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Friday, October 14, 2011

Gaels Take Homecoming Game

Upcoming events

by Kyle Dayton

The Varsity football team excited crowds Friday at the Homecoming Game, ending the night with a victory of 16-8 against the Alhambra Bulldogs. Senior Alex Marshall put the first six points on the scoreboard during the first two quarters, by kicking two field goals. When the buzzer sounded for the end of the first half, the Gaels had a solid lead of 6-0. During halftime, the crowd was entertained by the marching band and watched in excitement as senior Tatum Wheeler, who is also the current ASB president, was named 2011’s Homecoming Queen. The football team came back from halftime and began the third quarter with the same determination they played with during the first half, keeping Alhambra from putting any points on the scoreboard. During an exciting fourth quarter, Alex Marshall put up another 3 points for the Gaels after kicking a 20-yard field goal. Alhambra did not have possession for long as senior Jabari Davis made an interception, giving the Gaels another scoring opportunity. Senior quarterback Ed Achziger rushed in for a five-yard touchdown and the field goal was made, giving Dublin a total of 16

10/14: Cross-Country, McDonald’s Roughrider Invitational @ Woodward Park, Fresno, 1:30pm 10/20: Girls Varsity Tennis vs. Alhambra, 3:30pm 10/20: Varsity Volleyball vs. Las Lomas @ 6:30pm 10/20-10/23: DHS Fall Play, 7pm-9pm (Sunday 2pm-4pm) 10/26: Cross-Country, DFAL Center Meet @ Shadow Cliffs Park, Pleasanton, 3:30pm 10/27: Girls Varsity Tennis vs. Acalanes, 3:30pm ABOVE: (From left to right) Josh Yu, Edward Achziger and Artis Jones stand during the playing of the National Anthem. Credit: Kim Baumann Many of the senior football way up the field, hoping to make points. players had mixed feelings about up the points they needed to stay Despite an outstanding defenplaying in their last homecoming in the game. However, Junior Artis sive performance by Dublin, the game. About his last homecomJones crushed any chance the Bulldogs were finally able to get ing game, senior Clint Jackman Bulldogs had when he made an on the scoreboard, after scoring a remarked that “it hasn’t quite interception with just 1:51 left on touchdown, along with a two point set in yet that the seniors and I the clock. conversion. This made the score won’t have any more,” but he also The game ended with Gaels in 16-8, with Dublin still in the lead. added that “there’s still a ton of possession, and a score of 16-8. Alhambra was back on offense season left.” This was the first league game for during the last few minutes of With many football games still to the football team, which now has the game. Suspense grew in the come for the Gaels, continue to go a total record of 4-1. stands as Alhambra worked their out and support them!

Gaels Get Active in the Community by Lauren Flint

ABOVE: Jimmy Rojas, Cesar Saavedra, Damani McFarlin, and Mark Dorsett pose for a quick picture break with their brooms and rakes in hand! The Dublin High football proCoach Wade if this would be the gram participated in the Dublin first of many more times to come Creek Clean-Up early morning for the boys to be involved in the Saturday, September 17, along community and he said, “Yes, the with other volunteers to help tidy more times we showcase students up local parks and creeks. The and athletes participating outside boys gathered at Alamo Creek of school and in the community, park at 9 a.m. after their hardit makes the whole school look fought game against Livermore better.” the previous night. Even though the football players With their trash bags and gloves were working hard to improve the in hand, they set off to take part cemetery, they had fun as a team in some generous community at the same time. service. Varsity players were asJunior Josh Yu said, “ It feels signed to go to the Dublin Cemamazing to be out here this mornetery, where they pulled weeds, ing, I have much pride for this trimmed trees, planted flowers, city.” and everything in between. Yu was also asked if it made a Mr. Tim Sbranti, mayor of Dublin difference that he was with his his and Leadership teacher at DHS, team and he responded, “Either asked some of the football moms, way I would have come out here such as Sheri Jackman, to get the to help, but it’s fun with the team football program involved in this and meeting new people.” event. When asked about possibly The boys seemed to be proud participating, Coach Wade says, “I of their work, and happy to help. was definitely on board.” It shows how they can be a hard He also said, “It feels really working team both on and off of good seeing all the boys out here the football field. this morning, considering we had Mr. Sbranti and Principal Mrs. a game last night, and they are Shimizu expressed their gratitude all here helping out.” We asked and excitement about the team’s

BELOW: Dennis Barber, Tom Tran, Gabe Jusino, Victor Leon, and Jordan Machado improve the Dublin cemetery one dead plant at a time!

10/27: Varsity Volleyball vs. Alhambra, 6:30pm 10/28: Varsity Football vs. Acalanes, 7pm 11/05: Cross-Country, DFAL Championships @ Hidden Valley Park, Martinez, 1:00pm

Congratulations to our 2011 Homecoming King and Queen

involvement in the event, which was an overall success. We owe a special thanks to our players for helping improve our community and representing Dublin High in such a positive way!

ABOVE: Paolo Cordero, Jacob Pridahm, Zach Tucker, Javance Rosby, Tyler Golub, Devin Trujillo, and Jeff Leung show their excitement to be helping out at the cemetery!

