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It is the first week of semester 2, this week I start to learn the constructing environments. At the beginning of the lecture, subject coordinator introduced the content of subject and all the assignments that we had to do briefly. Actually, I think that constructing is a useful basic for those students who want to study architectural and civil engineering because it integrates the knowledge of building system. Also, it gives the systematic impression of constructions. In the tutorial, tutor asked us to introduced ourselves at first. Then, tutor gave us many wood bricks to build a construction as tall as we can. Thus, our group thought that we should have a large base so that the building would seems like very high.

The base was made by 10 × 10 wood bricks size On the other hand, I think compression has relation of contact area and force. So we want to increase the base’s contact area with floor to decrease the compression. However, during the process of program, our group found that the large base would spend us much time and many wood bricks and it was inefficient. Unfortunately, we had to change the initial construct. We made the space become smaller and build it as tall as possible( Figure 2).

Figure 2

Figure 3

In addition, other group had a successful building ( Figure 3). We found that their group had a small base and it could support the building to be high and stable. It was very interesting because the building was changed from square to circle and finally formed a special shape. It was truth that the building attracted us. Also, our group believed that we would do better next time!

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