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Jimmy Johnson Returns to Auto Club Speedway Seeking His 5th Straight Championship

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Most Dangerous Words in the English Language

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Handling the Back to School Blues

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September 2010


life’s most critical moments.

in the team that overcomes them.

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September 2010

Emergency Care Brought to Life

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Publisher Kathleen Sanchez

Words from the Publisher Here we are with another issue, and we hope you enjoy it. What a month August has been. I turned 24 years old this month, (okay, so what, it was really 50) and had one heck of a birthday party. My very sweet daughters, Jasmine, Jovie, Jessica and Jamie, and my step-son, Travis, all planned and executed the perfect surprise party. My man, Chris, took me away for a day while the kids worked tirelessly to set everything up. Finally, after a day and night away, Chris drove me home to screams of “surprise” from my entire family and friends. I had a truly great time. To my children, family, friends and Chris, I say thank you. I love you all so very much. I am truly blessed to have each of you in my life every day. Now, let’s get back to business. We have expanded our distribution areas to include Riverside and Redlands. Readers and business owners in those cities seeing our publication for the first time should check out the Media Kit and other information on our website and consider subscribing or advertising with us. We are a family operated business, not owned by a major


September 2010

Marketing Director Chris Scott Executive Assistant media conglomerate, and we have the best advertising rates around. Once again, let me talk about subscriptions. We distribute thousands of free copies each month to various homes throughout the Inland Empire. However, we do not guarantee that a home receiving the magazine this month will receive it again next month. We change the distribution to maximize our readership and to give our advertisers different eyes on their advertisements each month. If you would like to guarantee that you receive our publication every month, please send us a check or go to our website and subscribe for the low price of only $12.00 for the entire year. In this issue we have a wealth of interesting stories and information. Here are just a few. Jennifer Panos tells a tale of real love with her parents as the stars. Elizabeth Barker rethinks life and gives us tips on how to live it, not just survive it. Elise Oberliesen gives us a run down on mobile banking, the good, the bad and the ugly. This is an interesting piece for anyone considering using one

of the tons of available mobile apps to access your bank accounts on the road, or just sitting on the couch at home. For anyone out there that is single with kids and has now remarried and meshed together a family of his and her children from their previous marriages, we recommend that you read Diane Stark’s Lemons to Lemonade Family. It is a touching, true life short story that will hit home with many readers. The Car Family weighs in again in this issue with a review of BMW’s 335 diesel. This new luxury vehicle is great, according to the review, but it has a few things to consider. Remember, if you like our magazine and want to receive it each month, send us a check or go to our website and pay only $12 for the entire year. We are a family operated publication, and we would appreciate your support. We hope you enjoy this issue of our magazine, and we wish all a prosperous and good month. Until Next Time,


Kathleen Sanchez, Publisher

Jasmine Loggins Office Staff Brenda Pando Travis Gunter Local Writers Matt Bustos Diane Stark Elizabeth Semmens Deena McClusky Jennifer Panos Elizabeth Barker Elise Oberliesen Rahmi Mowjood, M.D. The Car Family Art Direction and Production Adriana Naylor email us: For Sales & Information: (909) 983-8140 Website: This Magazine is published 12 times a year. The entire contents of this Magazine is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of the publisher. We reserve the right to edit, rewrite, or refuse material and we are not responsible for products that appear in this publication.© Nine-O-Nine Magazine 2010

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September 2010

Season ticket holders at the Fox Performing Arts Center

The historic and beautifully restored Fox Performing Arts Center brings world-class talent to a dynamic new downtown. It’s just one of the many riches of Riverside. Inspiration is right here. Visit September 2010 7




Riverside Metropolitan Museum Exhibits “Race: Are We So Different?” Exhibit Adornment Exhibit 3580 Mission Inn Avenue Riverside, CA 92501 Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Admission is free for all. For more info call 951-826-5273


Farmers Market Main Street (between Fifth & Sixth Street) Saturdays 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. For more info call 951-826-2370


First Sundays All downtown museums Riverside, CA 92501 Sundays 1 – 4 p.m. For more info call 951-684-7111


September 23: 7th Annual Chinese Moon Festival Heritage House 8193 Magnolia Avenue Riverside, CA 92504 6 – 8 p.m. • For more info call 951-826-5773


September 24-26: Broadway in Riverside: RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles Fox Performing Arts Center 3801 Mission Inn Avenue Riverside, CA 92501 Friday 8 p.m. Saturday Matinee 2 p.m. Saturday Evening 8 p.m. Sunday Matinee 1 p.m. Sunday Evening 6 p.m. For more info call 951-684-2929


Star Trek The Exhibition: Where Science Meets Science Fiction The Metropolitan Showcase 3800 Main Street Riverside, CA 92501 Daily 12 – 8 p.m. $15 Adults $12 Children/Seniors (55+) For more info call 951-826-5273


September 25: Riverside Mariachi Festival Fairmount Park 2601 Fairmount Boulevard Riverside, CA 92501 3 – 9 p.m. Tickets: 1 for $12 or 2 for $20 Pre-sale through Thursday Sept. 24th $15 day of event 12 years and under free For more info call 951-826-2000






September 11: In Concert: Lalah Hathaway Fox Performing Arts Center 3801 Mission Inn Avenue Riverside, CA 92501 For more info call 951-779-9800 September 15: Discovery Days (3rd Wednesday of every month) Riverside Metropolitan Museum 3580 Mission Inn Avenue Riverside, CA 92501 1:30 – 4:30 p.m. • Free For more info call 951-756-4240 September 17: An Evening of Comedy with Dennis Miller Fox Performing Arts Center 3801 Mission Inn Avenue Riverside, CA 92501 For more info call 951-779-9800

September 2010


September 17-26: Performance Riverside: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Landis Performing Arts Center 4800 Magnolia Avenue Riverside, CA 92506 Showings at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Individual tickets range from $27-$48 • For more info call 951-222-8100


September 18: 32nd Annual Mayor’s Ball for the Arts White Park 3936 Chestnut Street Riverside, CA 92501 5 – 10 p.m. • Individual Tickets $35 ($60 includes catering) • For more info call 951-680-1345



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A Real Love Story Southern California Native Jimmie Johnson Are You Living Or Surviving? Cash In Hand: The Future Of Banking BMW — Fast & Fuel Frugal Meet Your Neighbors The Most Dangerous Words In The English Language Organic VS. Non-Organic: The Debate Rages On Happiness Is A Full Freezer Ice Cream — An American Tradition


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Medical Corner Music Review Events Calendar Dining Guide September 2010 9

Savage SavageBMW BMW

10 September 2010

1301 Auto Center Drive, Ontario, CA 91761-2211 • (909) 390-7888






September 2010 11

A Real Love Story By Jennifer Panos

Today I heard that Jake and Vienna broke up. Wow. What a shocker. Today I heard that Jake and Vienna broke up. Wow. What a shocker. Why is it that these days we think that love can be manufactured? Well, maybe we don’t really think that, but we continue to watch shows like The Bachelor, don’t we? We, at least temporarily, buy into the notion that two people can get to know each other on “intimate” dates carefully planned by the show’s producers. And by intimate I mean just the two of them, a couple cameramen, a boom operator, and a producer . . . and probably a couple assistants to boot. Under the romantic glow of stage lighting, two lovebirds meet and decide that what they have is real, enduring, and brought together by fate- and auditions, of course. Who could have ever predicted that just three short months later, it would all fall apart. Where has all the love gone?

12 September 2010

Reality shows have turned into anything but. Dating on the web is more popular than ever. (I have to admit that even I have had my fair share of wacky dates.) People jump in and out of marriages as quickly as some people change outfits. Weddings can be performed at a drive-thru and most are treated as disposable. If one doesn’t fit, just get a new one. Does true love even exist anymore? And if it does, what does it look like? Real love may feel like a Big Foot sighting. I can say I’ve seen it, but will anyone believe me? At the risk of sounding like the kook holding up a mold of a huge footprint- I’m here to say that true love exists! I’ve seen it!! And this is its story. It was 1967. Ventura, California was a sleepy little surf town, south of Santa Barbara. Mornings were foggy; the air carried with it the fragrant sea. Kids cruised the main drag on Friday and Saturday nights. A young man, making his way through high school called Ventura home. His name was Robert. He was a lanky teen, tall and thin with auburn hair. He came from a strong Catholic family - mom, dad, and two sisters. Robert worked at the Vons grocery store after school part time. He did his job well and took pride in it, something he learned from his father who had mowed lawns during the 1950s to support his family. When high school was over Robert would be leaving to join the Air Force, again following in his dad’s military footsteps as he had been in the Coast Guard. Everyday at the store brought another opportunity to see her. Robert didn’t know her name, but he knew she was beautiful. He thought she must be in college. He would see her in the store a few times a week and always try to bag groceries in her line. He would always ask

her if she would like help out to her car. She would always politely decline. Maria was a petite girl with short dark hair, just 16 years old. Her family had escaped Communist Hungary to come to the United States in 1956. They had lived on Jim Hope’s (brother to the famous, Bob Hope) ranch for awhile before striking out on their own. Maria’s mom and dad spoke no English and had come to America with two young children, Maria and her brother, Barna. Another brother, Jim, was born here. They worked hard to build a life in California, becoming citizens and learning the language. (But not before learning the hard way that Chicken of the Sea was not actually chicken and hot dogs were not really made from dogs.) Maria did grocery shopping for two other families as well as for her own. She shopped at Vons at least three times a week. She was quiet, perhaps a bit shy, and never really noticed Robert. Things went on that way for awhile. She would shop. He would bag her items and ask her if she would like help out. She would say no. Eventually Robert got the OK from his father to quit his job a few months shy of graduation. He had wanted some free time before his departure for basic training. Soon it was his last day. Maria was shopping. Robert made sure he was

bagging for her line. But that day she was only buying one thing. There were no bags to help her with. There was just one package of cookies. He asked her anyway. “Could I help you out to your car?” She laughed a little. And then she said yes. Robert walked Maria out to her car, carrying the cookies. He felt a bit awkward, but he was excited to finally get to talk to her - and what luck, on his last day! She told him her name was Maria and pointed, “I live up there on the hill.” She told him she went to Ventura High School. Somehow he made the impression that he knew something about cars and ended up looking at her engine. He had no idea what he was looking at, but he wanted to keep talking to her. He thought she was wonderful, beautiful . . . amazing. But all too soon she was driving away. That was it. No numbers exchanged. He didn’t even know her last name. Was that the end? It wasn’t. After work Robert drove to Pam’s house. Pam was his ex-girlfriend. He knew her mother was a teacher at the high school Maria mentioned she had previously attended, Oxnard High. He knocked on the door and Pam answered. “Can I talk to your mom?” he asked. Needless to say, she was probably a bit confused by Robert’s request. When her

mom came to the door he asked her for several of her recent yearbooks. He took the books home and started to page through them. It took him awhile, but he finally found her picture. There was Maria, as cute as she was everyday in the store. And there was her last name. It was Hungarian so there wouldn’t be too many listed in the phonebook. It only took him a minute to find her number. He called her. Maria knew exactly who it was when she picked up the phone. They began dating. It was spring of 1967. August rolled around and it was time for Robert to head to basic training. They had spent less than six months together. On one of his visits home in 1968, Robert asked Maria to marry him. She was somewhat embarrassed because his mother was in the room at the time. But she said yes and wore her ring to school. She was a senior in high school by then. Between August 1967 and June 1969 Robert came home (maybe) three times. Their time spent together was brief but full of love. On June 13, 1967 Maria graduated high school. A week later, on June 21st, they were married. The wedding was simple. There was no dancing, no fancy catering. But there was love and lots of it. A couple days later, Robert and Maria stuffed everything they owned into their VW Bug and set out for Carswell Air Force Base located outside of Ft. Worth, Texas. Maria quickly made the small apartment their home. It was just a one bedroom place, but it was theirs. It was a big adjustment for the two newlyweds. They were away from home, really alone for the first time - in the very hot, humid, flatlands of Texas. By August 1969, Maria was pregnant with their first child, Contined on next page

September 2010 13

A Real Love Story from page 13 although she didn’t know it yet. A month later, Robert was shipped out to Okinawa, Japan. Vietnam was in his future, undoubtedly. But then tragedy struck on Ash Wednesday 1970. Robert’s father, Bill, was involved in a head on car wreck. Bill survived, but had been severely injured, suffering two broken legs. His passenger, as well as the other driver, had been killed. Robert was sent home. By that time they had discovered they were expecting, so Robert was stationed back in Texas. This particular series of events spared Robert a tour of duty in Vietnam, and perhaps his life. Baby James was born in May 1970. Seven years later a daughter, Jennifer, was born. It has been 41 years since Robert and Maria said their I Do’s. Maria worked so Robert could finish college. Robert worked so Maria could be a stay at home mom. They have lived all up and down California, but settled in Upland 20 years ago. Robert has since retired from a career as a Human Resources executive. Maria continues to “work from home” as a wife, mother, and now, grandmother. They have had their hard times over the years, times when money was tight, times when they couldn’t see eye to eye. But their love has endured. They still hold hands and sit next to each other on the sofa. He helps her in the kitchen; she helps him in the yard. Theirs was not a love manufactured by a reality show, but one which has survived and thrived in real life. It wasn’t always convenient. It didn’t always make them feel good and pretty or fulfilled in every way. Their love was, and still is, one shared between two best friends, for better or for worse.

When did you know that he/she was The One?

R: As soon as I started dating her! M: The first time he made 14 September 2010

me laugh.

What do you consider your Secret to Success in your marriage?

R: Communication and shared beliefs. M: We grew up together,

matured together. Always think of the other person first.

What do you think are married couples’ biggest mistakes these days?

R: Not putting their partner first. M: Getting married too young!

It worked for us, but it definitely doesn’t work for everyone.

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?

R & M: Raising our family. Our kids have grown to be happy, well-adjusted adults. What quality do you love most about each other?

R: Her warmth and her love of family. M: His sense of humor. He’s always made me laugh. You have traveled the world together. What was your favorite vacation?

R & M: It’s a tie between our cruise to Tahiti and our family trip to Maui. Tahiti was unbelievably beautiful- crystal blue waters, amazing sea life. Maui was a special time with our kids and grandkids. So many great memories. What’s next for the two of you?