Jacob Hepa and Tatum Wheeler CREDIT: Kim Baumann


The Dublin Shield

The Birth of “Super Friday” By Lauren Koa

ABOVE: Stormy sky’s strike Dublin High’s Homecoming Week. Credit: Brynne Miller along with the longest day ever Any long term citizen of Dublin can tell you that our weather is ev- on Thursday, have been long time traditions here at DHS. Starting erything but predictable. The city with area decorations at the crack has experienced weather condiof dawn, chanting across the tions completely across the specareas, and showing class pride, trum, even within a few weeks Thursday morning has always time. Rain, snow, hail, and heat been the kick off of Homecoming waves are not unusual here. But jitters and the pre-requisite of the for the first time in years, Dublin’s rally. bipolar weather took it’s affect on But due to the weather, some Homecoming week, changing the last minute changes had to be Homecoming’s traditional line-up made to the order of events, midof events. week. Every year, Homecoming Week The Leadership class, after at Dublin High maintains a steady preparing for Homecoming durweather, ready for the week’s ing the last month, had to gather lunchtime events and dress up for an emergency class meetdays. The car show on Tuesday,

Berkeley Hikers Falsely Accused and Imprisoned By Jessica Rose

Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were released from prison on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. On July 31, 2009, they, along with Bauer’s girlfriend and now fiancée, Sarah Shourd, had been accused of illegaly crossing the border between Iraq and Iran. Bauer and Shourd had been living in Damascus, the capital of Syria, for 1 year after having graduated from UC Berkeley. Fattal, also a graduate from UC Berkeley and friend of Bauer, had gone to visit. The friends decided to take a hike, using a route that runs along the Kurdistan region in northern Iraq. At the time, this region was considered safe, because it was located far enough away from the battles going on in the Middle East. Because the area was rural, their was no threat that was posed. Little did the hikers know that their outing would turn into a very twisted situation. While on their hike, the friends accidentally strayed from their path and passed over the border into Iran. Because of diplomatic differences between Iraq and Iran, Bauer, Shourd, and Fattal were accused of being Iraqi spies and they were then detained and sent to Evin Prison, located in Tehran. This prison is known to be “notorious” for the torturing of prisoners.

The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, had stated that the Berkeley students would be held for only a matter of days, but those days turned to weeks, the weeks turned to months, and the months turned to years. Ahmadinejad had decided to make an example out of Bauer, Fattal, and Shourd. He sentenced them to 8 years in the Iranian prison. At the time when their families were first notified of what had happened, the families acted calm and collected, but as more time went on their true emotions began to show. In March 2010, Hillary Clinton argued that holding the Americans captive was inhumane. A couple months later, in May, the families began to plead for the release of Shourd, Bauer, and Fattal. They tried to persuade the Iranian government that crossing over their border was merely an accident and that they meant no harm. After many attempts at this, the Iranian government had decided to release Shourd after fourteen months, not only stating that President Ahmadinejad should have shown some compassion, but also to show that his power is limited. Ten months later, Bauer and Fattal were also released and were welcomed home with open arms.

ABOVE: Photos of Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal. Credit: AFF/Getty Photos

ing on Wednesday, October 4th, to discuss the changes and get everything ready to go. Initially, people were worried that the spirit of Homecoming would be lost, but ASB President Tatum Wheeler urged everyone to “keep positive that it’s going to be a great week!” Despite the change, Dublin High’s Homecoming spirit wasn’t lost at all. The rainy weather of the week called for a new addition of a dodge ball class competition in the gym, and also created Dublin High’s first ever Homecoming “Super Friday”, being the most eventful Friday the school had ever seen. Starting off as a foggy Friday morning, the classes set up their areas in a cold frenzy, worried about the weather. But nonetheless float and area decorating continued to commence until 8am, when warm sunshine finally greeted Dublin. The car show was held on Friday at lunch as well, with beautiful weather for the entire event. The parade and carnival were after school, as tradition, with the Homecoming game following it. The rain was uncalled for, but thanks to our Administration, Activities Director Mr. Sbranti, Leadership class, and last but not least, our wonderful staff and students here at Dublin High, we were able to pull through to create a “Super Friday” and have a truly unforgettable Homecoming 2011.


Libya & Syria: Unrest Remains By Annette Sommers

ABOVE:Suffers an afteremath from the bombing. Credit: AP

• Syria lacking respect for human rights • Libya has names “transitional leaders” who vow to step down after the country is in order. • Libyan revolutionary forces still battle Gaddafi loyalists on fronts. • New Libyan leaders declare the Lockerbie bombing closed. • Syria claims to the United Nations that “armed groups” are responsible for their harsh crackdown on citizens. • Libya citizens have decided to form a council to take down Bashar ABOVE: Map of Siria. Credit: Google al-Assad’s regime. • Gaddafi’s son Al-Saadi denies his charges of corruption.

Tassajara Prep Petition Denied By Jasmine Virk

A unanimous vote from the Dublin Unified School District’s board of trustees last Tuesday, October 4 has rejected a petition for the approval of Tassajara Preparatory. Some parents and students are unaware of the implications of a charter school and what it means for Dublin High. Tassajara Preparatory High School is a charter school for grades 9-12 that is supposed to offer programs that Dublin High School does not.Tri-Valley Learning Corporation, the company behind Tassajara Prep, had originally planned to submit a petition for the charter school last year but had dropped it due to fears that it wouldn’t be successful. After rewriting the petition, the Tri-Valley Learning Corporation resubmitted the petition and thirty days later on September 7, the Board of Trustees of the Dublin Unified School District held a public hearing where Dublin High students and parents spoke out against Tassajara Prep. The Dublin Unified School District then proceeded to deny the charter school petition. The Board of Trustees of the Dublin Unified School District found a number of areas where the proposals of the petition were exaggerated or fabricated completely. In the Findings of Fact the board released in response to the petition, the first reason the proposal was rejected was because the charter school presented “an unsound educational program for the pupils to be enrolled in the charter school.” The creation of the charter school will divide the low amount of money our district has for education. If the charter school is created, Tassajara Prep will start with a lower number of students meaning the school will not receive enough money to provide for higher-level classes, music and athletic programs, or clubs. Another reason was the petitioners were “unlikely to successfully implement the program.” At the public hearing for the petition, many of Dublin High’s

