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If you believe age should be celebrated...

join the club. With maturity comes more than just wisdom; it’s a time to reflect... you’ve raised a family, built history, and taught lessons. And we want the accomplishments and celebrations to continue. Here at San Antonio Community Hospital, our

Generations Ahead Senior Club helps you meet the challenges you’ll face as you mature, happily and confidently. Wellness programs, social events, health education and screenings, all designed just for you... to look forward to a vibrant, active, and healthy future.

Join us at our next event & see what we’re all about: Healthcare Reform and Its Impact on Medicare

January 24, 2013 • 3:30 - 4:30 pm Hospital Café 999 San Bernardino Rd. • Upland, CA

For more information or to join, call Kristen at 909.920.6153 or visit

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Care For Women’s Medical Group represents one of the Premier Medical Practices in the Inland Empire dedicated to women's health. We know how important your time is. We treat your time with respect and consideration. - Complete Obstetrical and Gynecological care - Leader in OB-GYN - Specializing in robotic surgery - Minimally invasive surgery

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UPLAND 1310 San Bernardino Road Suite #201 - 909.579.0806

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Publisher Kathleen Sanchez It’s a new month, a New Year, and we are back with another issue. We have a lot to talk about. Let’s get started. We are now conducting our First Annual Reader’s Choice Poll. You can vote for your best restaurants, salons, car dealers, toy stores, schools, doctors, realtors, teachers, coaches, painters, concert venues, donut shops, you name it. The categories of things you can vote for are listed on pg. 16. All you have to do is go to our website,, select your city, and start voting. Everyone who completes the poll will be placed in our drawing for a brand new Google Nexus Tablet. The results of the poll and the winner of the tablet will be announced in our “Best of Issue” in April. The poll is live right now. This is your chance to show your appreciation for the best businesses in your city. Let’s vote! We have received several requests for clarification of our distribution. Let me take this opportunity to explain how we do this. This month we will be mailing to 45,707 homes in Upland & Rancho Cucamonga. Next month we will mail 45,707 more magazines to the homes in these cities that we did not reach this month. In other words, we are now mailing to every single home and business in Upland & Rancho Cucamonga, for a total circulation of 91,414 homes. However, if you do not want to miss an issue you can get a free digital subscription to the magazine on our website. Just want to remind everyone that we email out 50% off deals from local salons, restaurants, car washes and other locations in Upland & Rancho Cucamonga. You can sign up for the deals on our website ( or simply text 909deals (one word) to 99000 to be automatically registered. When you register you can select a local school to support and every time you buy one of our deals one dollar from the deal will be donated to the school you have chosen to support. The more people signed up to support a particular school the more money that school will make. We have iPhone and Droid Apps for the deals. These apps also have coupons from local merchants for you to use. Just show the coupon on your phone, the merchant will tap the “Redeem” button, and that’s it. We made it easy. We intend to start a reader’s comment section in the magazine. Please email us with any comments, complaints or suggestions. We want to hear from you. It’s your magazine, we just mail it to your home. Until next time,

Kathleen Kathleen Sanchez Publisher


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INSIDE claremont Cycling in Claremont

Claremont is perfect, as it offers routes through Indian Hill, Mount Baldy and through the Glendora Mountain Road at the top of Benson. When going through Azusa Canyon and Glendora Mountain Road there are 30 plus routes that Muschler’s group has used. Although many cycling groups are from other cities, Claremont does have its own groups like Jax Bike Shop. They ride Thursday nights at 7 p.m. to Donut Man in Glendora and back, where they enjoy some good doughnuts along with their bike ride.

Claremont also has the fastriding Bud’s Group, who Muschler said are mostly tier 1, 2 and 3 sponsor-leveled athletes. They actually originated from Jax Bike Shop when it was known as Bud’s Bike Shop. This group has been riding for the past 30 years. If Christmas was good to some of our readers, there will be a few extra cyclists on the roads this year. So there could be some new cycling members or even groups. Claremont is the perfect location to have some fun and tryout new trails for cycling.

ABC’s Keeping You Safe

It is a new year and it still remains that cycling is a popular Claremont activity. It is interesting to know that most cycling groups come from neighboring cities and not necessarily from Claremont. Although, with Claremont’s abundant trail options, who wouldn’t travel there for some good cycling? Andy Muschler, a CPA from La Verne who lives in Upland, is a former member of the Cycling Connection from Rancho Cucamonga with 180 other riders who frequent Claremont. “Most of these groups actually originate in Rancho Cucamonga or San Dimas,” said Muschler, who rode with the Cycling Connection for four years.

