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Folk*-tales Samsheer Muhammed

I've always loved travelling- I'll grab every chance I can get to explore different places and cultures. Especially with solo-travelling, there's always a new experience, a new challenge, and the freedom to listen to your heart. Around this time last year, I was in Hyderabad for a business trip. I had a day off, so I made my way to Golconda Fort. I came across this group of exchange students there. They were struggling with the language and approached me for help. We ended up spending the day together, exploring the fort (I tried sharing its history and significance to the best of my knowledge), taking a bunch of pictures and hanging out. I made new friends that day. We've all gone on to live our separate lives now (while occasionally following each other's adventures on social media). But isn't that the beauty of travel? You live in the moment, enjoy it to the fullest, and let tomorrow be for another day.

SOLDIER Everyone is a soldier in their own way In life they fight obstructions that lay. Each new day they wake up to face The world with its infinite bizarre ways. In spite of uncertainties of being alive for the day They walk out of their home to embrace Sun's ray. They get into relationships knowing the odds And keep partners' happy with sacrifices and nods. Knowing the atrocity of an accident They drive everyday without a dramatic incident. Hence each one is a soldier in their own way And will keep on facing life everyday!



BOOTCAMP TO MOUNT SUCCESS There’s always talk around town about the dearth of skilled human resourcesskilled not qualified. Every year engineering colleges across the country churn thousands of ‘qualified’ engineers only for them to discover their degree hasn’t quite equipped them for the real world. Enough has been said about this evident gap, but one startup actively working towards changing it is Mountblue Technologies, founded by Konark Singhal.

Mountblue works at the intersection of employment, employability and education. How did you come up with the idea and what propelled you to solve the problem for so many companies? The seed of the idea first came from the previous startup I was working onMockbank. We were a test prep platform for Public Sector examinations. It was here that I noticed that on the one hand, we had thousands of software engineers sign up as learners for these public sector exams; and on the other hand- we, like many other companies were struggling to hire software engineers for our tech teams. A lot of these learners were quite smart too, so I went ahead and spoke to many of them myself. What I realized then seems very intuitive now but was quite a revelation for me back then. Majority of them had no real software or code writing skills, irrespective of their grades in college. Naturally, they were anxious about their future and saw the public sector as a means to start their careers from a clean slate- not unlike an MBA. But of course, these entrance exams are no cake-walk either and many would then end up having to settle for a private sector job that, given their education, would be seen as a step-down. .That’s where I saw an opportunity to help develop these skills. I strongly believe that as a country our path to prosperity is from the knowledge based industries, unlike most other Asian countries like China, Thailand or Malaysia which are the factories of the world.

How has the journey been so far? We started out in 91springboard itself- two seats in the Koramangala hub. We’ve had our own share of challenges, just like every other company starting out, ironically even recruiting. We’ve held recruitment drives across the country, frequently using 91s hubs. It’s only been two years and we’ve already developed a base of satisfied customers including companies like Zomato, YourStory and also a bunch of companies from the hub itself. Clearly the market is ripe with people wanting to get good people. Speaking of market, how mature is the market for Mountblue in terms of competition? There are a few others in the space as ours but I feel the industry is quite big for any of us to have to worry about competition. In any case, I don’t believe startups should be thinking very much about competition. Startups are never killed by competition, they are killed from not satisfying their customers. You’ve had a bunch of experience working in both a corporate setup as well as in startups. Any learning you’d like to share that has helped you run a successful business? The one piece of advice I always give to aspiring entrepreneurs is to launch fast. People spend way too much time- years even, ideating the ‘perfect’ product. I’d say if you haven’t launched within 15 days of having the idea, you are already late and wasting time. Of course this can’t be generalised for all but I believe it is applicable to most startups you see in India. Every entrepreneur only has limited resources- time, money, energy. The more time spent just thinking and not hitting the customers is time wasted. The answers are not in your head, they are with the customers. Tell us what excitement is in store in the near future! Growth is exciting in itself. We are just days away from hitting a hundred customers. We look forward to growing along with 91springboard. Coworking is an article of faith for us and we are quite invested in the sharing economy. Apart from that, we are exploring different platforms, including the online world. In terms of diversification though, I don’t think we’ll ever move beyond the software development industry. In our knowledge-based progress, this is by far the biggest opportunity and we’d like to continue doing ‘our bit in making India a nation of developers’.




Subrahmanian Santakumar- Subru, wears many hats. When he isn’t saving the digital world with his arsenal of marketing strategies or convincing the Pope to go Vegan, he works hands on towards the rescue and rehabilitation of urban wildlife. Hon Trustee: WRRC Read on to find out more.