R: We will be going on a cruise

to Alaska for Maria’s 60th birthday this year. The summer will be spent with our three oldest grandchildren, camping and going to different theme parks around Southern California. And of course, we always enjoy golfing and taking a ride on the Harley.

M: Maybe skydiving? n

September 2010 15

Is your family too busy to be a family? By Elizabeth Parker


he summer has flown by too quickly and school is back in session. As a working mother of two, I look forward to the summer as my family gets a well-needed break from all of the activities that we do during the school year. In fact, at the end of each school year I vow to not over schedule my family the following fall. Despite my best efforts, the schedule seems to fill up quickly with soccer practice, Karate class, and Boy Scouts. I add to the misery by committing to volunteer activities for the

16 September 2010

school board and church. From my perspective, our activities are getting us to spend time together. In the end, we spend a lot of time in the same space, but do not interact with one another. Before I know it, my family is too busy to be a family. During the week, I transform into mom the chef, soccer mom, karate-mom, cheerleadingmom, and volunteer-mom. At times is seems as the entire family is like a family of hamsters, running on a wheel at every waking moment. While you may be spending time with your family physically

during these activities, it is not a substitute for quality family time. Most of the activities we enroll our children in do not involve direct, one on one, interaction with our children. Even when I am leading the activity, I am not spending quality time with my son. As the year progresses, my family spends more time doing solitary activities and less time interacting with each other. The emotional distance that overbooking activities creates is difficult to reverse, but not impossible. If you notice that your family is spending more time shuffling from activity to activity

rather than interacting with one another, then it is time to incorporate family centered activities into your weekly routine. First, speak with your children about the activities that they are involved with. Allow them to speak freely about their desire to continue with the activity. Many children will become physically and emotionally exhausted if they do not have down time. Children are blessed with so much energy, but many do not know how to recognize when they need rest. If you have come to the realization that your child is overbooked with activities, have him list his

activities in the order that he enjoys doing them. Make the final decision on which activities you will exit. Next, create a list of activities that your family has enjoyed in the past, but no longer do. When I performed this activity, I was surprised at how many activities we eliminated from our routines. For example, we love to bowl and used to go bowling twice per month. Friday nights used to be ‘junk food and movie night.’ Our schedule was so booked up with activities, that we abandoned both activities. We also cut back on family time due to me returning to the workplace. Finally, incorporate some simple activities into your family’s routine. I have provided some ones that even the busiest family can do together. Family Night – Designate one night per week as family night. Families with teens may need to designate one night during the week. Most families already spend time watching TV in the evenings, but in separate rooms. Gather everyone in the family room, turn off all cell phones and

“In thinking back over my childhood, I recall many happy memories that were shared with my family.” lap tops, and choose a show that everyone will enjoy watching. Make some popcorn and get some sinful take out food. Sunday morning breakfast– At least one Sunday per month, sit down and eat a hearty breakfast with your family. Engage the entire family by having everyone plan the menu and cook the meal. To make it special, cook all the favorites, sausage, pancakes, bacon, etc. After breakfast, encourage the family to sit on the couch and read the Sunday paper. If you have little ones, encourage them to bring some toys into the living room and play with them. Pray with your children – Give thanks to yore higher power either before dinner or before bed on a regular basis. Spirituality brings a family together. Plan short outings – Bowling, a regular trip to the ice cream parlor, or shopping at the farmer’s

market creates memories and bonds the family together. Break out the Board games– Remember the games that you loved as a kid? Monopoly, Yahtzee, Candy Land, and Life are played by families until this day. You already know the rules and could probably teach your kids a thing or two about playing! Even though they probably will not admit it, teenagers love to play games. Celebrate the little things– While it may seem trivial to you, an A on an Algebra test may be a major accomplishment to your child. A cupcake with a candle and a congratulations card goes a long way. Purchase several cards ahead of time and a few decorated cupcakes from the supermarket and keep them in the freezer. Then you will be able to take some time celebrating your child’s life on any given day. Take a class together – If your

child is interested in Karate classes, but not thrilled about testing for higher belts, seek out a class that the entire family can participate in. Community recreation centers provide a wide range of family activities that only cost a few dollars to do. Talk it over – Have a family meeting to discuss upcoming vacations or outings. Allow your children to have an equal vote in the process. If you have teens, this will enable them to buy into the activity. This will make them more likely to participate. In thinking back over my childhood, I recall many happy memories that were shared with my family. Some of the happiest and most vivid ones were created in our home or while we were spending a little family time together. Give your family time to be a family so that your family can create memories as well. n September 2010 17 It’s Your Website, Use it!

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20 September 2010 PEPSI_MAX_400_Long_Horizontal

Southern California Native Jimmie Johnson Returns “Home” looking for another NASCAR title, Auto Club Speedway victory! Merriam-Webster’s defintion of domination: supremacy or preeminence over another; exercise of mastery or ruling power. Auto Club Speedway’s definition of domination:  NASCAR driver and Southern California native Jimmie Johnson. NASCAR’s definition of domination: Four-time consecutive champion Jimmie Johnson. “I don’t know if it’s that I’m that good,” said El Cajon native Johnson.  “I think we’ve just figured Auto Club Speedway out. It suits my driving style and that (Crew Chief) Chad (Knaus) and the guys do a good job getting the car where I like it driving wise.” Last year, Johnson rewrote the record books at Auto Club Speedway as well as the NASCAR tablet by steering his No. 48 Lowe’s Chevrolet to a third straight NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pepsi MAX 400, making him Auto Club Speedway’s winningest Cup driver with four victories in

total and then capping another unprecedented season with a record-breaking fourth straight NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship. After capping off his fourth consecutive NASCAR championship season, Jimmie Johnson put his Hendrick Motorsports’ No. 48 Lowe’s Chevrolet team in an echelon that includes few others. The New York Yankees (19361939 and 1949-1953), Boston Celtics (1959-1966), Montreal Canadiens (1956-1960 and 1976-1979) and New York Islanders (1980-1983) are the only teams in the history of the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL to win four straight titles. Other four-peat teams are the UCLA Bruins Men’s Basketball team (1967-1973), the WNBA’s Houston Comets (1997-2000), the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos (1978-1982) and the Cleveland Browns (1946-1949) with the old AAFC. A handful of athletes in individual sports can also claim four-in-a-row honors.

Tiger Woods (1998-2003) and Pete Sampras (1993-1998) each hold the record in their respective sport for most consecutive years ranked No. 1. Carl Lewis is the only Olympian to earn four straight gold medals in the same event, taking the honors in Long Jump in 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996. While not a yearlong championship, Lance Armstrong’s seven straight Tour de France victories certainly qualify for dynasty distinction. Do a Google search and the motorsports media will tell you just how dominant Johnson has been the past year and this year which includes a handful of wins this season as well as impressive Top 10 and Top 5 finishes: “Competitors frustrated by Jimmie Johnson’s dominance” “Jimmie Johnson is last individual king standing” “Spoiler wont’ cut into Johnson’s dominance” “Jimmie Johnson’s dominance includes classic mind games” September 2010 21

And don’t’ think his competitors haven’t noticed: "There's no doubt that when someone has been as dominant as they've been, you sit there and scratch your head and say man, 'What do they have? What are they doing? What do we need to do differently? And they're just that good of a race team.” ~ California native Jeff Gordon. "Well when you win four championships, and you're not in somebody's head then nobody's paying attention.” ~ Jeff Burton And NASCAR fans? Well, they’ve noticed too: “Keep the Championships coming. Good luck Jimmie.” “Another year of the ‘Jimmie Show.’ Good for him.” “He’s making Southern California proud. Bring home #5 Jimmie!” “To love the sport like I do and respect it like I do, and the history, the pioneers of this sport from Bill France, Sr., to the Petty family, you go through many eras up to Mr. Hendrick and what he's done over the last 25, to look at all of that and to have done something that's never been done in the sport before is so, so amazing and something I am so proud of,”

22 September 2010

“I’ve always set my marks high and really wanted to try to set high marks and all those kinds of things, but I had no clue this stuff would happen.” —Jimmy Johnson

Johnson said of his “four-peat.” “I've always set my marks high and really wanted to try to set high marks and all those kinds of things, but I had no clue this stuff would happen.  Just so honored, so happy, so fortunate.” Now with the “Chase” in full swing, and Johnson taking part in the festivities yet again, one wonders “Is there another title on the horizon?” “I don't know what to really think about a fifth.  We're certainly going to show up and try and go about business as usual.  That's just kind of what we do,” he added.  “But if we can keep it rolling, I mean I can't believe we've made history, and if we were able to do it a fifth year, even if it doesn't come, we've got to be very thankful for what we've accomplished,

for what we've been able to experience. We've got a lot of racing left in us.” In October 2009, as Jimmie Johnson’s No. 48 Lowe’s/ Jimmie Johnson Foundation Chevrolet passed by the flag stand taking the checkered flag, the record books at Auto Club Speedway were rewritten as the El Cajon native won his third straight NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pepsi 500, making him Auto Club Speedway’s winningest Cup driver with four victories in total. The victory, the 45th of Johnson’s career at the time, also moved Johnson into first place in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.  Six races later, Johnson was crowned Champion for an unprecedented 4th straight time. And now, as the NASCAR heavyweights roar back into Auto Club Speedway for the

playoffs – The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup -- the Pepsi MAX 400, one simple question is on everyone’s mind. “Can anyone beat Jimmie Johnson at Auto Club Speedway in October?” February at Auto Club Speedway belongs to others. Matt Kenseth has won three of the last five February races and finished 7th this year.  Jeff Gordon has two 2nds and a 3rd in the last five February races.  Johnson won in Feb. 2010 but absolutely owns his home track in October. In last year’s October spectacle, Johnson eked out a 1.603-second victory over Gordon. In 2008 he won the race and won the pole, becoming the first NASCAR Sprint Cup driver to win both in the same weekend at Auto Club Speedway. And in 2007,

he was first to cross the line ahead of Carl Edwards. Now it’s back to his “home track” to attempt to add to his trophy case in front of his “home fans.” “It definitely makes it more special to win in front of the California fans,” shared Johnson. “It was very special that I got my first NASCAR Sprint Cup win at Auto Club Speedway. There was so much pressure for us to show that we could win in the Lowe’s Chevy and to have that validation come at what I consider my home track definitely ranks up there as a big moment i n my career. “It’s also cool rolling into the track each time. I think there are a few more 48 flags than at most other tracks.” n

September September 2010 2010 23

Are You Living or Surviving? By Elizabeth Barker

“Live out of your imagination, not your history.” – Stephen Covey The above quote from best selling author and life strategist Stephen Covey, resonates with those who live life to the fullest, rather than just surviving day to day. For many years, not completely aware of the impact of my actions, I chose to survive, existing to perform my day to day regimen, rather than living my life in a manner deserving of myself. I defined myself by how much money I made at my job, not the satisfaction I gained from doing my job. The city I chose to live in was determined by how close it was to my place of employment; not the city that provided the best quality of life for myself and my growing family. In fact, quality of life was

2424September September 2010 2010

the last item on my list of priorities for any major life decision I made during that time. While I was earning a very good living, and outperforming many of the men that dominated my field, looking back, I was not truly fulfilled. Although I had a good marriage and children that I was dedicated to, the decisions I made were superficial and were made as a matter of survival and were not based on the contribution they made to better my life and the lives of those around me. I balked at self-help books and motivational seminars designed to develop a more fulfilled and happier ‘me.’ After all, I was educated, worked at a high power job, and wanted for nothing, especially not material

possessions. What could I possibly learn from their pearls of wisdom? Surprisingly, despite being a virtual supermom, balancing my marriage, two young children, and a demanding job, my stress level was quite low. In fact, it was so seemingly low, that I mistook my stability for a satisfying life. Nevertheless, as life is full of surprises, I had no idea that everything I had come to know was about to change. I lived to work and worked to live. My job required long hours, and since I had a home office, it seemed as though I never had any time off. I ordered my groceries online, had a mother’s helper, and weekly housekeeping service because I simply had no time for anything but work. At the time, I felt privileged that I could

afford such luxuries and saw nothing wrong with just how imbalanced my ‘well structured’ life had become. For nearly a year I fantasized about the day that I would be laid off due to corporate downsizing or a down economy, so I could choose my next life more carefully. Imagine hoping for a layoff! After the birth of my second son, who did not sleep through the night for the first 15 months of his little life, the required overtime and growing responsibilities and demands of my job forced me to quit after eight years dedicated to the company. Hesitant at first, I embarked on my new life with optimism. Over the past eight years I had amassed a good amount of savings and acquired an MBA. The world was my oyster. I

could return to work when something I liked came along. I spent the next five months with my children going on outings, reading all the great novels that I had no time for when I was working fulltime, and began to volunteer at my local church and my son’s school. When my savings began to slowly run out, I secured an online teaching position at the University of Phoenix and built a small consulting business where I could choose my own hours and spend quality time with my sons. I loved what my job, despite the fact that I now earn 35% less than I did in my previous corporate role. Surprisingly, my stress level was lower than ever, in spite of the noticeable decrease in my income. I finally had the time to set down roots in the community that we had moved to three years prior and enjoy spending time with my friends and neighbors. More importantly, I was able to leave my house, formally known as my “home office” on a regular basis. Finally, I was living. In all honesty, I was fortunate to have a savings to fall back on and the ability to change careers with such ease. Our overall living expenses were quite low as well. For the average person, quitting their job to find themselves is not a realistic option, especially with the added responsibilities of a spouse and children to provide

for. What is a realistic option for every one of us, is transforming our existence from surviving, to living life to its fullest. Making the shift is easier than you think. Shifting from surviving to living involves subtle changes that only require a bit of planning and self-reflection if you adopt the following principles:

Principle 1: Let the Past Go

While the consequences of your actions may haunt you for years to come, you don’t need to hang on to the guilt, selfregret, and self loathing over the past. A good example is living with credit card debt. Though the payments may last for years to come, you can give yourself a break and forgive yourself for the poor choices that got you in the financial crisis in the first place. You cannot move forward if you constantly dwell on the mistakes of your past. Letting go of the past does not mean forgetting the lessons that you learned. It is about forgiving yourself so you can move forward and begin to enjoy life. A great way to do this is to make a list of all of your regrets. Review the list and ask yourself if you have learned from your past mistakes. If the answer is yes, let the past go!

