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The Introduction of Tailoring to the Man’s Costume

5. Mark and cut the neckline and CF edge as per the design.

6. Cut or rip a piece of muslin the same size as for the front. Draw the SOG line three inches in from the selvage edge of the muslin. Pin the CB line from the neck down to four inches below the waistline. Cut away all but one inch of seam allowance and clip into the bottom point of the seam. The extra fabric at the CB will serve as an underlap on one side and a facing on the other.

7. Drape the neckline and the new, angled shoulder seam. Remember to pinch in an extra one-half inch for ease across the back of the shoulder. Drape the armhole. Notice that because of the angled shoulder seam and the extended side seam, the back of the armhole is only a few inches long. 8. Drape the SB seam down to the waistline, pinning it to the front side seam as you go. Cut off the extra fabric one inch from the side seam then cut off the extra fabric in an upward angle. Clip into the side seam at the waist.


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Draping Period Costumes: Classical Greek to Victorian  

Draping Period Costumes: Classical Greek to Victorian  

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