When you find an injured wild animal in Bangalore, what do you do? You call WRRC! Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre (WRRC) is a registered charitable trust/non-governmental organization (NGO) that rescues wildlife in urban and rural areas around Bangalore. Animals are brought to their center (Bannerghatta Rehabiliation Center, or BRC) where they are treated till they are well. Then – back they go into the wilderness, where they belong! At BRC, there have a surgery room, an animal kitchen, pre- and post-operative holding areas, enclosures and aviaries, and staff housing. Common species that are brought in to BRC are: Bonnet macaques: these monkeys live side by side with humans all over Bangalore, and come in after being electrocuted by electricity lines, attacked by dogs, poisoned, etc. Rose-ringed and Alexandrine parakeets: these birds are common victims of the wildlife trade, or kept as pets by well-meaning but misguided people. Very often, the flight and tail feathers are clipped. The parakeets spend months at our center, growing back their feathers and learning to fly all over again. Snakes: including spectacled cobras, rat snakes, and Russell’s Vipers. These innocent snakes are brought

in after being beaten by panicky householders, or injured by JCBs clearing forested land. BRC also gets slender lorises, Asian palm civets, Indian palm squirrels, mynahs, jungle crows, coucals, night herons, sand boas, egrets, Indian foxes, and many other kinds of animals and birds.

WRRC is fighting battles for improving the lot of captive elephants all over India. In Malur, Karnataka, they are taking care of Aneesha, a gentle forty-something female elephant rescued from a life in chains in a tiny shed in Tamil Nadu and Gowri, another elephant rescued from temple town near Mysore. They are also running another Elephant Care Facility along with The Tree Foundation; Chennai in Marakkanam, Villipuram District, Tamil Nadu. In India, we are quite used to seeing elephants being used in rituals and parades. Very few of us are aware of cruelty inherent in the capture, training and keeping of elephants. WRRC is involved in legal petitions and awareness campaigns for elephants, as well as outright rescue of the most greviously abused animals. WRRC has published and co-authored 50 books and reports on captive elephant welfare throughout India (, the products of over a decade of research.

WRRC has no source of income other than donations from compassionate members of the public. Support their work by contacting them at or If you’re in Bangalore, they would be delighted to show you around their rescue center and tell you about the challenges birds and animals face in Bangalore’s uncontrolled urban explosion.

Folk*-tales Arshida Asmi

I strongly believe that how or what my life is today is totally reliant on what my thoughts are...beautiful thoughts and a happier self-kinder life; sad thoughts- depressed,anxious life. I have always felt this connection. A hopeless romantic full of life - that sums up who I am.I am sentimental, I am idealistic and I have my notions of right and wrong. I have my ways of doing things, you may like it or not but I am always true to my heart and I follow my instincts..My thoughts are what I am today- a happy,resourceful and responsible human being whose friends and family always hold a special place in my heart !!!

MUSHROOM & CHEESE SAUCE PASTA Ingredients Penne Pasta - 100 gms Refined Flour - 4 tsp Milk - 200 ml Butter - 40gms Garlic - 3-4 Cloves Mushrooms - 10-12 medium size Grated Cheese Salt Sugar

Method 1. Boil water with 2 tsps salt and 1tbsp of cooking oil. As the water starts to boil, add pasta and cook it until al dente. Strain it and run it under cold water to avoid over-cooking. 2. Take 1/3 of the butter in a pan, once warm add garlic and saute it. Make sure it does not turn brown. 3. Add sliced mushrooms to the pan and saute it again. Once cooked, keep it aside. 4. Take another pan, and add remaining butter. Once the butter is melted, add the refined Flour and stir it making sure that the butter and flour is cooked evenly without it turning brown. 5. Next, add cold milk to the roux (cooked butter + flour) and keep stirring it to avoid any lumps. 6. Add salt, grated cheese and a pinch of sugar. Let it simmer. 7. Toss in mushrooms and boiled pasta. Give it a final stir. Tada...the pasta is ready!



THE ULTIMATE ONE WEEK ITINERARY OF SINGAPORE – WITH SECRET TIPS! Singapore is a delight for everyone, young and old. For Keerthana, it is the ultimate family destination. Read on for her itinerary that ensures you cover all the must-do’s of Singapore!

Day 1

For more cool travel stories and ultimate itineraries- check out

Night Safari: A very popular tourist attraction especially among families with children. It was opened in 1994 and is the first safari park for nocturnal animals. Spread over 35 hectares of forests, it houses over 2500 animals across 130 species.

Tip 1: I recommend watching Creatures of the Night Show. The 20minute Creatures of the Night Show is performed in the amphitheater amidst the rainforests.

Day 2

Tip 2: You can also make use of the single person queue to save time. Tip 3: Everyone enters the park and turns left. You can start from the right- best way to avoid queues!

Universal Studios: Find an exciting collection of attractions, adventure rides, and entertainment for the entire family. Based on the movie Waterworld, the Waterworld stunt show is one such amazing attraction. It has steep drops, explosions, and dramatic fights. When you enter the park, make sure you check the timings for the show, and don’t miss it! I suggest that you do your bookings in advance to avoid disappointment.