ABOVE: Opponents of the Petition (2010) Credit: own students and parents spoke out against the charter school, knowing it would take money and resources away from Dublin. This public hearing had proved that Tassajara Prep did not have the support of the public, making it harder to construct the school. The petition for Tassajara Prep also did not “contain the number of signatures prescribed by the Education Code.” In order for a school to be accepted, there needs to be a certain number of signatures showing interest in the school. Although the petition had appeared to have the number of signatures required, upon further review, it was made apparent that a large majority of the signatures were from individuals employed by the Tri-Valley Learning Corporation, which does not count toward the quota. The Findings of Fact also says that the proposal did not contain “reasonably comprehensive descriptions of certain specific aspects of its program and operations as required by law.” The petition revealed that Tassajara Prep did not offer Special Education programs or second language programs for students who do not speak English. Tassajara Prep also created controversy when it advertised itself as “Private school education for a public school cost...where all students are college prep.” The law requires that charter schools are supposed to accept all students, not just advanced students. The last reason is it does not meet the requirements is that the school site would not be “located

within the geographic boundaries of DUSD.” Tassajara Prep was presented to parents on the east side of Dublin that the school would be walking distance for students. This was misleading as the actual school location was offered in Livermore as the corporation cannot afford any land for the school in Dublin. This means that Tassajara Prep would be taking away money from the Dublin Unified School District for a school that Dublin students wouldn’t even be able to attend. Regarding Tassajara Prep, Principle Shimizu of Dublin High School said that “it would create a lot of problems and distractions for our already very cohesive community. Dublin High School is an outstanding school with a wide variety of experiences for students. We also have amazing teachers, dedicated staff, and strong parent support.” Now the petition has been denied, the Tri-Valley Learning Corporation may try to appeal to the Alameda County Board of Education. If denied there as well, they have one last chance to appeal to the State Department of Education beforeTassajara Prep will be permanently denied. If students are interested in helping oppose the charter school, they may write letters and petitions for the next public hearing or they could attend the public hearing itself. For more information about Tassajara Prep, students can visit for a more comprehensive and detailed look at the charter school and board meetings.


Dublin Cheerleaders Take Home Second! By Lauren Flint

The Dublin High Cheerleading team took second place at their first competition of 2011 in Santa Cruz, California! Dublin High started the competition team last year, with girls involved from each grade in both the competition and sideline teams. The girls practice and condition almost everyday after school, and their hard work has paid off. Many students and parents attended the competition to support our lovely girls, and they cheered them on the whole way.

Congratulations, ladies and good luck in all of your future competitions!

The Dublin Shield

Cross Country Stats


By Celena Lozano

Credit: nior, came in 8th place with 10:59 The motivated and passionate members of the Dublin High Cross in the Varsity Elite Boys Race. Both Jenna LeQuin, junior, with Country Team have made quite a 9th place in 14:22 for the Varsity first impression on our school due Elite Race and Justin Lu, sophto their competitive attitude and more with 8th place in 12:20 for statistics to back it up. This year the Frosh Soph Boys Race, were you’ll see a lot of fresh faces joining the Dublin High Boys and Girls awarded medals for their times. Overall, all of the Dublin High Cross Country Team. With a great team members did well. The next start to the season, Jillian Colwell, race will be held at Hayward High sophmore, won the first race at School on November 22 for the Woodland High School coming in NCS Championships. The boys at 13:23 over the two mile course. will be racing at 11 A.M. and girls Following her, was Annalisa Watat 12:30 P.M. When it is all said son in 8th place with 15:04 and and done, the Dublin High Cross Kristen Warren in 10th place with Country team is a great asset 15:22, both freshmen newcomers to our school and shows great to the team. sportsmanship. Way to go! With the lowest time of the day for the Gaels, Kenneth Ainslie, ju-

Girls Varsity Tennis By Lauren Koa

From Getting A’s to Working with Them By Chandler Bullock

ABOVE: Austin Ginn in his usual seat in the bleachers, in which he atteneds 25 to 35 games in a year. Credit: Doing someones dirty laundry, cooking meals for 40 men, and running countless errands may sound like a terrible job to have. It seems like a job that a Dublin High alumnus would not shoot for as a certain future career. But your opinion of this job will change when the details are revealed. These people receiving such special treatment are Athletics, of the Oakland Athletics baseball club. And the Dublin High alumnus doing all these odd-jobs for them is 2011 graduate Austin Ginn. Many students remember Austin

as one of the main people behind the video bulletin, a Mr. Dublin candidate, or one of the most spirited seniors. Either way, he was a staple in Dublin High last year as he was involved in many parts of campus life. Now Austin studies at Ohlone college majoring in broadcasting. But he spends a lot more time at the Coliseum in Oakland as the Athletics Clubhouse attendant. He was able to get his “dream job” by recognizing the A’s visiting clubhouse manager, Mike Thalblum while working

his second job at Rockin’ Jump in East Dublin. He e-mailed Thalbalum when he got home and a couple of days later he received a call that he would work when the A’s got home from their road trip. Austin described the feeling as a “dream come true.” The first day on the job for Austin was not a problem as many of the clubhouse attendants were friendly in getting him up to speed on what needed to be done. He said that the players “were a lot nicer than you would think”, even to the point of the players introducing themselves to Austin. In this way he was able to form relationships with many of the players, and his heroes. Although the job may seem like a walk in the park so far, there are many daunting tasks. For a regular 7:05pm game Austin arrives at the Coliseum at 12pm. He starts off by doing lots of laundry, from players jerseys to their towels. From there he runs mail and packages all over the Coliseum, as well as to Oracle Arena. Next, Austin preps food and drinks, followed by bringing the players’ equipment to and from the dugout and clubhouse. After the games he polishes the player’s cleats, and finishes the night by doing “more and more laundry.” By this time Austin leaves the clubhouse at 12am. Although the job is known as one of the hardest in sports due to the long and weird hours that one has to work, Austin has enjoyed his time. He attributes his ability to keep this tough job that he loves from what he learned at Dublin High: “hard work, hard work, hard work.” Austin plans to continue his work as Clubhouse Attendant for as long as he can.

