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Methods of Transport

When Mike left school at 18 he decided to go on a trip around the world before he went to university. The first part of the journey was by t….


from Manchester to Liverpool. There he bought a ticket to go


by s….. to New York. It was a long slow journey, and he wanted a faster method of transport to cross America so he bought a m…. Unfortunately he crashed it in a desert in Colorado.


Fortunately a kind driver gave him a ride in his l… all the way to California. Mike stayed for three days in San Francisco


then got a p…

to Australia.

He bought a v…. In Sydney and drove all the way to across Australia for two weeks. Then he flew to Asia. He was starting to run out of


money, so he travelled from East Asia to Europe mostly by b…. and on f…..He crossed Poland in two days and finally reached France


on his nineteenth birthday when he got on a b… to take him back to England. Unfortunately there was a storm and he fell into the sea. He was in the sea for two hours before a h…. up and took him to hospital in London.


picked him

He was OK, but what a journey! Now Mike travels everywhere by b‌..


and he never goes far from home!

made by: Teachermarija

Methods of Transport