Tip 4: Another must-do in the Jurong Bird Park is a visit to the Penguin Coast, a climatecontrolled area home to Penguins where you can feed the penguins too.

Day 4

Day 3


Jurong Bird Park Do not miss the Waterfall Aviary, one of the world’s largest walk-in aviaries which houses more than 600 birds and a 30-meter high waterfall. The Singapore Flyer: Located in Marina Bay, This giant observation wheel takes you up to 165 meters high, providing an unobstructed view of the city. Try taking this ride in the night to enjoy the city lights.

Chinatown: It’s a blend of the traditional and the modern elements of Singapore. You can visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, and Jamae Mosque. Chinatown Food Street is home to multi-cultured food which can offer a decent culinary experience. And not to forget bargain shopping!

Sentosa is Singapore’s most popular island resort. Check out the Luge ride, the Wings of Fire show and the SEA Aquarium- a magical marine world housing more than 100,000 underwater animals.

Day 5

Day 6

Gardens by the Bay: This horticultural destination provides mesmerizing views of the waterfront You should not miss the Supertree grove consisting of tree-shaped vertical gardens between 9 to 16 level tall! Singapore River Cruise & Clark Quay: This was one of my most memorable experiences in Singapore. The boat ride was leisurely, and the best part about it was the history of Singapore which was explained nicely. The night ride is highly recommended..

Changi Airport: Make sure to spend ample amount of time in the airport, doing the various activities, shopping, enjoying the beautiful mini gardens.

Do not forget the free massage chairs, they are the best part!

with Akshay K Bhat



Akshay Bhat is one from the classic breed of the ‘young and the restless’. Apart from a full time job with Godot Media and what he refers to as several ‘parallel interests’- Akshay is also a singer/songwriter/musician. In a chai-pe-charcha he talks about not wanting to make his passion his full-time job, being a part of bands with names like *cough* ‘Wanderlust’, *cough* ‘Samaah’ and *cough cough* ‘Bad Breath’; and more. The music influences started early in life. While most desi kids grew up on a healthy diet of Bollywood music, Akshay and his brother grew up listening to Synthpop of the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Michael Jackson played off of his mother’s cassettes. But it was his brother’s exploration in rock and heavy metal that stroked his interest and influenced the kind of music he now leans toward. Over the years, music became an outlet for him to better express whenever he thinks he can’t do justice with just words. “One of my earlier songs was about the rain and how it feels when just before the showers. That is something I wouldn’t have been able to convey without music. My music is easy to listen to, not too complex. Both in terms of the composition and the lyrics itself. You’ll find most of my songs to be more conversational than philosophical. That’s probably simply because I am not a very ‘deep’ person. I haven’t had any ‘real’ struggle or adversity for me to channel in my art”, he quips.

While he may not be your cliched artist types taking his broken heart and turning it into art- he is sufficiently disciplined and dedicated about his art. Apart from the bands (some award winning even) he’s been a part of through school, college and now a job, he also actively pursues an ongoing solo project. Currently inspired by the works of artists like John Mayer and Cinema of Excess, he’s been favouring the acoustic guitar with most of his original pieces being instrumentals. “Everyday for a couple of hours I’ll perhaps play a tune by myself or cover something I’ve liked. Of course there is nothing special about it everyday, but it is these mundane days that unwittingly lead to perhaps a random magical Wednesday when the notes just fall into place.” But for all his passion, one may find it surprising to learn that he has no intention of pursuing music full time. “I actually enjoy my job. And I am one of those people with a lot of varied interests. I can never be doing just one thing. Music will always be a constant. I don’t dream of packed stadiums when I think about my future as a musician. I’d much rather play in intimate settings like a house concert with 15 people sitting there engrossed. That feeling of connection and knowing your art has resonated with a fellow human can’t be matched.” It is line with these dreams that he hopes to record a solo EP by the end of this year in addition to recording an album with his band- ‘Bad Breath’. “Working solo and with a band on project take very different journeys. When working solo, you start with a vision and the end product takes on that direction. In a band though, there’s multiple perspectives coming into play- it’s a whole other ball game.” Akshay Bhat’s musical journey started in many ways thanks to his bhaiya. Today his brother is his biggest supporter and critic. Every piece of music he writes, even just three lines of a song- are first shown to him for feedback. “I remember the time I wrote my first proper song and played it for my brother. On hearing it he got our parents on call right away and played the recording for them without any context. I was sitting there all nervous hearing my parents appreciate it only to learn later it was in fact me playing. I suppose that was the point when they started believing I could actually do it. That was the point I began believing that maybe, maybe I could actually do it.” You can find clips of his work on his Instagram handle: @akshaykbhat Ps. Clueless about the title of the article? It is a reference to a venture of Akshay’s called Rig-a-Bot that we learnt about post the interview. It’s cool stuff worth mentioning. Go cheggit.

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