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Seniors Take Their Final Bow By Danielle Boccio

ABOVE: The seniors say goodbye to Dublin drama with their final bow. Credit: James Morehead Once again the Drama department has wowed their audience with a truly amazing production. Their spring production of The Matchmaker had great turnouts all three nights. The Matchmaker was about a young girl, Ermengarde, who wants to marry her boyfriend, Ambrose Kemper, an artist, but her rich uncle, Horace Vandergelder, doesn’t approve. Her uncle also wishes to get married to Mrs. Irene Molloy, but he just wants a

woman to run his home, not love. There are Mr. Vandergelder’s two assistants, Cornelius Hackl and Barnaby Tucker, who wish to get away from the shop for once and experience New York City. Mr. Vandergelder’s friend, Mrs. Dolly Levi, is setting up Mr. Vandergelder with Mrs. Molloy but wishes to marry him herself. Dolly tells Ermengarde to run away with her boyfriend no matter what her uncle says. The two assistants find a way to get away

from the shop for a night and escape to New York City. While in New York City, Cornelius and Barnaby meet Mrs. Molloy, and her assistant, Minnie Fay. They barely escape from Mr. Vandergelder and end up taking the girls out to dinner at the Harmonia Gardens, the restaurant where Mrs. Levi and Mr. Vandergelder are. At the restaurant, all of the characters run into each other in a hilarious moment.

Dublin High’s Brilliant Band By Brittany Roberts

By the play’s end, Ermengarde and her boyfriend, the two clerks and their new lady friends, and Dolly and Mr. Vandergelder all end up at another family friend’s house where all the new relationships are revealed. “It was a great experience, getting to direct this wonderful cast. It may have been trying at times but they all pulled it together and came out with a great show,” said Stage Manager Melany Scannell. The freshman who played the clerks, Cornelius and Barnaby, performed much better than what is expected from newer students at the school. The leads Nicole Hamre, playing Mrs. Dolly Levi, and Kristen Koury, playing Mr. Vandergelder, showed that their extensive experience with acting at DHS really paid off. Even though Kristen’s part was a man, she portrayed her character really well. Nicole had us all convinced that she was this worldly woman. The rest of the actors and actresses performed very well also. “I used to have to go to the plays because I was in drama and had to go for my grade, but now I like to go without being in the class. They are always really good and entertaining,” said Sophomore Alejandra Avalos. The cast may have had a couple of slips on stage that weren’t planned but they played them off well and made it seem as though they were supposed to happen. The cast worked well together and made the show fun to watch. If you missed it, a future DHS play is definitely something to go out and see.

Friday, April 26, 2013

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ABOVE: Dublin High’s band performing a piece at the spring concert. Credit: Brittany Roberts by giving a speech about how such as Fair Phyllis, Appalachian On April 15th and 16th, Dublin hard they have been working Dances, and Doozy on Monday High School held their annual and how they have contributed and Hunger Games, Equilibrium, spring concert. One was held at and Time Streams on Tuesday. the student café and the other was a lot of effort to be in the band. Mr. Everts also talked about how The amount of people in the held in the sports complex. On they have performed very well in school band is immense and the April 15th, the Dublin High School other schools and the places they way they could all play together in Jazz Band was featured along have gone. When talking about sync was really impressive. with the Dublin High School Choir the band, he also mentioned his The performance shows how and on April 16th, the Dublin High excitement about the new theatre talented the band members are School Winterguard, the Dublin opening up soon on campus. because they weren’t all playing High School Winter Percussion, The school band was very the same instrument. Instead, and the Dublin High School Conprofessional and played very well. they were all sitting in groups cert Band performed. They played a couple of songs organized by what instrument they On both days, they did an and it was obvious how much played. Then, the band continued amazing job performing and playthey enjoyed performing and how to impress by playing simultaing their instruments. The band much the audience enjoyed their neously. There were the flutes, director, Mr. Everts, expressed his appreciation for his students performance. They played songs oboes, bassoons, alto saxo-

phones, clarinet, trumpets, French horns, euphoniums, trombones, tubas, percussion, and string bass, all performing with the choir and color guard. They all sounded great and the band members are an example of how kids who go to Dublin High are passionate about what they do. It was amazing and really nice to watch, keep up the good work Dublin High.


The Dublin Shield

North Korean Agression By Shelby Mrak

ABOVE: A photo of the North and South Korean border. Credit: Ryan McVay Recently, Supreme Leader of “I think we should try to keep North Korea Kim Jong-un has calm and try to make peace been testing his country’s new instead of attacking North Korea,” nuclear weapons and once again, said a sophomore who wishes to threatening to attack the United remain anonymous. States. But do American citizens There are many things the really have to worry about an atUnited States could do to respond tack from them? to such an act. The U.S. military Probably not, because it would has enough nuclear weapons to be a completely suicidal act on completely level North Korea and their part. Also, they have been wipe them off the map, though doing this “cry for attention” for that might be a little excessive. years, and have never actually “We have Chuck Norris, Jack done anything. Their inactivity Bauer , and Rambo. I’m sure we’ll may be caused in part by North figure something out,” said Viviani Korea’s awareness of the fact that about what the American governthe United States has far superior ment’s response could be. weapons than they do. “If they do attack, I think we “I don’t think we have to worry. I should certainly defend ourdon’t think their nuclear weapons selves. Perhaps now we can send could reach the U.S.,” said English Secretary of State John Kerry for teacher Mrs. McGinley. peace-keeping attempts,” sug“They’ve been doing this for gested McGinley. years. The small dogs always American citizens may find themmake the most noise to annoy selves asking why North Korea is the big boys. What’s dangerous acting so aggressively. is if they sell to a terrorist group,” “Kim Jong-Un is just angry Psy states history teacher Mr. Viviani. got so much attention and he’s Although incredibly unlikely, if just the pudgy kid up the street North Korea were to attack the whose dad never let him have any United States, the U.S. would be friends,” said Viviani. able to respond quickly and with So to conclude, there is absoan even greater force than Jonglutely no reason to worry about an Un’s assaults. attack.