ABOVE: The girls Varsity Tennis players huddled together to get pumped up for the game. Credit: Lauren Koa This fall, you might not want to are crucial. be caught in the tennis courts. You In less than a second, our tennis might just get hit! ... By a tennis players must know exactly where ball of course! that tennis ball is going and how Our Lady Gaels Tennis Team hard and far they want to hit. is serving tennis balls strong this Everything is so precise, requiring season, with a 2nd place standing so much skill. in the DFAL league. With twelve In that small team of twelve, girls on varsity playing doubles two of those skilled ladies are and singles, our Lady Gaels have freshmen. Freshman Sraavya earned their strong record through Kakarlapudi said that she’s “really hard practice during the week. enjoying the tennis season” and They currently stand just behind that her teammates have “really Dougherty Valley High School in helped her improve.” league. Though considered an individual This year’s varsity tennis capsport, the Lady Gaels support tains are senior Jackie Haddad, one another by politely cheering who plays doubles, and junior Vi after rallies and encouraging one Nguyen, who plays singles. The another during tough matches. ladies are once again being led by Senior Canna Takise has said Coach Fred Tolentino. that the tennis team is “really When asked about the season, intimate and just like a family. co-captain Jackie Haddad said, Everyone loves one another and “Despite losing so many of our wants them to do well.” seniors this year, our tennis team Modesty and honesty are also has remained strong and we’ve so crucial in this sport, where been doing really well!” most matches have no referees What is unique about a tennis and “outs” are called on the honor game is that there’s really just system of the players. A level of so much going on all at once. maturity and respect is a pre-reqMatches overlap one another uisite to playing the sport. and multiple matches happen at Throughout the fall season, our the same time. In one corner you Lady Gaels have been working may see two ladies head to head hard on the courts, perfecting their on an intense singles rally, but in skills completely evident in their another you may see a teams of games. If you haven’t been to a two battling out on doubles. But in tennis game yet this year, you both corners, the intensity in fast should catch one soon and see pace movements and quick hits what these ladies are serving up.


The Dublin Shield


Homecoming Skit Rally

Dublin Rides in Style at the Car Show

School spirit was at an all time high last Thursday night in the Sports Stadium for the Homecoming Skit Rally. Alumni and current students crowded the gym anticipating the battle between classes for the homecoming victory. Not only were people anticipating the skits, but also the crowning of homecoming royalty from each class. Before each class’s skit, the nominees were called to the judges table and given a box. If they opened the box and found a red rose, then they had won the title. The night started off with the Freshman skit. Their theme was “ancient Greece,” so donned in togas in front of a hand made Parthenon, they began their skit consisting of kidnapped cheerleaders, and dance battles. After their skit, the cheerleaders took center stage for a dance, but were interrupted by the football team, who challenged them to a dance battle. Members of the Varsity football team, and some staff, danced to “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé, eliciting thunderous applause and

Engines weren’t the only things roaring Friday, October 7th at DHS’s Annual car show, where students and staff of all ages came to view these elegant cars. Each year, the car show is the most heavily attended lunchtime event of the year. With a free barbecue hosted by our very own leadership class, students flock to the event, eagerly awaiting hot dogs and a good time. This years competitors included Austin Ogden, Elliot Wang, Nicole Flotte, Max Hernandez, and Annie Jones. Students competed for winning titles such as Best Clunker, Best audio system, “Chick Magnet”, “Dude magnet”, and Muscle car. We asked John Ubaldi how he planned to stand out in the crowd among the high competition. John exclaimed, “Are you kidding me? No car [audio system] slaps as hard as mine does!” John finished the competition winning “Best Audio System”, for the second year in a row. Although not all of the competitors won, everyone had a great time. Vincent O’Brien, sporting his 1997 red Mitsubishi eclipse, said, “I’m doing great, living it up, and having a great time.There is alot of new stuff out here today”. Guys weren’t the only competitors dominating the parking lot that day. A spunky Brittney Bonnell competed fiercely throughout the day. The engine of her 1998 Mustang GT could be heard throughout campus. Faculty members were also at the car show. Ms. Velez was impressed by the variety of cars and the dedication of students who put hard work into their vehicles. She was happy to see that kids were “taking care of their cars”. In all, this years car show was a blast. There was a record breaking of 27 competitors that set a new bar for Homecoming Car Shows to come.

By Brynne Miller

laughter from all classes. Next up were the Sophomores, whose theme was “The Roaring ‘20’s.” Their class homecoming charge, “keepin’ it classy,” rang true in their school-spirit speakeasy themed skit with modern dance battles. With a western theme, the Juniors took to the stage. The plot was attempting to find a theme for homecoming through using a time travel iPad app. Their journey was filled with dance battles and mocking other classes. Last, but not least, the seniors took the crowd into the future through a skit closely resembling a zombie apocalypse as a world without DHS. And, of course, there were dance battles. The rally ended on a high note as the classes chanted their battle cry for a last chance at victory over the other classes. All the students flooded the main area of the gym making as much noise as they could for their class. All the students then exited the gym excited for the homecoming festivities that would follow the next two days.

BELOW: Juniors (right) enter the Complex decked out in western gear. Sophomore Haleigh Hawkins (bottom) yells for her class. Ms. Cunningham and Ms. Shimizu(left) share a happy moment.

