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How has the journey been so far? We started out in 91springboard itself- two seats in the Koramangala hub. We’ve had our own share of challenges, just like every other company starting out, ironically even recruiting. We’ve held recruitment drives across the country, frequently using 91s hubs. It’s only been two years and we’ve already developed a base of satisfied customers including companies like Zomato, YourStory and also a bunch of companies from the hub itself. Clearly the market is ripe with people wanting to get good people. Speaking of market, how mature is the market for Mountblue in terms of competition? There are a few others in the space as ours but I feel the industry is quite big for any of us to have to worry about competition. In any case, I don’t believe startups should be thinking very much about competition. Startups are never killed by competition, they are killed from not satisfying their customers. You’ve had a bunch of experience working in both a corporate setup as well as in startups. Any learning you’d like to share that has helped you run a successful business? The one piece of advice I always give to aspiring entrepreneurs is to launch fast. People spend way too much time- years even, ideating the ‘perfect’ product. I’d say if you haven’t launched within 15 days of having the idea, you are already late and wasting time. Of course this can’t be generalised for all but I believe it is applicable to most startups you see in India. Every entrepreneur only has limited resources- time, money, energy. The more time spent just thinking and not hitting the customers is time wasted. The answers are not in your head, they are with the customers. Tell us what excitement is in store in the near future! Growth is exciting in itself. We are just days away from hitting a hundred customers. We look forward to growing along with 91springboard. Coworking is an article of faith for us and we are quite invested in the sharing economy. Apart from that, we are exploring different platforms, including the online world. In terms of diversification though, I don’t think we’ll ever move beyond the software development industry. In our knowledge-based progress, this is by far the biggest opportunity and we’d like to continue doing ‘our bit in making India a nation of developers’.


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91StoryBoard- May 2019