Principle 2: Discover Your Truth

Most people do not engage

in self-discovery. They can tell you what their favorite make car is, or their favorite restaurant, but they cannot articulate what makes them tick. Consider the following questions: What would your dream job be? What makes you happiest at home? If you could magically add another six hours to your day, what would you do with the time? What activities did you enjoy in your twenties? Do you still engage in those activities? If you were not afraid of failure, or the risk involved, what would you do? What activities do you engage in on a regular basis that do not add value to your life? This short list of questions should allow you to determine what aspects of your life are unfulfilling. The smallest change can make a dramatic difference in learning how to live instead of simply surviving.

Principle 3: Unleash the Fun in Your Life!

Somewhere along the line, we are taught to grow up and stop playing games. If we do not pursue the fun in our life and enjoy what surrounds us, life has no purpose. So many of us are on the treadmill of life where we get up to go to work, to pay our house payment, so we will have a place to shower so we can go to work the

following day. Think about it, when you were in your teens and twenties, you lived for the weekends. That didn’t necessarily make you irresponsible. In fact, you were probably working at some job that you despised and earned just enough to pay the bills. When you had any time off at all, you headed for the beach with friends, went on a mountain bike ride, or did a ten hour turnaround trip to Las Vegas. How I miss Las Vegas! While a mountain bike ride may be out of reach for you 25 years later, how about a trip to the beach? Now that we can all afford a hotel in Las Vegas for the night, why don’t we spontaneously take off and go? With small children, Las Vegas is out of the question most of the time. We do however decide on a moment’s notice to hit Disneyland or Sea World. There is no doubt that it is liberating to just leave everything behind for a day, even if it is to do something seemingly innocent and fun.

Choose Your New Life

The bottom line is that we all live two lives; the one that we live, and the one that we would like to live. Choose to live, instead of survive. Implement small changes that make you happy and begin the process of living one fulfilling life. Time is fleeting, and life goes by too fast to not enjoy it. n

While I was earning a very good living, and outperforming many of the men that dominated my field, looking back, I was not truly fulfilled. September 2010 25

medical corner

Dr. Rahmi Mowjood

This Is Your Urgent Care Get In, Get Out, Get Well! We accept all HMOs and PPOs

Simple Routines Can Offer Protection from Harmful Summer Rays

Dr. Mowjood specializes in medical care for the entire family at Cucamonga Valley Medical Group in Upland. He is also a member of the medical staff at San Antonio Community Hospital. Dr. Rahmi Mowjood can be reached at DO Cucamonga Valley Medical Group 1175 E. Arrow Route, Suite B Upland, CA 91786 Phone: 909.429.2864

26 September 2010

Open Everyday from 8:00am to 8:00pm, even Holidays!

(909) 297-3361 West Foothill Blvd.

Arrow Hwy. Central Ave.

Summer time is upon us, and with it, the promise of lots of time spent outdoors. While most of us are aware of the risks of sun exposure, it’s important to be reminded of this again, as we experience a season full of outside activities. Excess exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays accelerates the aging of our skin, advancing the onset of wrinkles and age lines. As our exposure increases, our skin becomes darker as our body tries to block dangerous ultraviolet absorption. All parts of our body are at risk, as skin lesions can develop at the top of our ears to the top of our toes. Our best defense against skin cancer is to limit our exposure and to be proactive. Make sure you apply sunscreen to dry skin – a generous coating of a broad spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen, with a sun protection factor of at least 30. This should be reapplied every two hours, and immediately after swimming or any other water exposure. A broad spectrum sunscreen is more effective as it will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. Don’t forget your ears, neck, forehead, toes, and other exposed parts of your body. Also, remember to protect your lips with an SPF 30 lip balm. The general rule of thumb is the more you apply, the better. Proper clothing will also add to your defense against skin damage from the sun. Tight weave clothing and long sleeves increases your protection and staying in the shade is extremely beneficial as well. Wide brimmed hats are best for all of us, especially for the green thumbs among us as they provide excellent protection for our ears, neck and forehead. Combined with sunscreen application, this is the best defense around. If overexposure to the sun is bad, it stands to reason then that tanning beds are even worse. While you might get that golden glow faster, you accelerate skin cell mutations that lead to all types of skin conditions, including melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer. The best advice is to avoid tanning salons altogether. So as we step outside for summer fun, don’t forget to protect your skin. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor, and be smart about skin care. You will be grateful now, and even more grateful later.

10 Montclair

San Bernadino St.

8891 N. Central Ave. Ste A Montclair CA 91763

Shopping at Victoria Gardens


at over


uran 0 resta


Golf at Empi

re Lakes

Entertainment at the Lewis Family Playhouse

Professional Baseball at the Epicenter

Escape the Ordina ry. . . Have An Adventure! Rancho Cucamonga has it all…

from Victoria Gardens, the region’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination, to the romance of a trip down memory lane along historic Route 66. Take the family to a Quakes baseball game at the Epicenter or enjoy an evening of live theater at the Lewis Family Playhouse. For the grown-ups, there’s golfing at the Arnold Palmer-designed Empire Lakes golf course and wine tasting at our historic wineries. Spend an afternoon at the Maloof Residence and Gardens and experience the work of a true American craftsman, or trek through everything outdoors at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World—the only one in Southern California! Whatever you like to do, you can create your own Rancho Cucamonga adventure by visiting and ordering your FREE 24-page Fun Book!

For more information call (909) 477-2700 or email


This year’s Green Tie Gala will honor the area’s environmental leaders as well as highlight various countries and their distinct innovations. The 2nd annual event exemplifies the Frontier Project’s mission to demonstrate how sustainable design can be economical, efficient and inviting. The Frontier Project is a non-profit, LEED® Platinum-certified sustainable educational facility that includes demonstration gardens, an onsite water retention system and other sustainable building practices.

      


When: October 16, 2010 Where: The Frontier Project

    

   

   

 


10435 Ashford Street Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

RSVP: 909.944.6025

Sponsorship Opportunities Available.

For more information about the Frontier Project or The Green Tie Gala, call 909-944-6025, email or go to

28 September 2010

Tickets and Sponsorships now available Annual Event Will Showcase for Green Tie Gala Second Innovations from Around the World

Nearly one year ago, Southern California’s finest and most unique example of sustainable architecture opened its doors to the public. Since that time, The Frontier Project has averaged 500 visitors each month and today is known as a “go-to” resource for green education. Tickets are now on sale for The 2nd Annual Green Tie Gala, to be held on Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Frontier Project facility, located at 10435 Ashford Street in Rancho Cucamonga. The event will feature green ideas and food from around the world. Various countries and their leadership and innovation will be featured, so that attendees might learn new strategies, technologies and techniques for a more sustainable lifestyle and business development. The Frontier Project was completed in November 2009 and is the first project of its kind in the region: a one-acre site that includes a 14,000 square foot sustainable resource center. The Cucamonga Valley Water District, HMC Architects and Turner Construction carefully planned and built the Frontier Project to meet the District’s needs and serve as a resource to showcase the latest technologies in water, energy and site conservation. The facility features demonstration gardens, a live “green” roof, cool tower, solar chimneys and an onsite water retention system. Every aspect of the Project encourages interaction and educates visitors about sustainable building and living practices. The

Frontier Project achieved LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification, the highest level afforded from the U.S. Green Building Council. Visitors are invited to tour the facility, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., take a stroll through the gardens, relax in the “living room” and learn how to implement various elements of the Frontier Project into their own home or business. The Frontier Project Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the environmental challenges facing Southern California. Its goal is to show how sustainable design can be economical, efficient, and inviting by demonstrating innovations for living and working environments. Tickets for the Green Tie Gala are $100, and sponsorship opportunities are now available. For more information, visit www.frontierproject. org or call 909.944.6025. n September 2010 29

 9/1/2010 USGBC-IE Green Bag: Renewable Energy Series Frontier Project 11:30 a.m.- 1p.m. 9/9/2010 Cal-Green Training Frontier Project 8 a.m.-4 p.m. 9/11/2010 Sustainable Sat. Series: Celebrating Solar Energy; a workshop by Helio Power Frontier Project 9-11 a.m.

10/2/2010 CREEC Youth Conference Frontier Project all day

10/16/2010 Green Tie Gala Frontier Project 6-11 p.m.

10/6/2010 USGBC-IE Green Bag: Renewable Energy Series Frontier Project 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

10/22/2010 Kids Environmental Festival Frontier Project 9 am - 2 pm

10/9/2010 Sustainable Sat. Series: National Make a Difference Day Frontier Project 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

11/1/2010 Edison CTAC Training Adjustable Speed Drives Frontier Project 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.


9/28/10 Edison CTAC Training Motor Efficiency Frontier Project 8 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.


   

           30 September 2010 For more information about the Frontier Project or The Green Tie Gala, call 909-944-6025, email or go to

Meat Loaf SAT., SEPT. 4, 8PM

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FRI., SEPT. 10, 8PM

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September 2010 31

CA$H IN HAND The future of banking is in going mobile. By Elise Oberliesen

As the recession slowly passes, reports indicate that American consumers — many the wiser — are taking steps to better monitor their spending habits. Mobile banking, which gives banking customers access to accounts and services via smartphones and other mobile devices, lets accountholders conveniently manage their money, often virtually in real-time. It’s an opportunity for American financial institutions to cash in by providing account information that’s easily accessed via mobile Web browsers or applications developed for the likes of the iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid.

Mobile banking tools

According to Business Week, China was early to embrace mobile banking. It’s a different story stateside, where mobile technology has traditionally lagged. Fewer financial tools available in emerging economies like China and India wedged open the door for growth, says Red Gillen, senior analyst at Celent. “The reason the U.S. is slow is because there are so many options: ATMs, online banking, debit cards, credit cards,” says Gillen — options other countries were without or had in limited supply. The United States is beginning to catch up. The most common mobile banking technologies that American banks are beginning to offer include: Person-to-person (P2P) transactions, the mobile equivalent of money transfers, which offer convenience and speed when you need to send funds to another person. PayPal is the best example. Alert notifications, which announce account balance status or approaching payment due dates by streaming updates directly to the mobile device via text or e-mail. Virtual credit cards, which work like a regular credit card, except that the account detail is stored in the phone, not in the wallet. Personal finance management (PFM) tools, which aggregate multiple financial accounts into one location for simplified Web- or application-based access. is the runaway success in this area, but banks are beginning to offer their own PFM products.

Increase mobility, decrease overhead

Mobile banking doesn’t just benefit consumers. Gillen says banks could save money by diverting customer service away from the teller line and the call center to the iPhone and the BlackBerry — in effect, empowering customers to serve themselves on transactions that previously might involve a customer service representative. It frees up those reps for more complex transactions, and might even reduce staffing requirements. “[Banks] may not have to build as many branches to support growth,” says Michael Salerno, e-services manager at America First Credit Union in Riverdale.

Convenience at what cost?

Banks want to provide, say, PFM tools to help customers better manage their money. But if banks charge fees for the use of mobile banking products, it can send a mixed message to the consumer. (And at not-for-profit credit unions, which traditionally offer

32 September 2010

comparatively low or no transaction fees, the decision to charge for the convenience of mobile banking has an added significance.) Whether charging for mobile banking is wise remains to be seen. Gillen says that transaction fees could quickly accumulate and catch customers by surprise, potentially driving them away from mobile banking and back to the teller — or to a competitor that doesn’t charge for comparable transactions. Other experts suggest that consumers might be more willing to pay for complex transactions, such as expediting a late mortgage payment to get back on track and help protect a credit score.

So far, so secure Mobile banking is expected to eclipse PC banking. The latter is a mature technology that has had time to address major security concerns; the former is fledgling still. Yet some say mobile banking promises greater security,

because although consumers typically access their accounts on multiple computers — at work, home, the library, etc. — they typically have only one mobile device for personal use. Using a single-point-of-access for account inquiries is considerably more private and secure than logging on across a variety of computers. In addition, existing banking security regulations such as secret phrases, or separate “tokens” that work like keys to open locks, add more layers of protection. But with any kind of hardware device, new or old, security measures must be in place. Experts say it’s a good idea to take steps like keeping anti-virus software up-to-date and monitoring for fraud. Mobile apps with anti-fraud detection can help.

Reach out to the most hands Banks want to tap customers no matter which mobile device or wireless service they use. Joshua Everton, assistant

vice president and e-banking manager at Bank of American Fork, says that’s why it’s important to consider developing mobile banking products for each of the following situations: Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). This protocol “talks” to websites that use WML, or Wireless Markup Language. WAP provides Web browsing to wireless devices, including mobile phones, smartphones and mobile devices such as the Apple iTouch. WAP-enabled Web browsers provide a user interface similar to that of a standard computer Web browser, yet constrained to specifications including device screen size and user interface. Short Message Service (SMS). This is what most people refer to as text messaging. Account balance inquiries and alerts can be sent and received regardless of mobile device or wireless carrier, so long as text messaging is enabled.

