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Chris Gorham

We speak with Chris Gorham about family life and his upcoming directorial debut





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from the publisher

Readers, We would like to welcome you to the new year with our January/February 2017 Issue! We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and begin the new year with as much excitement and enthusiasm as we have. 909 Magazine had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with star Chris Gorham from Covert Affairs and upcoming We Love You, Sally Carmichael!, for a one on one interview. Along with Chris Gorham we have provided you with tips for the New Year and Valentine’s Day from His/Her perspective. 909 continues to supply our readers Marc Grossman, Executive Publisher and Mrs. Evangeline Grossman. Photo by Sam Grossman

with information from local hospitals to insure your health carries you throughout the new year. We also have articles on local punk band Implants and local MMA fighter Javier Vasquez. As always we deeply appreciate our readers for making it possible to use this platform to inform you about this wonderful community. Please enjoy our January/February 2017 Issue and have an amazing, prosperous year. Enjoy!

From our family to yours,

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BACK AT 2016













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A Look Back...

2016 Written By Taylor Lewis


n 2016, we saw many highs and lows, and survived arguably one of the most unhinged time periods in recent history. As a nation, we have laughed, cried and been baffled by the news stories that made their way into our homes. With all that 2016 had to offer, both the good and the bad, you can find solace in knowing that when reading these words today, you have made it to another year. If your year was too busy to keep up with all the trends and news, here’s a breakdown of the highlights of 2016.


Athleisure Style – Like any level-headed person, there might have been moments when you sat on the couch, greasy pizza clutched in one hand and a remote in the other, decked in your favorite chilled-out sweat suit. You probably thought to yourself, “Why wouldn’t my sweat suit make perfectly good weekday attire?” It Girl supermodels Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were seen everywhere sporting matching waist-defining leggings with sleek bomber jackets and designer sunglasses. Athleisure was all about taking comfortable gym attire and pulling it together with stylish and sharp wardrobe pieces. Let’s hope this trend continues in 2017!


Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” Album - It probably comes as no surprise that the most dominant figure in modern music 8



had an amazing 2016. When Beyoncé says get in formation, that is exactly what we do. When Beyoncé wants us to put our hands high and tell him, “Boy, BYE!” We do just that — leaving our significant other wondering what he did wrong. Beyoncé’s album “Lemonade” was an undeniable victory. The smash hit album is up for nine Grammy nominations, leading all other artist selections.


Old Favorites and New Classics – 2016 had no shortage of great TV shows that millions of viewers gathered to watch. Recurring front runners “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” heading into their 7th and 8th seasons respectively, continued to wow viewers with exciting stories. HBO had a massively promising year with the hilarious show “Insecure.” Starring and created by newcomer Issa Rae. HBO also found a hit program in “Westworld,” derived from the 1973 Michael Crichton film. 2016 was a testament to the power of a good story, and there are no signs of the television community slowing down.


Disney’s Animated Films - Perhaps because 2016 was a rough year, many moviegoers sought a dreamy escape through animated Disney films, which dominated the box office this year. Leading the pack for top Disney films was “Zootopia,” whose message of inclusiveness and acceptance brought JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2017

Kit Harington, Kristofer Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO | Photo courtesy of HBO | Donald Trump | Copyright Disney, all rights reserved

smiles and thoughtful reflection to all that watched. The culturally diverse film “Moana” also had an incredible year with its Thanksgiving week debut ranking it as one of the top fifteen films in North America during 2016. We also enjoyed the sequel to a classic in Disney’s “Finding Dory” as well as the semi-lifelike “The Jungle Book” that was anticipated to be great even before it was released. Overall, animated films had a fantastic year and kept families returning to the theater month after month.

Viral Crazes:

The Mannequin Challenge - There is never a shortage of memes, wild news stories and catchy dances that circulate the internet year after year, and 2016 was no exception to the rule. While Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” played in the background, people all across the world froze in place while a camera panned over them and captured what would become internet gold. Even celebrities could not help but get in on the fun. Making appearances in their own mannequin challenges were stars such as comedian Kevin Hart, former girl group Destiny’s Child, pop icon Britney Spears, lovable television host Ellen Degeneres, and original Beatle Paul McCartney, to name a few.


The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2017

Every four years we gather around our televisions and watch in awe as the best athletes in their respective sports battle it out for gold, silver and bronze medals. Not without its fair share of scandal, the 2016 Olympics gave us a shamed Ryan Lochte, when the popular swimmer lied about being robbed at gunpoint while enjoying a rowdy night on the town. The games also showed U.S. women’s soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo being booed during her team’s first match because of tweets she made a month earlier joking about the Zika virus. Cubs Baseball Wins World Series108 years is a long time to wait to make history, but that is exactly what the Chicago Cubs baseball team managed to do during 2016. The team won the World Series in a critical Game 7 against the Cleveland Indians. In a comeback that will be discussed for decades to come, the Cubs clawed their way back from a 3-1 series deficit to win it all in a nail-biting, rainy performance. The Cubs’ previous losing streak was dubbed a curse, so this century-defining championship win undoubtedly meant much to the city of Chicago and made for a fabulous 2016 for the entire Cubs organization.


Donald Trump Elected POTUS Whether you love him or hate him, one fact remains – Donald J. Trump will be America’s next President come January 2017. November 8th became an unforgettable day with the election of a former reality television star and businessman. The months leading up to election day were tumultuous to say the least, with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s disappearing emails, a leaked video of Trump talking about women in vulgar terms, and back-and-forth Twitter wars between the two candidates. Whether this will be a new era in our country’s political landscape or a speed bump is yet to be seen.

Let’s make 2017 a great year!




Globetrotters HIT THE 909 FOR THEIR 91st Season Written By John Calderwood

Most people have heard of the Harlem Globetrotters, the world’s most enigmatic basketball teams, known for their family-friendly comedy antics and incredible ball handling tricks. They have played in over 26,000 exhibition games

Big Easy Lofton and Scooter Christensen with water bucket 10



in more than 120 countries around the world, and have entertained the likes of kings, queens, presidents and popes. You probably even heard their theme song, “Sweet Georgia Brown.” whistled in your head just hearing their name. However, you might not know their rich history and storied beginnings. More than 90 years ago, the Harlem Globetrotters were founded as the Savoy Big Five, an opening act for dance routines and named for the famous Chicago “Savoy Ballroom.” By 1927, they were managed by a young legend-in-the-making, Abe Saperstein, who struggled to build their popularity during a time when professional teams played “whites only” and hotels and exhibition halls enforced the same rule. In 1929, the team transitioned through several names from Globe Trotters, through the Saperstein Globetrotters, New York Globetrotters, and Harlem New York Globetrotters before finally settling on the Harlem Globetrotters. Saperstein was said to JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2017

have picked the city of Harlem because it was the center for African American culture at the time, and felt that a distant away team title would lend them “A bit of mystique.” The Harlem Globetrotters wouldn’t play their first game in Harlem, until 1968. The team continued to hone their skills and developed their act as Saperstein booked them in town after town and state after state leading up to their first Championship game in 1939, in which they lost against the New York Renaissance. Though quickly their skill sharpened and in 1941, they would debut their first

Scooter Christensen


comedy act out of both necessity and quick thinking. While leading an exhibition game by a score of 112 to 5, with such an outlandish lead, the crowd began losing interest in the game. In order to keep people in their seats and to entertain themselves, the Globetrotters decided to have a little fun and try out some tricks. Saperstein loved the idea of using their clownish antics to entertain the guests, but only if they had a large enough lead to secure a win. The Harlem Globetrotters continued to play throughout the 1940s and 1950s, adding new firsts and shattering boundaries. Such as in 1951 when they were called upon by the United States to play for allied soldiers in Berlin as a way of competing with the Youth Rallies of Nazi Germany. They would play games to entertain popes and the lower class alike, doing their part to shut down social barriers, and close social class gaps. Although the NBA first started in 1946, it was a “whites only” organization, until 1950, and that’s the first time Saperstein ever truly had competition on acquiring new talent, though that didn’t stop him, or the Harlem Globetrotters. By 1966, the year Saperstein died, the Globetrotters had played 8,945 games in over 1,200 cities and 82 countries. They had won dozens of world championships, and were on a 9-year winning streak. They were dedicated athletes and quickly found themselves becoming a household name thanks to their 1970s Saturday morning cartoon show, “The Harlem Globetrotters Show.” Due to appearances on Scooby-Doo and heavy merchandising, the 1970s and ‘80s were eras of comedic values and wholesome family entertainment for the Globetrotters. U.S. President Gerald Ford even named the team the official US Ambassadors of Goodwill. In 1985 the Globetrotters were the first professional sports team to allow woman to play alongside men, when they recruited Lynette Woodard. To this day, the Globetrotters are the benchmark in the world of basketball. Famous pro players Michael Jordan and

Firefly Fisher Magic Johnson credited famous Globetrotters Wilt Chamberlain and Meadowlark Lemon as their inspiration to play the sport. The Globetrotters have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and a permanent exhibit in the Smithsonian Institute. Now is your chance to see them play again. The Globetrotters just kicked off their 91st season, and on February 11th they will be back in the 909 at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. This year, they have added a 4-point line, a staggering 6 feet, 3 inches farther than the NBA’s 3-point line to showcase the skill and amazing ball handling abilities that the world has come to expect from the Harlem Globetrotters. If you’re a longtime fan or just looking to start a new family tradition, now is the perfect time to enjoy the Globetrotters’ rim-rattling dunks and amazing trick shots coupled with their unequaled comedy antics and fan interaction. You can even arrive early to meet and greet the star-studded roster that is set to include Big Easy Loften, Ant Atkinson, Hi-Lite Bruton, Thunder Law, Bull Bullard and Cheese Chisholm – plus female stars TNT Lister and Ace Jackson, as the Globetrotters continue their fine tradition of advancing players from all walks of life and celebrating diversity by playing female stars as equal and accepted members of the team. 909 MAGAZINE



