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+HIP Adventure Issue, 1

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Peace Palace In 1903 the American businessman and pacifist Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) provided oneand-a-half million dollars for the construction and maintenance of a building to house the Permanent Court of Arbitration and a library of international law in The Hague. To find a suitable design, the foundation called for an open international competition in 1905 The winning design, set in the Neo-Renaissance style, was submitted by French architect Louis M. Cordonnier. The (non-winning) design on this page is by the influential architect, and resident of The Hague, H.P. Berlage.

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political arts initiative

+HIP is a manifestation of the Political & Philosophical Arts Initiative (PAI) PAI is interested in the ways in which people interact with and compose political ideas and actions through the various, diverse media of technology and the arts. Participants in PAI seek to explore the ways in which poetry, literature, music, photography, performance and other creative arts interleave with the political life, either as vehicles for criticism, elaboration, theorization, intervention or activism. For more information, please visit:

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the hague in pictures


‘Haagse Toren’ ©2012, Vincent van Zeijst

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the hague in pictures

ADVENTURE ISSUE Kicking off the 2014 Political & Philosophical Arts Initiative (PAI) theme of movement, Geo-Caching The Hague invited those who live, study, and work in and around The Hague to engage in active citizenship through gaming the city from 8-23 February 2014. Collaborating with The Nutshuis and Gemeente Den Haag, PAI transformed The Hague into an urban playground for you to choose your own adventure. By moving physically through the city with a heightened sense of awareness, an openness to the unexpected, and an eye for discovery, our experience of this city of peace and justice moved beyond the space typically defined by political and legal institutions to capture those personal moments of interaction with the cityscape. Your perspective and your narrative shape this city: enjoy the Adventure! Cissie Fu, Co-Founder of PAI

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‘Netkous’ @2007, Egbert Eshuis



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ENITSA GABROVSKA About Enitsa Enitsa has lived in The Hague for almost 4 years and it is her second home. She studied here and in Leiden and she is currently doing a traineeship. She likes city trips, especially when there is a game involved, and even more so when photography is involved. That is why she decided to participate in the Geo-caching challenge. It was a lot of fun! Nationality Bulgarian Occupation University Graduate Photographic instrument & photo-editing technology used Nikon D3100, Photoshop basics

+HIP Adventure Issue, 11

Andrea. Enitsa. The Hague This is what happened today – 22 February 2014. A shy Saturday afternoon, indecisive whether it will give in to the clouds or it will power through and let the sunshine in. We, on our quest to conquer the geo-caching challenge. Not knowing what we bargained for.

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+HIP Adventure Issue, 13

STOP 1: let the games begin

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+HIP Adventure Issue, 15

Phone in hand, scanner on ‘play’, where do we head first?

16, +HIP Adventure Issue

Getting excited – unlocking is always a thrill.

+HIP Adventure Issue, 17

Heading towards what we thought was the second stop. Enjoying the sun as we go. 18, +HIP Adventure Issue

+HIP Adventure Issue, 19

20, +HIP Adventure Issue

STOP 2 Don’t be fooled. We spent a good half hour wandering around The Hague city center looking for a tiny black and white square sticker with a blue dot on it. We asked the ice cream man at Binnenhof (who only smiled and nodded in what was clearly a confusing situation) and a police officer. A Dutch lady overheard us and pondered with us on the clue at hand but couldn’t figure it out. The “organic K” was really our last hope.

+HIP Adventure Issue, 21

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The moment I saw the sticker I literally screamed, pointing my finger intensely towards the window. The couple on the table in the background ended up within my pointing range – I had to reverse their uncomprehending gaze by explaining what the pointing and screaming was all about. They wished us good luck.

+HIP Adventure Issue, 23

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STOP 3 These actually seem to be roses and violets. Priceless romance we would like to call it instead.

Spring in the meantime is coming.

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I remember the book lava from a summer – it became my favourite art piece in the whole of The Hague. +HIP Adventure Issue, 27

STOP 4: A place of colour. We loved it.

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+HIP Adventure Issue, 29

A very helpful security guard and a not-so-helpful gift shop lady directed us towards the sticker on the front door. Or they tried, at least. 30, +HIP Adventure Issue

+HIP Adventure Issue, 31

32, +HIP Adventure Issue

And this is where our journey abruptly ended. The sticker was gone. A walkietalkie conversation, one more security guards and 10 minutes lingering around didn’t result in success – the sticker had been irreversibly lost. And no-one knew when or where or how. We were very disappointed our adventure had to end. But it was such a colourful place that we couldn’t be grumpy for too long. And we still had a hesitant but friendly and cosy Saturday afternoon to take advantage of.

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ANNELIEN VAN KEMPEN About Annelien Annelien van Kempen has a broad portfolio of activities. She is a glass artist, works on the marketing and sales for fellow artists, does research and presentations on sculptural art. She graduated in Law and worked as manager in the glass industry. Nationality Dutch Occupation Artist Photographic instrument & photo-editing technology used Canon 450D I Photo

+HIP Adventure Issue, 37

Urban Expedition in The Hague

encouragement help despair joy research perseverance logistics


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Galllery Chrisart at Noordeinde 182: ‘Please, help!’