We have all enjoyed another New Year’s celebration and Claremont has remained a safe city, even while offering a 2 a.m. last call at one establishment. Claremont has a great night scene that has also been kept safe with the Claremont Police Department enforcing the ABCs. This is not making the intoxicated recite the alphabet, but is rather known as the Alcohol Beverage Control state program.

Claremont received a grant this year from the state for ABC. A yearly state budget for the Alcohol Beverage Control state program, selectively awards grants to applying agencies. The grants are used for sting operations, meeting overtime costs, education and enforcement to reduce alcohol to minors. Sobriety and DUI checkpoints are good deterrents to breaking the law, but so is the use of decoys

iphone & Droid app


INSIDE claremont known as “shoulder tapping.” “We have several types of operations, one of them is called the shoulder tap which is where we have minor decoys, someone who is 17, 18, 19 years old,” said Claremont Police Officer Hardin. “We get them outside of a liquor store or someplace where you can buy alcohol. They’ll ask customers coming inside ‘Hey, I’m not 21, can you buy me some beer?’ If the person purchases alcohol for the minor, we’ll contact them and they’ll either get a citation or get arrested with a misdemeanor.” Sting operations even include decoys walking into restaurants or bars to try and purchase alcohol. Typically, Hardin said that other departments that employ decoys are doing so through grants from ABC. With such a great program available, Claremont police are able to make sure locals can enjoy their late nights in Claremont.

Becoming a Reserve Police Officer If you have ever thought about wanting to protect your loved ones and do more to help enforce law in your city, then the police reserves might be right for you. Those interested in pursuing a law enforcement career or serving as a part-time officer with the Claremont Police Department can start looking in 2013 to become a reserve officer. Once the necessary requirements are met, these reserves are


given the same equipment (including firearms) and arrest powers as any other officer. They protect and serve for special events, or where Claremont PD needs them. Claremont currently has three reserves and is always looking to add more to the pool. The only difference between a reserve and a full-time officer is the pay. Reserves can continue any existing full-time jobs while protecting Claremont as a part-time officer, or they can be put on a wait list if they’d like to join Claremont PD fulltime. “What we do is put them through our training program as if they were a full-time paid officer,” said Sergeant Robert Rauchfuss, who is in charge of the reserve program. “That way if we do have an opening in the future, instead of going outside, we have a pool of officers that are already trained, that have already been to the academy, and already know our city’s policies and procedures,” said Rauchfuss. Rauchfuss does interviews

twice a year after he gets enough applicants. Since 2007, Rauchfuss has promoted three reserves to fulltime officers. “Once they go through all three levels of the reserve academy, they have gone through the same training as any officer would,” said Rauchfuss. For someone with no law enforcement experience, it takes 12 months for an extended police academy. Rauchfuss said this commitment usually takes Tuesday and Thursday nights and all day on the weekends. The academy is doable while working a full-time job. The only drawback to Claremont’s department is the pay. Once 16 volunteer hours per month are met, reserves get $40 for uniform cleaning. Other departments might pay hourly. It is still good for those who desire to protect Claremont. For those interested in becoming a reserve, they can go to the city of Claremont’s Web site to see the reserve officer requirements under employment opportunities.

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INSIDE Upland Give Your Plants The Christmas Spirit

mas mulch. All they need is proof of residency. Mulch helps prevent weeds and keep moisture with plants by helping the soil retain water. “Yeah. That would be effective,”

said a worker at Upland’s Highland Gardening Center about Christmas trees as mulch. So this year, instead of putting your tree in the garbage, put it to good use in your garden as mulch.

Packed House Quiet as a Mouse

Christmas is over but you can still give your plants some holiday spirit this January by having the city turn your Christmas tree into Christmas mulch. Christmas tree mulch is something the city of Upland is offering this year. When recycling the tree, residents can put the tree out on collection day like always and cut the tree into pieces not longer than 6 ft. Trees can be collected on pickup days from December 26th to January 21st. Then on Saturday, Jan 26th, Upland residents can go to the Upland Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center at the City Yard from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for their Christ-


