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Duty of Care

Date 09/04/2012 Page 1 of 1 Issue 1.0

Occupational Safety and Health at Work Framework

Conformity to CE Marketing HSG 65: Successful Health and Safety Management Work Essentials

Key Blue = Legal Framework Red = Managed Process Green = Measured Process

Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations

RIDDOR Regulations

First Aid ----- Questions Answered

Safe use of Equipment Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

Basics for Business

Consultation with Workforce

Resource Centre 1: Safe use of Lifting Equipment 2: Safe use of Power Presses 3: Safe use of Woodworking Machinery 4: Five Steps to Risk Assessment 5: Managing Health and Safety “Five Steps” 6: Workplace Transport an Employers Guide 7: Safe working in confined spaces 8: Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 9: Consulting workers on Health and Safety Regulations 10: Buying new Machinery 11: Lighting at Work 12: Application of Electro – Sensitive Protective Equipment using light curtains and light beam devices to machinery. 13: Lone Working

The Law

Accident Book

Training “What you need to Know”


Logic System

No 2: Training Advice No 3: Gap Analysis No 4: Training Proposal

Applicable to the Following Sectors; 1: Agriculture 2: Construction 3: Education 4: Fisheries 5: The hotel, restaurant and catering sector 6: Health Care 7: Rail, Air and Water Transport 8: Road Transport

No 5: Sales Proposal

Issued by: Len Gair: Director of Group Projects No_05502215_1

Approved by: John Hodgkinson: Managing Director

A General Framework For Safety and Health at Work  

This framework has been designed to improve individuals levels of knowledge and understanding of the safety, health and regulatory process t...

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