Cache 18, slightly damaged on February 23rd +HIP Adventure Issue, 39

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+HIP Adventure Issue, 41

Augmented Reality, The Royal Academy of Art

‘Roses are red Violets are blue’. So many corners for me, where I captured the moments!

42, +HIP Adventure Issue

The Hague Stork

Constructions at Prinsessegracht and Malieveld

+HIP Adventure Issue, 43

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+HIP Adventure Issue, 45

Previous pages: mosaic of ‘Museum Meermanno’ and ‘Feminine graffiti’

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The Penthouse@Strijkijzer

+HIP Adventure Issue, 47

48, +HIP Adventure Issue

Security inside or outside? Giant cranes at construction site

+HIP Adventure Issue, 49

Roaring lion undergoes acupuncture at Binnenhof

“Hi, Giraffe”, said Patterson Pepps 50, +HIP Adventure Issue

Urban animal life Do you think I could try riding, on your neck and then try sliding? …. Whoosh and with a mighty wail, he went whizzing to the tail…’ (Annie M.G. Schmidt)

+HIP Adventure Issue, 51

A Herring eater-odyssey 52, +HIP Adventure Issue

SprookjesBeelden aan Zee, Fairy tale sculptures of Tom Otterness, inspiration by ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. (Jonathan Swift)

Climbing dwarf +HIP Adventure Issue, 53


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54, +HIP Adventure Issue


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+HIP Adventure Issue, 55

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Annelien’s Geo-caching adventure also brought her to The Hague’s public library. There, Heleen Grootendorst (a Hague born artist) was quietly sketching her library observations. Annelien got permission to take pictures of them and incorporated them in her Geo-caching photo essay. You’ll find one of them on the left, and more on the following pages.

HELEEN GROOTENDORST Heleen Grootendorst is a Hague born artist (April 10 1959) descending from a family where it was always customary to pursue creative ambitions simultaneously with a profitable occupation. Heleen is working successfully already for a couple of decades as an in-house legal counsel to large, Dutch corporations. She couples a lifelong fascination for the law with a lively interest in human behaviour, especially when shown in a tense, working environment. Currently Heleen is working on a small series of drawings focussing on the changes that modern technology makes in our usual ways of walking, sitting and, more generally, moving around. The series will mostly be situated in the Zuid As, the Amsterdam Financial Center. The series is, or will be, called “attitudes”. The drawings shown here reflect places in The Hague. With her drawings Heleen hopes to convey a feeling of fun and enjoyment in working situations despite their often competitive or even aggressive atmosphere.

+HIP Adventure Issue, 57

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+HIP Adventure Issue, 59

60, +HIP Adventure Issue

URBAN INTERVENTION PAPER TANKS How can we visualise the International Zone in a playful manner, penetrating its hard physical shell and exposing its soft underbelly? How can we involve people in and of The Hague, whose everyday routines were interrupted by the high-level security and surveillance put in place for the Nuclear Security Summit on 24 and 25 March 2014, to add information to the as yet indeterminate map of the International Zone? The Political Arts Initiative and Stroom Den Haag took a first step with the academic community of The Hague at the i4C on 19 March 2014. Students and staff from various higher education institutions in The Hague, as well as artists and curators, joined the ArtActive Lab on the top floor of The Hague Central Station to prepare for an urban intervention before, during, and after NSS 2014. The displacement of residents around the World Forum, the extra fencing around The Hague, and the crisis rehearsals in the International Zone culminate in a palpable tension between military presence and civic life, all the more ambivalent in the international capital of peace and justice. An origami paper tank, unique to each participant, was a small individual gesture to express a critical voice to those invisible surveillance and security measures which were (and are), more often than not, implemented without consent or consultation of the citizenry and in the name of pre-emption of and protection against terrorism. When each paper tank was placed within the International Zone, wherever its boundaries, these harmless representations of instruments of violence made an unexpected and united statement about sustained exceptionalism, rights to privacy, and freedom of movement for residents of The Hague. +HIP Adventure Issue, 61

Marki von Ketelhodt (this & next page) 62, +HIP Adventure Issue

+HIP Adventure Issue, 63

Maja Vodopivec (this & next page)

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+HIP Adventure Issue, 65

Chris Goto-Jones & Cissie Fu

66, +HIP Adventure Issue

Katta Becker & Eke Kronieger

@Irrinicos 68, +HIP Adventure Issue

+HIP Adventure Issue, 69

+HIP is a manifestation of The Political & Philosophical Arts Initiative hosted by Leiden University

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colophon editor | Cissie Fu art direction and design | Esther Truijen contact +HIP | advertisments & sponsoring | cover image: The Hague skyline photographer unknown image page 34-35 Detail of mural ornament by Escher, Houtrustweg, The Hague The images in this issue are the result of events organised in cooperation with, or made possible, by: Leiden University ( Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research ( The Nutshuis, The Hague ( The city of The Hague ( Stroom Den Haag (

The copyright of +HIP contest submissions & related events belong to the individual photographer. You can use them for free for non-commercial activities only but please acknowledge the photographer and +HIP magazine. For commerical uses, please contact +HIP. Š 2014 +HIP magazine | All Rights Reserved +HIP Adventure Issue, 71

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+HIP Adventure Issue, no. 2 April 2014