measurements you will need. Note that there are several differences in the measurements you will be taking for men and women, based on their dissimilar anatomies.

• Halfway down armscye across front (sometimes called “front width”) • (Women only) Center of shoulder seam to bust point • (Women only) Bust point to waist • (Women only) Bust point to bust point

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Draping Period Costumes: Classical Greek to Victorian  

Draping Period Costumes: Classical Greek to Victorian  

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