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91: Who are you and what do you do? I’m Anna Wiscombe and I design and make a range of contemporary wooden products, including lots of homewares and a line of jewellery as well.

91: Can you sum up the look and feel of your work in three words? Scandinavian, colourful and rustic. 91: What is it about working with wood that you like so much? For me, it’s the fact that you can take any piece of wood, work with it, and it’ll come out different each time. It’s such a beautiful, natural material to use. 91: Having grown up in the Dorset countryside do you find that you miss it, now you’re living in London? Yes, very much! I love London for things like this [Renegade]. But for me, nature and where I grew up is a massive part of my inspiration, so I have to divide my time between both places. 91: Do you have a favourite winged friend? Probably the family sets. They are really popular and I love making the little birds. 22

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A special issue focussing on modern crafts - from an origami vase, to cool cross stitch to designing your own mugs. Published by Patchwork H...