By David Diaz

ABOVE: Alex Marshall poses with his 2011 Mustang at the car show, winning the ‘Chick Magnet” category. Credit: Lauren Flint

ABOVE: John Ubaldi takes home “Best Sound System” for the second year in a row. Credit: Lauren Flint

Homecoming Royalty 2011 By Paolo Cordero



Princess Nominees Alex Loebrich Mara Paige Junior Princess *Mimi Maghrbi*

Princess Nominees Caitlin Carrion Liz Rubio Freshman Princess *Isabel Bomfim* Prince Nominees Brandon Fulwiler Bradley Pilkington Freshman Prince *Josh Nobida*

Prince Nominees Anthony Greenwell Jordan Machado Junior Prince *Jimmy Rojas*

ABOVE: Junior Prince Jimmy Rojas and Junior Princess Mimi Magribi in the Homecoming Parade. Credit: Kim Baumann

ABOVE: Father Saulo Bomfim and Freshman Princess Isabel Bomfim at the halftime show Credit: Isabel Bomfim

Queen Nominees Rebecca Beasley Katelyn Haubert Cailin Gavagan Jenny Lutz Lacey Platter Homecoming Queen *Tatum Wheeler*

Sophomores Princess Nominees Britney Achziger Taylor Le Sophomore Princess *Laura McClaran*

ABOVE: Sophomore Princess Laura McClaran being crowned at the halftime show .

Prince Nominees Matt Dalieden Tristan Whitley Sophomore Prince *Anthony Herrington*


ABOVE: Senior Nominees (left to right): Jenny Lutz, Jacob Hepa, Cailin Gavagan, Katelyn Haubert, Nick Whitley, Tatum Wheeler, Joe Nealon, Jason Van Dorn, Lacey Platter, Rebecca Beasley, and Collin Hartland pose before the Homecoming Parade. Credit: Mari Eguchi

King Nominees Paolo Cordero Collin Hartland Joe Nealon Jason Van Dorn Nick Whitley Homecoming King *Jacob Hepa*


The Dublin Shield

Homecoming Dance 2011


“Tonight Is Forever”

ABOVE: Homecoming dates Christiana Schott and Sean Angeles helped one another with their corsage and boutonierre Credit: Christiana Schott

ABOVE: Sara Forsman and Ronil Bhatia prepare to DANCE Credit:Ronil Bhatia

ABOVE: Ally Mace, Katie Somerville, Meghan Hall, Evangel Tan, and Allison Yun like many other Seniors smile for the camera at Jason Van Dorn’s Credit: Evangel Tan

By Paolo Cordero On the morning of Saturday October 8th, the students of Dublin High awakened from Friday’s victory at Gaels Stadium, and prepared for one of this year’s most anticipated events, the homecoming dance with the theme, “Tonight is Forever”. The day provided much preparation for the event which began at 7:45 pm. Some girls found themselves at hair appointments, nail appointments, and the occasional spray tans. Many of the men styled their hair, polished their shoes, and prepped their ties for the glorious evening.

The Senior hot-spot for the pre-dance picture taking took place at Jason Van Dorn’s home. There, many seniors and their dates excitedly reminisced about past homecoming week’s exciting events, happily posed with their extravagant outfits, and practiced their appropriate dance moves for the upcoming night. By 7:30 pm, the line to enter the dance extended from the old gym, past the little theatre, and ended at the administration building. Students were huddled within the line against the evening’s Bay breeze, anx-

Homecoming Carnival ‘11

By Lauren Koa Probably one of the most highly anticipated events by the community every year, the 2011 Homecoming Carnival on October 7th, was bigger than ever. With more booths and inflatables than ever before, the Carnival was a success for everyone. The fun kicked off following the parade, and the entire community of Dublin flooded in within minutes. Student talents took the stage and wowed many of the community. With a professional sound system this year, the acts sounded great and loud enough for everyone to hear them. Some performers this year included the Improv Team, The Jugulars, and The Embassy. Throughout the carnival, there was always a crowd around the stage, watching our DHS students’ show off their talents. Many clubs came out to work and sell food at the carnival, and the variety of food this year was even better than the last. There were funnel cakes, cookies shaped like tennis balls, crepes, and even ethnic foods like Indian, Korean and Asian. With so many options to choose from, many people seemed to take two laps around just thinking of what choice to make! The inflatables were once again a major hit with the kids, and even some of the teens! Long lines formed in front of the Bungee Jump, Sumo Fights, rock climbing and electric bull. Some seniors, like Chelsea Pae, took her very last Homecoming Carnival as an opportunity to attempt the bungee jump for her first and last time. The Homecoming Carnival this year was definitely a great one. If you’re not convinced, check out some of our photos!

iously awaiting to enter. Past security and through the silver streamers and balloon arch, students were crowded around the blocks, dancing to their favorite songs. The flashing disco balls, colored strobe lights, and decade-themed decorations lit up the night. The confetti explosions unexpectedly filled the air with excitment and joy. Many classics such as, “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey, and “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC played. The more modern upbeat songs blasted were, “Party Rock Anthem”

and “Shots” by LMFAO, and “Get Low” by Lil Jon. After her last Dublin High homecoming dance, Senior Allison Yun said, “Homecoming was a lot of fun! It’s sad that it was our last homecoming dance, but there are a lot of senior activities to come, so it’s okay”. Many seniors described the night’s events as “bittersweet”, and were happy to end the homecoming on a high note. Unlike the responses of many seniors, freshmen recalled the dance with a different attitude. Isabel Bomfim said, “I thought

the dance was really fun and I loved how for that one moment it didn’t matter what class or grade you were in because everyone came together and had a great time.” For freshmen, the homecoming dances, such as this are one of the many events to look forward to every year. We should all say thanks to Camille Chabot, Annette Sommers, and Jackie Haddad, our dance commissioners, for making this event possible. And a thanks to the Dublin High students for making this an unforgettable evening.