Fighting For Fitness - In 2017 From A Family That Developed It


Written By Matt Komoto

ith the new year there are many fitness resolutions to consider, and many different regimes to help reach your goals. For those looking for a fun way to get in shape, we suggest mixed martial arts (MMA) and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Javier Vasquez is a striking-based jiu-jitsu instructor for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Rancho Cucamonga. He is also a former professional MMA competitor who last competed in a UFC bout during 2011, when he defeated Joe Stevenson. Javier is married to Rose Gracie and is the son-in-law of Rorion Gracie, the co-founder of the UFC and prominent member of the Gracie family who spread Brazilian jiu-jitsu throughout the United States. Vasquez said stars like Conor McGregor have helped MMA evolve during the past few years. “It’s come a huge way,” Vasquez

said. “The UFC changed martial arts forever because it exposed a lot of non-martial artists that said that they were martial artists. It exposed styles that worked and ones that didn’t. It’s a huge sport now.” MMA fighting has evolved stylistically, and its rules and regulations also have changed. Vasquez said he considers himself blessed to be around during the second generation of MMA fighters. When he first fought during 1998, the first generation of UFC fighters was coming to an end, and the second generation was just getting started. “I was a good part of the first generation, and I got a chance to evolve with the sport,” Vasquez said. “It changed so much just on my end, yet alone on a whole.” Vasquez stopped fighting in 2011 and officially became an instructor, but he’s been teaching students since he was 19. He points out aspects of jiu-jitsu are applicable to all fitness levels as it becomes used in more than just self-defense, competition and professional fighting.

Photo courtesy of Rose Gracie 12




Photo by Dave Mandel

Photo by Kenny Jewell

“Jiu-Jitsu will change your life,” Vasquez said. “It will change your whole lifestyle, change your health. Not just because you’re out rolling and exercising, but also because [of] the nutritional education that comes with it.” Vasquez said nutrition became a focal point in his life towards the end of his career, because as he started getting older, he needed more and more time to recover from workouts. He said he tries to teach students tips he’s learned, such as cutting out most meat and eating a lot more greens. and trying to eat a little bit healthier makes you feel better when you roll so I kind of try to push that upon the students because when you start getting more and more active the body will start being a little more sensitive to the food that’s eaten. Because the body has to be running at a little more of an optimal level your diet must change


and that’s all part of the journey. Just understanding core strength and balance; that’s huge.” While many people might consider getting fit by going to the gym more in 2017, Vasquez said he doesn’t like training at the gym. He said he thinks the gym is boring. Jiu-itsu, he said, isn’t because every time students spar it’s a different experience. “The gym, it’s boring because you’re doing the same exercises all the time for the most part,” Vasquez said. “And getting yourself motivated is very difficult. In a jiu-jitsu academy you’re able to push each other and pull each other along. You can also make friends and hang out with your friends from Jiu-Jitsu. There is some of that when you go to the gym, but I think a lot less of it.” Vasquez said he stresses the importance of getting active “If you can get somebody moving, especially somebody

who might be a little heavier, they’re just going to lose weight because they’re moving,” he said. “There is a student who told me recently he lost 14 pounds last month. Great! Jiu-jitsu is so fun that weight loss kind of happens and you don’t have to worry about it.” In the beginning, Vasquez was a wrestler who finished well in CIF for high school and then became 7th in the State while wrestling at Mount SAC from 1995-1996. He then competed in MMA from 1998 to 2011. Although his competition days are over, Vasquez continues to stay active and teaches a style of jiu-jitsu that he said is easy for everyone to learn. “It’s good for fitness, but it can also be an effective means of self-defense,” Vasquez said. In fact, it is so effective that in 2002, the U.S. Army adopted Gracie’s Jiu-jitsu as the foundation for its Modern Army Combatives Program. There are many workout regimes to try this New Year, but jiu-jitsu could be the perfect balance of fun and fitness.




-2017 top picks-

Food Guide Written By John Calderwood

Rad Coffee

232 N 2nd Ave. Upland, Ca.

This Punk-Rock coffee shop has a lot of monster creations that are hard to pass up. Legitimately serving some of the best fair-trade coffee in all of Southern California, this small little place will rock your socks off. If you’re not big on coffee they’ve got you covered too, with insanely delicious drink combinations featuring creative and fun treats such Captain Crunch cereal or neon green frosting you’ll be coming back with all your friends. Also do yourself a favor and try one of their out of this world brownies.

Sycamore Inn

8318 Foothill Blvd. Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.

A certified landmark that opened in 1858, the Sycamore Inn has been a part of the Inland Empire since the




beginning. Built on historic route 66, the Sycamore Inn opened as wine vineyard on the dirt road that would end up connecting America. It’s very difficult to find a better steak paired with some of the finest wine’s of Southern California, by the glass or the bottle. Also I highly recommend a Sycamore Soufflé, so make sure to save room for dessert.

Carolyn’s Café

1711 W Lugonia Ave. Suite 101 Redlands, Ca.

Most locals try to keep this place a secret. The small diner more often than not has a bit of a wait to get in. For a good reason to! Once you get a taste of their wonderfully authentic traditional Americana breakfast you’ll understand too. The true star of Carolyn’s Café is and always will be there fresh made coffee cake. If you’re in Redlands, and you haven’t had the

coffee cake at Carolyn’s café, you’re doing it all wrong.

Vince’s Spaghetti

1206 W Holt Blvd. Ontario, Ca. 241 E Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

Vince’s Spaghetti has several locations around the I.E. now, the first opened in Ontario in 1945 without a kitchen. Grandma Rose prepared all of her food in the house that still stands there today, and carried it into the little six stool restaurant by hand. Run and operated by three brothers and their wives, and by 1968 they were already one of the largest spaghetti restaurants in the world. Today the restaurant now seats over 400 people, and it’s not uncommon to see every seat filled. From classic meat sauce, to their vegetarian options, you won’t find a better plate of spaghetti outside of a trip to Sicily.


Ken’s Japanese Restaurant

10006 Foothill Blvd Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Back in 1981 Kenji Ueno, or Ken as his friends call him, set out with a mission to serve the highest grade Sushi that he could find. The top quality flavor is a product of the fact that Ken still wakes up at 3am every other day to drive all the way out to the fish markets of Los Angeles to hand pick the finest and freshest ingredients he can find. The top notch customer service has built up the loyalty of his customers, and his amazing sushi chefs will have you leaving happy and satisfied every time. I recommend you sit down to the bar the next time you’re in, to get the full customer service experience.

The Meat Cellar 665 E Foothill Blvd, Ste C, Claremont, CA

With a name like The Meat Cellar, you know there is quality in every bite. The kind of place where you can speak directly to the butcher, and have your meats cut to order. Whether you’re looking for steer, pork, lamb, or chicken you will only find the finest, quality heritage meats here. My personal favorite that I can’t seem to stop coming back for is the grilled meat and cheese sandwich with goat cheese and short rib meat, though I’ve been known to put away a couple plates of their braised meat tacos as well.


The Local Baker & Café 120 E 9th St, Upland, CA

This little spot is wonderful. Their name says it all! The atmosphere you will feel when you walk in the door just pulls you in and makes you feel like you’re visiting an old fashioned bakery. Their daily spaghetti lunch combo is really quite filling and at a hard to beat price. The real star of this show is the bakery however. With amazing fresh baked treats that you have to see to believe, like cup shaped cookies baked specially to be served under ice cream. Their fruit tarts, and chocolate confections are out this world amazing as well, so if you stop in for lunch save plenty of room for dessert.


Claremont Packing House, 580 W 1st St, Claremont, CA

An exclamation of excitement and discovery, and also a great place to find the perfect craft beer, Eureka! Is a trendy little spot that’s always filled with music, quality lighting and delicious food. Their house burgers are served alongside some delicious craft beer and artisan liquors. The perfect blend of bar and restaurant that so many others are trying to obtain seems to come naturally to Eureka! They’ve truly built a place that feels both classy and approachable. Although you’ll leave full, you’ll certainly always want to come back time after time.





909 exclusive interview By Dave Wade Got punk? Southern California has no shortage of punk rock legends, and “Implants,” a five-piece punk rock supergroup formed in 2011, is no exception. The band line-up consists of So Cali punk legends Ken Conte on vocals, Jim Blowers and Rob Ramos on guitar, Matt Riddle on bass, and Chris Dalley on drums. What do you get when you throw current and former members of bands like Strung Out, No Use For A Name, and Face To Face into the studio? Driving melodic punk rock with musicianship, melodies and lyrics that make you want to get into action. The Southern California-based band started five years ago with

one mission: to have fun writing and recording some songs. From there, things took off. “The best thing about Implants is that you get five guys that have done this for many years and been really good friends,” Dalley said. “You get a camaraderie that comes from five friends creating a band to play the music that we love to play. It’s a great chemistry because we’re a band that’s doing what we love to do. There is no pressure. It’s just having fun.” Dalley said each member brings a different personality to the band and plays a unique role in the band as a whole.