Upland’s City Council December 1st meeting was packed, but the audience was still quiet as a mouse as the city budget was discussed by city councilmembers. The biggest worry was not to end up like San Bernardino. It seemed that no subject was untouched. It was described as the lowest budget in 10-12 years. At that time Upland city’s reserves were down from $4.2 million to $932,000. “No more money for sidewalk repairs. No more money for street repairs. That’s why we’re taking recommendations,” said one councilman. Street repairs, sidewalk repairs and alley repairs are underfunded or possibly not funded at all cur-

rently. Post-employment benefits are also underfunded. The city has already reduced full-time employees by 25%. One of the proposed changes was also to ask employees for concessions, which would save $1.03-$1.36 million this year. Some budget reductions included exploring alternative ways to provide various city services, such as efficiency with fire and police services, animal services, library, inspection services, added city service fees, fleet maintenance, information systems and engineering services. Six council members voted on different measures. Councilman Gino Fillipi did not want to

INSIDE Upland finalize the recommendations because there was a lack of consistency in the total savings that he said went from $2 million to $4 million in estimated needs. At the same time though, the council wanted to meet most of the budget head on since it would just cost future council members grief if they didn’t start solving problems now. In the end, council members had given City Manager Stephen Dunn the ability to move forward with a list of long-term recommendations to free up money in the general fund. City Officials are working very hard to rebuild the reserves. After some exploration and debate it was determined by the members that the proposed budget cuts will come back to the full city council for further discussion on January14th.

Pine Haven Cafe: Dining to Help Pets On December 1st Pine Haven Café and Catering joined Upland Animal Services and Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care and Adoption Center to partner for the Home for the Holidays Pet Adoption Event. The restaurant/café gave 18% of its receipts for that day to both shelters. The money will help out needy cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and the

like, to get shelter and needed care by the two city services which consist of mostly volunteers. Sharon Ellis is the owner of Pine Haven. This is the first time her business has given donations to animal services but they have been active with helping other groups before. “We have worked with the shelters before,” said Ellis. “We are involved with a lot of the organizations like Foothill Family Shelter, not [just] an animal shelter obviously. We did a fundraiser for them in September and when we did that we put it out there that if anyone would like to do some fundraising we’d love to help you out and they kind of reached out to us.” The Rancho Cucamonga shelter came to show off some animals at the Upland shelter which is a block south of Pine Haven. It was a good day to also participate in the Winter Wonderland Pet Photos where pet owners were able to bring their animals (old and new) to take holiday photos for a $10 donation. This may be their first time donating to the city’s animal service, but Pine Haven Café is reaching out to different groups. “There’s a lot of local charities around; some are more well-known than others,” said Ellis. Jon Knowlton of the Upland Animal Services said this was the first time a restaurant has given help with donations to animal shelters. Along with the donations, the event was a success with Upland having

14 animals adopted. It is great to see two communities come together for a common cause.


INSIDE rancho cucamonga Jump For Joy With Your Toddlers

“There’s always a demand for more, and we always wish we could offer more.” A woman named AJ was the energetic moderator who said the libraries have been around for 7-8 years, offering these kinds of family programs for free. There are other programs for kids and the whole family, like cul-

tural arts nights that are offered quarterly. Other events include crafts, story tellers, art exhibits, and musical groups; they are all free for the most part. Join in on the fun and excitement with your family. For more information and on how to rsvp, check out the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center Web site.

Health Plans Increase Again

What time is it? It’s family time! For parents who want to start 2013 spending some quality time with their toddlers and (young) family they can come with them to Toddler Time story time! It’s exactly as it sounds. For fans of toddler shows like Barney, comes the chance to bring your kids to story time at the Paul A. Biane Library of the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center. Here, as a group of a dozen parents and toddlers, you will sing along with a library moderator reading children’s books out loud. These events are very popular and must be rsvp’d early. “The story times require registration in advance. They usually fill up within less than an hour when we open our registration,” said Children’s Librarian Jason Daly.


Anthem Blue Cross and many other companies will be issuing rate increases in 2013 for individual health plans. In the past, rate hikes also affected group plans that are often offered with city and union employment. Rancho Cucamonga has seen rate increases in the past and made a decision like any other person would to find better rates. “Up until last year we had Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser both,” said Human Resources Director Chris Paxton. “Our broker came back with bad news for us. For Anthem Blue Cross they were looking

at over a 30% [rate increase]. That just wasn’t going to work for us.” The city now goes through Blue Shield and Kaiser for its PPO and HMO insurance. Most employees select HMO coverage. Although HMOs have limited networks and won’t allow people to see certain specialist doctors or hospitals, most of the premiums for HMOs, like Kaiser, are almost always covered by employer contributions, as does city of Rancho Cucamonga. Rancho Cucamonga covers a fixed amount for two different tiers of workers. City employees hired