Sleep And How It Affects You By Shelby Mrak

ABOVE: Getting a good nights sleep is important to feel completely rested. Credit: Brand New Images/ Getty Images “I wouldn’t say I stay up late, but Sleeping is not always a priority TV is commonly the last thing I for all high school students. Many do in the day,” said Junior Jeremy people, especially teenagers, Benge. would rather stay up late playBut what effect does staying ing video games, hang out with up late have? How does it affect friends, listen to music,or do all school and grades? of these things at once. However, As a teenager, we need between there are the few students who eight and nine hours of sleep to choose sleep over these things. “I’d rather sleep because sleep is feel completely rested and awake in the morning. There is a direct my best friend,” said Sophomore correlation between the amount Inessa Kulikova.

of sleep one gets and the kind of grades one receives. When we sleep, our brain has time to process information that has been learned during the day and commits it to memory. Without sleep, it is harder to retain information that is needed to attain good grades on tests and quizzes. Sleep deprivation, no matter how little, has been proven to diminish mental performance. It makes it harder to focus in school, which as we all know, is crucial to getting an “A” in our classes. However Kulikova states that “I have friends who get GPA’s higher than a 4.0 even though they rarely get more than 5-6 hours of sleep.” While another sophomore, who does not wish to be named, says “Without sleep I believe that our bodies are less likely to fully function.” A study done at Tel Aviv University on its students showed that stress and minimal sleep go hand in hand. When these two are combined, people do not sleep as much and are usually up thinking about what has them stressing. It’s important to try to let go of stress before going to bed, that way there is no sleep deprivation. Also, when we sleep, our brain has time to think about what is causing the stress, and it works it out. That is why we are told to “sleep on it”, because you may wake up and realize that the problem wasn’t so big after all. So let sleep take a priority, you will be more rested and your body will appreciate the rest.

Tragedy At Boston Marathon By Ana Cruz

Coffee Is Great By Liam Bird

ABOVE: Coffee beans before being ground. Credit: Joshua Hultuqist Coffee is a beverage that has actually do any of those things. been enjoyed by the world for Studies have shown that there is centuries. From what we know, generally no connection between the potential first cup of coffee drinking coffee and increased risk was was made during the 15th of heart disease. Coffee actually century in Ethiopia. Now, there has a high content of antioxidants, are many types of coffee, and it’s , help protect against Parkinson’s consumed pretty much anywhere disease and type 2 diabetes, it you go. It’s the perfect drink for can help ward off depression, and anytime of day; it gets you going according to studies at Brigham, in the morning, you can drink it on help to decrease the risk of skin a comfy chair during the day, and cancer. before you go to bed. But just because coffee has all People drink coffee to get these benefits, don’t get the idea started in the morning and for that drinking 90 cups of Joe a day its unique taste, but most don’t is a good thing. That would kill you actually realize the major health and is not highly recommended benefits of drinking coffee. The as too much of anything is bad caffeine in coffee isn’t just a stimu- for your body. Too much caffeine lant drug that keeps you awake over time could result in increased in the morning; caffeine has been blood pressure, high cholesterol, scientifically proven to be benefiabnormal heartbeat, and muscle cial. tremors. Though there are many ill As long as you keep coffee statements toward caffeine such consumption to a minimum, you as “it stunts your growth”, or “it should reap the benefits of good increases your risk of getting heart health and great taste. disease,” and so on, it doesn’t

ABOVE: Terror at the finish. Credit: Reuters The bombs were made out of Chaos. Hysteria. Panic. ordinary kitchen pressure cookers It has definitely been a tragic and rough week for Boston and for with explosives inside and they were hidden in backpacks and left our country in general. It started on the ground. on Monday afternoon, when two “It’s scary that they can attack bombs exploded ten seconds such a large event,” said Senior and a hundred yards apart. The Daniel Bassily. first one exploded near the finA massive manhunt was ish line at the Boston marathon launched for two suspects seen around 2:50 pm. Chaos erupted as terrified runners and spectators in the surveillance video. Since the Boston Marathon is such a dispersed. An 8-year-old boy, a high-profile event, there was a lot 23-year-old graduate student from of footage utilized to compile and China and a 29-year-old woman gather evidence in the area. were killed, and hundreds more “I think they handled the situawere maimed and injured. tion very well, they kept everyone “The first time I heard it was informed,” said Senior Erin Ganin choir, before a performance. non. I was shocked, upset would be Officials were able identify the an understatement,” said Senior brothers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a Noirita Saha. 19-year-old student at University “We dedicated a song to the of Massachusetts, and Tamerlan victims and the families. We tried Tsarnaev, 26. They were originally to cover up hatred with music,” from southern Russia, and have added Saha.

lived in the United States for about a decade. On Thursday night, Dzhokvar was spotted at a gas station. The two suspects fatally shot a police officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology then stole a Mercedes, resulting in a car chase. As Dzhokhar was trying to evade the police, he ran over his dying older brother, Tamerlan. Dzhokvar escaped, until late Friday when they finally found him hiding in a boat. There is an issue since authorities decided not read him his Miranda rights because investigators wanted to discover if there is any other possible threat to the public. Saha finds it disturbing since she feels that “we’re getting more desensitized to tragedies as they’re occurring.”


The Iron Lady’s Legacy By Jasmine Virk

ABOVE: Margaret Thatcher became known as the “Iron Lady” for her compromising politics. On April 8, former Prime Minister ering stance during the Falklands of the United Kingdom MargaWar brought her re-election in ret Thatcher passed away after 1983. succumbing to the strokes that Despite being the first female had plagued her through her agPrime Minister, Thatcher was ing life and caused her to retire criticized for doing little to help from politics in 2002. Baroness progress women’s rights in Britain Thatcher was given a ceremonial and her stances on immigration funeral with military honors. She were often taken for racism. Her also received a guard of honor ideas for reversing the down and a church service at St. Paul’s turning economy were to dereguCathedral, arrangements similar late sectors, create flexible labor to those of Elizabeth the Queen markets, privatize labor markets, Mother and Diana, Princess of and reduce trade unions. Wales. Despite, the respect that “Margaret Thatcher singlehandshe received in death, many Britedly ruined Great Britain,” said an ish citizens celebrated Thatcher’s anonymous source. death as she was a figure as She was also known for creating reviled as she was revered. the political style of Thatcherism, Margaret Thatcher is known which was characterized by her by many to be the longest-servmoral convictions and personality, ing British Prime Minister and including nationalism and her prothe only woman to ever hold the motion of the individual. Thatcher office, serving from 1979 to 1990. was nicknamed the “Iron Lady” by Thatcher was also the Leader the Soviets for her uncompromisof the Conservative Party from ing political stances and unwaver1975 to 1990. Despite Thatcher’s ing personality. impressive political achievements, Whether or not the people of her legacy is (depending upon Britain like Thatcher or her policies how one looks at it) either touted does not negate the fact that she or tainted by her actions in office. held enormous power and influThatcher came into office lookence over the queen’s country. ing to reverse Britain’s unemployment rates after a recession. What she did with all of that politiDuring her term as Prime Minister, cal power however, eithers shines Thatcher’s popularity reached the legacy of this Iron Lady or peaks and valleys but her unwavturns it to rust.