“I’m like a big kid at heart,” Dalley said. “Rob is the guy who’s like the total ringmaster. Matt and Ken are very similar in the sense that they are very dry and British in their sense of humor. We have all seen the same things, but we have different perspectives on what we’ve gone through.” Dalley said the band members get along well because they leave aside their egos and focus on what is best for the good of the group. He said being in Implants gives them freedom to pursue musical projects they can’t pursue in their respective bands. Raised on a diet of classic





rock like Aerosmith, Queen, and Cheap Trick, as well as punk bands like T.S.O.L., Germs, and Dead Kennedys, Conte says Implants’ music is right up his alley. “Implants is a little different than the punk rock I grew up with, like O.C. punk,” Conte said. “I like to be a part of something with more of a melodic side, and with Implants, that allows me to do

what I like to do.” Implants works hard to deliver quality music, both recorded and live. Live performance is something Conte said Implants are all about, especially in this day and age.

said. “We don’t want someone to say, ‘Wow, that record was great, but man, they suck live!’ At the end of the day, we want to make sure that, when we’re playing to our fans, they get the best music possible.”

“Really, our goal is that, when we’re playing shows, we want the music to come across as close to the record as possible,” Conte

Check out Implants’ complete discography and performance dates at https://www.facebook. com/ImplantsBand/.





an interview with

Chris Gorham By John Calderwood

We had the chance to talk to actor, director, father, and husband, Chris Gorham about his upcoming film, “We Love You, Sally Carmichael!” and what it’s like to be a family man and a star.




(909): So, Chris Gorham. You are a husband and a father of three kids. Most people know you from “Covert Affairs” and “Ugly Betty.” Now you’ve got a new movie coming out, correct? Tell us about it.

(Chris): Yes, the movie is called, “We Love You, Sally Carmichael!” It’s a completely family-friendly independent comedy. It’s about a writer who is trying to keep the world from finding out that he has written this massively successful JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2017

The rewards from having a family, from raising children are absolutely incalculable and frankly, I’m a better actor and director because of that commitment

series of young adult romance novels about a woman who falls in love with a merman under the pseudonym Sally Carmichael. (909): So he doesn’t want the world to know he is Sally? So is the book in the movie based on a particular romance novel? (Chris): Yes, exactly! So the film is written by a guy named Daryn Tufts, a friend of mine, who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. So there’s a long tradition of Mormon writers who write novels like these. The most famous one, of course, being “Twilight,” right? So it’s absolutely a play off of the success of that series and the whole genre of books like that. (909): Tell me about yourself. How did you get started acting and directing? (Chris): I wanted to be an actor from a very young age. It was probably around the 4th grade. I was doing a lot of performing in school. I went to a performing arts school in Fresno where I grew up, called Roosevelt School for the Arts. I then went on to major in theater at UCLA. Right after graduating, I jumped straight into trying out. Really my career didn’t take off until about three years after that, when I got a part on Ryan Murphy’s show, “Popular,” on the WB. That was my first big break, and since then I’ve been able to work steadily in film and television. An interesting tie into Sally Carmi-


chael — my very first acting job was shot in Utah, also in Salt Lake City. It was Danny Boyle’s movie, “A Life Less Ordinary.” I had a tiny little part of Walt, the gas station guy. It was the first day of shooting for that film, and it was me, Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz for about half a day, and it was just fantastic. It sort of planted some roots in Utah for me, and I’ve been lucky to get to go back to it, like in the movie “The Other Side of Heaven,” which was also very popular in the Mormon community. It’s this film about a Mormon missionary in the 1950s by the name of John Groberg. It was based off his memoirs, and I got to work with Anne Hathaway. Then I did “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend,” with Alyssa Milano, which was directed by Daryn Tufts, who wrote [“We Love you Sally Carmichael!”]. It was this super sweet romantic comedy, and the tone of that one was very similar to “Sally.” I feel like if you liked that one, you’re going to like this one too. (909): Do you like working in any particular genre? Are romantic comedies kind of your thing? (Chris): Yeah! Well, actually I feel like I’ve been able to bounce around genres pretty freely. I’ve done horror, I’ve been in a super hero show, I’ve been in sitcoms and medical genres. (909): Don’t forget animation! I’ve loved your work in the Justice League movies. (Chris): Oh yeah! I’ve done animation as well.




909 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW (909): Do you have any major inspirations? What inspired you to choose this line of work? (Chris): I was very young when I decided that this was something that I wanted to do. If I’m being very honest — I mean, completely honest — I was just getting a lot of attention for it. It just seemed like a thing to just continue, but as far as inspiration for my work? As I’ve grown it’s come from all sorts of places. As a kid, my favorite actor was Michael Keaton, and then growing up I’ve come across so many other people who I admire. Henry Winkler is somebody else I really look up to, not just as an actor but as a human being. He’s a person who’s been able to navigate this industry and remain sane, and relevant. I also got to work with Betty White in an episode of “Hot in Cleveland,” and she’s amazing, so talented, and so, still, somehow, underwritten. Frankly I feel it might be because she’s a woman. I’ve just been really fortunate, getting to meet all these great and amazing people that I also got to work with over the years. (909): Do you have any funny anecdotes or stories of your life in Hollywood? (Chris): Well, I don’t know if this is funny, or interesting to anyone else at all, but one of the interesting challenges of directing yourself in a film is — and people may be shocked to learn this — but you can’t be everywhere at the same time. You can’t be in front of and behind the camera at all times. As I get to post-production of my new movie, I find that I’m a bit obsessed with symmetry. So things are now, in post-production, driving me absolutely crazy. Like, for instance, in the first scene that I’m in, in the movie, this scene is like two and a half minutes in and you see me sitting on this couch. On this couch are throw pillows, and when you’re watching this movie, just know that every time you see those throw pillows, they’re not even, and it’s driving me crazy. If I had the budget, you should also know that I would be using visual




effects to fix it. (909): Do you have a favorite role? Anything that maybe has stuck with you over the years? (Chris): Well, Auggie from “Covert Affairs,” is the role that I’ve played for the longest. So that’s probably going to be the closest to my heart. For a lot of reasons too, not just from the time I got to play him, but it was truly a unique opportunity to make a difference in people’s’ lives in a real way. There are so few characters with disabilities on television, and even fewer positive and truly heroic portrayals of wounded warriors on TV. To be able to tell that story in a way that I feel was more often than not genuine and accurate was really special. I’ve actually received a lot of positive feedback from all these wounded veterans who’ve watched the show. I even took a trip up to the Walter Reed Medical Center to meet some of the wounded warriors who are still in treatment for some of the things that have happened — double amputees, quadruple amputees, severe trauma, mentally and physically. These men and women are heroes. Even their families and their children are heroes, whose stories are so infrequently told. I’m glad I had the chance to tell one. (909): Has being a husband and a father changed the way that you do your work? (Chris): A lot of the projects that are being filmed today aren’t being filmed locally here anymore. They’re being filmed in Canada, Australia, South Africa... (909): Places with lower taxes or locations that match sets? (Chris): Yeah, exactly. So having a family makes those choices harder. Not just which jobs to take, but what job should you even pursue? You know that if you succeed in your pursuit of these jobs, you’re going to be sent halfway around the world. That makes it hard. This business, particularly now,

can be very difficult on families. Not just for the reasons that most people assume either. In the popular opinion, it seems flipped. It’s easy to say, “It’s Hollywood, no wonder marriages don’t last,” and it becomes this joke. People don’t understand that we’re not all Taylor Swift and “Brangelinas.” For your average working actor, it’s tough on families. So you have to really protect your family by trying to stay close to home, even if that means turning down a show in Australia, which I’ve done. Even when I was working on “Covert Affairs” in Toronto, I’d fly home every weekend, because you just have to. It’s tough though, because that is expensive, and it’s not easy. That said though, I wouldn’t give it up for anything at all. Having a family is something that I’ve always dreamed of. From such a young age I wanted a family, maybe even more than I wanted to be an actor. The rewards from having a family, from raising children, are absolutely incalculable and frankly I’m a better actor and director because of that commitment. (909): I heard you and your wife were actually college sweethearts right? I read that you proposed to her not to far from here at Tiffany’s. (Chris): College sweethearts? Yeah. The proposal story that’s on my IMDB profile right now is actually a bit untrue though. (909): Well now’s the perfect time to set us straight! (Chris): Well, I actually proposed in her apartment. There wasn’t much to it, I just sort of proposed. Then we went to Tiffany’s to get the ring. I didn’t have a ring, I had nothing. I was completely unprepared. Sometimes I find that’s the best way to jump into things. It’s sort of troubling now that I think about it. I was totally unprepared, but what the hell? What’s the worst that could happen, right? (909): Do you come across any weird, untrue celebrity rumors that you find?


909 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW (Chris): Nah, no, not really. I’m so uninterested with what the press has to say most of the time. I’m a real family guy. I go home at night. I don’t go out to the clubs. I’m just too busy with the kids. I just stay out of trouble. (909): So what’s a typical Friday night like? Do you have hobbies? (Chris): Listen, I have three kids. I think any father who says he’s really engaged with everything that’s going on, and with his kids, and has some hobbies, is highly suspect. I don’t know how they’d have time. The kids are fifteen, twelve and seven right now, and by the time this issue comes out in January, they’ll be fifteen, thirteen and eight. So we have soccer, triathlon, music lessons, and so much more. If we have any time afterward we try to go out and find a movie to watch or do some things together as a family. Also, I have to try to find time to do things with my wife as a couple. (909): Which I know as a father can be extremely difficult. (Chris): Extremely difficult, yeah. It is also extremely important. (909): Yeah, that’s true. Do you have any advice for others out there trying to follow in your footsteps?