Homecoming 2011

The Dublin Shield

How to: Stay Focused After Homecoming By Annette Sommers

you’ll rack up so much intelligence you wont even need to use the tape recorder you bought in step 1. (warning: excessive intake of tuna may cause mercury poisoning).

Student Spotlight: Jessica Ngo By Swarna Lu

Step 3: Use your minder binder. This step seems obvious, I know. But have you ever actually opened yours up? When you do, you will find clever little facts and motivational quotes located on the top of each weekly page. If reading those blurbs doesn’t give you adequate incentive to start getting organized, then I don’t know what will. ABOVE:

ABOVE: Homecoming King Nominee Paolo Cordero considers the advice given and takes a peak at his delectable tuna sandwich and helpful minder binder. Credit: Lauren Flint students choking on material they It’s inevitable; a fact of life. forget after 24 hours of intake. But After the long awaited homecomthis year shall be the end; follow ing week is over and done, the these steps and you’ll be sure to last thing on anyone’s mind is end the zombie phase faster than going back to school for weeks it began! on end. Almost like an uncontrollable alarm clock, the attention Step 1: Buy a tape recorder. spans of students rapidly shrink Why you may ask? Because lets following the first few weeks of face it, overcoming the zombie October, leaving the rest of the phase is easier said than done year to be carried on in a zombieYou’ll need this nifty gadget to like manner. Seniors, you know record class lectures you missed what I’m talking about. Some call when you were busy dozing off it senioritis, and to the rest of the in your seat. Staying in tune has DHS population its simply known never been easier. as the dreadful winter work load. But no matter what you call it, the Step 2: Eat some Tuna. result is always the same; frusFish = brain food. Munch on a trated teachers trying to teach us tuna sandwich once a day and vital information, and aggravated

Step 4: Become friends with your Algebra II teacher. Mrs. Hall- Buy her a new University of Colorado sweatshirt. Mrs. Lawson- Keep her in fashion with some maternity wear. Step 5: Stock up on Kleenex and ice cream. These objects will be needed when you fail miserably at the prior steps and need something to consolidate your sorrows. Throw in a bag of “extra butter” popcorn and Season 2 of “Gossip Girl” (this applies to both genders), and you have the perfect Saturday night activity. *Alternate Option: Pay attention in class, do your homework- including the ‘reading’ assignments, study for tests, and balance school work with extra curricular fun to minimize stress. Although this option might sound a little out-of-the-ordinary, it has potential to help you survive the rest of the school year with substantial success.

Homecoming 2011 Dress Up Days By Kathy Walker

With homecoming week circling over the heads of students, there was truly no better way to kick off such a highly anticipated event than by having dress up days. Students had gone all out to create an event filled with school and class spirit. With all the students competing to get their class to the top, there was no telling what you could find! Anywhere from twins to lost tourists, they could all be found during homecoming week. No matter who you talk to, everyone could agree that the dress up days were a great contribution to the excitement of homecoming week. When all of the students came together for this homecoming event, it brought out only the best in the students and the school.

ABOVE: Jessica Ngo, a freshman at DHS. Credit: Swarna Lnu Being a Freshman at Dublin High school has its ups and downs. The ups are the events high school can offer, the downs are more homework; but Jessica Ngo can juggle it all. Jessica was born in San Jose, California and moved to Dublin when she was 3 years old. Animals are something Jessica is very fond of. She doesn’t have any pets, but if she did, she said she would have a dog. Her favorite food is homemade California Rolls. In addition to being a member of the Dublin Band, she is involved in the dance club, the Interact club, and the Key club. When asked about her first band competition as a freshman she stated, “It felt great, we were pumped and ready to go and when the results came we were very thrilled and it was very exciting.” The band participated in their first band competition of the season at Del Mar High School, San Jose. Dublin High earned third place in marching, and second place in the field show. The band played “We didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel for the field show along with “My Life”, “Air Dublinesque”, “Piano man” and “Just the Way you Are.” Homecoming is a pivotal moment for any freshman, its the first exciting event to attend, other

than the varsity football games. When Jessica was asked about her feelings toward Homecoming, she replied, “I am very excited for Homecoming. I heard that it was the most important event out of all the other ones at school, so I’m looking forward to it.” When asked about Dublin High’s new and refined look, Jessica said “I love the new campus, it looks great.” Dublin High completed the new L and M building last winter, containing the History, English, and Foreign Language classes. Jessica is an active member of the Dublin Irish Guard and when asked about her expectations, she replied, “I am mostly excited to go to Carnegie Hall for band in New York.” The band will be going to Carnegie Hall this year which is an incredible honor for both the school and the Dublin High Irish Guard. Dublin High will represent the Tri-Valley and Bay Area as one of the six American high schools chosen to perform in the 2012 in the New York International Music Festival. Jessica is already fundraising and is impatiently waiting for the trip. It will be her first time playing in Carnegie Hall and she cannot believe that she is going to have the opportunity to experience it.

ABOVE: A lost tourist stops by the offices of The Dublin Shield to ask for directions.