The Dublin Shield

Time to Heat Up the Bats By Alison Martinez

Oakland. San Francisco. Baseball. It’s spring, which means it’s time to buy pounds of cracker jacks and sunflower seeds because the MLB season of 20132014 is now in store. The Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants started up their season on April 1st and the Bay Area is supportive of both teams. The A’s are looking to contend for the playoffs as the 2012 defending American League West Division Champions once again while the Giants come into the season as the defending 2012 World Series Champions. Both Bay Area teams are in favor of making the playoffs and they have talent in every position. “I’m really excited for this season, I think the Bay has been on fire with every sport, so I’m looking forward to watching the Giants and A’s play,” said Senior Mandi Neumann. “I think the Giants will pull it off again this season hopefully with another World Series but we shall see. I’m kind of bummed I won’t be able to go to a lot of games this year because I am interning in Washington D.C., but I’m looking forward to going to a few Nationals games.” The A’s offense features Coco Crisp, Yoenis Cespedes, and Josh Reddick, and their bullpen is starred by Grant Balfour, Ryan Cook and Sean Doolittle. New additions include John Jaso and Jed Lowrie, adding more veteran leadership to the young Oakland team. The pitching staff consists

of three sophomores, AJ Griffin, Tommy Milone, and Jarrod Parker, with veterans Brett Anderson and Bartolo Colon, leading the way. “I feel good about the new season. I’m really excited to see how many walk offs we can get this year,” said Senior Cesar Saavedra. “I think we have a very good shot at repeating as AL West League Champs!” The Giants features former Tri-Valley resident Brandon Crawford, Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey. San Francisco has a deadly, solid pitching staff in Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, Tim Linceum, Ryan Vogelsong and Barry Zito with Sergio Romo as the closer. “I feel great about the upcoming baseball season. There are many trades going on and a lot of competitive teams that will put on a great show,” said Senior Logan Hobson. “I believe the Giants will go further this year because they have so much momentum from the previous 2 World Series titles in the past 3 years.” The A’s struggled in the beginning of the season, but it did not seem to fluster them as they continue to hit out of the park every game and their offense continues to flow well in the games because of the significance of team chemistry. “I think if we keep our strong bullpen going and keep everyone fresh and healthy, we should have a good chance at a repeat!” said Saavedra.

March Madness Goes Nuts By Alison Martinez

The Right to Bear Arms By Winnie Chan

Bullet. Blood. Death. Gun control and gun violence have been issues that capture a lot of the public’s attention, especially after the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. “I do think something should be done to prevent tragedies like Connecticut, but I want to guard against an infringement on our right to defend ourselves,” said Ms. Bowling, a Psychology and Economics teacher at Dublin High. “Legislation can’t prevent these tragedies entirely.” It’s interesting to see how far our country has come in terms of following the law of the land and how it was originally written. Interestingly enough, the idea of the right to bear arms has been twisted, so much so that this concept may be hidden in the public’s eyes. But this debate over gun legislation is necessary and especially important to be taken care of before tragedy could possibly happen again. Senior Alex Bolagner said he believes that people who wish to obtain guns should first be sent through a psychological evaluation. “I believe that we should restrict the sale of automatic and semi-automatic weaponry to law enforcement and military personnel,” said Bolagner. “In my opinion, they are the only ones with the training in these kinds of weapons and the only ones who have could possibly have a legit reason to own one.” Bolagner adds that average civilians shouldn’t be allowed to own weapons of this degree due to

their high danger; they should only have access to weapons that can be used at most for self-defense. “Gun ownership is a wonderful right and in the right hands they can be safe; remember that guns don’t kill people, people do,” stated Bolagner. Just recently, major components of President Obama’s proposals failed to win Senate’s approval. Although polls show that most Americans support expanded gun background checks, Senate rejected barriers to gun ownership. Supporters of new gun legislation blame such a defeat on the influence of the NRA over Congress. Civics, AP Government and Politics, and Yearbook teacher Ms. McCort said she believes that while the Constitution does protect our rights to own guns, she doesn’t feel it’s necessary for military style assault weapons to be available for purchase. “I also am in favor of background checks,” said McCort. “Many states have systems for background checks in place, but many do not and that is why I feel there should be federal guidelines.” McCort adds that in order for background checks to be effective, they need to be applied universally. “Just like other areas of public safety, I feel in certain instances the rights of society need to outweigh the rights of the individual,” stated McCort. “Gun violence will not stop overnight and gun legislation is not the only answer, but legislation in coordination with education, better mental health resources, and increased awareness I believe can reduce instances of gun violence.”

ABOVE: Injured guard Kevin Ware #5 of the Louisville Cardinals celebrates after he cut down the net. Credit: Andy Lyons One of sports’ prestigious events setted by low-seeded FGCU. “My favorite moment of March is the national college basketball Madness was Florida Gulf Coast tournament in the spring time making it to the Sweet 16 and I where Division I schools play for love seeing underdogs make it, the championship. It is known as March Madness. and they did it with style,” said Senior Devin Koeplin. The first two rounds were filled The Sweet Sixteen had Louiswith plenty of upsets: Oregon ville and Oregon; Michigan State beating Oklahoma State; Wichita and Duke; Wichita State and La State eliminating Pittsburgh; HarSalle; Arizona and Ohio State; vard upsetting New Mexico; Iowa Marquette and Miami; Indiana State defending Notre Dame; and Syracuse; rivals Florida and Minnesota wiping out UCLA; and FGCU; Kansas and Michigan. California surprising UNLV. The Elite Eight is crunch time for “The upsets made the tournathe remaining teams left: Louisville ment more fun this year, Witchita and Duke; Wichita State and Ohio State and Florida Gulf Coast State; Syracuse and Marquette; proved once again that anything and Michigan and Florida. Louis possible,” said Senior Karim isville guard Sophomore Kevin Ibrahim. Ware suffered a gruesome injury However, there were some during the Duke vs. Louisville close calls with Marquette merely game that shocked the nation. escaping a loss against Davidson. “The Kevin Ware injury was Gonzaga was chosen as the favorite, but Wichita State beat them crazy, probably the nastiest injury I’ve seen,” said Koeplin. “It just out of the tournament. Marquette made me thankful to be able to continued to border on the edges, winning by a margin of two against play basketball and be healthy. It made me second guess closing Butler. San Diego State was up-