(Chris): I have different advice, depending how things are working for you. The optimistic advice for those having things going good would be: you just started and you’re already building a career, right? I’d say don’t worry about getting type-casted. Whatever you’re going to get type-casted as, you’ll grow out of it. Take the work as it comes, because there’s always something to learn on a new job. Now the advice I’d give to that young actor who’s been trying and trying without finding much success is to really think about it. Not just about your career, but your life. What are your life goals? Where do you want to be in 10 years? Do you want a family? Do you want to be wealthy? Is it more important to give back to your community? Figure out the goals and then find out if the career path that you’re on is going to support those goals. If that answer is no, then find something else to do. You can always act, you can always put up a play, find a small theater, or produce your own stuff. These days, film equipment is getting so affordable, you can create your own movies. Financial support in this industry, however, is hard to come by, and I’ve seen a lot of people sacrifice the lifestyle they wanted for a career that they might never get. The career will never be as important as your life. So always make sure to take care of that first. (909): That’s great advice, and thank you again so much for your time. I appreciate you taking the time to speak with us at 909. (Chris): Thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you. Have a good day.




Caldendar2017 1/6/17

Michael Ryan & Friends: The Spirit of Ireland Michael Ryan returns to the Candlelight Pavilion with his annual Spirit of Ireland concert, an evening of song, music, and dance. 455 West Foothill Blvd | Claremont @ 6:45pm


Claremont Art Walk Showcasing art exhibitions throughout the Claremont Village on the first Saturday of the month. Open and free to the public. 205 Yale Ave. | Claremont @ 6:00pm


Wilson Phillips One of the biggest selling all-female groups in music history hits the Playhouse stage for an unforgettable evening of chart-topping songs.12505 Cultural Center Dr., | RC @ 8:00pm


Elvis Birthday Bash A 6 hour celebration of the birthday of Elvis Presley, featuring a number of tribute artists! Proceeds will be given to Breastlink for cancer research. 276 E. 9th St.| Upland @ 3:00pm


Stars of Doo-Wop & Rock ‘n Roll Featuring original recording artists Chris Montez, Kathy Young, Randy Safuto along with the Dukes of Doo-Wop singing hit after hit. 12505 Cultural Center Dr., | RC @ 2:00pm


Claremont Farmers & Artisans Market The Farmers & Artisans Market features over 100 grower and artisan members sharing their goods & services. W. 2nd St. between Indian Hill Blvd. & Yale Ave. @ 8:00am


Beauty and the Beast Translated for the stage in 1991 by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, it has played to over 35 million people worldwide. 455 West Foothill Blvd | Claremont @ 6:00pm


Cable Airport 42nd Annual Air Show This year’s theme “Keeping Aviation Alive” is dedicated to all of those courageous instructors that teach new students to fly every day. 1749 W. 13th St.| Upland @ 8:00am


Claremont Restaurant Week The annual event will run for 14 days to encourage foodies from all over Southern California to relax and unwind. Claremont hotels will offer visitors a “dine and stay” experience through its popular Discover Claremont package.


Al Lubel Al became one of the last comics to appear w/ Johnny Carson & appeared on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno & the Late Show w/ David Letterman. Flappers Comedy Club | Claremont @ 8:00pm


Lyman A play that tells the story of a man named Lyman and how the choices he makes impact his destiny, as well as the destinies of those around him. 276 E. 9th St.| Upland @ 7:30pm


Taste of the I.E. The Upland Chamber of Commerce is proud to present their Annual Taste of the I.E. $75 per person with limited ticket sales. 555 W. Foothill Boulevard | Claremont @ 6:00pm


Claremont Art Walk Showcasing art exhibitions throughout the Claremont Village on the first Saturday of the month. Open and free to the public. 205 Yale Ave. | Claremont @ 6:00pm

Upland’s Biggest Loser Challenge Make that New Year’s resolution and succeed! Join the Upland Recreation and Community Services Division’s Biggest Loser Challenge. 651 W. 15th Street | Upland

1/7/17 22





Claremont Farmers & Artisans Market

The Farmers & Artisans Market features over 100 grower and artisan members sharing their goods & services. W. 2nd St. between Indian Hill Blvd. & Yale Ave. @ 8:00am









The Secret Garden This award-winning adaptation stays true to the cherished book as Mary discovers a garden that changes her life, and that of those around her. 12505 Cultural Center Dr., | RC @ 4:00pm

New Vision Theatricals New Vision Theatricals will touch hearts with joy and thrill the participants with their professional excellence, delighting all ages with their seasonal music. 250 N. Third Ave. | Upland @ 7:30pm

Rebelution 12 years into Rebelution’s stirring career, the release of the California reggae band’s fifth album Falling Into Place finds them more energized than ever. 301 S. Garey Ave. | Pomona @ 7:00pm


42nd Street Aspiring chorus girl Peggy Sawyer leaves her hometown of Allentown, Pennsylvania for a shot at the big stage in New York City. 455 West Foothill Blvd | Claremont @ 6:00pm


Harlem Globetrotters The Harlem Globetrotters are a worldwide icon, synonymous with one-of-a-kind family entertainment and great basketball skills. 4000 E. Ontario Ctr Pkwy | Ontario @ 7:00pm

Disney’s The Little Mermaid In a magical underwater kingdom, the beautiful young mermaid Ariel longs to leave her ocean home and her fins behind and live in the world above. 276 E. 9th St.| Upland @ 7:30pm

The February 14 show is a special Valentine’s Day dinner performance. The price is $67 for Main Floor/ Section, and $76 for the Terrace. 455 West Foothill Blvd | Claremont @ 6:00pm


Jake Shimabukuro Ukulele virtuoso, Jake Shimabukuro, returns to the Playhouse bringing his musical innovations grounded in Hawaiian tradition. 12505 Cultural Center Dr., | RC @ 8:00pm

Revisiting the Orbison Years: Roy Orbison Tribute Featuring Mark Barnett as Roy Orbison. An unbelievable transformation complete with the looks, voice and feel of the magnificent Roy Orbison. 455 West Foothill Blvd | Claremont @ 6:45pm

Kel Mitchell Actor, Writer and Director Kel Mitchell was honored w/ a Cable Ace Award in 1997 for Best Actor in a comedy series for his show Kenan and Kel. Flappers Comedy Club | Claremont @ 8:00pm


The Drifters Witness legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, The Drifters, as they perform their signature classic hits spanning over 50 years of entertainment. 12505 Cultural Center Dr., | RC @ 8:00pm


Golden Dragon Acrobats Golden Dragon Acrobats perform w/ amazing feats of athleticism, daring, heart-stopping stunts & the grace of the centuries-old art form. 12505 Cultural Center Dr., | RC @ 2:00pm




Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Guide By Jessica Ortiz and John Calderwood

From the Female Perspective

Do: Listen

Sometimes the most romantic gift is a gift she didn’t know she needed. In the weeks to come, keep your ears peeled. If she ever experiences something that makes her day a little harder, or would make her day a little easier, find out what it is. That kind of concern and thoughtfulness is what will make this gift her most romantic yet.

Do: Switch It up

After spending years with the one you love, it’s easy to buy the same stale gift you know is a winner. Spend some time looking for a gift that will surprise her. Gift giving isn’t about the act of giving a gift, but the love and thought you put into finding something that will make her fall in love with you all over again. Although any gift should be appreciated, a thoughtful gift will always trump an expensive gift.

Don’t: Get Her Something for the House

When looking for a gift, don’t buy her a gift that is a supply for the house. I’m talking about a new dish rack, ironing board, cutting board, knives, vacuum cleaner, etc. Even if you think she’ll like it, it’s not very romantic. If you’re really in need of that appliance, buy it for her for another time, just not as your Valentine’s gift. Since the day is all about romance, choose a gift that is special for her.

Do: Make a Plan

A Valentine’s day gift isn’t always one physical item. It could simply be spending a thoughtful night together. Nothing is more romantic than a surprise date planned in advance. Too often Valentine’s plans aren’t made till that night when you ask your date what she wants to do. Plan the night ahead of time and let her know that you are preparing to make your time together as special as it can be. All that is left to do is pick her up with some beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers in your hands.

Don’t: Buy a Gift Card

A gift card is just about the most impersonal gift you can pick. Under no circumstances should you choose to give your date a gift card (even if you place it in a nice card). A gift card could make her question how much thought you put into her Valentine’s Day gift. If you were planning on giving her a gift card, just take her to that store yourself and have a shopping date.

Don’t: Assume Diamonds are the Answer

If you’re looking for a special gift to give her, don’t forget who she is. If you are feeling stumped, running out to get anything with a diamond might be a waste if she doesn’t wear them. Make sure you know her taste. The most important part of all Valentine’s Day gifts is to find something that makes her smile.






From the Male Perspective

Do: Listen

Did he say he wants lame socks and a boring tie for the most romantic holiday of the year? Get him exactly that. If you want it to feel more romantic, you can wrap it up in a nice box and add a sentimental note, or give it to him over a bottle of wine. In any case, showing that you listen never goes unnoticed.

Do: Think Experiences

The one thing you can always get the man who has everything is something that he can experience. Even if he has season tickets to his favorite sports team, there’s always something unique to pick up. Try tickets to a theatre where you had a special date, or dinner at his favorite restaurant. Even if you’ve been there a thousand times, nostalgia always makes for a wonderful gift.

Do: Ask Around

Stumped as to what to get your guy? Ask his fishing buddies what he’s been talking about, or stop off at the shop he gets most of his gadgets from. Chances are somebody has a good idea of what he’s been looking at, but not been ready to buy.