Battle of the Bands By Taylor Weber

ABOVE: Colleen Kanowsky of At Any Moment playing live at the DNA Lounge in San Fransisco. Credit: LeAnn Kanowsky Everyday bands strive to reach the top; to let their music be heard and their dreams be attained. However, it is nearly impossible to do it single-handedly, with only their longing aspirations and dedication to guide them through the long and lonely road that lies ahead. Lucky for them they have the help of Angela Gamez… and you. Some may question what exactly they can do to help these ambitious teens of America, but it’s not hard. Just support them. Listen to their music, buy their t-shirts, and come to the Battle of the Bands on November 18th right here in Dublin. It is being held by Angela Gamez, who is a part of the Dublin Events Committee, at the Shannon Center from 7-11 p.m., with the first band

leading the show off at 7:30. There will be six bands, some similar to last year’s show, but hopefully with an even better following this time around. Last year’s show was great, but this year’s will be even better. The bands that are invited to play this year are As Artifacts, Seeking Empire, It Starts with Alaska, American Legal System, Playing in the Streets and At Any Moment. Each band is under a semi-similar genre, but they each have their own remarkable and unique sound to prevent each band from sounding the same throughout the night. Those who attended last year’s Battle of the Bands will all say about the same thing regarding the show: it was incredible. Everyone who attended had a fantastic time, with some bands better than others but none that weren’t worth seeing. They all had something to offer and reached out to the kids in different ways. The bands that went on first were there to support their fellow musicians to the end, and those who went on last had been there since the beginning. If music is your thing and you feel like you could do more to help striving musicians, come to the show; you won’t regret it. It’s the perfect time to listen to great music, hang out with your friends, and make some new ones. The amazing people you could potentially meet is extensive and there’s no better way to spend your Friday night than with down to earth kids with a passion and talent for music. The bands on this year’s lineup would love to have your support, don’t let them down.

Spirit/Gael Force Fridays by Hailai Arghandiwal

The Dublin Shield

Movie Review “50/50” By Michael Nguyen

ABOVE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen star in the movie “50/50.” Credit: Culture Shoq Based on the true story of screenwriter Will Reiser and directed by Jonathan Levine, “50/50” is a movie about Adam (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a young radio producer who is diagnosed with a potentially life threatening cancerous tumor. The title of the movie shows the odds of survival that he is given, a meager 50/50. Although this scenario sounds like anything but funny, there is actually a great balance of humor mixed in with this drama flick. Seth Rogen plays the role of Adam’s loyal best friend,

Kyle. What’s interesting about this role is that Rogen was actually Reiser’s friend during his fight with cancer, so he is essentially perfect for this role since he played it in the screen writer’s life. The story of Adam’s journey for survival leads him to face difficult obstacles along the way, such as his ailing relationship with his girlfriend, Rachael (Bryce Dallas Howard), and his looking into the possibility of his own death. He isn’t alone in his journey because along with his best friend, he also finds friends in the forms of his

Looking For A Laugh? By Brynne Miller

Last Saturday night, five well known students here at Dublin High School donned aliases as they walked onto the darkened stage of the Little Theater. Ryan McRee, a.k.a. Sparky, walked to the edge of the stage, where he sat down and put headphones into his ears. Over the large speakers, Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” began to play, and McRee mouthed the words. Corinne Wolter, or Marilyn, walked out with a hair brush and sang the song right along with him. A moment passed when Alex “Finna” Cappa, and Chris “Jello” Harral began dancing in the background and were soon joined by Alex Gregory, or That Guy. All of the sudden, the music stopped, and a voice from the sound box yelled out informing McRee that

the improv show was about to begin and he had to leave. “I’m having a moment!” McRee,’13, responded, eliciting immediate laughter from the audience. If you didn’t know, Dublin High has their very own improv team. Improvisation is coming up with a scene off of the top of your head without a script or any preparation. During the Improv shows, the team plays games very similar to those seen on the popular TV show, “Who’s Line Is It Anyways?” Their next shows will be held on Dec. 2 & 3, times will be announced later. Their goal during the show is to make the audience laugh. Many people get scared on stage, but the whole improv team seemed


psychiatrist Katherine and two older chemotherapy patients, Alan and Mitch. This movie is surprisingly upbeat, and it definitely wouldn’t seem to work any other way. The film is able to point out humor in even the most unlikely places, which I found really amusing. It shows Adam’s struggles in a positive light, while in no way taking away from the seriousness and morbidity of his condition. This contrast is emphasized by the difference in acting styles of both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. While Gordon-Levitt‘s role is more reserved, Rogen’s character is always there with his outbursts and proclamations to lighten the mood. The movie “50/50” opened on September 30, and is very worth checking out in my opinion. I really liked this movie, and the general consensus also seems to agree. As of October 3rd, “50/50” has a score of 93% on the movie rating site Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 7.8 out of 10. Even if you’re just the slightest bit interested, I’d say that you should go because your chances of enjoying this movie should be way higher than simply 50/50.

very calm, cool, and collected. “It comes about thirty seconds before we get onstage, but then it leaves,” Wolter, ‘12, said regarding stage fright. “Occasionally I get nervous, but the audience inspires me to go on.” Said Cappa, ‘13. The Improv Team are all members of the Improv club, which meets weekly on Tuesdays in Ms. Hollison’s room at lunch. They practice playing improv games in order to train future improv team members. There are currently three open spots in the Improv team, and auditions will be held soon. Anyone can audition for the Improv Team, but you’ll learn the ropes at the Improv Club meetings.“Don’t be scared,” says Harral, ‘12, “just get up there and do your best.”

