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THE ULTIMATE ONE WEEK ITINERARY OF SINGAPORE – WITH SECRET TIPS! Singapore is a delight for everyone, young and old. For Keerthana, it is the ultimate family destination. Read on for her itinerary that ensures you cover all the must-do’s of Singapore!

Day 1

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Night Safari: A very popular tourist attraction especially among families with children. It was opened in 1994 and is the first safari park for nocturnal animals. Spread over 35 hectares of forests, it houses over 2500 animals across 130 species.

Tip 1: I recommend watching Creatures of the Night Show. The 20minute Creatures of the Night Show is performed in the amphitheater amidst the rainforests.

Day 2

Tip 2: You can also make use of the single person queue to save time. Tip 3: Everyone enters the park and turns left. You can start from the right- best way to avoid queues!

Universal Studios: Find an exciting collection of attractions, adventure rides, and entertainment for the entire family. Based on the movie Waterworld, the Waterworld stunt show is one such amazing attraction. It has steep drops, explosions, and dramatic fights. When you enter the park, make sure you check the timings for the show, and don’t miss it! I suggest that you do your bookings in advance to avoid disappointment.

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