Don’t: Go Overboard on Homemade

Avoid those homemade “back rub” vouchers. Some people can be very crafty and make some really cool homemade projects, but unless you’re confident in your skill, avoid this approach. You probably won’t like when he chuckles at how different it looks from the Pinterest example.

Don’t: Accidentally tell him he doesn’t look good Remember how much you loved getting shampoo and body wash sets from your mother-in-law for Christmas? I didn’t think so. It’s a little unflattering to give a gift that screams “You stink!” If he’s been complaining about his beard trimmer, then he probably wants a new one, but maybe not for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t: Expect Every Gift to be a Winner

It’s okay if you didn’t get him the best gift ever. Sometimes we misjudge how much somebody really wants something. That’s okay, because chances are if you spent some time really thinking about it, he can tell. Nobody wants to be guilted into pretending a gift was amazing, and remember, it works the same way with whatever he got you. At least he tried, right?





HEALTH MATTERS Brought to you by San Antonio Regional Hospital

SAN ANTONIO EXPANSION MEETS REGION’S GROWING DEMAND FOR HEALTH CARE San Antonio Regional Hospital has recently completed a $160 million expansion project, adding a four-story patient tower and an expanded emergency department, and it could not have come at a better time. Emergency rooms throughout the Inland Empire have faced challenges in recent years keeping pace with the high demand for medical services.


Use the following guidelines to know when to use the emergency room and when urgent care might be faster and more appropriate. Emergency Room

Suspected stroke or heart attack, chest pain Difficulty breathing Knife or gunshot wounds, deep cuts & bleeding Large bone fractures

Over the last decade, the population in San Bernardino and Riverside counties has grown rapidly, outpacing state averages and increasing the demand for a number of healthcare services, including emergency and hospital care. More recently, the need has been fueled by the Affordable Care Act, which has expanded coverage to millions of previously uninsured residents and placed additional pressure on an already stretched emergency medical system (EMS) in the region.

Loss of consciousness

For many residents, the emergency room has become the first choice for illness and injury. However, many of those who are treated annually in emergency rooms for less serious conditions could be treated just as effectively at an urgent care center.

Sprains and strains



Urgent Care

Moderate to severe asthma Problems related to pregnancy Seizures Severe abdominal pain Severe burns Allergic reactions, rashes, and bumps Dehydration Mild Asthma Minor cuts and fractures Earaches and infections, sore throats Urinary tract infections Vomiting

For serious illness and injury, always call 9-1-1 or immediately proceed to the nearest emergency room. JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2017

The growing population in San Bernardino and Riverside counties has increased the demand for a number of healthcare services, including emergency and hospital care. San Antonio Regional Hospital’s emergency department, which opened in the 1970s, was originally designed for about 30,000 annual patient visits. In recent years, the hospital has treated more than 80,000 patients in the same footprint. With this surge in volume and the hospital’s constrained capacity, the county’s EMS system has, at times, been forced to divert patients to hospitals further away, especially during peak seasons. San Antonio’s emergency department, which has nearly tripled in size with the new expansion, will help to solve much of this challenge. The new 52-bed ER includes three large major treatment rooms where intensive procedures can be performed if the patient’s situation requires rapid intervention. The majority of hospital admissions tend to be patients who were initially treated in the emergency department. Therefore, as the demand for emergency serJANUARY / FEBRUARY 2017

vices grows, the need for medical care in other hospital departments and specialties also increases. San Antonio’s new patient tower, called the Vineyard Tower, houses 92 private patient rooms, including a third critical care unit. Combined with the rooms in the hospital’s existing Citrus Tower, this brings the total bed capacity from 271 to 363. The expansion is the largest in the hospital’s 109 year history and was carefully planned and designed to bring residents the very best hospital experience, with modern amenities, state-of-the-art equipment, and streamlined processes for managing patient care. For example, imaging equipment is now located right in the emergency department so patients don’t need to be transported to other areas of the hospital for testing. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to receive the re-

sults of an X-ray, ultrasound, or CT scan, which helps the emergency team diagnose and treat patients more rapidly. The Vineyard Tower’s additional beds with heart monitoring capabilities, along with the third critical care unit, will also help free up emergency department beds by allowing patients who require admission to the hospital to be moved into their private room as quickly as possible. With its newly renovated campus and urgent care locations in Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, and Eastvale, San Antonio Regional Hospital is poised to provide medical care to generations of Inland Empire residents for decades to come.




Our past has taught us to always look forward.

So we can offer our patients the most advanced surgical care right now. Finding a better way to treat our patients has been the driving force behind everything we do for nearly 80 years. Long ago, we learned that when we put patients first, our medical and rehabilitation services have a lasting impact. This is why we made the decision to offer the most technologically advanced equipment available – so we could assure better surgical outcomes for people in our community. Now the area’s top surgeons can perform minimally invasive surgical procedures with the latest da Vinci® Xi™ Surgical System. They can carry out less invasive partial knee replacements with the Mako™ Robotic-assisted Surgery System, and so much more. Of course, we also sought the highest caliber of nurses who specialize in surgical care. When you consider how much we have to offer, there’s no time like the present to move forward with an elective surgery.

Take a virtual tour by visiting us at

255 East Bonita Avenue (at Garey), Pomona, CA 28





OBESITY: HOW IT AFFECTS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY By Usha Mantha, M.D., FAFFP, MRCOG, board certified in Obesity Medicine and Program Medical Director of the Casa Colina Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Program It’s time to weigh in on what “Obesity” really means. It’s more than just a few extra pounds. By definition, it is the excess fat that the body has accumulated and is considered harmful. Though this added fat is gained through an inactive lifestyle, the fat itself is not inactive. We now know that the fat cells (Adipose tissue) are active cells that not only provide cushion in-between various organs, but also secrete hormones that are harmful to many parts of the body. When this type of fat cell increases in size and number, it leads to “sick fat” or Adiposopathy. Due to the active, excessive sick fat accumulation and its effects on almost all organs in the body, Obesity is now recognized as a preventable disease by all major health authorities. In fact, all insurance companies have agreed to pay for the management of Obesity. This is why many work places require BMI and other Lipid values to be checked before starting employment. In 2013, the American Medical Association declared Obesity a chronic disease state. In the absence of tools to measure fat directly, body fat is indirectly calculated from a person’s height and weight. For all adults and children above two years of age, the BMI (body mass index) is an acceptable standard of measuring body fat. A BMI of 30 and above is defined as Obesity. In children two to 20 years of age, BMI is measured and then charted on standardized graphs to determine the percentile. The 95th per-


centile and above is defined as Obesity in children for their age and sex. This is necessary as children’s height and weight change as they grow. Obesity is affecting our entire nation. The number of adults with Obesity in the U.S. has now reached 78 million and most states have reported at least 20% or higher rates of Obesity. These numbers are increasing due to multiple factors. About one third of the children in the U.S. today are either overweight or obese. With one obese parent, a child’s risk of Obesity increases three times and with both parents, it increases by 15 times. The majority of adolescents with Obesity will remain obese as adults, without any interventions. The factors that cause obesity start right from the womb and, without intervention, can continue until the tomb. Increased maternal weight gain during pregnancy, chromosomal and genetic factors, followed by other prenatal metabolic diseases play a role. Finally, environmental factors such as drinks loaded with excess sugar and a sedentary lifestyle that includes sitting

at a desk and watching TV for many hours each day all contribute to Obesity. The burden of the disease of Obesity is increasing in terms of social, financial and disability related costs reaching up to 2 billion dollars per year. Obesity affects more than one third of U.S. adults and it’s the main cause of many medical conditions, including Type II diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer. In total, there are nearly 50 conditions that are associated with Obesity. If you or your loved ones are affected by Obesity, please join Dr. Mantha at a free community seminar, “The Lowdown on Diet, Part 2” on Thursday, January 12th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare, William W. Norin Education Center in the Tamkin Room (Building 1D), 255 East Bonita Avenue (at Garey) in Pomona. Please call 1-866/724-4132 to reserve your space today.

By Usha Mantha, M.D., FAFFP, MRCOG, board certified in Obesity Medicine and Program Medical Director of the Casa Colina Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Program




2 0 1 7

OFFICE Resolution By John Calderwood

As the New Year approaches, we’re all loosening our belts from the weight we’ve gained from holiday feasts. Many Americans make losing those extra pounds their New Year’s resolution, but for those who live a more sedentary lifestyle, that has become a difficult task. Here’s some advice for those weekend warriors with less time for the gym. First, set a goal, and track your progress. Lists can help you stay on track, but be prepared to take your time in achieving your goal. Set a goal for improvement, but don’t be too disappointed when you fall short. Self-improvement is always a longterm goal. A useful tool for tracking the

progress of your workout is a sports tracking watch, such as the ever popular Fitbit or the Vivosmart HR+ from Garmin. When you combine the features of GPS monitoring, heartbeat tracking, and a pedometer you begin to get an accurate look at how the little things you change are progressing your fitness routine. It’s also nice to have solid statistics and a friendly reminder to stay on track with your goals.

