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師者所以傳道 授業解惑也 全台灣最帥氣的國中英文老師 Wendell 

職位:國中英文老師 兼任副生教組長

最初的動機:當初沒有多想太多,只因為自己喜歡可以與人相處的工作,而 大學又是念師大,所以就考一下。

工作內容: 上午七點半到校,下午五點放學。教課,管理學生秩序,協辦學 校行政事務

工作最開心的事: 下班(ㄏㄏ) 沒有拉開玩笑 工作最開心的事情應該就是 學 生聽得懂我在講什麼而且有共鳴、有所回覆吧,畢竟現在的國中生真的是 …ㄏㄏ,所以遇到能有慧根的學生真的是很開心~~~YA

工作最辛苦的事: 學生裝死。當努力沒有回報時,學生沒有正增強,就會開 始擺爛,然後造成惡性循環,這同時也是台灣學生目前遇到最大的問題

給學弟妹的建議或勉勵的話: 不要一畢業就一心想找一個穩定的工作,如果 你真的不喜歡的花,絕對不要勉強自己,因為這種工作一做就是一輩子, 很難抽身。反正你年輕嘛,輸了也無所謂,畢竟你也沒什麼可以輸,出社 會剛要起步時,千萬不要害怕去嘗試,反正你什麼都沒有,所以也不用怕 失去什麼。

A Voyage to Formosa On our voyage to American continent, we unfortunately

encountered a mysterious rogue wave as we passed the notorious Bermuda Triangle. My crewmen and I fought with the tremendous tide and furious gale before the dark sea swallowed us, but suddenly a monstrous wave hit me, and then with the disappearing crying, shouting voices from my shipmen, I sunk, unconsciously. The heat crawled along my skin with odor smelled as if something was rotting. I got up with an involuntary moan because of the pain all over my body, finding myself soaked on a clammy (but not sandy) beach which, literally, was composed with piles of wastes. The overwhelming stench stirred my empty stomach but I had nothing to vomit. Struggling to stand up but in vain, I faintly heard someone talking around me, so I yelled with all my remaining strength, wishing someone so kind to help. Nevertheless, when I opened my eyes again with difficulties, I saw no one trying to rescue me but only tapping and sliding on a piece of metal, saying something I didn’t understand like ”…picture exploded on Phrasebook!”“Did you take me?”in strange accent, without paying much attention to my weak call for help. Finally, some people seemed to have a heart to come closer and brought me on an odd-looking, sounding white carriage. After an hour or

so among the thousands of cars (how they named the carriages) clogging the road, we at last arrived at the hospital. I was confined to bed for two months to recover, and it was within the period I found out that it’s an island called Formosa in which people has yellow complexion and dark hair, speak both an oriental language and English, be dressed only in blue or green. They have sharp-edged technology in everything among which a black thin cuboid called “television” especially made me impressed, and startled a bit, with so many visions in it—like gazing into the crying pool. After I got out of the hospital, I knew nowhere to go, so I decided to travel around the island while waiting any British ship to berth near the coasts.One day when I was eating lu rou fanand xiao lon bao down the street, a blinding flash of light stroke me in the eyes by which the dazzle made me ill at ease and it was followed by a mob of people rumbled around me, each of them holding a black torch-like thing or a non-stop flashy canon, asking me inexplicable questions with a very oppressive tone which really tensed me up in anger: “How do you feel about being a celebrity on tube?”“Why do you like co-splaying as an Englishman?”“As a British, how do you explain the word bumbler?”

During a series of bombing queries, I fled away, without being noticed, when they were still unceasingly squeezing themselves into the mob, striving to restrain others from emerging from the chaos.