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Date 01/05/2013 Page 1 of 1 Issue 1.0

CONFORMITY REQUIREMENT DEMONSTRATION OF UNDERSTANDING, KNOWLEDGE AND PRACTICAL COMPENTENCY AGAINST CATEGORY OF LICENCE HELD AIMS The driver must demonstrate effective and efficient use of knowledge, understanding and skills in the following subject areas and apply them to their work environment; 1. Time management = Review and adjust driving behaviour over a lifetime, 2. Job = Prepare vehicle and its occupants for a journey, 3. Location = Drive safely in the traffic system, 4. Vehicle = Guide and control the vehicle, 5. Load = Use the vehicle in accordance with the Highway Code, 6. MPG = Demonstrate “Rational driving based on advanced driving standards and safety regulations� in a work environment in order to make a positive contribution to road safety and environmental savings. OBJECTIVES 1. To know the characteristics of the transmission system in order to make the best possible use of it which includes? a) Curves relating to torque, b) Power, and specific consumption of an engine, c) Area of optimum use of revolution counter, d) Gearbox-ratio cover diagrams. 2. To know the technical characteristics and operation of the safety controls in order to; a) Control the vehicle, b) Minimise wear and tear and prevent disfunctioning c) Specific features of hydraulic vacuum servobrake circuit, d) Limits to the use of brakes and retarder 3. To demonstrate the ability to optimise fuel consumption in order to: a) Optimisation of fuel consumption by applying know-how as regards to aims 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and objectives 1 and 2.

Mpg eco driving v1  
Mpg eco driving v1  

Compliance Manual Section 17 [Aims and Objectives]