LEFT: Co-Captain, Corrine Wolter aka “Marilyn” poses for the camera. ABOVE: Kevin Silky and Justin Choi in English class representing their school by wearing their Gael Force t-shirt. Credit: Hailai Arghandiwal Upon arrival to our beautiful plan activities such as creating Gaels Stadium, fans and students shakers for the football games, are quickly overwhelmed with an posters that promote attendance immense amount of school spirit to school events, and barbecues during football games. Mr. Sbranti, for students and faculty members. DHS’s leadership advisor and When asked what students can Dublin’s mayor, says the sea of do to support our school David blue makes the fans look impossaid, “One of the most important ing and demonstrates unity for the things they can do is to wear their school. The sea of blue is where Gael Force t-shirt to school every mass amounts of students wear Friday.” their Gael Force shirts to create a In addition to wearing the Gael big crowd that helps support our Force t-shirt, he says students can school. On game nights the crowd also show up to any game at DHS is advised to wear red for the red or participate in our lunchtime acouts. tivities like our weekly Fun Friday Mr.Sbranti goes on to say that, at the Island. “We have good attendance at The Gael Force shirt is a way football games, which is a positive for students to demonstrate their reflection of our school.” school spirit and to unify the School spirit is not only a great school . By wearing these unique thing for our school, but it is a way shirts, it shows the pride and for people to support their friends. honor that we all have in being a David Diaz, a member of the the Dublin High student. Gael Force committee, states So, all Dublin High students, that the group produces as many let’s try our best to express our activities possible for students positive love and support for our to get involved and to show their school. school spirit. He says that they

BELOW: Not to be out done, fellow Co-Captain Chris Harral gives a smile AND two thumbs up. Catch both, with the members of their team, in their next show on December 2nd and 3rd!


The Dublin Shield

Freshman and Senior Homecoming Questionaire By Natalie Miller

When freshman come to high school they soon realize- if they hadn’t already knowm- how big homecoming is at DHS. Some choose to join the excitement and go to float and skit meetings, while others stay behind and don’t participate. Why do they choose to do the things they did? Why didn’t some participate? Senior’s on the other hand, know the routine; they’ve been doing it for four years. Some have been doing it for all four years while others “bloomed” late and only did it for two or three years. Others decide not to participate during their high school career. Gabe Nadayag, a senior who didn’t participate in the skit or float, enjoys Homecoming. He is going to the homecoming dance with friends and plans to have fun

and fist pump. “Homecoming was chill,” Gabe said, “It’s an exciting week, everyone gets together to win and was a good way to start off the year and end my senior year, but it’s bittersweet.” A freshman who decided to get involved this year was Summerlynn Nugen. She participated in the skit because she thought it would be fun and entertaining too, “and it was” Summer says. She’s planning on being more involved next year and she loves the fun things we do during the week, as well as dressing up for the dance. One thing she didn’t enjoy about homecoming was that not as many people were involved. She “wishes more would get involved ‘cause it’s not as fun if people don’t.” Aaron Rimshaw is a freshman

who is in the band, so he doesn’t have time for the skit or float but he enjoyed the parade because “it’s fun to participate in.” He did not attend the dance this year because he didn’t find a date, but he still enjoyed the homecoming week. Another senior who didn’t participate in the skit or float was Bianca Villa-Real. She didn’t participate this year because she didn’t have time. Bianca is the editor in chief of this year’s yearbook and has school work so she’s too busy. She was excited for homecoming and wanted it to be more fun than last year. Homecoming week was everything she thought it would be and she had a lot of fun. “It’s a tradition, homecoming is a big part of high school.”

BELOW: (LEFT) Seniors charge into the new gym to take their places in the bleachers, (RIGHT) DHS’s own and future students take part in the carnival.

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Adam Kubey

Friday October 21, 2011

Calling all artists, bards, and photographers! Interested in publishing your work? If you would like to see your art, poetry, or photos in The Dublin Shield, contact Mr. Aminian in M-203 or by email at:

The Dublin Shield Staff Editor-in-Chief Lauren Koa

By Lauren Flint

Managing Editor Chandler Bullock Layout Editors Stephanie Lam Minu Sonali Celena Lozano News Editor Jasmine Virk Opinion Editor Annette Sommers Natalie Miller Entertainment Editor Michael Nguyen Taylor Weber ABOVE: Mr. Kubey poses with his Civics class. Credit: Lauren Flint Adam Kubey is a new teacher who joined the Dublin High staff a few weeks into the school year. He now teaches Civics and will be teaching AP Government in place of Mr. Molzen. Although there are many new staff members this year at Dublin High, Mr. Kubey did not start the school year along with the other teachers. When asked if it was a challenge coming later into the hustle and bustle of the beginning of the school year, he said that the “students and staff have been great making it a smooth transition.” Mr. Kubey grew up in the suburb city of Buffalo, Chicago. He went to college at the University of Iowa and he soon found that he was interested in having a career in education.

When asked how he realized his calling to work with kids, he replied, “ I found that I was interested in education when I went back to Iowa City after working as a consultant.” He tutored college athletes and also volunteered as a baseball coach at a local high school. There, he tutored kids and thoroughly enjoyed working with them and teaching. It was after these experiences when he went to work towards obtaining his teaching degree. Previous to this job, Mr. Kubey was teaching at the Kenwood Academy in Chicago public schools. He says that he came across the opening of Dublin High after he moved to the Bay Area and applied on There, he saw the opening for Mr.

Molzen’s position and he began the application and interviewing process. Civics, World History, and AP Government are Mr. Kubey’s favorite subjects to teach because they are interesting and he likes working in government. In his free time, Mr. Kubey plays in a club baseball league. He also enjoys golf, traveling, and volunteering. Mr. Kubey says that he is, “Looking forward to working with the seniors, getting to know the staff, and making a positive impact at DHS.” Let’s all make Mr. Kubey feel welcome and show him how great, fun, and friendly students at Dublin High School can be!

Sports Editor Kyle Dayton Kathleen Walker Student Life Editor Paolo Cordero David Diaz Photo Editor Lauren Flint Jessica Rose Artwork Editor Dajah Turner Distribution Manager Halai Arghandiwal Public Relations Manager Swarna Lnu Adviser Bidjan Aminian

Volume 2, Issue 1 October  

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