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Jai Yi’s Resume

My Introduction Hello! My name is J ai Yi Wu, 18 year old, ar e gr aduat es, f ood br anch high school, have t aken t he f ew Licenses. Like: Chinese meal Licenses, Baking Licenses, Bar t ending Licenses.

I ’m a f er vor gir l, like t o t alk wit h people, And I ’m ver y agile, pr ompt act ion, vivacious, has a passion f or f ood. I f I can wor k t o your company, I ’ll do my Best t o wor k. Hope I can have t his chance.

Work Experience I once wor ked in 3R3L f ield modulat ion and dr inks wait er st af f ,Like t he basic For guest s seat ed, I nt r oduct ion meals, pour t ea, Or der ing, int r oduce myself t o cust omer s.

When I am t he bar st af f ,I have t o do bever age br ewing,desser t Making, ar r ange Car go. Somet imes develop new pr oduct s.

Thank you!