Another simple way to add a little more fitness to your work day is to stand more. A lot of companies make desk surfaces that adjust to make your normal desk standing height, or you can check out custom wall-mounted standing desks at Research has shown that standing not only helps prevent weight gain, but it might also improve your blood sugar levels, lower risk of heart disease and relieve lower back pain. Simple tricks like taking the stairs instead of the elevator can burn more calories than jogging. You also can pass up that front row parking spot and walk the extra few dozen feet from the far end of the parking lot for a little more cardio. Not only are you helping to build and tone muscle, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint by taking a bike, avoiding escalators and skipping the elevator. So it’s not just good for your body and heart, it’s also good for the environment. Bring your food from home, and





never skip lunch. A lot of diet and exercise specialists will tell you that more often than not when you eat something during your breaks you are less likely to overeat later. A recent study showed that people who munch on candy and snacks at the office are likely to eat up to four times as much as they otherwise would. So try replacing that candy dish with a bowl of grapes, or other healthier snacks. There are also discreet exercises that anybody can do around the office, be it


CEO or middle management. These workout techniques work your muscles with as little distraction to your daily workload as possible.


Find a heavy book or a sealed ream of printing paper and hold it between your knees while sitting at your desk. Squeezing your knees inward while supporting weight for 30-60 seconds at a time helps to strengthen and build your inner thigh muscles. How many reps can you do?

Sealed Deal

Hold your hands together like a handshake, with one thumb pointed towards the floor. With a firm grasp, try to pull them apart while resisting moving your arms in either direction. Next, try pressing your hands together in a prayer position, pushing hard until you feel your biceps burn. Practicing these exercises for 10-20 seconds burns built-up arm fat without taking you away from your computer screen.

Wall Sits

This is one of the most effective overall exercises that can be done just about anywhere. Sit with your back against the wall, knees bent, with your thighs parallel to the floor. Try to support your weight for as long as you can, but 30-60 seconds should do the trick. When you’ve aced this exercise, try it one leg at a time. Just remember that fitness takes a lifetime of dedication.

Shoulder Shrugs

Another simple exercise to do while seated is the shoulder shrug. Just pull your shoulders up, as close to your ears as you can, with your hands down at your sides, and hold it for five seconds. 10 – 15 reps should be enough, but if you want to add a little more burn, hold a heavy book in each hand while doing your shrugs. Extra resistance equals extra burn.




The Most

Dangerous Words IN THE

English Language By Alan Haskvitz


here is no shortage of nominations for inclusion on the most dangerous words in any language starting with the overused, “ I do.” There are significant others such as, “The Internal Revenue Service sent you a registered letter.” Not to be overlooked are the phrases, “ The pregnancy test strip turned positive,” which is not to be confused with, “I love you.”




Men have a lot of favorites. They range from the obvious, “My boyfriend is getting out of prison today,” to the more subtle, “I had my engagement ring appraised.”

to your parents’ place of work.” And, there are the classic, “Hand over your lunch money,” and “ Throw him into the girl’s bathroom.”

Women have their selection starting with the arcane. “ I’m out of gas,” and “Yes, I play for the Dodgers.” Children also have a long list of dangerous phrases starting with, “Have your parents sign this test paper,” to “Report cards are mailed

But all of these are relatively temporary setbacks in the game of life. The winning phrase must cast doubt on one’s entire future and from which there is no relief. After considerable research I have isolated the most damaging of all phrases. For


those meek you may want to stop reading now for these words have torn families apart and rendered well thought-out retirement plans asunder. The most dangerous words ever brought to the American family are, “ I got my driver’s permit.” This phrase has put an entire nation at peril, let alone your own sanity. What makes this phrase so overwhelming the first choice is the immensity of its implications. Financial hardship, mental anguish, and a general disgust with a government that allow teenagers to drive who have not served ten years in the military all reside within this phrase. The insurance industry, which owns everything in this country that the government and oil industry have ignored, drools in delight at the very mention of this phrase. Doubling of profits in one swift birthday is a dream business scenario.

Here’s to parents everywhere who live in fear of the second most dangerous phrase in existence, “ I’m getting married.”


Your vehicle, your pride in joy, the same one that you cleaned and cared for with a religious fervor, will be forever filled with at least 20 DVDs (none of which have a box) and a variety of fast food remnants and parking tickets. As if by magic nicks, scratches and downright deep dents will appear. The gas tank will apparently develop a leak as it is impossible to keep full and you quickly learn that the first thing you do upon entry into your car is to turn the stereo down so that you don’t lose your hearing when the ignition is turned on. What especially makes the phrase, “I got my driver’s permit” the most dangerous words is the dreaded late night phone call. There are four varieties. One is from a child, who was obviously not of this Earth, is calling to tell you not to worry. This will no doubt be a wrong number. Secondly, is the call that the police have impounded the vehicle for whatever reason and you are instructed to contact an attorney immediately and send money. The third call is to apprise you that

despite a flashing dash light and working gauges your youth has run out of gas in the most obscure part of the planet and wants you to do something about it fast. The final call is to inform you the car broke down because of something you did not do. This could be anything from placing potholes in the roads to not buying run-flat tires. Once the child is certain that you understand that the entire breakdown was your fault you also have to provide a ride home. You should consider yourself lucky if this call comes from this side of the border. “I got my driving permit,” is dangerous for many reasons, but perhaps the most significant is that fact that this phrase is entirely false. It is really your learning permit. You are free to learn things about your child you never knew existed. You are free to learn that midnight feedings, mumps, and meetings with the principal were nothing compared to the revelation that the smell of an illegal substance that mysteriously permeates your car can also be absorbed into your office wardrobe. This brings you looks of disdain from everyone at work except the new secretary and the mail boy. You are learning that your child being out driving means a child free home giving rise to a woman’s most dreaded phrase, “ Are the kids home?” For parents everywhere exposed to the diabolical drivers permit situation I offer you this toast: Here’s to no fault insurance, DNA testing, post office boxes, unlisted phone numbers, and drug testing. Here’s to understanding tow truck operators, police officers with a sense of humor, and insurance agents who don’t ask if a car has four wheel drive and a turbocharger. Here’s to parents everywhere who live in fear of the second most dangerous phrase in existence, “ I’m getting married.”








Microblading by Taylor Lewis

There is probably nothing more important to a beauty regimen than maintaining a well-defined and full eyebrow. It seems that in almost every magazine you flip through and each television ad you watch, beautiful brows are put on display as the highlight of a makeup routine. Because many of us are not blessed with a skilled hand or the stamina necessary to re-create natural brows using gels, pencils or powders, it might seem unrealistic to think it is possible to keep up beautiful Kardashian-esque brows. Looking to end eyebrow suffering once and for all, microblading is a semi-permanent technique that gives the look of relaxed, natural brows. A form of implantation in the skin, microblading is done with a special hand tool that simulates fine hair strokes. One of our very own Inland Empire businesses is perfecting the art of microblading, and we were lucky enough to learn how it is done. Gena Bradley, owner of Aahsome Salon in Rancho Cucamonga,has honed her microblading skills after numerous clients requested the latest trend. “Ninety percent of everyone who comes into my salon have already done microblading and are coming for correction,” Bradley said. “It’s important to go to someone with experience because not every face shape is the same, which means not every eyebrow is the same.” Bradley said the two hour procedure lasts a year, and that she recommends clients come in for maintenance three to four weeks




after the first session. “Microblading is a meticulous process that is worth it, given the results,” Bradley said. “A client will come in to fill out paperwork, answer a questionnaire, start the numbing process of about thirty minutes, and then I will begin the drawing technique. Throughout the entire process, from start to finish, I am watching the movement of the face and will have the client frown and smile a lot, making many corrections to achieve the best look for them.” Bradley says she chooses between a few different high-quality, new technology facial pigments that ensure there are no brown shades fading into pink or blue undertones. Because microblading is both cosmetic and medical, Bradley only uses the highest quality needle and a numbing cream created by a doctor to guarantee the safety of all clients. Microblading can change the lives of many women and men who have dealt with hair loss due to cancer and other complications, giving them realistic eyebrows. Bradley said she has worked on clients with cancer and face lift scarring, leaving them satisfied and confident in their look and ready to show off their new brows immediately. Overall, microblading is an exciting solution to a bad-brow epidemic. If a little investment of time and money sounds fine to you, microblading is a reliable way to have the brows of your dreams.







Northwest shopping center next to Animal Hospital & Bull Dog Pub, behind US Bank



Watch Battery



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Jewelry Cleaning

50% Off

all fine jewelry When you mention 909 Magazine Expires 1/15/17








By David M. Grossman


Attorney David M. Grossman E S TAT E P L A N N I N G & ELDER LAW SPECIALIST


robate is a required legal process that takes place after someone dies. This process determines how the deceased person’s property is distributed after death. Typically, most people think they should avoid probate because of the cost, necessity of hiring lawyers, and length of time the process takes. In California not all property has to go through the probate process. If the property is community property, or acquired by husband and wife after marriage, and one of the spouses dies without a will or the will gives the decedent’s one half interest in the community property to the surviving spouse, the surviving

spouse gets the property without any probate. Property held in joint tenancy with right of survivorship passes to the surviving joint tenant without any probate. Also, property that has a pay on death beneficiary passes without probate. Additionally, if the estate of the deceased is less than $150,000 in value, there is a process, called Small Estate Set Aside Procedure, whereby the property can pass without probate. However, this requires Court involvement, and can require lawyers and time. Most people choose to avoid probate. The easiest methods to do so are listed above, but they do not provide for many contingencies of life. Many people think if they prepare a will, they can avoid probate. This is not true. A will only states who gets your property when you die. Your estate will have to go through probate if you only have a will. Trusts are the most common way to avoid Probate. A trust is a separate legal entity. The person establishing the trust transfers ownership of his or her property to the trust. The person who controls the trust [the trustee] is most often the individual or individuals who establish the trust. Upon the death of the person who established the trust, the successor trustee must distribute the property as directed in the trust. Thanks to the trust, the decedent did not technically own the property at the time of his or her death, and the property does not go through probate. Trusts

are complex documents that can provide for many unknowns in the future. As such, you should consult an attorney before drafting a trust. Transfer on Death deeds became legal in California on January 1, 2016. This deed allows an owner of residential real property to name one or more beneficiaries to receive the property when the owner dies, thus avoiding the need to probate the property. Transfer on Death deeds are revocable during the lifetime of the owner of the property. However, there are many restrictions and details that must be followed for such deeds to be effective. An attorney should be consulted to learn all the details and restrictions. For people with no probatable assets other than the family residence, a Transfer on Death deed might be a quick and easy way to avoid probate. However, since such a deed only transfers the real property involved and not any other assets, it might not eliminate probate for an individual that owns more than the real property. Finally, a Transfer on Death deed should not be used to transfer property to minor children. Although minors can own real property, they may not convey or make contracts relating to that property. In conclusion, California law has attempted to help residents avoid probate for small estates by offering other options. Readers should consult with an attorney to see what course of action best suits their individual situation.