Application (“app”). An app is standalone software that, once installed on a mobile device, performs a particular dedicated function. For example, Bank of America offers an app for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android OS that allows access to account information and other features. An app’s user interface offers a more streamlined experience for mobile banking than a Web browser, but requires more technological development to account for different mobile device platforms. Computers and cell phones just may be two of the many prominent inventions of the 20th century. Now that the technofloodgates are bursting wide open, predicting how new gadgets will make our lives easier in the 21st century is anyone’s guess. People like Everton see a positive future and approach it with enthusiasm. “We’re addicted to our phones, so there’s a good value proposition,” he says. n

September 2010 33

BMW 335 Diesel: Fast and Fuel Frugal

By The Car Family

You aren’t going to notice anything special about this 3 Series BMW Sedan. It looks like every other ubiquitous BMW except for a small “d” on its rump. And that, car affectionados, makes all the difference as it indicates that this sedan contains a marvel of engineering. BMW has stuffed a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged diesel inline-6 under the hood that creates 265 horse-power and shovels a thunderous 425 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. To give you an idea of how potent this engine is, that is nearly the same amount of torque as a big V8 Corvette delivers. For under $44,000 you can drive a car that can get you to Las Vegas and back without refueling and have enough diesel left to visit a couple of local casino as well before the 16 gallon tank needs replenishing. The best part of the 335d is that the diesel does not distract from its sporty nature. It handles and brakes extremely well, and the 36 ft. turning radius means that maneuvering in tight mall parking spaces is a simple point and shoot affair. Best of all, there isn’t any diesel exhaust smell and very little chatter from the engine. The biggest problem is finding a reason not to buy this version of the 3 Series over the gasoline powered versions. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly, but seldom has to bother with all the torque the engine provides. You can amble over the steep grade out of Baker, California without the transmission having to kick-down and trips to Mt. Baldy or Mt. Wilson are effortless. Diesels require less maintenance and are extremely durable. This BMW is a whole new breed of oil burner. It is quicker to start in cold weather and doesn’t belch smoke or even chatter. It is very clean and quiet. What I didn’t like about the 3 Series was the interior. It is very tight. The rear seats have limited legroom and the trunk offers only limited space. The dash, gauges, cup holders, and glove compartment are adequate, but the theme is one of understatement. I would like a bit more of BMW’s 7 Series glitz inside, but I am old fashioned and don’t get oversized black rims on SUVs either. The bottom line is that this is the best 3 Series for those who are frugal. That’s right, an oxymoron, a BMW for the penny pincher. The BMW diesel is a win-win for the consumer. You get higher resale, better fuel mileage and the

34 September 2010

knowledge that you are driving the most fuel efficient sedan BMW offers. Merging from Interstate 5 onto Interstate 10 was never easier with just a quark’s worth of pressure all that is required to harvest that open spot. This is one swift sedan. The brakes, steering and suspension are all perfect. Of course, I like to drive and those who are irritated by the feel of the road should look elsewhere. This is a car to be driven hard and put away empty. Could there be anything better? Image, safety, great performance, and only having to refuel every week or so, and maybe less. With the average commute in the 909 area about 60 miles per day you would only need to replenish your fuel supply every fortnight. The car is also very safe. It comes with anti-lock disc brakes and vehicle stability control and airbags most everywhere. Add to that the safety of free routine maintenance for four years or 50,000 miles and you have a want turning into a need when you visit the BMW dealership. Thank goodness they don’t make this diesel version in a convertible. There are some drawbacks. BMW claims the 335d is good for 0-60 mph acceleration in six seconds, but that really isn’t the point of this car. This BMW cleverly hides its 4,800 pound facade behind a trim exterior design and excellent fuel economy numbers in hopes the interior doesn’t dampen your spirits. The small font lettering on the gauges is difficult to read and the red lighting of the dash rivals Audi’s for making it difficult to decipher numbers quickly at night. The iDrive that controls most every creature comfort is still a bit complicated to use despite years of refining. Add to that the fact that on our test car it costs $400 for iPod/USB adapter and $595 for satellite radio and you see the dilemma potential buyers face. Does the enjoyment of owning a BMW that performs well and is fun to drive overwhelm the objectivity that the diesel requires urea (AdBlue) be injected into a catalyst to clean the exhaust and needs to be replaced at regular intervals, and that the expensive optional stereo is overrated and getting in and out of the car requires one to be fairly supple? Conclusion: The BMW 335d is a great performer that just happens to be extremely frugal to operate. n

September 2010 35

*Going on now,ends offerends ends8/31/2010. 9/31/10. For Toyota vehicles only. on now, offer For Toyota vehicles only. *Going *Going on now, offer 6/30/10. For Toyota vehicles only.

36 September 2010

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Back To School Blues By Diane Stark

“Bye, Sweethearts, have a wonderful day!” I called to my children as they boarded the bus for the first day of the new school year. I sniffed and wiped my eyes. “Oh, Honey, it’s only a half-day. They’ll be home again before you know it,” my husband Eric said with a sympathetic smile. I sniffled again and began walking back up the driveway toward our house. “It’s not that.” Eric nodded knowingly. “All kids grow up. I know it’s hard and the time passes quickly, but we have no control over that.” “It’s not that either,” I said. Eric shrugged. “All right, I give. What’s going on in that head of yours?” I shrugged back at him, struggling to voice my feelings. “It’s just that, well, I was supposed to go back to school today too.” “Ah, now I get it,” he said. “You’re feeling at loose ends because you didn’t go back to teaching this year.” I nodded. “I’ve been a teacher for more than a decade, and teaching is something that gets ingrained in a person.” I shrugged again, feeling helpless, and added, “It was part of who I was.” Eric rubbed my shoulder. “It will always be a part of who you are, but now you’re going to give writing a shot. We talked about this and it was what you wanted.” “I know. I just didn’t realize it would feel so strange not returning to school.” Eric’s hand moved from my shoulder to my abdomen. “Plus, we’re going to work on having a baby.”

I smiled. “I know, and it’s going to be great to be a stay-at-home mom this time around. I am looking forward to that more than I can even express. But today, not going back to school feels a little bittersweet.” Throughout that morning, I stewed over my mixed emotions. I was thrilled to finally have the chance to stay at home with my kids. Over my years as a teacher, I’d truly cherished my summers at home with them. And the chance to have another baby was a blessing I could hardly even imagine. I was also incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to pursue a writing career. Since I was a little girl, I’d dreamed of being a writer. But I’d also dreamed of being a teacher. And that was the root of the problem. If I wasn’t a teacher, who was I? I’d always taken pride in being someone who made a difference in this world. I was one of the good guys, someone who spent my days showing little kids how to add and read, refereeing playground disputes and demonstrating good manners. I did all of this for practically peanuts, and I loved every minute of it. But no more. Now I was just a mom. Well, and a wanna-be writer. I sighed and sat down at the computer to check my email. One of the messages that popped up was from my online teacher’s support group. I’d been a member for years, but now I felt like a fraud, like I was no longer worthy to be in the group – or even read their emails. I almost deleted the message unread, but something told me not to. I opened it and my eyes filled with tears as I read the old Jewish proverb: “One mother teaches more than 100 teachers.” The point of the email was to encourage teachers to work as partners with their students’ parents to maximize the kids’ success, but I’d stopped reading after I saw the proverb. That was the only part that mattered. In my mind, those words were written just for me for that exact moment. “One mother teaches more than 100 teachers.” Those words were not meant to take anything away from what teachers do every day, but more to give credit to the mothers who lead their children by example. Mothers don’t have textbooks and chalkboards. They don’t use curriculum guides and standardized tests. They teach with common sense, patience, and most of all, love. The words acted as a salve to my torn emotions. The words meant that I was still a teacher, but my classroom size had shrunk. I was still a teacher, and now I was doing it where it counts the most. n September 2010 37

five tips on how

parents can

reduce sress By Lena Payne

ost people will agree that parenting is the toughest job you will ever have. Still, despite the many stresses of being a parent, we continue to take on this important responsibility, and it is likely that we won't ever stop. According to a survey by Mental Health America, parents experience more stress than any other demographic (Sexton, & Cobb). Health, money, employment, and relationships are all common causes of stress. Stress in and of itself is not bad. In fact, we all need a certain amount of stress to stay motivated and productive. It is what helps us to get out of bed when we want to be lazy or complete that project at work when we really want to toss it aside. Stress can motivate us to be the best possible parents. We sometimes use a moderate amount of stress to motivate our children to do well in school. That is healthy stress. Unhealthy stress usually develops after a series of common or uncommon stressors occur and build upon each other. For example, you find out your daughter has a new allergy, the car insurance goes up, and your boss cuts your hours. Stress is a natural response to signal to us that something is not quite as it should be. Hormones get released into the blood stream and our defenses kick in. Most people respond to stress by having a particular reaction; flight, fight, freeze or play dead. When life's challenges happen some may push through, others get stuck and some ignore or hide from their problems. When we don't deal with our stress in a positive way it can become toxic. Some of the consequences of living with too much stress include weight gain, headaches, decreased concentration, difficulty sleeping, irritability and depression. Some of the newer research has even linked stress with belly fat and heart disease. The key to dealing with stress in a healthy way is acknowledging that it is there. It does not make us weak to admit that maybe things are becoming a bit overwhelming. Once you do this

38 September 2010

you can actively take steps to reduce and manage the unhealthy stress. From my years of working with parents and children I have noticed that while the particulars of the stress are different, there is a common link in the solutions. Usually these are things that most parents have heard before but for various reasons were not implementing. They just needed to be reminded. Even if only one or two of these suggestions were followed through on, relief was felt almost immediately. Here are five tips for parents that are proven to help reduce stress.

Get organized

This may sound easier said than done, but you can do it. When we are unorganized it immediately creates anxiety. If we are too disorganized we may tell ourselves things such as "I don't have the time" or "Where do I start?" Don't let this negative thinking keep you stuck. The key is to start somewhere, anywhere really. Take a moment to evaluate if you are spreading yourself too thin. Maybe you are more productive at certain times of the day. Try to set a schedule, prioritize and learn how to say no. Feeling tired and overworked is one of the biggest causes of stress but it is something within your control.

Make time for yourself

Socializing and spending quality time with family is an important aspect of human nature. However, we sometimes need to slow down, be by ourselves and rest. Many parents, especially mothers or single parents feel they are not doing their jobs if 100% of their free time is not devoted to their children. The truth is a parent that does not spend time nurturing his or herself, is usually not as effective of a parent as they would like to be. It also teaches your children something important –balance. They see how to manage responsibility without becoming consumed by it. If you've been avoiding quality alone time or have not spent time with your adult friends recently, set a date.

effects of stress mentioned previously, remember the belly fat? What is great is exercise can also be your alone time or it can be incorporated in family time. Don't make it complicated. Take a family walk before or after dinner. Go to the park and kick a ball around or ride bikes. If you do not look at it as a chore you instill another great habit in your children – that physical activity is fun and a normal part of everyday life. Not only is that good parenting but you are also reducing stress and increasing your health.

Don't expect perfection and don't hold yourself to it

Logically we all know that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Still, somehow we tend to hold ourselves up to an impossible standard. What happens when there are high expectations that are unrealistic? We are constantly disappointed and let down. Nothing feels worse than feeling as though you have let yourself and your family down. Evaluate your expectations. Look at them with an objective eye and ask "Are these realistic" and "Am I expecting too much of myself and my family?" If you realize that you are indeed expecting too much then it is time to set new expectations. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for unneeded and irresolvable stress and let down. Find time to notice the things you did right today. Ask yourself, "What did I learn" and "What things are going right?"

Have fun.

This is perhaps one of the most important of all tips. What is the point if we never allow ourselves to have a little fun? Fun does not Continued on page 42


In addition to all of the well known physical health benefits, exercise is a great way to reduce stress. Exercise not only decreases stress but improves mood and reduces depression. Many people under a lot of stress notice some difficulty in concentrating and lower energy. Exercise is proven to improve these areas. It can also negate some of those negative health side

September 2010 39

meet your


The Chris & Kimberli Wheeler Family

How long have you guys lived in the Inland Empire? Chris: Both Kim and I have lived in Southern California our wholes lives. Kim was born in Hollywood and I was born in Lakewood. Both of us have been in the IE since we were young kids. Kim grew up in Hacienda Heights, and Chino. I grew up in Ontario, then spent my adolescence in Upland (sorry Upland). I probably gave a lot of people in Upland grief going through my teen years. Kim and I got married and moved to a new house in Corona – lived there for a few years then moved to Alta Loma in 2000. Kim: I was much kinder on my hometown. I think Chino survived my adolescence. How do you like the Inland Empire? Chris: Kim and I love the IE. It has its pitfalls just like anywhere else in America but for the most part it’s a great area to raise kids. Kim: I love the fact that we can go to the beach for the day and then drive home and have dinner at Mt. Baldy. What could be done to improve the Inland Empire? Chris: Air quality, attitudes, and freeway landscaping. Not much of a surprise but air quality in the IE is bad. Seems like most of the 40 September 2010

Chris: Nothing. I know, I know, …. there has got to be something. But there is not. And I am not saying that because she is reading this.

time when I am out and about people are always looking out for themselves (me included). A simple hello and smile in passing goes a long way. Freeway landscaping is a pet peeve of mine. I believe it is like a first impression. Driving our freeways and seeing the horrible landscaping compared to other cities bothers me. Also it seems like there is a lot more graffiti on the freeways now too. I love graffiti art in its proper place – emphasis on art – however the gang tagging is just plain ugly and lame. Kim: I’d like a gas station at the Colonies…. is that too much to ask for? How did you two meet? Chris: Kim and I met at a bible study. I was hardly an angel at the time but higher powers were leading me away from my old ways and into something much greater! It was love at first sight.

Chris: The stage was set when God brought us together, but from a worldy point of view it was looks when she walked through the door and I saw her for the very first time. Soon after our first conversation, the deal was sealed. She is intelligent, funny, and didn’t put up with any of my nonsense. Some might say she isn’t one to socialize with people but getting to know her – she would do anything for anyone in need (definitely where Hunter our oldest gets it from). She is a problem solver and she has solved a lot for me! She always has a positive attitude. I know I drive her crazy because I am a pessimist but you know what they say … opposites attract.

Kim: I actually think I went home that night and told my mom that I had met the man that I wanted to marry. I was 17 so I don’t think she believed me…but here we are…18 years and 2 kids later!

Kim: As he said when we met he was turning away from his old ways and I think it takes a lot for a young 20-something man to do that. To make a significant change in your life at that stage when everyone else is so wrapped up in doing “their” thing … he had the desire to seek another path. I fell in love with his strength of character. He had long hair and was pretty hot … so that didn’t hurt the situation either.

What made you guys fall in love?

Tell us one thing she does that annoys you.

Kim: The people of the IE don’t want to read that stuff. He’s being too kind…I’m annoying…I know I am…but it’s what makes me…well me. We’re married and have been for a long time... we have good days we have bad...but at the end of the day we love each other and would do anything for each other. God’s example of sacrifice for others is what holds marriage together…if you are both seeking to put the other before yourself then nothing can come between you. What do you do for a living? Chris: Kim and I own an advertising agency, Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc. She handles the business side and I handle everything creative, as well as sales. It’s a good thing. We were leery at first, both having worked for other businesses and never working together….but so far so good. Kim: It is different working with your spouse. When you own your own business you find yourself working 24/7 anyway.

