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Дієслово “run”

move quickly with legs – бігати, бігти He ran home in tears to his mother. The boys ran off into the crowd.

control/organize/manage – керувати, контролювати, організувати, вести He has no idea how to run a bar a badly run company state-run industries Stop trying to run my life(= organize it) for me. to run a hotel/store/language school The college runs summer courses for foreign students.

work (of machines) – працювати (про машини чи двигуни) Does your car run on petrol or diesel? Stan had the chainsaw running. Could you run the engine for a moment?

flow (of liquids) – текти, струменіти, литися Blood ran from a wound in her leg. Tears were running down his face. running water His back was running with sweat. I'll run a bath for you. I'll run you a bath.

travel (vehicle ) – ходити (про транспорт), відправляти(ся) по маршруту run at weekends The train was running twenty minutes late. I'll run you there, it's no trouble. Shall I run you home? Buses to Oxford run every half-hour. They run extra trains during the rush hour.

move or pass into/down/through etc – рухатися, їхати The truck ran down the hill and into a shop window. The sledge ran smoothly over the frozen snow.

reach amount/rate – досягнути, продаватися за Inflation was running at 26%. Ticket prices were running anywhere from £50 to £200.

move on the surface – провести по Fred ran his fingers gently through her hair. She ran her fingers along the carved furniture. In a fit of jealousy, he ran a key down the side of Greg's car. Run the scanner over the barcodes. He ran his eyes over her body.

exist in certain place – проходити, пролягати (про фізичні об´єкти) There was a path running through the middle of the forest. He had a scar running down his left cheek. The road runs parallel to the river. A mountain range runs parallel to the western border.

have feeling/thought – відчути, спадати (на думку) A chill ran through me (=I suddenly felt frightened). Our thoughts seem to run along the same lines (=we think the same). The thought that she might be lying ran through my mind.

broadcast, continue to be shown etc – іти (по ТБ), показувати, транслювати(ся) a soap opera that has been running for many years How long did the film run for? The series ran for 20 episodes and was extremely popular.

print (in newspaper) – друкувати, опубліковувати On advice from their lawyers they decided not to run the story. The company is running a series of advertisements in national newspapers.

continue (for some time) - тривати Her last musical ran for six months on Broadway. This debate will run and run! The permit runs for three months. The lease on my house only has a year left to run.

become (run+ adjective) – ставати (яким) The river ran dry (= stopped flowing) during the drought. Supplies are running low. We've run short of milk. You've got your rivals running scared.

try to be elected – балотуватися, виставляти свою кандидатуру (на виборах) run for - виставляти свою кандидатуру на посаду … Jackson announced his intention to run for president. run against - виставляти свою кандидатуру проти … There will be three candidates running against her.

spread (of liquid/colour) – розтектися, линяти Crying had made her mascara run. The colour ran and made all my underwear pink.

move someone/something illegally - провозити контрабандою We know of several groups who are running drugs into the country. He used to run guns across the border. happen/say – казати, протікати (про розмову) The text ran something like this: 'Don't mess with our business!' Their argument ran something like this…


Multiple meaningі of the verb "run"