A Special Message From...

CLAREMONT Tree Watering Tips

Street Trees add beauty & value to our community. The drought is serious & so is tree health, here are a few tips to smart tree watering. 1) To reduce water loss to evaporation, water early in the morning. 2) Wet the soil beneath the trees canopy & beyond. Direct water away from the trunk.

3) Water young trees at least twice per week.

4) Water mature trees every 1 to 4 weeks during dry season. 5) Deep, infrequent watering encourages deep root growth for drought resistance. 6) Build a circular berm & fill with water.

7) Drip lines around trees are excellent trees water methods. t Keeping trees healthy involves watering the entire root zone, deep enough so the roots have adequate moisture.

Thank you for helping Upland keep their trees beautiful & healthy.

SAM PEDROZA Mayor, Claremont Volunteers Needed for Claremont Homeless Count The City of Claremont will be participating in the 2017 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count in partnership with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. The count will be held on Tuesday, January 24, 2017. The City is currently recruiting volunteers to assist with this important community effort. To register to volunteer in Claremont, please email Management Analyst Lauren Marshall at Please include your name and phone number, and if you are interested in being a driver. Volunteers will meet at the Joslyn Center, 660 Mountain Avenue in Claremont, at 8:00 p.m. on January 24 to receive training, maps, materials, and assignments. Teams of two to four volunteers will then be deployed to count specific blocks within Claremont. All Claremont routes will be counted from a private vehicle; therefore, no walking is required. It is estimated that each team will spend 2-3 hours in the field. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals to make an impact on the lives of homeless individuals and families that reside within our community! The data gathered during this count will be used to determine how resources and vital services are provided throughout the Los Angeles area. For more information, please contact Lauren Marshall at (909) 399-5356.






NEW PATIENTS WELCOME! (909) 477-3310

Compassionate Care

8237 Rochester Ave, Ste 110 Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Empowering Patients

SAVE, PREPARE, PROTECT … LIVE GENEROUSLY A lot of financial services companies say they’re unique. But only Thrivent Financial blends faith, finances and generosity. We want to change Christians’ relationships with money—so they can use it to strengthen their families, churches and communities. Intrigued? Contact me for more information about becoming a member.

Tara C Walker Financial Associate 3602 Inland Empire Blvd, Suite C105 Ontario, CA 91764


Thrivent Financial representatives are licensed insurance agents/producers of Thrivent Financial, the marketing name for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Appleton, WI. They are also registered representatives of Thrivent Investment Management Inc., 625 Fourth Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55415. For additional important information, visit Appleton, Wisconsin • Minneapolis, Minnesota • 800-847-4836 28397 N2-15

Assisted Living and Nursing Home Visits Subject to Insurance Saturday Availability by Appointment Over 10 Years of Experience Treating Senior Patients

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We accept Medicare, PPO plans, some HMO plans and IEHP

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Whether you are new to the market, thinking of moving up or you’re an experienced investor, we have the expertise, proven track record and resources to help you buy or sell your next home. We Work Extensively to Help Buyers and Sellers Meet All Their Re Estate Goals! Real

Joshua Tolar

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local food

Our Hidden Gem

Daddy O’s Rockin’ Cafe

By John Calderwood


estled in the heart of historic Downtown Upland is a true hidden gem — Daddy O’s Rockin Café. During April 2014, owner and operator, Sheri, decided to leave her corporate life behind to serve the community some good old-fashioned cooking served up with a side of nostalgic Route 66 atmosphere. Daddy O’s is named in honor of Sheri’s dad. She wanted to bring in that warmth and nostalgic glow that you can only get from family. From Grandma’s secret recipes to the loving way the entire staff treats you, Daddy O’s will make you feel like you’re at home with family every visit. People travel from all over the 909 to enjoy Daddy O’s amazing “Big Daddy” cheeseburger, and “Grandma’s” chicken sandwiches. Each day Sheri handpicks the quality, farm-fresh ingredients to make sure they are fresh and


healthy. The meats are purchased from an experienced quality butcher and nothing is ever delivered frozen. The choice is yours when it comes to what seasonings you want on your burger. Choose Sheri’s grandmother’s secret herbs and spices, or opt for a lower-sodium alternative. Whichever you select, your burger will be served piping hot on a freshly-baked bun that is also the product of a well-guarded family secret. In addition to serving up her family favorites, Sheri has collaborated with healthcare professionals to create heart-healthy and kidney-healthy menu options that still pack a punch when it comes to flavor. One such item is a high protein, low sodium burger that is as delicious and juicy as the classic Big Daddy. Sheri also created the perfect mouthwatering vegan patty, developed from a modified version of her mother’s recipe for a lactose intolerant friend. I personally had the opportunity to stop by and try out the vegan patty before it hit the menu. The flavor was out of this world. Even if you don’t have diet restrictions, Daddy O’s vegan burger is a much healthier option for lunch that still delivers on flavor. So the next time I’m in for lunch, enjoying a delicious hand-pressed

burger or vegan burger with hummus, I hope to see you too. Daddy O’s is a hometown, real kitchen experience that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Daddy O’s Rockin Café is located at 228 N 2nd Ave, Upland, CA 91786 See their updated hours on




CELEBRATE In this milestone year, we at Carden Arbor View School celebrate a growing legacy of educational



•E N

T H U S I A S M •D I G













J OY •



excellence and student achievement. As one of the top-rated independent, non-sectarian schools in Southern California we are proud of our past accomplishments and excited about an amazing future. We invite you to visit us for a campus tour and student assessment today.






• Small class size with a 10 to 1 student/teacher ratio • Foreign languages - French, Latin, Spanish • Focused learning - Science, Technical Skills and Math • Arts and Music - Debate Team - Intramural Sports • After School Enrichment Programs • A.M. and P.M. Childcare 1530 North San Antonio Avenue, Upland, CA 91786 • 909.982.9919


American Legal Documents


866-213-2242 Living Trust Package includes: • Certification of Trust • Pour-over Will • Includes Notary of All Docs • Power of Attorney for Finances • All Documents are prepared for you by Our Attorney - Not a Paralegal




For singles/ individuals

Mark Lansing, Attorney at Law; CA Bar# 297079 We Can Also Help You With Probate and Trust Administration

$100 additional for married/couples. CALL NOW!

10832 Laurel St., Suite 201 Rancho Cucamonga

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BUSINESS HOURS Monday - Friday: 9:00AM - 6:00PM Saturday: By appointment Sunday: Closed

Professional Dental and Oral Health Care Services

We accept all major dental insurances Dr. Keyurkumar R. Patel, D.D.S. 7211 Haven Ave #D Rancho Cucamonga

Expires 2/28/17

We specialize in CORPORATE Lunches and Events, catered to professional requirements of demanding executives.



100 N. Barranca Ave., 7th Floor West Covina

BENEFIT FROM OUR MANY DENTAL PROMOTIONS Comprehensive Dental Exam and X-Rays $100 (reg. value $299)

Children Dental Exam and X-Ray with Cleaning $50 (reg. value $250) BOGO 1 hour ZOOM Teeth Whitening Ca for information Call

(NE Corner of Baseline and Haven in Ralph’s Center)

FREE Invisalign Consultation


FE B RUA RY 2 0 1 5





NBC’s New CIA Analyst


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The Buick LaCrosse’s Comfortable Design is as Close as it gets to Sitting in Your Family Room



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San Antonio Hospital Shares Great Ways to Improve Your Heart, and will be Hosting a Day of Dance Event!

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Fiat’s Playful Pair


hen you think Italian you think chic, vogue and trendy. All those words describe Fiat’s retro style vehicles, including the station-wagon style L and cuddly C convertible models. Both are loaded with a plethora of goodies to entice those searching for value and utility. We tested the Fiat L Trekking and Fiat C convertible and found they were both fun and frugal. Add to that good safety scores and exceptional fuel mileage, and you have vehicles that don’t just appeal to the daring, but also to those looking to make a change to the playful new. Base prices start in the teens and low $20,000 range.




By The Car Family

Fiat offers several other models, such as the daddy-sized X, zippy Abarth 500, battery-powered E model, and new 124 Spyder. All of them feature a vibrant color palette and playful attitude. Mom’s view: The Fiat L’s interior design is excellent, with ancillary controls on the steering wheel, and air, heat and radio controls where you can easily reach them. The standard five-inch monitor does not bleach out when the sun shines, unlike most of the competition. Everything is easy to use, although the emergency brake is difficult to reach unless the slim center console is raised. Outward visibility is unmatched in the L, in all

directions. The L has a heavy rear hatch and opens very high, so be warned. The side doors swing wide and allow you to simply slide into the comfortable seats. The dual glove boxes are handy, and the rear seats are cleverly positioned to be even higher than the front seats. Attaching a child’s seat is easy, thanks the height of the vehicle. Fiat’s website states there are over 1000 possible seating combinations, including transforming the side passenger seat into a picnic table. There is also ample storage space, with over 20 cubbyholes in the vehicle. You really have to spend some time in the L to appreciate its usefulness.