When you work with your spouse you then find that all you can talk about is work. It is a struggle to try and switch that off. However, on the flipside, I can understand Chris’s stresses from a first-hand experience. I know when things are crazy. My support as a spouse becomes even more founded, more real…because I know first-hand and understand the pressures at work. The same for him. Our roles as sounding boards are more real than ever. Is your job challeging? Chris: My position is very challenging. In a small business, especially in this economy, you have to wear a lot of hats. We are a mid-size full service advertising agency. I play the role of President and Creative Director. The advertising, marketing, and communications field is deadline driven. Often those deadlines are yesterday. To say this is a stressful environment is an understatement. Our tagline is “Creative Minds, Igniting Solutions.” That means when a client comes to us in need we think out of the box and provide results driven solutions no matter the timeline. Continued on page 63

September 2010 41

FIVE TIPS from page 39 have to cost money or even take you out of the house. You can have fun while exercising as mentioned before. Fun can be playing a game as a family or watching a great show. The idea is to have things to look forward to that are not all related to work, school, cleaning, cooking etc. Ideally we want to laugh. It has often been said that laughter is the best medicine and there is research to support the benefits of laughter. It is a great stress reliever and what is wonderful is that it is free. You can laugh at yourself, the many funny things your children do, TV, or something you have read. Just strike funny poses in the mirror until you laugh and see how much your mood is lifted. Laughter can also go a long way to improve relationships, one of the biggest causes of stress. Science has shown that a deep laugh releases "pleasure" chemicals. Doesn't that sound nice? These tips follow a wellness model focusing on physical health, emotional health, and

Window Tinting Solutions behaviors. A positive change in one area often leads to positive changes in other areas. If you find yourself having a difficult time implementing these suggestions try to revisit what you value. Do you value being a good role model, a compassionate and caring parent, or the stable force in an unstable world? If so, then let that be your motivation to start decreasing stress and improving overall health and functioning. There are many wonderful things in this world and being overstressed can make it difficult to appreciate the beauty around. Many of these tips can be combined. Getting organized can be made into a game. Laughter can be found while spending time with friends or at the park with your children. Take a few moments out of every day to follow these self care tips. You will find that not only do you heap the rewards but your family will also feel a reduction in tension as well. You have the time, even if you do not realize it. n

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H Alan

For those of you that are meek you may want to stop reading now for the coming words have torn families apart and rendered well thought-out retirement plans asunder.

September2010 2010 44 September

There is no shortage of nominations for inclusion on the most dangerous words list, starting with the overused, “I do.” There are significant others such as “The IRS sent you a registered letter.” Not to be overlooked are the phrases, “The pregnancy strip turned positive,” which is certainly not to be confused with, “I love you.” Women have and use many dangerous phrases. They range from the obvious, “My boyfriend is getting out of prison today,” to the more subtle, “I had my engagement ring appraised.” Not to be outdone are those who insist that a woman’s use of the words “Let’s be friends” is totally evil. To a man that is in love with the woman spilling those words, they are like a knife in the heart.

Ouch, okay, time to move on. Men have their own everpopular selections, starting with the arcane. “I’m out of gas,” to the “No, I’m not married.” They also like to use, “Yes, I play for the Dodgers,” “My wife and I don’t get along,” and “The police framed me.” Women have learned to anticipate, “You’re the most beautiful women in this supermarket produce aisle,” and they tend to discount anything that relates to Victoria’s Secret. Children also hear and loath certain phrases, such as, “Have your parents sign this test paper,” to “Your Report Cards will be mailed to your parents’ place of work.” And, there are the classic, “Hand over your lunch money,” and “Throw this into the girl’s bathroom.”

But all of these are relatively temporary setbacks in the game of life. The winning phrase must cast doubt on one’s entire future and offer absolutely no relief. For those of you that are meek you may want to stop reading now for the coming words have torn families apart and rendered well thought-out retirement plans asunder. The most dangerous words in the English language are, “I just got my learners permit.” This phrase has put an entire nation at peril. What makes this phrase so overwhelmingly the first choice is the immensity of its implications. Financial hardship, mental anguish, and a general disgust with a government that allows teenagers to drive who have not served at least ten years in the military all reside within this phrase. The insurance industry drools in delight at the very mention of this phrase. The doubling of profits in one swift birthday is an excellent business scenario. Your vehicle, your pride in joy, the same one that you cleaned and cared for with a religious fervor, will be forever filled with at least 20 DVDs (none of which have a box) and a variety of fast food remnants, Coke cans and parking tickets. As if by magic, nicks, scratches and downright deep dents will appear with the whereabouts of the culprit never to be found. The gas tank will develop a leak so that it is impossible to keep it full and you quickly learn that the first thing to do upon entry into your car is to

turn the stereo off so that you don’t lose your hearing when you turn the key on. In an act of sheer desperation you will search the newspaper classified section for a very used, inexpensive, slow and safe vehicle, preferably one without a stereo, to give to your law child. Once you have placed your child in their own car the garage doors will have to be expanded because they are too narrow for someone who consistently runs a half -hour late to back through going 30 miles per hour, all while either pinching zits and/or applying make-up. Next, you are going to need an extra pager and cell phone to track the whereabouts of your offspring. Most likely the pager or the phone will be lost the first week. If not, it doesn’t matter, because the cell phone will be constantly busy as your phone bill climbs to where no monthly plan has gone before. What especially makes the phrase, “I got my learners permit” the most dangerous words, is the dreaded late night phone call. There are four varieties. One is from a child, who is obviously not of this Earth, calling you five hours after he or she was supposed to be home to tell you not to worry. Second, is the call that the police have impounded the vehicle for whatever reason and you are instructed to come down to the police station with your attorney. The third call is to apprise you that despite a flashing dashboard light and working gauges your youth has run out of gas 25 miles from where they were supposed to

be and wants you to bring 5 gallons to get them back on the road. The final call is to inform you the car broke down because of something you did not do. This could be anything from placing potholes in the roads to loosing the oil pan nut. Once the child is certain that you understand that the entire breakdown was your fault you also have to provide a tow truck and a ride home. You should consider yourself lucky if this last call comes from this side of the Mexican border. The estimate to fix the car somehow always equals about $100 less than the value of the entire vehicle. But you have no choice but to fix it. You must pay because you know that your child is going to be driving your car if the damaged one is not repaired. At this point divorcing your spouse to escape the entire situation is not an option because you are already paying thousands for a lawyer to defend your child in the Burger King drive-through incident. In explaining the danger in the phrase, “I got my learners permit,” I have deliberately left out the part where the child watches your every move as part of their learning. This includes acquiring your phraseology, gestures, and ability to ignore certain signs when no one is around. Things do not get better over time. The learners permit turns into a genuine driver’s license and with it the child is required to carry a wallet. This wallet comes with an unwritten requirement that it

must be lost at least three times in the first month of ownership, and that does not count the two times it was accidentally sent through the washing machine. Yes, there is no more dangerous phrases in any language than, “I got my learner’s permit,” for many reasons, but perhaps the most significant is that fact that it is entirely false. It is really your learning permit. You are free to learn things about your child you never knew existed. You are free to learn that midnight feedings, mumps, and meetings with the principal were nothing compared to the revelation that the smell of an illegal substance that is mysteriously floating in your car one day can also be absorbed into your office wardrobe. This brings you looks of disdain from everyone at work except the new secretary and the mail boy. You are learning that your child out driving around town means a child-free home. This gives rise to a married woman’s most dreaded phrase, “We're alone.” For parents everywhere exposed to the diabolical learners permit situation I offer you this toast: Here’s to no fault insurance, DNA testing, post office boxes, unlisted phone numbers, and drug testing. Here’s to under-standing tow truck operators, police officers with a sense of humor, and insurance agents who don’t ask if a car has four wheel drive or a turbocharger. Here’s to parents everywhere who live in fear of the most dangerous phrase in existence, at least until, out of the blue, they hear, “Mom, Dad …. I’m getting married.” n September September2010 2010 45


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Lemons to Lemonade Family By Diane Stark


ere comes the bride, all fat and wide! Where is the groom, he’s in the bathroom,” sang my daughter and my very-soon-to-be stepdaughter. They looked absolutely adorable in their flower girl dresses. “Hey!” I said, shooting them a look in the rearview mirror, “When we get to that church and I put on my dress, I better not look all fat and wide!” Both girls giggled and assured me that I did indeed look beautiful – and skinny! - in my white wedding dress. ‘Technically, it’s ivory,’ I thought, ‘with this being my second time around and all.’ But the girls were oblivious to my thoughts. They had already gone back to their song. ‘Here’s to new beginnings,’ I thought. But out loud, I said, “Here comes the bride, all fat and wide!” And the three of us giggled all the way to the church. Our new beginning certainly started out with a bang – and a Caribbean cruise – but we’ve definitely had our ups and downs since then. We’ve had days when our “his and hers” children are gelling along so well that I feel we’ve always been a family. But we also have days when they seem to hate one another, and I wonder if we made a mistake. Being part of a blended family isn’t easy. Our family was formed because we’d all experienced previous losses. I’m only here because another woman didn’t want to be. I have my husband – and two more children – because she no longer wanted them. Our family began because two other families ended. As challenging as it is sometimes, we all agreed from the beginning that we’re in this thing for the long haul. No getting out, no jumping ship. This is it – for all seven of us. We’re a family – not in the traditional sense of the word, granted – but we love one another and we’re going to make this work. But I won’t lie to you. It’s not always easy, and like every other mother, there are times when I just want to crawl under the covers and stay there until the youngest one goes away to college. But I also have

moments when the reality of our situation hits home, and all I can do is take a deep breath and be grateful for this second chance. In one such moment, my 12-year-old stepson said, “Mom, I love you, and you’re a great mother to all five of us kids, but sometimes it’s hard because…” He paused, unsure if he should go on. I nodded and finished his thought. “I’m only here because your real mom chose not to be here.” “Yeah, and I’m glad that you’re here, but sometimes I wish…” I nodded again. “Sometimes you wish that your parents wouldn’t have gotten a divorce.” He smiled a small, sad smile, but he seemed relieved that I understood what he meant, and that what he said hadn’t hurt my feelings. I hugged him and told him that his feelings were normal. I said, “Honey, I think everyone feels that way. But this is what’s happened and we’re going to make lemonade from the lemons we’ve been given.” He wrinkled his nose, so I explained. “We’re going to look on the bright side, Sweetheart. We’re going to focus on the positive aspects of our new situation.” His face broke into a real grin this time. “Well, that’s easy,” he said. “You’re a way better cook than Dad! I was getting really tired of eating Hamburger Helper for dinner every night!” I laughed, having heard many stories about my husband’s single dad culinary skills. Then I said, “That’s exactly what I meant. What else?” He thought for a minute. “I always wanted a brother. And now I have two little brothers and another sister.” I nodded, proud of him. The way the children acted sometimes, I wondered if they counted one another as positives, but I was pleased that he said it. “Nice job, Sweetie. We’re focusing on the good stuff here.” He stared right at me then, deep into my eyes. “What are you doing, Honey?” I asked. He looked at me a moment longer and then answered softly, “I’m focusing on the good stuff.” n

“Sometimes that lemonade sure tastes sweet.” September 2010 47

48 September 2010

AUTO CLUB SPEEDWAY Rock & Roll at the Auto Club Speedway

Everyday Tragedy

It’s a magical thing to catch a band just as they are about to break. It is often a fine balance of having enough experience behind them, combined with a mix of talent, drive, and luck. So Cal’s Everyday Tragedy are poised at that tipping point right now. Having just released their second album, Blackhole Carousel, in July, on their own label, Antihero Records, this band is ready to chase some very big dreams. The video for Synthetic Hearts, off Blackhole Carousel, premiered on Myspace in August, and provides an excellent introduction to the band. One of the biggest compliments I can give this band is that they really don’t sound like anyone else, and really don’t conform to any one subgenre of rock. What they are is a flat out great rock band, blazing their own unique trail, and much to their credit, retaining a lot of control over where their career is headed. Having already developed a strong Southern California following with their blazing live show, the band is planning to hit the road beginning in October for a national tour, the first two dates of which will be hometown shows.

While it is only rarely used as a concert venue, Auto Club Speedway has earned the venue feature this month for hosting Epicenter Twenty Ten, on September 25th and September 26th. While this is the second year for Epicenter, it is the first time to be held at the gorgeous raceway in Fontana. With a seriously eclectic lineup, on multiple stages, there is sure to be someone to appeal to almost any music fan. On Saturday the 25th, the lineup features Eminem and Kiss. It will also feature two very high profile reunions, Bush (first performance since 2001) and House of Pain (first show in a decade). It will also be the solo debut of Deuce, formerly of Hollywood Undead. On Sunday the 26th , the lineup features Blink 182 (only North American appearance in 2010) and Rise Against (one of the best live bands ever). It will also feature Bad Religion, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and A Day To Remember. More bands are being announced all the time, so be sure to check the sites listed below for additions made after press time. There are single day and two day passes available, as well as a VIP package. This event is sure to be huge. Details can be found at both of these sites:

For more information on the band check out: September 2010 49

50 September 2010

The Little Mermaid

Date: August 28th, 29th & September 4th Time: 2:00 PM Location: The Grove Theatre, 276 E. Ninth Street, Upland, 91786

Cost: $10.00 Adults, $8.00 Students and children

Calendar Three Valleys Municipal Water District – Leadership Breakfast

DATE: October 21st, 2010 TIME: 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM LOCATION: The Avalon Restaurant, Fairplex - 1101 West McKinley Ave., Pomona, 91768

On mermaid Ariel’s fifteenth birthday she is given the right of passage to go to the surface of the sea and explore the beauty of the human world. However, when Ariel falls in love with a human prince, she makes a deal with the evil Sea-Witch in order to become human. But this deal is only the beginning of the Sea-Witch’s treacherous plot to rule the ocean. Will Ariel be able to save herself and her family from the evil Sea-Witch all while winning the heart of a handsome prince?

