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I've always loved travelling- I'll grab every chance I can get to explore different places and cultures. Especially with solo-travelling, there's always a new experience, a new challenge, and the freedom to listen to your heart. Around this time last year, I was in Hyderabad for a business trip. I had a day off, so I made my way to Golconda Fort. I came across this group of exchange students there. They were struggling with the language and approached me for help. We ended up spending the day together, exploring the fort (I tried sharing its history and significance to the best of my knowledge), taking a bunch of pictures and hanging out. I made new friends that day. We've all gone on to live our separate lives now (while occasionally following each other's adventures on social media). But isn't that the beauty of travel? You live in the moment, enjoy it to the fullest, and let tomorrow be for another day.

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91StoryBoard- May 2019