Dad’s view: Fiat’s C is a fun car for road trips thanks to its nifty handling, spunky driveability, and feisty attitude. It is perfect for 909 readers who get the benefit of an easy-to-park vehicle, over 30 mpg, and the ability to go topless in seconds. If it rains, the top is a snap to raise. The C handles like a go-cart with good brakes and sharp, though a bit heavy, steering. A manual transmission is available, but we prefer the new six-speed automatic when coupled to the base 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine with its 101 horsepower. There is also a 135 horsepower Turbo model. Our L Trekking had a MultiAir turbocharged inline-4 providing 160 horsepower with an overall 25 mpg rating. Passing and on-ramps were no problem, but there is torque steer evident when accelerating hard from a stop, and the engine can sound gruff when pushed. The L isn’t a slouch, but Fiat really designed it for transporting the family. The rear seats can recline, and there is an optional large sunroof that covers both front and rear passengers. The L Trekking has 22.4 cubic feet of cargo room behind the rear seats , which expand to 68 cubic feet when folded. Interior space is nearly identical to a Ford Escape. I enjoyed the L — it grew on me because it was so maneuverable and handy thanks to the Koni suspension components. However, I recommend you test the Fiat X with its allwheel drive capabilities and similar dimensions and stick with the convertible if you are a fashionista.

a standard Uconnect infotainment system with a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your phone to the system and reply to texts using voice commands. The fonts are easy to see, and the system works as well as those on a Mercedes. The L offers a Beats audio system that I recommend. Other options include automatic climate control, rear view camera, rear parking sensors and 6.5-inch touch screen. My choice is the 500 C, but if you want something more wicked, get the 500 Abarth. Young working woman’s view: Fiat is for those brave enough to leave the same-old models for the challenges of change. To that end, Fiat has priced their vehicles very aggressively. To assuage quality concerns, Fiat Chrysler of America offers a 4-year/50,000mile bumper-to-bumper warranty with roadside assistance and a 3-year/36,000-mile nocost maintenance package. There are a variety of C models, from the more basic Pop to the loaded Lounge. The L comes in several styles as well,

with the Pop, Easy, Trekking, Urbana, and Lounge each adding new levels of considerations. Standard safety features include seven airbags, but be warned, ladies —getting in and out of the C while preserving modesty takes practice. Family conference: Fiats may not appeal to everyone, but they do offer consumers the safety of a good warranty, friendly ergonomics, and some exceptional lease deals and incentives. There is also an extensive option list to make them easy to individualize. Fiat also offers a Mix and Mingle program through its website that brings users together. In essence, owners have made Fiat a lifestyle choice, and Fiat is well worth a look for those seeking a little Italian to call their own. Ciao.

Young male’s view: The front-wheel-drive Fiat 500 C has a cute rump and comes in several colors based on your option selections. They are babe magnets and economical as well. However, there isn’t much interior space. For that you need the L. Either way, Fiat offers





In Memoriam

By John Calderwood

The year 2016 has become notorious for the number of celebrities lost. Our hearts ache for their loved ones, families, friends and all their fans who gathered in their memories and shed tears for their loss. As the year comes to an end, we look back to remember what they accomplished and how they shaped the world around us.



winner, David Bowie, also known as Ziggy Stardust, was revolutionary in the music industry throughout the 70s and 80s. He was also an iconic actor in films such as “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” and, of course, “Labyrinth.” – age 69

western star Merle Haggard was best known for his 1969 hit, “Okie from Muskogee.” – age 79

08 – David Bowie, Musician – Two-time Grammy

14 – Alan Rickman, Actor –

Legendary actor, Rickman was most well-known for his role as Severus Snape in the film adaptations of “Harry Potter,” and for his role as the villain Hans Gruber in “Die Hard.” – age 69. Photo By Marie-Lan Nguyen


19 – Harper Lee, Novelist – Lee was named a

Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction in 1961, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her contribution to literature, despite having only written one novel, “To Kill A Mockingbird.” She published a sequel from an old manuscript she wrote during the 50s entitled, “Go Set a Watchman,” during 2015 but it was later revealed to be an early draft of the first book. – age 89

06 – Merle Haggard, singer and songwriter – Country

21 – Prince,

Musician – Notorious for his flamboyant persona on stage, Prince won seven Grammy Awards throughout his career with hits such as “Purple Rain.” Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol because of a contract dispute with Warner Brothers. Later, after being referred to as, “The Artist formerly known as Prince,” or just, “The Artist,” Prince started using his original stage name again. – age 57. Photo By Micahmedia


28 – Harambe the Western Lowland Gorilla – During


06 – Nancy Reagan, Former First Lady of the U.S. (1981-1989) – Nancy was the wife of the country’s 40th president, Ronald Reagan – age 94

08 – Sir George Martin, Music Producer – Martin

produced albums for The Beatles, and was often referred to 4 6as |“The 9 0 Fifth 9 M ABeatle.” G A Z I N–Eage 90

a highly publicized incident at the Cincinnati Zoo, Harambe was shot by zookeepers after a three-year-old boy climbed into his enclosure. Controversy and debate over the decision to use deadly force made Harambe a viral internet celebrity overnight. – age 17


03 – Muhammad Ali, Professional Boxer – Born Cassius

Clay, Ali was a three-time heavyweight champion (1964, 1974 and 1978), and proclaimed himself “The Greatest.” After retiring from boxing in 1981, Ali devoted his life to religious and charitable work. – age 74 J A N U A R Y / F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 7



Wiesel was a Holocaust survivor and 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner. He was referred to by the committee as a “messenger to mankind” for his storied survival of Hitler’s death camps.– age 87

– The mother to a generation, Florence Henderson played Carol Brady on “The Brady Bunch.” She stayed active in the film industry until days before her death. – age 82

02 – Elie Wiesel, Jewish Writer/Political Activist –

24 – Florence Henderson, Actress/Singer

25 – Fidel Castro, Dictator – The President of

Cuba from 1959-2008, Fidel Castro was known as both a communist dictator and a Cuban revolutionary. For better or worse, Castro shaped the country to his vision and survived over 600 known assassination attempts, some of which involved some outlandish ideas, such as an exploding cigar in 1960 and a poisoned milkshake in 1963. – age 90

19 – Garry Marshall, Writer/Producer/Actor – Marshall was best known as the creator of the shows “Happy Days,” “Mork & Mindy,” and “Laverne & Shirley.” – age 81


13 – Kenny Baker, Actor – The actor and

puppeteer who portrayed R2-D2 in the “Star Wars” franchise, Baker was born with dwarfism and stood at 3’8”. Baker actually worked inside the R2-D2 costume on set. He also played Paploo, the Ewok, in “Return of the Jedi.”– age 81

29 – Gene Wilder, Actor – Probably most notable as Willy Wonka in the 1971 classic “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” Gene Wilder was a famed and awarded comedian. His other memorable roles in films such as “Blazing Saddles,” and “Young Frankenstein,” made Wilder a trailblazer and trendsetter in the film industry. – age 83


25 – Arnold Palmer, Golfer – One of the world’s

most iconic professional golfers, Palmer did more to popularize the sport than anyone else. He was famous for always having a glass of iced tea blended with –U age J A N U A lemonade. RY / FEBR A R87 Y 2017

25 – Ron Glass, Actor – Ron Glass

starred as Detective Harris in “Barney Miller,” but will arguably be remembered for his role as Sheppard Book in the cult phenomenon “Firefly,” which ran for only one season. – age 71 Photo By Raven Underwood

28 – Jim Delligatti, McDonald’s franchisee –

Delligatti was the creator of the now world-famous “Big Mac” cheeseburger for the McDonald’s empire. – age 98


06 – Peter Vaughn, Actor – An English-born

stage and film actor whose final and most recognized role was “Maester Aemon” in the critically acclaimed and award-winning HBO series, “Game of Thrones.”– age 93

08 – John Glenn, Astronaut and United States

Senator – In 1962 Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth, circling it three times. For 24 years he served as a United States Senator for Ohio. In 2012, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. – age 95





Resort Style Backyard with Beach Entrance

BEAUTIFUL POOL HOME Don’t miss this beautiful pool home located at the end of a cul-de-sac in the City of Rancho Cucamonga. This home has it all Game Room, Family Room, stunning views of the city lights & mountains. Kitchen is spacious and open, with a large walk in pantry, and Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances and a Kitchen Island. Laundry room downstairs, along with a full bed and bath down stairs. The master suite is very inviting with its high ceilings, fireplace, large his/her closet with custom crown molding and accent lighting and of course the private balcony with




dramatic views. Master bath with spa tub, walk in shower, and separate sinks on both either side of the bathroom. The rear grounds include resort style backyard with Beach entrance pool/2 spas one has a grado, waterfall and slide the lower level offers beautiful water features, Outdoor Living Covered patio-roman columns Italian tile with 2 Ceiling fans, Built in BBQ with sink & refrigerator. Sports court, lush grass and a fire pit. 3 car garage plus RV parking. Additional features include, Half Acre Lot, 2 stall barn with workout room and a full bath.


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