Sounds of Gospel Weekend Celebration

Date: August 27th and 28th Time: 8:00 PM Location: The Grove Theatre, 276 E. Ninth Street, Upland, 91786 Cost: $12/ 1 Night, $20/ Both Nights

Two evenings of gospel music hosted by Sherry Kinison, gospel singer, recording artist and owner of the Grove Theatre, and featuring the bands Kings and Priests, the Royal Blues Band and Forgiven. Manuel Salinas will also perform on the piano. This is a weekend of music that will lift you up. For more info: 909-920-4343 or

COST: $15.00


Water Fair

COST: $45.50

DATE: September 11th, 2010 TIME: 8:00 PM LOCATION: Lewis Family Playhouse, 12505 Cultural Center

Guest Speaker, Steve Solomon, Author - WATER: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization. Please RSVP to: (909) 621-5568 or cdechaine@tvmwd. com by October 11, 2010. Please call for more information.

DATE: October 23rd, 2010 TIME: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM LOCATION: Chino Basin Water Conservation District, 4594 San Bernardino St., Montclair, 91763


Raffle prizes, Drought-resistant plant sale, Face painting, Petting Zoo, Give-aways, National Children’s Theater, LOTS OF FUN! Please call (909) 626-2711 for more information.

An Evening with Briar Rose Winery & Artisanal Cheese Tasting Adventure Class DATE: Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 TIME: 6:00PM LOCATION: Briar Rose Winery, 41720 Calle Cabrillo, Temecula, CA 92592

COST: $45.00 per person

Join us Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 at 6:00 PM and learn why our winery is called the “Hidden Gem of Temecula Valley Wine Country”. There are only 30 seats available for our Wine and Cheese Adventure. RSVP and payment reserves your seat! To complement our wines a very special class is being prepared for you! Briar Rose Winery will be pulling out their rare bottles of Linkogle Library wines which will be expertly paired with Artisanal Cheeses by our special guest, “The Cheese Impresario”, Barrie Lynn. She has selected four of our award-winning Library wines and personally selected the perfect award-winning Artisanal cheeses. Come join us as we travel down The Cheese Highway and introduce your palette to some beautiful pairing of award-winning cheeses and paired with our Library wines by The Cheese Impresario. Call to reserve your seat today at 951-308-1098. For more information about Briar Rose Winery visit:

Doggie POOL-ooza

DATE: September 11th, 2010 TIME: 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM LOCATON:  Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park, 800 N. Archibald Ave., Ontario, CA  91764

COST:  $10 parking + $1 per dog

Bring your dog out for a splash in the pool (dogs only) and a morning filled with contests, pet care, information, pet adoption opportunities, vendors and more! Prizes will be awarded to the “top dogs”. First 100 participants will receive a free gift bag. Dogs must be at least 6-months old with current license and proof of vaccines. For more information call (909) 387-2461.

Drive, Rancho Cucamonga

Known for countless hit singles including “Working For The Weekend,” “Turn Me Loose” and “Heaven In Your Eyes,” Loverboy, one of the biggest bands from the 80s era, headlines live at the Lewis Family Playhouse on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 8:00 pm. All tickets are priced at $45.50 and are available online at www. or through the Box Office at (909) 477-2752.


DATE: September 18th, 2010 TIME: 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM LOCATION: Lewis Family Playhouse, 12505 Cultural Center Drive, Rancho Cucamonga

COST: $26.50 General, $24.50 Seniors, $21.50 Youth

Mariachi Divas, the Grammy award winning, all female, multi-cultural ensemble returns to the Lewis Family Playhouse on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm. Tickets: $26.50 General Admission, $24.50 Senior and $21.50 Youth are available online at or through the Box Office at (909) 477-2752.


DATE: September 19th, 2010 TIME: 2:00 PM LOCATION: Lewis Family Playhouse,

12505 Cultural Center Drive, Rancho Cucamonga

COST: $20.50 General, $18.50 Seniors, $17.00 Youth

The Bob Hope Show is a 90-minute recreation of a classic 1940’s radio program starring Lynn Roberts as Bob and his guest stars featuring 1940’s guest stars. Relive the comedy and golden days of radio on Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 2:00 pm at the Lewis Family Playhouse. Tickets: $20.50 General Admission, $18.50 Senior and $17.00 Youth are available online at www.lewisfamilyplayhouse. com or through the Box Office at (909) 477-2752.


DATE: Thursdays and Saturdays TIME: 1, 2, and 3 PM LOCATION: Maloof Foundation, 5131 Carnelian Street, Alta Loma COST: Adults $10; Seniors (65+) $8; Students $5

Tour the hand-built house and see the astonishing arts and crafts collection compiled by internationally known woodworker Sam Maloof and his wife Alfreda. Docent-led tours of the house are scheduled hourly. Reservations recommended. Garden is available for self-guided tours and is free of charge. Tribal Craft exhibition in the Jacobs Education Center has been extended through October and is free of charge. Reservations and info: 909-980-0412.

September 2010 51

Children’s Firearm Safety Training

DATE: Every 2nd and 4th Saturday TIME: 11AM-12PM LOCATION: Bass Pro Shops, 7777 Victoria Gardens Lane, Rancho Cucamonga

Parents, do you have firearms in your home or do you just want your children to learn what to do if ever in a situation where firearms may be present? The National Rifle Associations “Eddie Eagle” Program promotes the protection and safety of children by teaching accident prevention. The Eddie Eagle Program has been in use by the National Rifle Association since 1988 and has reached 21 million children. Join our staff every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 11am-12pm for this family friendly program. Please call 909-922-5500 for more info.

Aquarium & Stream Fish Feeding

DATE: Every Saturday in September TIME: 12:00 PM LOCATION: Bass Pro Shops, 7777 Victoria Gardens Lane, Rancho Cucamonga Every Saturday at 12:00 noon, come watch our 8,000 gallon main fish tank turn into a feeding frenzy as our in-house aquarists feed our trophy largemouth bass, catfish, bluegill, striped bass, smallmouth bass, and more. Also, don’t forget to visit our Islamorada Fish Company restaurant to view the salt-water fish in our 11,000-gallon aquarium!! Bring the kids for lots of fun. On select Saturdays, we also gather the kids along the indoor stream to feed our brown and rainbow trout!!


DATE: Thursdays and Saturdays, extended through October 2010 TIME: 12 – 4 PM , SPECIAL CURATOR’S TOUR: Saturday, September 18 at 2 PM LOCATION: Maloof Foundation, Jacobs Education Center,

5131 Carnelian St., Alta Loma COST: Free of charge This spectacular exhibition brings together ethnic craft from three private collections (including Sam Maloof) and three tribal areas of the world – Africa, Oceania and First Peoples of the Americas. On Saturday, September 18th, join exhibition curator, John Scott, for a special 45-minute tour of the exhibition at 2PM. John’s effusive personality along with his personal informal comments on individual items in the collections should make the tour an interesting afternoon event. Please note: Special Curator’s Tour participants who also want to take the historic residence tour should make reservations for 1PM or 3PM in advance at 909-980-0412.

PLEIN AIR PAINTING IN THE GARDEN DATE: Thursdays and Saturdays TIME: 12 - 4 PM LOCATION: Maloof Foundation Discovery Garden,

5131 Carnelian Street, Alta Loma Painters are invited to set up their easels in the garden, which provides colorful subject matter all year. Summer days can be very hot so bring plenty of water and sun protection. Call the Foundation to reserve your space. Reservations and info: 909-980-0412.

Nature Discovery Hike

DATE: September 4th, 2010 TIME: 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM LOCATION: Mary Vagle Nature Center, 11501 Cypress Ave., Fontana, CA 92337


The free family friendly hike is a great way to add exercise and excitement to your weekend. From raptors to rabbits and beetles to buckwheat our naturalists will introduce you to the natural resources of the Jurupa Hills. Please call (909) 349-6994 for more info.

Latin Expression

DATE: September 7th, 2010 TIME: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM LOCATION: Steelworkers’ Auditorium, 8437 Sierra Ave., Fontana, CA 92335 COST: FREE

Join us for a live performance by the dance company Folklore Mexicano Del Sur De California and experience their original dance showcase “Leyendas de Mexico”. Please call (909) 349-6979 for more information.

Adventure into Nature

DATE: September 11th, 2010 TIME: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM LOCATION: Mary Vagle Nature Center, 11501 Cypress Ave., Fontana, CA 92337 COST: $3 per child (up to 2 adults free with each child)

52 September 2010

Program includes a critter craft activity, live animal demonstration, and a walk around the pond - perfect for little legs! Adventure program from 1:00-2:30; craft activity remains available until 4:00 p.m. Please call (909) 349-6994 for more information.

Inspired Entertainment

DATE: September 14th, 2010 TIME: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM LOCATION: Steelworkers’ Auditorium, 8437 Sierra Ave., Fontana, CA 92335 COST: FREE

Enjoy a live dance performance by the group Cripple Creek Cloggers and experience a variety of clog dance styles including Country, Bluegrass, Irish and more. For more information please call (909) 349-6979.

Music Musings

DATE: September 21st, 2010 TIME: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM LOCATION: Steelworkers’ Auditorium, 8437 Sierra Ave, Fontana, CA 92335 COST: FREE

Visit the courtyard between the Lewis Library and Technology Center and Steelworkers’ Auditorium to enjoy the sounds of “Steel Drum Music of the Caribbean” a live steel drum performance. For more information please call (909) 349-6979.

Earth Craft Afternoon

DATE: September 26th, 2010 TIME: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM LOCATION: Mary Vagle Nature Center, 11501 Cypress Ave., Fontana, CA 92337 COST: FREE

Bring your family to create fun, earth-friendly crafts from natural or recyclable items. Take home a hand-crafted treasure at no cost to you, or the environment! Please call (909) 349-6994 for more information.

Active Creation

DATE: September 28th, 2010 TIME: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM LOCATION: Steelworkers’ Auditorium, 8437 Sierra Ave., Fontana, CA 92335 COST: Free

Check out the performance “River Otter Circus”, a puppet themed showcase by Swazzle. Learn more about discovering your own talents in this fun and interactive performance. For more information please call (909) 349-6979.

Market Night

DATE: Every Thursday night in September TIME: 6:00pm-9:00pm LOCATION: State Street - Downtown Redlands COST: Varies

Visitors are welcomed into an inviting atmosphere complete with lighted trees, brick sidewalks, historic buildings, and great musical entertainment. Crowds are pleasantly surrounded by over 150 food and merchandise booths, not to mention the downtown shopkeepers, every Thursday night. Please email or call 909-798-7629 for more information.

Household Hazardous Waste

DATE: Every Saturday morning in September TIME: 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM LOCATION: City of Redlands Corporate Yard, 1270 W. Park Ave., Redlands, CA COST: Free

The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program provides for proper disposal of hazardous materials that might otherwise end up in landfills or wastewater treatment facilities. Please email for more info.

Saturday Morning Farmers’ Market

DATE: Every Saturday morning in September TIME: 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM LOCATION: Redlands Blvd and 5th Street, City of Redlands, CA COST: Varies

Come enjoy the fresh produce from the local farmers around the area. You can even smell the fresh aroma of all the fruits and vegetables while walking around

the parking lot. Instead of going the grocery store, buy your groceries at the Farmers’ Market and get everything you need straight from the farm to the streets of Redlands. The farmers benefit just as much as the public. Come give it a try. You will not be disappointed. Please email or call 909-798-7629 for more information.

6th Annual Charity Softball Tournament and Kids Fun Zone

DATE: September 11th, 2010 TIME: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM LOCATION: Clement Middle School, 501 E. Pennsylvania, Redlands, CA COST: Fundraiser, Varies

This family-friendly event brings together the community while 10 teams comprised of businesses, churches, and other community organizations compete for a cash prize of $500.00 with ½ going to the winner’s chosen charity. During this time, families can enjoy food, contests, entertainment, carnival games, and crafts. KID FUNZONE will have carnival games, entertainment, food, contests, raffles, and interactive crafts and activities designed to promote free and low cost community events that provide opportunities for families to spend quality time together. First Pitch at 8:00am Kids Fun Zone starts at 11:00am Raffle Giveaway at 2:45pm. Please call (909) 793-8822 for more information.

1st Annual Redlands Rib Cook-Off

DATE: September 4th, 2010 TIME: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM LOCATION: Sylvan Park, (corner of Colton Avenue and University Street,) Redlands, CA

COST: Donation: $5/couple, $3/singles, children (12 & under) are free

with paid adult. 1st Annual Redlands Morning Kiwanis Community Rib Cook-Off scheduled for Saturday, September 4, 2010, at Sylvan Park from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00pm.   Family fun, activities for children, Live D. J., door prizes.  Join in this big community barbeque rib cook-off and compete in the category that fits you. Compete for prizes in your category for the best barbeque ribs! Cooking competition is open to commercial barbeque chefs, service clubs, other non-profits, and the general public. A panel of ’celebrities’ will judge the ribs prepared by commercial chefs, service clubs, and other non-profit competitors. The attending public will be judge the “People’s Choice” ribs. A two-ounce serving of ribs will be offered by the contestants to everyone! For more information contact: Carole Coley 909-3352474  or email: 

Chinese Moon Festival at the Heritage House

DATE: Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 TIME: 6:00 – 8:00 PM LOCATION: Riverside Metropolitan Museum’s Historic

Heritage House, 8193 Magnolia Ave., Riverside COST: Free Celebrating Chinese Culture underneath a Full Moon- Riverside Metropolitan Museum’s Heritage House is pleased to announce it’s 7th annual Chinese Moon Festival. This free community event will focus on Chinese culture through the celebration of this traditional harvest festival. The event will feature Chinese Storytelling, calligraphy, tangram puzzles, chopstick training, lantern-making crafts, traditional songs by San Diego Huaxia Chinese School (Riverside Campus) and a special opportunity to view the full moon with high-powered telescopes set up by the Riverside Astronomical Society. New this year is a special Lion Dance Performance and Tai Chi Demonstration! On display, will be Riverside’s Chinatown artifacts and photographs from the Museum’s collections. For more information, please call (951) 826-5273 or visit

Thursday of the month from 6-9 p.m. in Downtown Riverside. For more information call 951.682.6737 or visit

Downtown Farmers Market

DATE: Every Saturday of the month TIME: 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM LOCATION: Main Street Riverside between Sixth and Fifth streets COST: Varies

Please join us in beautiful Downtown Riverside every Saturday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. An array of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers will be there for you to enjoy. For more information please call (951) 826-2434.

