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As per Party rules, Northern members cannot vote for me in this election—I need the support of colleagues all over the country.

I would be happy to speak to any member of the Party on my proposals for renewal, or any ideas or comments that anyone might have.

I secured national support to get on the ballot, but now I need you to give me your number one or next highest preference to keep the Party moving in the North— without a Committee of 20 Member, we have no voice in Fianna Fáil. You have given us your wholehearted support for years, please continue it at the Árd Fheis.

Call me on: +447968255593

My pledge to every member of Fianna Fáil On communication, I think we can all agree that this has been less than satisfactory in recent times, especially given the ease with which technology can be used to communicate with large groups of people. I want to harness the power of technology whether it be facebook, scribd or twitter, to keep in contact with the membership, after all, the Ard Comhairle are the voice of the membership, and its members should be listening to the ordinary member. As I could not get nominated by local members due to existing rules I had to seek nomination from around the country. This meant communicating using a variety of methods, both modern and more traditional methods. I will continue to use these methods to inform and listen to members. I intend in particular to keep my campaign facebook page running, if elected, which will allow members to email me directly, and I will ensure that all Secretaries and Chairs of both senior and Ógra units have my contact details on an ongoing basis. I will also travel throughout the country to attend meetings whenever and wherever possible to listen to as wide a range of our membership as possible.


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I can’t vote, you can I am unique in this election: no wheeling, no dealing—I can’t even cast a vote for myself - I truly do need your support If elected, I will represent all of the membership, not my locality, but Derry to Dublin as well as Coleraine to Cork. An All-Ireland candidate for all of Fianna Fáil




About me

My vision for a reinvigorated Ard Comhairle

My policy objectives The policies I would be advocating would be

My name is John Ramsey, I am 49 years of age and spent my early years in Larne though my family moved to Carnlough, my mother's native village in the Glens, due to the troubles in Larne. I was educated at St MacNissis College, Garron Tower and subsequently at the University of Ulster at Jordanstown where I studied for a BSc in Quantity Surveying. I live with my wife Sharon, from the College Road area of Cork, and our six children, four girls and two boys, ranging from 6 to 14. I currently run my own IT business which is currently heavily involved in internet based technology. I have a passion for IP based internet access platforms and we are moving into the mobile app arena. I have been a member in Fianna Fáil since 2006, having been deeply involved in the Northern forum, I am a founder member of the Antrim Forum and am currently it’s Chairperson, working alongside a dedicated and hard working group stretching all over the County. I intend to bring a range of reform proposals to the Ard Comhairle if elected and I believe in strong national representation via the Committee of Twenty. My vision for robust and honest renewal within the organisation has cumann and the member at its very heart, and I hope you will consider giving me your number one vote or next highest preference in March. I look forward to meeting as many members as possible as I travel around the country to listen and to give my perspective on how I believe we can renew and reform our Party and rebalance our organisation in favour of our passionate colleagues on the ground in our communities.

7 Councillors New Committee of 26 5 Parliamentary Party members 6 Ógra members 10 Regional Subcommittee members 5 Vice-Presidents 1 President 60 Members in total Revised AC Proposals: - Elected Constituency Reps will not sit directly on Ard Comhairle, but will sit on a provincial Regional Subcommittee (RSC). I envisage 5 Regional Subcommittees to be created, one for each province, and one for Dublin. This is to ensure that constituency delegates have the opportunity to raise relevant issues locally, rather than be expected to articulate ideas on an Ard Comhairle level where they may not be afforded the time or attention to what may be locally crucial issues. - No Parliamentary Party Members will sit on an RSC, and Chairs/Vice Chairs will sit on the Ard Comhairle, which will be mandated only to ratify decisions made at RSC. - Ard Comhairle to sit at least once every month. - Ard Comhairle members to be given direct input into Ard Comhairle meeting agendae. - Ard Comhairle members will be limited to three terms, and then must sit out for one year. - Gender quotas will be removed for the newly constituted Committee of 26. - Councillors given two more seats on Ard Comhairle for the purposes of keeping organisation informed of grassroots issues and in recognition of the importance of local government to the renewal of the Party. - Vice Presidents to be given oversight roles on Standing Committees. - Ard Comhairle members, once elected, will be able to choose, within practicable reason, which Committees they wish to sit on – not be appointed to Committees by HQ. - Provision for the Ard Comhairle to appoint experts to Subcommittees for a period to assist with policy, only once the “experts” local CDC ratify them - Ard Comhairle is to be consulted on party policy as a matter of right.

1. Ensuring that the more vulnerable are adequately cared for according to their need, not rewarding the indolent, but encouraging those who can to help themselves. As a father of six I am particularly passionate that the vulnerable child should not be left behind in life. 2. Our economy needs to get working and the Irish are the only people who can do this. I believe that the barriers to people starting their own businesses need to be curtailed. These would include the still archaic notions on failure, bankruptcy laws, even those recently introduced are unduly punishing to people who try. We need to encourage those who have failed to try again and those who have never tried to have a go. We also need to look at the barriers within Ireland and remove them. People cannot move across the border to take up job opportunities due to problems with recognition of qualifications and even Governmental restrictions. 3 . Advocating a robust skills audit by the Department of Education and Science, alongside the Dept of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, to ensure the labour force is future proofed and we are exploiting the gaps in the labour market particularly to inform the resources required for the third level sector.

Organisational renewal 1. Ensure that motions passed at Ard Fheis are implemented, in particular one man one vote, the way the membership intended, with particular regard to ensuring parity of esteem for members all over the country in terms of rights and the ability of members to effect change going forward. 2. Prioritise the completion of reports from local Renewal Committees and pull together HQ and members to implement changes that will put the organisation on a stable footing for the future, while recognising that there have been failings which we must never again repeat. 3. Call on the Ard Comhairle and the leadership to bring forward strategies even now for selecting candidates for the local elections, and to ensure resources are in place to ensure maximum saturation for FF candidates.

John Ramsey for Committee of 20  

John Ramsey for Committee of 20