ABOVE: A’s play a game against the Giants. Credit: Michael Zagaris Although the Giants lost their season opener against the Los Angeles Dodgers, they won the series by dominating the mound and bats. They had multiple events to honor the team for winning the World Series the year before, particularly Posey for his MVP year and a ring ceremony. Even though they lost embarrassingly on the last game of the series 14-3 against the St. Louis Cardinals, the Giants managed to bounce back into their champion ways. “I’m most excited about seeing the Giants make another run for the third World Series title in four years,” said Hobson. The A’s and Giants’ winning ways has lured fans to Coliseum and AT&T Park, with the hope that the 2013 MLB season will be something special for each team. out on a shooter for a little while, but I got over it.” Ware tried to contest a 3-pointer by Duke Junior guard Tyler Thornton and broke his right leg by landing on it awkwardly. Louisville was initially distraught by Ware’s injury, but they managed to put their emotions aside and beat Duke 85-63. “Kevin Ware’s injury was a horrific accident that no one deserves to go through,” said Ibrahim. Wichita State once again won an upset game against Ohio State 70-66. Syracuse won easily against Marquette 55-39 and Michigan grabbed up a victory against Florida 79-59. The Final Four is a grind for the remaining four teams: Louisville; Wichita State; Syracuse; and Michigan. Louisville was particularly motivated by Ware’s injury and wanted to win it all for him. “My reaction to his injury was instant shock,” said Senior DeSean Burton. “I’ve never seen an injury like that in basketball.” They got off to a slow start, but in the second half, the Cardinals went on a run led by Senior guard Peyton Siva and Junior Luke Hancock. Hancock came off the bench to score 20 points for the Cardinals as Louisville came back from a 12-point deficit to beat Wichita State 72-68. Michigan was led to victory by Sophomore guard Trey Burke to cruise onto the Finals. The Championship game was between Louisville and Michigan. Louisville struggled to get something going at the beginning, but they came back with fire to win 82-76. “I chose Louisville to win it actually, I got pretty lucky,” said Koeplin. “I was definitely rooting for Louisville after the Kevin Ware thing.” This year’s March Madness has been filled with upsets and surprises, but it has been the most unpredictable yet and fans were in for a show.


Spotlight Center

The Dublin Shield


Student Spotlight: Laura McLaren By Caitlyn Murray

Laura McLaren is a junior cheerleader here at Dublin High. She is very involved in many school activities and loves her community very much. Some of the things she is involved in are: singing in the talent show, winning Sophomore Homecoming Princess, and being involved in Leadership. April 2nd was Autism Awareness Day. Laura would like to share with Dublin High students her experiences with autism. “I first showed signs of autism when I was two years old. I didn’t really learn how to speak English early, like when most people do,” said Laura. At four years old, Laura started school with the diagnosis of autism and took SDC classes until sophomore year. “I took SDC classes because of my autism and because I struggled with certain things like a lack of eye contact, speech, lack of awareness, and hardly any social skills,” said Laura. Now, Laura takes five periods of mainstreamed classes. Laura has received a lot of support from her parents and teachers. Also, the schools she has gone to have been supportive and helped her progress a lot.

By Liam Bird

ABOVE: Laura McLaren poses for a picture. Credit: Caitlyn Murray “I believe that I can overcome Laura has many strengths. autism by learning new things Some of Laura’s strengths are from my teachers and taking talking to people about what she mainstreamed classes,” said wants, having an above average Laura. IQ and getting good grades. Laura One of Laura’s favorite teachalso has a photographic memory. ers, Mr. Sollom-Brotherton, said, She is also able to recognize her “Laura is very excited to be in weaknesses. class, which makes other people “Hopefully my story can help excited. The way she loves being people understand autism a little here rubs off on everyone which bit better by hearing about my is great.” experience,” said Laura.

Track and Teach: Ms. Velez Does It All By Michelle Goldstein

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Watch as Ms. Velez transforms into Coach Velez. Credit: Michelle Goldstein Teaching and coaching is a big responsibility. When asked how difficult it was, math teacher and track and field Coach Lenni Velez said, “It is time-consuming but I can manage my time between my outside grading and my coaching responsibilities.” Although she started at Dublin High in 2005 as a math teacher, she wanted to add other activities to her schedule such as Track and Field in 2010. ”I wanted a way to get involved outside of the classroom because I know there is a lot more to our students than academics,” said Velez. Ever since Coach Chris Williams brought out Ms. Velez in 2010 she’s loved coaching and is glad she is a part of the team. Not only is Ms. Velez happy about being involved in Track and Field, the athletes are glad she is there for support. “She is a great coach and has helped me in many ways with my technique in practice,” said

College Spotlight: UC Santa Barbara

Sophomore Ashley Bruce. Even though Coach Velez has never participated in Track and Field, she says that her inexperience has not been a disadvantage but a useful tool in her coaching. “I feel like that since I have never done [Track and Field] I get to learn what it’s all about. It has actually been a benefit for me,” said Velez. Her personal coaching style of listening to her athletes helps Ms. Velez connect and understand what her students need in the classroom. “I love Ms. Velez, she is a great teacher and helps me when I ask for it,” said Freshman Josip Lukin. Ms. Velez has learned how to juggle multiple activities at once and she serves as a role model for student-athletes who may struggle with academics and extracurriculars. “Ms. Velez is a well-rounded person. Through school and track, she is a great mentor as she teaches you how to balance both at the same time,” said Junior

Jalen Lockett. Although she uses what she learned from teaching and coaching in both the classroom and on the field, she knows that there is

Great weather, nice beaches, and a serene atmosphere are just a couple of things that make Santa Barbara so great. In addition, Santa Barbara is home to one of the nicest schools in the UC system, UC Santa Barbara. UCSB is a popular school in the UC system and it is the sixth largest school in the UC system when it comes to enrollment. UCSB is ranked 10th among public universities by U.S. News & World Report, and 35th worldwide among public and private universities by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It also ranks number two in the world when it comes to impact in sciences. UCSB’s athletics are also great. The university is best known for their women’s basketball and men’s soccer teams. This college also offers a wide range of intercollegiate and intramural sports, with anything from soccer to fencing and even alpine racing being offered to students. Santa Barbara offers over 80

undergraduate degrees, and 55 graduate degrees with focuses on the arts and sciences, and is considered to be a “Public Ivy.” “Santa Barbara is such a nice school, its got a nice looking campus, dorm life is easy going, and the campus has an overall calm atmosphere. Even with all the partying we still manage to get work done,” says 2012 Dublin graduate Arun Bird. Also, aside from being an awesome college, UCSB is located in a great area. Even if you aren’t a beach bum, there’s lots to do in Santa Barbara. There are museums you can visit, zoos, and even land and sea tours. Being on the coast, you could expect the weather to be very nice. “Going to UCSB was a great experience for me, I liked the warm weather, enjoying Halloween responsibly, and overall I liked meeting new people there, one of which was Mr. MacDougal,” says English teacher Mr. Aminian.