Movies & Music on Main

DATE: Movies every 2nd & 4th Thursday, Music every 3rd Thursday TIME: 7:00 PM LOCATION: On Main Street in Riverside, between University & COST: FREE

Mission Inn Ave., Riverside

Bring your chair and enjoy free movies and live entertainment on Main Street. Movies are projected on a big outdoor screen. Popcorn and refreshments available for purchase.

Swing Dancing

DATE: September 6th, 2010, and nearly every Monday there after, please call prior. TIME: 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM LOCATION: Coffee Depot - 3204 Mission Inn Ave. Riverside, CA 92507 COST: FREE

UCR Swing teaches free swing dancing nearly every Monday from 7-11pm at the Coffee Depot.  Learn how to swing dance!  There are two lessons, from 7:30-8pm and 8-8:30pm.  The dance floor is open until 11pm. Note that Swing Dancing could be canceled some Mondays without notice.  To confirm call the Coffee Depot at (951) 222-2263 or email

Discovery Days

DATE: 3rd Wednesday of Every Month TIME: 1:30 PM-4:30 PM LOCATION: Riverside Metropolitan Museum - 3580 Mission Inn Ave. Riverside COST: FREE

Discovery Days is an ongoing children’s program focused on teaching kids about different aspects of nature and science, which features hands-on activities, live animals and plants, and animal experts engaging kids in the process of discovery. The program is free and is best for children ages 3-10. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Please call (951) 826-5273 for more information.

An Evening of Comedy with Dennis Miller

DATE: September 17th, 2010 TIME: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM LOCATION: Fox Performing Arts Center - 3801 Mission Inn Ave. Riverside COST: $35-$79, VIP $99

Stand-up comedian, political commentator, actor, and television and current KTIE/ KRLA radio personality, Dennis Miller rose to fame as a cast member of Saturday Night Live in 1985, and went on to host his own talk shows on HBO and CNBC. Miller is known for his laid-back style (for example, calling people “Babe” or referring to them as “cats”) and acerbic, brooding sense of humor. His specialty is the “rant”— a stream-of-consciousness diatribe monologue in which he rails against whatever happens to be bothering him at the moment. Such rants typically begin with “Now, I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but...” and end with “...of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.” He was voted Number 21 on Comedy Central’s list of the 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time. For more Information go to

Riverside Art Walk

DATE: Every first Thursday of the month TIME: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM LOCATION: Downtown Riverside, CA COST: FREE

Awaken your artistic senses and celebrate the diversity of arts and culture in the Inland Empire. Browse over 20 different art galleries, studios and museums with exhibits in various art mediums.  Special performances, poetry, theater, handson art activities, refreshments and more are some of what you will experience at Riverside Arts Walk. Become a part of the pulse! Riverside Arts Walk is every First

Calendar Events can be placed by calling or emailing us, or by going to our website. The cost is $30 for one listing, $25 each for two or more listings, and $20 each for three or more listings. All listings are also placed on our website at no additional charge. Call Jasmine @ 909-983-8140

September 2010 53



Restaurants & Lounges Claremont Café Harvard Square Located in the Claremont Village and serving Continental cuisine, the Café Harvard Square has a full bar, outdoor seating and offers lunch and dinner. 206 W. Bonita Ave. (909) 626-7765 Walter’s Restaurant This long-established eatery offers a taste of Afghani and French plates in a very comfortable atmosphere. Outdoor seating available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 310 Yale Ave. (909) 624-4914 Tutti Mangia Italian Grill Absolutely marvelous Italian dishes served in a lovely setting. Full bar and great wine list. Lunch Mon. - Fri. and dinner nightly. 102 Harvard Ave. (909) 625-4669 Casa De Salsa Everything Mexican is served in this great restaurant owned by absolutely wonderful people. 415 W. Foothill Blvd. (909) 445-1200

Rancho Cucamonga Omaha Jacks Offering fine steaks in a great atmosphere, with maybe the best brewery in the Inland Empire. 11837 Foothill Blvd. (909) 477-4377 Magic Lamp Inn An established Route 66 landmark. This fine eatery boasts some of the best prime rib and other dinner dishes around. 8189 Foothill Blvd. (909) 981-8659 Joe’s Crab Shack This is a great place to eat that offers all manner of seafood, great steaks and a variety of sandwiches. 12327 Foothill Blvd. (909) 463-6599

54 September 2010

Eddie’s Cucina Italiana Mouth-watering Italian dishes, plus seafood and steaks served up in a wonderful, family-oriented atmosphere. Full bar. 8153 Aspen Avenue (909) 476-8400

Misty’s Lounge Great entertainment and dancing nightly. Peaceful, but exciting place to take a date. Full bar and located within the Doubletree Hotel. 222 N. Vineyard Ave. (909) 937-0900



Spaggi’s Great Italian dishes and delicious seafood served by awesome and pleasant staff. Lunch during the week and dinner daily. 1651 W. Foothill Blvd. (909) 579-0497

McKinley’s Grill Casual dining and great food. This is a great place for a family dinner, and the staff are friendly and provide excellent service. 601 W. McKinley Ave. (909) 622-2220

Buffalo Inn Great burgers and live entertainment. Said to be one of the best burger joints in the Inland Empire. 1814 West Foothill Blvd. (909) 981-5515

Pomona Valley Mining Co. This place has a view to die for. Great steaks in a Gold Rush atmosphere. Full bar, great staff and excellent service. 1777 Gillette Road. (909) 623-3515

Rancho Cucamonga’s New Italian-American Dinner House Rancho Cucamonga’s New Robust Italian specialties and pastas, fresh seafood and USDA Prime and Angus steaks Italian-American Dinner House served up in a wonderful, family oriented atmosphere. Full Martini and Wine Bar.

Outback Steakhouse Offering good steaks and a variety of seafood. Good family dining. 530 N. Mountain Ave. (909) 931-1050

Montclair Romano’s Macaroni Grill Eating well should be a pleasure, and it is here.Dishes are Inspired by the Mediterranean way of cooking along Italy’s coast. 4955 S. Plaza Lane, Montclair, CA 91763 909-621-2604 Café Montclair Exceptional steaks and Italian dishes at reasonable prices is their motto, while providing the best service in a casual setting. 10220 Central Ave. (909) 445-1285

Ontario Panda Inn This is a huge place with excellent food. It has a full bar and offers great dishes. 909 staff have eaten here and enjoyed the experience. 3223 E. Centerlake (909) 390-2888

(Private Dining Room Available) (Private Dining Room Available) 909.476.8400

8153 Aspen Ave. | Rancho Cucamonga 909.476.8400 8153 Aspen Ave. | Rancho Cucamonga

Alum-A-Wood Patio Covers 12 months same as cash Build it NOW! Patio Enclosures • Sunrooms Keep your $$$$ ‘til next year! ents NO Paymerest t NO In (oac)

Patio Enclosures from $8995 prices on your slab plus tax and permit


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The Wine Tailor Located in California’s Oldest Winery Custom labels done while you wait Acclaimed gift baskets • Private parties

Open Tues - Sun (closed Mondays)


The Membership Trading Community


Located on the Northeast corner of Foothill & Vineyard 8916 Foothill Boulevard, Rancho Cucamonga September 2010 55

Organic vs. Non-organic By Elizabeth Barker

The Debate Rages On

56 September 2010


Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without chemicals and pesticides. Only naturally occurring chemicals and traditional remedies are used to control pests and diseases in organic farming. Processed foods that claim to be organic, do not use genetically modified ingredients such as hydrogenated oils and corn syrup. Commercial forming uses chemicals, genetic modification, and other methods to increase the crop yield and control pests. If you ask the average consumer, they would say that organic foods are healthier than their non-organic counterparts are, but are they really healthier? Over the past decade, organic foods have become so popular that entire retail food chains are dedicated to an organic and healthier consumer. The organic industry has spent billions of dollars saturating the market with messages that lead the consumer to believe that organic foods are safer, healthier, and an overall better choice than the non-organic counterpart is. While the term organic may give you a warm and fuzzy feeling and make you feel that you are a great parent and conscious consumer, it is all a bunch of hype. This author does not believe the hype for several reasons.

Substandard quality

Organic implies the method of growing and manufacturing that is used. There is no scientific evidence that concludes that organic is healthier.

There is plenty of evidence that makes you question not only the methods used to grow organic foods, but also the quality. Some experts argue that organically grown foods are nutritionally deprived, unhealthy, disease-ridden, pest-eaten, growth-stunted products. That is a bold statement, but the science makes perfect sense. The commercial fertilizers that are used in conventional farming methods ensure adequate growth and development of the vitamins and minerals in the food. The herbicides keep weeds from stripping the soil for its nutrients. Finally, when the crops are harvested, the added preservatives help the food remain fresh until they make it to market. Organic farming uses manure, which is a source for E coli. Since none of these methods are used in organic farming, it begs the question ‘are the organic foods better?’

Organic foods may be higher in sugar and fat than non-Organic

Let’s be clear. Organic foods frequently are higher in sugar, sodium, and fat than the non-organic counterparts are. For example, organic ketchup has more sugar than the non-organic variety. The difference between the two was that only that organic tomatoes and organic sugar were the main ingredients. There is a greater health benefit for my children to reduce their sugar consumption. In addition, tomatoes are peeled before they are cooked. Pesticides do not permeate the skin of the tomato so non-organically grown tomatoes will not contain any pesticide residue. Another example is bananas. Since we peel a banana before we eat it, there is no additional benefit to purchasing organic bananas. If you are concerned about your family eating fruits that have been treated with pesticides, simply peel your fruits and vegetables before eating them. For diabetics, heart patients, and overweight people, fat, sodium, and sugar are detrimental to their health. Clearly, there are many instances where organic is not the better choice. Continued on page 62

Over the past decade, organic foods have become so popular that entire retail food chains are dedicated to an organic and healthier consumer. September 2010 57

Happiness is a Full Freezer By Diane Stark

“Mom, what’s for dinner?” My 10-year-old son, Jordan, asks me. It’s 7 a.m. and the child is currently shoving in the Apple Jacks like he hasn’t eaten in weeks.

58 September 2010

I sigh. The what’s-for-dinner conundrum. It’s the question I most dread being asked. (Well, besides the whole where-dobabies-come-from thing. But that’s a whole other conundrum.) Yet each of my

five children – yes, five! – ask me at least three times a day what fantastic fare they’ll be dining on that evening. Often, the question is posed before I even manage to get out of my jammies.

This bugs me and they know it, but it doesn’t seem to stop them from asking. Once, I asked Jordan why he did this. “Why, oh why, do you need to know what you’ll be eating for dinner 12 hours from now?” I said on a sigh. “I like to know what to get hungry for,” he said with a smile. “It makes the food taste better when I get to think about it all day.” I thought about his answer. It made sense in an odd sort of way. And really, I was doing the same thing – spending inordinate amounts of time thinking about dinner. But I was worried about the cooking aspect of the process. (I’ve got the eating part down pat.) All day long, the what’s-fordinner deal plagued my thoughts. “What am I going to make?” I’d think throughout the day. The question hung over me like a proverbial dark cloud. And I knew it was time to find a little silver lining. I’d heard about this thing called once a month cooking. Cooking only once a month? Woo-hoo! That sounded like Heaven on earth. So me and my friend Google checked it out. I waded through what felt like a million hits. I printed dozens of recipes and joined a really great online cooking group. The general consensus among the group was that if I wanted to start doing once a month cooking, I needed to start small. I set aside an entire Saturday for my first marathon cooking session. I bought every boneless, skinless chicken breast within a 50 mile radius and a whole cow worth of hamburger. I purchased

canned vegetables, fresh veggies, and some frozen ones too. I got tomato paste, tomato sauce, and even tomato puree. I bought so much food that I had to ask Jordan to grab a second cart. To which he said, “Ooh, I can hardly wait to have dinner tonight!” I brought everything home and started sorting the food. I got out the brand-new recipes I printed off the internet and started compiling casseroles. I quadrupled all the recipes, figuring I could make four casseroles nearly as quickly as I could make one. All afternoon, I was like the Tasmanian Devil in my kitchen. Finally, my freezer was full of a month’s worth of casseroles. Inevitably, one of my kids meandered into the kitchen and asked the inevitable question. “So, Mom, what’s for dinner?” I grinned because for the first time in my life, the question didn’t irk me. I already knew the answer. I retrieved one of my fabulous new casseroles from the freezer and put it in the oven. “Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes,” I said, patting myself on the back. I was still singing my own praises as my family took their first bites of my very first once a month cooking creation. “Wow, this is… not my favorite,” my husband said slowly. And my kids were not nearly as tactful. “Mom, this is nasty,” one said. Another child actually spit the food back onto her plate. They didn’t like my casserole. And I had three more in the freezer just like it. After I finished crying, I got back online and discovered some important advice I’d ignored the first time around. It said, “Don’t double, triple, and certainly don’t quadruple any recipe that you haven’t tried before. It doesn’t make any sense to have dinners

in the freezer that nobody will actually eat.” Now they tell me. I revisited the “start small” advice and realized it held a lot of merit. The ladies in the online cooking group advised me to consider making meal starters, rather than whole meals for the freezer. “Catch a good sale on ground beef,” they said. “Buy a ton, brown it all, and then freeze it after it’s cooked. Then when you want to use it, thaw it and turn it into tacos, sloppy joes, or use it in a casserole.” I cringed at the thought of another casserole, but the taco idea sounded great. A few nights later, I put it to the test. I thawed the meat in the microwave, added the seasoning and warmed the tortillas, and had tacos on the table in less than ten minutes. It was so easy and stress-free. And best of all, nobody spit their dinner back onto their plate. My new online friends told me I could do the same thing with chicken. I put some boneless, skinless breasts in my crock pot with a bit of chicken broth. I let it cook all day and then that night, I shredded the chicken with two

forks. I froze the pieces in small containers, ready to be thawed and turned into chicken salad, quesadillas, or barbecue chicken pizza. Or even – gasp – a casserole. Another part of the “start small” philosophy is to double familiar recipes. If you love your lasagna recipe, make two pans or even three. Eat one for dinner that night and toss the extra one in the freezer for another time. It will come in handy, but remember, only do this with a recipe you’ve tried before. (Trust me on this one. Remember those casseroles I made? They’re in my freezer, where they’ve been for a year and a half now.) But I’ve come a long way with this once a month cooking thing. Now, when one of my kids asks me what’s for dinner, I don’t panic. I know that my freezer is full of foods that make dinner time easier, more organized and far less stressful. Once a month cooking has helped me become a much happier mama. And by the way, if you happen to know anyone who’s holding a potluck dinner, I’ve got some casseroles in my freezer I’d like to unload. n September 2010 59

Ice Cream–

An American tradition and obsession

By Sharon Ellis

Dr. Bob’s Ice Cream - back by popular demand at Pop’s Café and Creamery. Seeing that the average American consumes over 45 pints of Ice Cream per year I think it’s safe to say that we have an obsession with the stuff.