Student Spotlight: Keilani Taylor-Pham By Winnie Chan

Freshman Keilani Taylor-Pham is enjoying her first year here at Dublin High. As a new member of the community, Taylor-Pham finds Dublin to be very welcoming upon her new arrival. “It’s comforting to find others that share the same interests as you, especially since I was new to the district last year,” says TaylorPham. At Dublin High, Taylor-Pham is currently taking classes including Biology, Mandarin 1, 2-D Art Design, and Advanced English. Although she enjoys all of her classes, Taylor-Pham says she considers art and English to be her favorite subjects. “Dublin High carries a good reputation, and it has proven true to me,” states Taylor-Pham. “The environment holds an atmosphere of safety and tranquility.” Inside and outside of school, Taylor-Pham enjoys creating artwork of her own. She enjoys drawing, collaging, and designing graphics on Photoshop. “Art, to me, is magnificently articulate in it’s silence,” exclaims Taylor-Pham. “It’s a movement

of expression, one of my ways to escape and to exhibit all the emotions that inhabit within.” She says her 2-D Art Design class gives her a chance to explore various styles and methods of creating a picture. “I’m currently in love with our collage project, the decorated letter, calligraphy, and the oil pastel artwork,” reflects Taylor-Pham. Other than art, Taylor-Pham enjoys long distance running, reading, and listening to music. She likes reading novels like Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. As for music, Taylor-Pham says most of it is old school rock music, alternative, indie folk, surf pop, and noise pop. At this point, Taylor-Pham doesn’t have anything in particular that she looks forward to in high school. “My answer is vague, since I’m kind of unsure right now,” says Taylor-Pham. “I’m just allowing all the experiences to come when they can, and just cherish my time in high school.”

a difference between memorizing trigonometry equations and practicing to get the farthest distance in the long jump. “I like coaching because there is no grading involved in it. But I like teaching because I like to give students the power of math they do not have and I want to make sure they understand it. It is empowering and I enjoy the struggle of academics,” said Velez. She has the best of both worlds, with the ability to go from the pencil-wielding teacher Velez to the shouting and motivating Coach Velez.

ABOVE: Keilani smiling for the camera. Credit: Winnie Chan

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The Fine Line

Dublin High’s Got Talent

By Menisha Sohal


By Danielle Boccio

ABOVE: A teacher speaking to his class about school. Credit: Menisha Sohal By the time students reach high school, they experience ten years of teacher’s stories, knowledge, and opinions. But how much of teachers personal lives should be shared in the classroom, and what topics should not be discussed? Teachers have a hard time finding the line between professional and inappropriate classroom discussions. Some of the challenges include the amount of their personal lives they share, which life stories to makes into examples, and not giving influential opinions. While seeing which parts of their personal lives should be shared to get their point across, teachers still struggle with the the kind of material that they share. “When you give a student information about you, you have no way of knowing how it’s going to be used later,” says Ms. Robinson*. Students may feel that when teachers go on a personal lecture that’s not related to the subject, it’s just a good way to avoid doing work. Other than that, it feels more than unnecessary to them. Many topics that students feel are unnecessary is when teachers judge their generation, share personal stories that have no relevance to the subject, and bring up inappropriate opinions. “I don’t like when your teacher goes way off topic for like the whole period, but then still ex-

pect you to walk in the next day knowing the new material when they never taught it,” says Junior Alyssa Arhontes. Students don’t tend to have the guts to confront their teachers when they feel that certain topics may be offensive, says Ms.Robinson*. Teachers then unknowingly may have already crossed the invisible line. For example, in 2012 a Political Science teacher at USC made outrageous remarks about republicans being “old, white,racist,and losers” which brought a lot of negative attention towards him. “I think teachers need to be seen by students as “real” people with similar issues and interests as students, so students can trust teachers,” says Mr. Cornwallis*. “That being said, they should not disclose info that makes students believe bad behavior is okay or that they should do things not appropriate.” Teens can be influenced easily. Because of their inexperience to the world, they retain others information and opinions a lot easier than being able to decide something on their own. When teachers do go off topic they really have to make sure nothing they say will strongly influence a student’s opinion on a topic. When teachers lecture the students just sit there and retain the information. “Kids are a captured audience they know that they have to sit

there and listen as teachers we have to be careful we don’t abuse that privilege,” says Mr. Jackson*. In a classroom surrounded by 25 plus students, it is a very intimidating thing for teachers to experience, and teachers tend to feel more comfortable when they are considered friends with their students, says Ms. Robinson*. But doing so can really impair a teacher’s ability to differentiate what is professional or not. In the eyes of the administration, teachers are people who are meant to not only teach you a subject but do it in a way that some life lessons can be made. They are also meant to be a kind of guidance to help you prepare for your future. “The primary focus of classroom discussion is always on whatever the topic is in that content area,” says Principal Mrs. Shimizu. “As long as their explanation supports the content then it’s typically appropriate info.“ So when a teacher is doing their job, what topics really should not be allowed? “There are four topics that you don’t ever talk about; sex, religion, politics and money,” says Ms.Robinson*. “Because everyone has their own opinion and my job is not to engender an argument.” *Names have been changed to keep anonymity.

Schedule for AP Testing Date:

Monday May 6th Tuesday May 7th Wednesday May 8th Thrusday May 9th Friday May 10th

Morning at 8 a.m.

Afternoon at 12 noon

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Computer Science A Spanish Language

Art History

Calculus AB Calculus BC

Chinese Language and Culture

English Literature and Composition

Japanese Language and Culture Latin: Vergil

German Language United States History

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Monday May 13th

Biology Music Theory

Human Geography Spanish Literature

Tuesday May 14th

United States Government and Politics

Comparative Government & Politics French Language

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Macroeconomics World History

Friday May 17th

Human Geography Spanish Literature


ABOVE: After the judges have decided that Julia Coutant was the winner. Credit: Bidjan Aminian Dublin High is full of very talented students. On May 18th at 7 o’clock pm, Dublin High had its annual talent show. There were ten contestants that competed against each other, most of whom sang. The panel of judges consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Rubio, Mr. MacDougall, and Mr. Oravetz, who were to make the decision on the top three talents. The hosts Ondre Rudolph and Mimi Maghrbi were hilariously entertaining. Ondre started off the show wearing a wig and dress lip singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” Every time the hosts appeared, they were wearing a different outfit. The acts at the 2013 Dublin High Talent Show were: - Alex Cappa, Nick Sinai and Mr. Taylor sang as a trio - Laura McClaren sang “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction and “Stay the Same” by Joey McIntyre - Ryan McRee performed an excerpt from The Laramie Project - Nick Sinai, again, but beatboxing this time - Julia Coutant wrote and performed her song “Truth” on her acoustic guitar - Caitlin Carrion sang “Die in Your Arms” by Ariana Grande

- Erica Lacsamana, Patricia Brewer and Angela Kang performed and sang Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” - Karl Johansson, Garrett Alexander and Chris Brandt performed “I Don’t Know Why” - Torron Shakir sang “Need You Know” - Alex Cappa and Ryan McRee sang “Wounded” - Victoria Datanagan and Gwynn Cristoballi sang a mashup of several songs - Victoria Oblina sang “Wings” Julia won first place and received sixty dollars on a Jamba Juice gift card, Ryan McRee and Alex Cappa won second place, and Nick Sinai won third “I really enjoyed the talent show. It was surprising how many talented people we had at our school that I didn’t know about,” said a junior that attended. “It was a close call between Julia and Nick’s beatboxing for me, but Julia definitely deserved it with her own song.” The talent show was a great showcase for all the students at Dublin High that wanted the school to know about their talents. The show had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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Surprise, Surprise!

How to be More Outgoing

By Brittany Roberts

ABOVE: Calendar on April first, makring april fools day Credit: Getty Images. On April 1st of every year the same tradition happens - April Fool’s Day. This is when everyone decides they want to pull funny pranks on their friends, family, and the people around them. Where did such a tradition start from? The holiday originated from people believing that April 1st was New Year’s Day. The French adopted the reform calendar and shifted New Year’s Day to January 1st, while others continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on the first of April. The French decided to poke fun at the people following the old calendar and a new tradition was born. Most of the pranks were the usual white lies people tell either parents or friends to make them freak out for a minute or just to surprise them. For example, a Dublin High student “told his friend [he] lost his dog while walking him” and anoth-

er student said, “I told my parents that I got into an accident when I didn’t”. The white lies are mainly meant for humor and sometimes to get a scare out of people. However, some pranks started to stand out because they were either over the top or very extreme. A junior, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared what she did on April Fool’s Day. ” I went into my bedroom to have a ‘serious conversation’ with my sister but first, I made her swear not to tell our mom. Then I told her that I received my report card and it was all F’s and that I would not have enough credits to graduate. My sister freaked out.” The junior explained how strict her parents are and how they would not take the news of her not graduating well because they expect a lot from her. She went to have a conversation with her parents, told them she needed to talk

to them, and then took a dramatic pause before revealing that she “failed all her classes”. She said her parents went crazy -screaming, yelling, asking questions, and starting to ground her yet all she could do was laugh. Her parents demanded to know what was so funny and she pulled out her report card that was all A’s and one B and said “April Fools.” The junior said her parents were relieved but also very surprised by the prank she pulled and told her to never do anything like that again. That prank seemed to be really intense yet also a funny situation to be in when she surprised her entire family. April Fool’s Day is a holiday to celebrate people’s sense of humor and it seemed like DHS had a good time.

When it comes to being a kid in high school there are so many things that you have to take care of. School, homework, outside activities, community work, and personal business. You name it, we’re doing it! It all can seem impossible and unmanageable at the time and other things that are supposed to be important to us become less of Maghrbi a focus point. One of these things, for example, is staying physically fit. By Mimi

Dear Meems 5

Being physically fit should be not only a kid’s main interest but everyone’s goal. When you are physically fit, it means that you are healthy and your body is at a good point. For example, being at a certain amount of weight so that it doesn’t become hard to do everyday things; like, walking up the stairs, or sitting in a certain area, or even having to go to certain stores to shop because you have problems fitting into clothes. There are 2 easy ways t to stay healthy and fit: eating healthy and getting lots of exercise.

Each year this the most waited for event for every junior and senior, PROM! Prom is that once in a lifetime night where anything is possible. A night to forget about your problems and just have a good time with friends, By Mimi Maghrbi but every year there are those kids who try to enhance their special night withBecause the helpthe of unfriendly activities Dublin Shield people say hiThe to everybody but not year is coming to or misbehavior. isan here today to give you a couple tips on how to have a fun, When safe and in an obnoxious way. in the end for seniors and another groovy hallways and it’s just you and anyear isnight. passing by for the rest of Tip 1: High, Do not drink. before or afterperson, prom iswave, not a smile, good idea. other or even Dublin many ofDrinking you might There’s the of risk of getting everyone in your limo not sayhaving hi if you’re feeling dangerous. want toalways break out your shell caught, be attend yououtgowill get suspended. It does make youpeople a cool This way, you’llnot meet more forable the to next year.and Being cat. if you feel the need and to get “shwasted” you won’t feel or as“faded” scared think to ingAnd is a after greatprom way to enjoy your again. DUIs are a huge problem and unnecessary. You may be at a party talk to others. high school experience but some and if you’re drunk things of Volunteer control and are so many forthere everything. of you may not know howcould to get out 4. risks to out being intoxicated. Whether it’s in class to be in a break and change from being Tip 2: Do Not get high or pop of pills. Stayoraway from demonstration to host anany event, introverted to spontaneous andany kinds kind of drugs (Over the counter ones as well). If you are selected toforced take volunteer for it. You’re then confident. Here are some tips: a1.Try drug everything. test and if you took, let’s say, NyQuil youor left to being go to prom, to bebefore confident risk huit shows onTry a breathalyzer get your entire in trouble miliated so it’ll give limo you that push Weird up fish? it. Auditions and for you can as you might need. a well. play? Go! Anything that won’t Tip 3:you Forand theisladies, flats! all night in huge high 5. Every morning, stare at heels yourharm legal. Bring DO. It’s theDancing can really a number on yourand feet. So bring a pair of flattering yet comself. best way put to experience things fortable flats open to sliptoon. This might be weird to some of to be more understanding Tip meeting 4: For the ladies, bring deodorant, blotting papers, and a stare hair tie! you but every morning, at and other people. When you’re out you may get a little hot and sweaty, and yourself in the mirror and compli2. Make a list ofthere thingsgrooving you want the make up is starting to smear. Your face all shiny and sticky. If you mentgets yourself 3 times. Anything: to do. have these extra accessories, in the middle of the dance you can go to your sense of humor, your eyes, Whether it be talking to your the bathroom and in fixthe yourself or your ability to make people crush or running rain inup. a NOT pick outno your bathing suit, put it on Aa lot listisand Tip 5: Be Cautious! happeningsmile. in thisDo one night and matter imperfections and keep it positive actually it. takes There’s no just point in sure where theDO road you, make you know what is going one and because willgroup give of you a boost. saying “I wanna go skydiving <3” sure are in control of your actions. Make you andthat your friends are that being outgoing if you’re not gonna it. Ifthroughout you have fun and stayingdo safe the Remember night. is not always gonna come to you actually do these things, it will naturally like others but, you can make you more adventurous and work towards it. Go for it and don’t confident because you’ll be able be afraid of people making fun of to say, “I skydived today, what’d you because after a while you’ll be you do?” too fabulous to care about them. 3. Talk to everybody. If you’re in the mood to meet new Good luck!