60 September 2010

Of course there are many spin-offs from the old favorite such as frozen yogurt, tofutti, soft swirl and sorbet, and then we were introduced to the frozen concoctions from across the pond like Italian Ice, Gelato and Granita. In my mind however, nothing compares to the lush and creamy decadence of handcrafted ice cream. The recipe for perfection it seems lies in the high fat content (up to 16%) and of course the quality of added ingredients. One such purveyor of the best of the best is Dr. Bob’s Ice Cream. Winning over 30 gold medals at the LA County Fair and named one of the ten best ice creams in the world according to a panel of pastry chefs and food critics, Dr. Bob’s ice cream is a must for ice cream aficionados and even people like me who at least know the difference between coffee and cappuccino - one has a fancier name, right? To get your fix of this luscious frozen delight right here in the Inland Empire you can visit Pop’s Café & Creamery located in historic downtown Upland on 2nd Avenue. Barbara Polk owns and operates the tiny eatery and has a longstanding history with the area and the ice cream business. Originally Barbara and her Dad, Jason Polk, purchased the Dr. Bob’s California based store over 6 years ago. That store, located on C Street in downtown Upland, was within a stone’s throw from her current store. With numerous write-ups in various publications the pair had quite a nice enterprise. When Barbara talks about the ice cream parlor her and her Dad built and ran together her pride is apparent. When she shows the article written about Dr. Bob’s being voted one of the 10 best ice creams in the world, she said, “That is quite impressive!” Her commitment to excellence is what drives her and the joy she gets from it is apparent.

With our teetering economy we see business’s dropping like flies so the days of opening the door and waiting for the customers to come have passed. This may be one of the reasons Barbara takes her community involvement so seriously. She is more than just another business owner but rather a business woman who knows that working to improve and enrich the neighborhood as a whole will bring long term success overall. Some of Barbara’s involvement includes sitting on the Main Street Upland Board of Directors and participating in the committee for Upland’s Lemon Festival, a three-day event attended by over 60,000 people. Since her Dad passed away she continues to pay homage to him by featuring the same delicious ice cream that they served in the Ice Cream parlor they started together. She looks right at home behind the counter, taking orders and preparing lunch for her hungry and loyal customers and of course serving up generous scoops of Dr. Bobs. Pop’s Café and Creamery– 296 N. Second Avenue, Upland, CA 91786.

Ice Cream and Candy the sweet tooth’s dream team. When you walk into Bert and Rocky’s Ice Cream Shop the first thing you see is and array of chocolates, nostalgic jars full of colorful candies and trays of caramel apples and chocolate covered marshmallows. From old-fashioned caramel crèmes to hand dipped chocolate strawberries, it’s hard to make it to the ice cream counter empty handed. The selection is impressive even for a hard core Godivaholic like me. If you’re a fan of smores they have a version that will make you a Bert and Rocky groupie. The ice cream, which is created right there on the premises, is stabilizer free,

which makes it rich and velvety. The flavors range from fun peppermint candy, to sophisticated Champagne Sorbet. If you prefer something more delicate then you should try the pear sorbet or green tea ice cream. I’m partial to the enormous drumsticks, and mint chip is my favorite. However, they offer an assortment of flavors so if you time it right you might see Cappuccino, Butter Pecan or Honey Peanut Butter. They are all dipped in chocolate and covered in hundreds of coarsely chopped almonds. If you like a nice crunch with your ice cream that’s the ticket. Nestled in the heart of the Claremont Village, Bert and Rocky’s is easily accessible when your jonesing for something sweet and tantalizing. The cute ice cream parlor décor and seating is perfect for enjoying your cone or sundae. If walking while eating is your thing, the Claremont Village is a great place to window shop. There is a little of everything to see like interesting book shops and boutiques or you can plan your next dining out date with the many diverse restaurants to choose from.

The owners, Brent and Sherry, are really into serving the community. Both help local non-prophet organizations and schools through fund raising events. A couple of years ago I participated in a contest they sponsored where local businesses could come in to create their own unique flavors. Each flavor was then featured on the menu for one month and the best sellers got to stay on the menu. Then the ice creams were brought to the Los Angeles County Fair for judging. The top prize winning flavor was featured as a Flavor of the Month and named by the business that created it. The Crème Brule won 1st prize that year. It was a caramel and cream flavored ice cream with bits of carmelized sugar running through it. Creamy and crunchy - just like the original (only colder). Old fashioned ambiance, interesting selections and absolutely yummy - Bert & Rocky’s is a must. Bert & Rocky’s Cream Company– 242 Yale Avenue, Claremont. n September 2010 61

Organic vs. Non-Organic from page 57 Organic foods are priced out of my price range

Every day, I am forced to make the decision between purchasing affordable foods or the organic alternatives. Countless times, I have experienced guilt over choosing the non-organic products because of a limited food budget. In case you are wondering, organic food is more expensive because small farmers are not eligible, for the Federal subsidies that largescale commercial farmers are. It is the subsidies, which enable large-scale farmers to produce crops at substantially reduced prices than the organic farms. What about organic bread, soup, and crackers that are all priced 20%-35% higher than the non-organic items? Is this due to the manufacturing process or the market that will bear the higher price? The last time I checked, eliminating ingredients from an item should bring the cost down, not up. All things considered, organic has become a trend that enables the product manufacturers to inflate the price of their products.

Don’t listen to me; read the labels

The best approach is to choose the healthiest alternative. I regularly purchase organic items, from Trader Joe’s that are clearly the healthiest alternative. An example is turkey hot dogs. The turkey hot dogs found at Trader Joe’s only have a few ingredients, turkey, sodium, and water. They are 90 calories each and low in fat. I pay $4.99 a package for them, which is money well spent. A package 62 September 2010

of all meat hot dogs costs $0.99. The drawback is that they contain three times the fat of the organic brand, at least 10 preservatives, and have 190 calories each. There is one major supermarket chain, which sells products under their organic private label line. One variety of organic crackers contains almost twice the amount of calories and fat than the low fat option of the national brand. The national brand is also 30% less expensive. There are no hydrogenated oils in the organic crackers, which is a very attractive benefit. My advice is to read the ingredient labels and balance your family’s individual health needs with your budget. It will take time and effort to comparison shop your entire grocery list, but it will be worth it in the end. About a year ago, I began to read the labels on 1-2 items per week to determine if organic was the better alternative. A year later, I purchase a completely different list of items. Some are lower in sugar, salt, fat, or are organic. I also purchase a handful of items from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods market when I can afford them and when I have the time to make the additional trip. The items may be more expensive, but they are worth every penny. We are responsible for our heath, not food manufacturers. Just because the label says ‘organic’ does not relieve us of our responsibility to purchase food that will ward off diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Happy shopping! n

Rancho Cucamonga


Off the 15 Freeway between Victoria Gardens and Costco in Rancho Cucamonga

10 OFF


Purchase of $20.00 or more Expires Sept.31, 2010 Not Valid With Any Other Offer.

100 OFF


Repair of $200.00 or more

Expires Sept.31, 2010 Not Valid With Any Other Offer.

Collision Repair Specialist Servicing the inland empire for 18 years Hitch and Towbar sales and installation experts  Come visit our full RV supply store 9211 Charles Smith Avenue • Rancho Cucamonga

Meet You Neighbor from page 41 Kim: I am the CFO, the COO and I handle project scheduling. I am the whip-cracker. We have worked really hard to build the best team possible and I think that is one of our greatest successes. The Ignite team is just that …a team… we come together and make the greatest things happen. I love coming to work every day and being a part of that. Our people are the best….but I still crack the whip. Tell us about your family? We have a wonderful family. Right now, because of the boys ages we do everything together. We go to church, camp, hike, travel, go wakeboarding, boating, fishing and work together. It is a great time in our lives right now we enjoy every minute together. Are you an average Family?

I would consider us the average family to a certain extent. I think the thing that is different is that we own our own business and that plays a big part in how our weeks play out. Sometimes we have a lot of time to spend together and sometimes we don’t. We are blessed with opportunities that others might not have because we do own a business. When something arises Kim or I can get up and leave and handle it because we are not working for someone else. If we want to leave work early and pick the boys up from school and head up to Mt Baldy for a burger at first snow we can. (This is a tradition) How did Kids affect your lives? Wow! When the boys showed up in our lives – I can’t explain it – there is nothing else in life that compares. The joy of coming home from a good or bad day to find your boys wrestling around with each

has a big heart and loves to cuddle. Both enjoy sports and art. Hunter can tear anything apart and put it back together while Mason likes to make it look cool.

other, and see them stop immediately to give you a hug and an “I love you” is unexplainable. It is challenging at times but Kim and I wanted kids and knew the responsibility of having a family. That is all we have ever wanted in life – is to raise a family. It definitely makes you a better person. You are constantly thinking about the right answers and what’s best for your family. It’s a true blessing having a complete family unit. Tell us something special about your kids.

Kim: Our kids are my everything. I can’t imagine life without them. They are my heart walking around outside my body. Something special – I would have to agree with Chris … Hunter is truly a gracious soul – he has such a kind heart and always wants to help other people who are in need. He is empathic – which I don’t see as a common quality is today’s 12 year olds. Mason is a very loving person. He is always one to dish out hugs or rub your back when you’ve had a rough day. Do you guys like our magazine? Yes

Chris: Our boys are truly a blessing. Both boys are kind hearted and smart. Although I am sure every parent sees their kids as smart. Both are into building anything and everything out of Legos. Our oldest is the type of person that would do anything for anyone. He always watches out for his little brother and others in need. Our youngest

If so, why? It tells you about all the cool stuff to do around our house. n

Become an Upland Hills Player Club member and enjoy immediate savings on all the amenities Upland Hills has to offer. With 18 holes of golf, short game practice area, golf shop, bar, restaurant, banquet rooms and much much more. Upland Hills country Club is the ideal destination for all of your golfing needs. Upland Hills Players Club Membership


Only $

Join the Upland Hills Players Club today for just $ 199.95 and enjoy these exceptional benefits: • Receive 3 complientary rounds of golf w/cart ($180.00 value) • 20% Off Green Fees and Cart fees anytime! • 20% Off non-sale merchandise • 10% Off Food & Beverage excluding alchohol • Twilight rate one hour prior to twilight time • Exclusive Monthly Players Club Specials • Invitation to Players Club Exclusive Events

1231 East 16 Street, Upland, CA 91784 • (909) 946-4711 September 2010 63









4bdrm/4ba, 3 car garage, Beautiful turnkey home! Gourmet Kitchen & laundry room upstairs. Short sale, will go fast!

6bdrm/3.5ba, Semi-custom home on cul-desac in great neighborhood! Walk-in closets in master! Half acre lot, submit offers!

4bdrm/3.5ba, Ranch-style home on cul-desac. Open floor plan, fireplace and Jacuzzi tub in master bed! Must see!

5bdrm/4.5ba, Perfect combination of comfort, space and artistic design, Elegance throughout. Must see it today!









3bdrm/2ba, Charming bungalow-style home w/ open floor plan. Perfect for entertaining friends. 2-car garage w/RV parking. Make offer!

4bdrm/2.5ba, Spacious townhouse in North Fontana! End unit with cozy fireplace and recessed lighting. Call for a showing today

3bdrm/2ba, Beautiful ‘like’ model home located in the historical district of Hacienda Park. Many upgrades throughout. Must See!

3bdrm/2.5ba, Beautiful home with open floor plan. Formal living, dining room perfect for entertaining. Backyard has golf course view!









3bdrm/2ba, beautiful home on cul-de-sac. Spacious floor plan w/ tile floor throughout. Wonderfully landscaped, turnkey!

3bdrm/2ba, Beautiful turnkey home with open floor plan, spacious family room with center island and open dining area.

pool sized lot with view of city lights, Functional floor plan. Make an offer today!

4bdrm/2.5ba, Complete and private family room with fireplace and ceiling fans. Stainless steel appliances in kitchen, Great yard!






3bdrm/2.5ba, Must see Condo!! Open kitchen features an abundance of cabinetry! Perfect home to make your own!

64 September 2010


3bdrm/2.5ba, This Home has a great floor plan, spacious kitchen. Good size back yard, priced to sell!.


3bdrm/1ba, Features new flooring and electrical throughout. Newly built interior laundry room. Perfect for a first time buyer.


3bdrm/1ba, Charming corner lot on treelined street. Spacious bonus room and detached garage. Send your offers in fast!

September 2010 65

66 September 2010

W ith my neW heaRt, i can live my dReam. Robert Perez Dirt Bike Daredevil

Ask Robert where he’ll be when he gets older, and he’ll tell you with confidence “at the X-Games.” But his future wasn’t as certain at the age of five, when he went into unexpected heart failure. Robert was rushed to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, where he received the new heart he so desperately needed. Twenty-five years ago, our heart team, led by Dr. Leonard Bailey, became the first in the world to perform infant heart transplants. Today, we’re still giving children like Robert the chance to live their dreams.

September 2010 67

68 September 2010

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