Car Controversy By Lauren Flint

tivities that have to do with drugs, Campus supervisors have alcohol, theft, hiding objects that cracked down on students going are not meant for a school camto their cars during passing period pus, and leaving school without this year more than ever. Not all permission. Again, although students understand why they are understandable, students feel that not allowed to go to their cars. In all honesty, we are kids in high school, it’s clear that we mostly eat fast food and quick pick-ups mainly the school takes the rule too far. LEFT: One little boy is ex“I don’t get why people get in because they are easy to get and always accessible to us. Not saying that you have to always eat fruits, veg“I understand that they have this cluded and made fun of by trouble if they have to run to etables, and protein all the time but throwing it in your diet every now and then wouldn’t be such a bad idea. For their car to grab homework they rule for our safety but not every the others. example, in the morning instead of having a donut have yogurt, a smoothie, or maybe a piece of toast. Just try kid going to their car is going to forgot, it seems like an unnecesand substitute the little bad items we have for stuff we can live without on occasion. That Getty way we can ensure that sary rule,” said Senior Amanda leave or do inappropriate things, Credit: Images our diet isn’t all bad and that we do eat healthy at least half of the time. so if I say I need to go get my Jackson. When it comes to exercise, it’s common that most kids at our school play sports either on campus or outside English homework, I should be Part of the reason students of school. So it’s not too hard for kids our age to get exercise. Sometimes distractions can get in our way if we able to get my English homework,” are so frustrated with this rule is don’t focus on it every now and then. No one is saying that you have to sprint miles or do anything too physical because they don’t think there is asserted Jackson. but we can all do things to help benefit our health. For example, going on a walk, hiking, riding bikes, jogging Supervisors understand that a real reason to have it in the first with friends, or maybe even getting a gym membership. There are so many ways to stay physically fit, it’s just up place. students can be forgetful but they to us to do it. FIGHT!! Always something you hear when people are about to try and solve their problems. Kids cannot allow constant exceptions “We have this rule because in our generation especially having always came to fighting when it comes to disagreeing and arguing with one to this rule because it could open there is potential for inappropriate another. Using your fist instead of your brain to cause problems ultimately becomes a main priority in this time the door for other unsafe things to behavior,” said Campus Superviperiod. occur. sor Mrs. K. I think that there are multiple reasons that people fight. One, they want to be able to release all their anger and School policy states that the Although this rule may make A good is a friend they’re “normal” hate on this person; two, they actually wantfriend to physically seethat thiswill person they don’t like getpeople. hurt; three, they Dearout Meems, parking lot is off-limits during the sense, students still do not agree support you they no matter what sexual youbrave.They come out, just sure want to be looked and four, want to show that theyIfare feel make like they I’mdon’t gay want and my friends areat as weak; school day as a safety precaution. with it. orientation skinthem color.feel If your you’re confident doing have to put up this protect their egos to or make better about themselves sointhat theso. only way always making funbig of wall gays.toI’m Even though students may find “If I had a locker on campus this friends areto really going to drop to a close friend (maybe totired stand for in yourself is bybut using your fist make others try and feel Going your pain. of up being the closet I’m using it unnecessary, it is the school’s would not be an issue because I youstupid whenand theytoo find out you’re gay, female) first issocial easierskills. than Fighting comBut inmy reality, it just people incompetent to use your common afraid friends will makes not want to look responsibility to protect the kids would be in the habit of putting all ingloses out right to your parents or thenwhen you need to drop too. person isbe suppose make lookme tough but it comes to a them fight one and one wins and nothing is of my things in there each morning from any potential harm. friends to with me people and mock You should friends that will are so those There also to thetake solved. mean,orientation. you When itWhat comes a kid infind high school there many friends. things that youishave for my Isexual do to being Students must learn to be preand I could run there if I forgot love you, be your friend, like Gay-Straight Alliance onwe’re cam-doing something for a class instead of care of. School, homework, outside activities, community work, and personal business. You name it, I do? pared each morning and check you for you. also any things pus is filled with and it!Sincerely, It all can seem impossible and unmanageable at That’s the time andforother that that are supposed tocaring be important Trapped their backpacks for any and all my car,” stated Jackson. who has this problem. is staying understanding to us become less of a focus point. Oneperson of these things, for example, physically fit.people. Remember materials they may need throughIt was found that Dublin High that even if you don’t come out You also have to look at it from Dear Trapped, out the day. It is the responsibility got rid of its lockers because a now,things you have ofhave college or life theira point view. Yourthere friends Being physically When it comes to being kid inof high school areare so many that all you to take I think you should definitely of a student to come to each class majority were not utilized properly still in high school and not many high school to make friends care of.out School, homework, outside activities, community work, and personalafter business. You name it, we’re doing and teachers have tried to ease come to your friends. It’s properly equipped. Making a habit people come outtime in high and it!ridiculous It all can for seem impossible unmanageable at the andschool other things that that are are compatible supposed towith be you important your friends toand mock of being prepared each day will students’ loads by getting class are for afraid, whichis staying more understanding. Friends who toyou us or become less of of a focus point. Onebecause of thesethey things, example, physically fit. be ashamed your sexual only end up benefitting students sets of books. is understandable. They might bully other people and you for orientation. That does not make Through the rule, the supervisors by keeping them on track, and somebody you are are,physically are not good of gay people Being physically shouldorbe not onlymake a kid’sfun main interest butbecause everyone’s goal. When you fit, it you any less of afitperson any saving a trip to the car. on campus are trying to avoid actheyishave met one. friends. good friendsofwho means you are at a never good point. For Their example, being at aFind certain amount weight less ofthat a friend. Youhealthy shouldand be your body close-mindedness a resultup of the stairs, loveor you, are in nice, and supportive so that it doesn’t things; like,iswalking sitting a certain area, or Follow us! confident and if become you can’thard taketo do everyday ignorance towards people they arefitting of into whatever youThere choose. even go toanymore, certain stores because you have problems clothes. are 2 easy beinghaving in the to closet you to shop Twitter: @thedublinshield not used If youlots do of come out, ways t todefinitely stay healthy and fit: eating healthy andto. getting exercise. should be yourself. Instagram: @thedublinshield Best of Luck, that might show them a side of You might also want to rethink Facebook: gaysit’s that people see iseat that Meems In all type honesty, we areyou kids in high school, clear thatfail weto mostly fast food and quick pick-ups mainly what of friends have.

The Dublin Shield


Disney World vs. Universal Studios By Ana Cruz

Who Will Be the Next American Idol?


By Caitlyn Murray

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: The castle at Magic Kingdom, Disney World and Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios. Credit: Ana Cruz Orlando, Florida is home to several theme parks. But two of the most prominent ones would be Disney World and Universal Studios. Located just 15 miles apart, each theme park offers something different for visitors. Due to financial reasons and time management, it would be difficult to visit both. So if you ever find yourself having a hard time deciding which one to visit, here are a few things to consider. Disney World definitely brings out our inner-child. It’s a great place to visit with families, and no one’s really too old for Disney. “Disney was a magical place where I could rekindle childhood memories,” says Junior Cassidy Knight. It has four different parks: Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, so if you really want to make your stay worthwhile there, it would be better to stay for at least two to three days. Universal Studios has two major parks: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure (which won Best Theme Park). If you find

thrill rides to be more enjoyable, then Islands of Adventure would be the place to go if you can only visit one of the parks. “It’s hard to say which is better, but if you want more of an adventure type experience and roller coasters, then Universal Studios. If you enjoy more of a fantasy atmosphere, then Disney World,” says Senior Reed Sights. They also have the famous Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure, where visitors can actually pass through the Hogwarts Castle and explore the classrooms, passageways, and even Dumbledore’s office. There are also shops like Honeydukes, Zonko’s Joke Shop, Ollivanders and more. It also offers exciting rides such as the Dragon Challenge, Flight of the Hippogriff, and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. “I definitely think that Universal Studios was more worth it,” says Sonia Fajardo, who visited both theme parks. “The lines were more tolerable, there were more shades to stay under and places to sit, the rides were more enjoy-

Must See Movie: Oblivion

able, and even the food we had was better.” “I would recommend for visitors to buy the express ticket, since it really is worth your money if you want to avoid long lines for the rides,” she adds. Disney World does offer exciting rides as well, like the famous Space Mountain. Although an average wait for this ride would be about an hour. They hold shows and performances, and have parades as well. With the hot and humid weather in Florida, Universal Studios has more cover from the sun; unlike Disney, which is a very open area. But it still depends on what time of the year you visit. When asked which he likes better, Former Florida-resident Lucas Hernandez claims, “Disney World, well because it’s Disney World...” Universal Studios is also easier to navigate, there are signs to help visitors out and it’s easier to go on all the major rides in just one day. Disney World on the other hand is a bit more crowded. In the end, it comes down to whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a kid at heart.

ABOVE: Amber Holcomb: This 19-year-old from Houston, Texas is a very versatile artist. Amber delivers good music every week, however the voters do not seem to love her as much as the judges do. She has ended up in the bottom several times but has always made it through. Credit: American Idol

ABOVE: Kree Harrison: This 22-year-old country singer from Nashville is considered to be the frontrunner in the competition. She has blown the judges away with her amazing vocals.

By Menisha Sohal

ABOVE: Movie poster for Oblivion. Credit: Universal Studios Tom Cruise’s latest movie is a captivating one. Not only does it have an action thriller feel, but a hopeless romantic edge. Oblivion takes place after an invasion by another species, Earth was left in ruins and any speck of man-

kind was on a remote planet. Jack Harper (Cruise) is a security repairman on earth who has to battle between his forsaken past and the job he has to carry out. Living in 2077 he has to find any kinds of the leftover species and

terminate them, and with two weeks left on his patrol he gets an unexpected guest to whom he is attracted to. The girl he rescued is the only survivor on her spacecraft that crashed. Dealing with the truth about who he is and the actual mission at hand, Harper has yet to choose what to do leaving the future of planet Earth in his hands. The movie was a well spent two hours. It left me on the edge of my seat the whole showing and never did I once blink. Towards the end I was dying of anticipation to find out what Harper does to control the situation. Everything was flowing well and it was just one scene after the other. Not once was there a dull moment in the movie. Cruise’s Co-Star Olga Kurylenko, who played the unexpected guest that he falls for, did a marvelous job. She commanded the attention of the audience. It felt as if her pains and problems were your own. The casting was on point. Every Actor did a phenomenal job carrying out their roles. The plot line had a unique edge to it, giving a new feel for alien invasions. Overall I give this movie high ratings and really recommend to anyone who likes a little twist in their movie plots to definitely watch this thriller.

ABOVE: Angie Miller: At the auditions, the 18-year-old Massachusetts native told her story of going through life with 40 percent hearing loss in one ear. Despite her challenges, the most memorable performance she has given was her original song “You Set Me Free” which she performed while playing the piano.

ABOVE: Candice Glover: Although she was cut from seasons 9 and 11 of American Idol, this 23-year-old from South Carolina has had many strong performances. A standout performance from her was “Girl On Fire”.


The Dublin Shield

What Are You Doing After High School? By Michelle Goldstein

In this survey, a majority of Dublin High School seniors were asked about their post high school plans. This survey was conducted through a form given out in all of the senior English classes. Out of the 391 students in the 2013 graduating class, here are 283 of their responses:

Friday, April 26, 2013

How Did You Spend Your Spring Break, Dublin? By Fernanda Ramos

“I spent the whole spring break with my best friend who doesn’t live here anymore.” - Senior Sarah Shue (left)

“Over spring break I spent a lot of time with my best friend, Peter Martinez, playing basketball and lifting weights to get ready for travel basketball and our senior basketball season at Dublin High.” - Junior Daron Jacks (right)

“Over spring break, I went to Santa Cruz with one of my really close friends. We had so much fun going on all the rides at the beach.” - Sophomore Kelly Gong (left)

“I went to Kingston, Jamaica for six days on a mission trip with my church. We worked with all the kids, played games with them, and painted the school.” - Freshman Morgan Moreno (below)

Mission Statement The Dublin Shield is a student-organized newspaper that strives to inform and entertain the student body and Dublin community. We aim to provide an unbiased and accurate coverage of events that pertains to our readers. Through enthusiasm and professionalism,we seek to have our values shine through in all of our endeavors. It is our commitment to bring a sense of unity among the student body by increasing awareness, involvement, and pride in all that Dublin High and the community have to offer.

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April 2013

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