INSIDE rancho cucamonga before 1996 get $995 a month towards their insurance. People hired after 96’ get $700 a month. Paxton said the new change did require two conditions with the health insurance companies. One was signing a three-year contract. The other was discouraging healthy employees from leaving group plans by getting rid of a $200/$300 in lieu of benefit that employees would usually get if they opted out of the insurance. A large factor behind insurance rate hikes is when a group has too many pre-existing individuals that constantly use insurance benefits; there aren’t enough healthy individuals who don’t use the insurance to balance out the premiums. Although group HMO insurance rates may be well covered through work, individual HMO health plans for families are more expensive than PPO insurance. If getting insurance outside of work it is usually best to speak with a broker. Paxton said the city does have a lot of part-time employees who are responsible for providing their own insurance. With new laws they may be required to offer them insurance compensation as well. Even if you do not work for the city, it is good to know what is going on with current health plans. Many employers will be facing these same rate increases, which will affect their employees as well.

Santa Barbara Townhomes has Joined the Healthy RC Smoke-Free Recognition Program

The Smoke-Free Recognition Program is part of the Healthy RC initiative, which strives to encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for those who live, work, and play in the community. To be considered for recognition, participants must demonstrate that they have taken significant steps beyond current local, State, and Federal smoking regulations to provide a smoke-free environment for their residents, patrons and employees. At a minimum, eligible apartment communities must dedicate at least 75 percent of their apartment units as smoke-free; hotels must provide 100 percent non-smoking guest rooms and lobby; and restaurants must dedicate their entire outdoor dining area as smoke-free. Eligible participants will be invited to a City Council meeting to receive a Certificate of Recognition designating their business as a smoke-free establishment. They will also be listed in City publications and highlight-

American Treasure

ed on the City’s online registry of smoke-free establishments. Santa Barbara Townhomes, located at 10855 Church Street, is a brand new development by Lewis Apartment Communities that features lush landscaping, outdoor gathering spaces, and a 5,500 square foot recreation center overlooking a pool and spa. Their smoke-free efforts go above and beyond current smoking regulations and include 100 percent of their apartment units designated as smoke-free, smoke-free outdoor common areas, and smoking prohibited within 20 feet of entrances to indoor common areas. This smokefree environment allows residents and visitors to breathe easy while they enjoy the wonderful outdoor amenities offered throughout the Santa Barbara Community. Santa Barbara Townhomes was recognized for their smokefree efforts at a November Rancho Cucamonga City Council Meeting.

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For Prospective Parents An opportunity to observe classroom programs. Student guided tours. Call for a reservation.

January 10, 2013

8:00 am - 4:30 pm


Thursday, February 7, 2013 7:00pm


Kindergarten through 8th Grade Non-Sectarian, Spiritually Diverse, Values Based

1530 N. San. Antonio Avenue, Upland, CA 91786 (909) 982-9919 14


10 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Seniors Stay Active & Vibrant The beginning of a New Year is an ideal opportunity to make a fresh start. If you’re a maturing adult, you can benefit from resolutions that are specifically geared toward helping you maintain physical and mental health, improving your social life, and helping you life a happier, fuller life. This year, vow to incorporate these ideas into your life: 1. Eat more fresh foods. While processed foods are easy to prepare for a meal, make a promise to eat more fresh healthy fruits and vegetables and you’ll see a noticeable difference in the way you look and feel. 2. Read at least one book per month. Set aside a certain time during the day to do some serious reading. Keeping your mind active is vital as you advance in years. The books at your local library are free and it will get you out of the house! 3. Make a commitment to walk one mile at least twice a week. It is tempting, especially if you live alone, to stay in your pajamas all day if you have nothing planned. Getting up and out will not only benefit you physically, but the fresh air will do wonders for your well being. If you can’t start off with a mile, build up to it. As always, check with your doctor before starting an exercise plan.

4. Call on friends more often. Ask them to a take in a play or a movie, or just chit chat. People who are involved with other people stay healthier and live longer. Make one new friend this year! 5. Volunteer for a worthy cause. Organizations are always looking for volunteers and love the loyalty and work ethic of older adults. If you are healthy and mobile, volunteer to help other seniors get to doctor appointments or the grocery store. It will nourish your soul. 6. Challenge your brain. Keep your mind in shape with games, crossword puzzles and brain teasers. These help the brain’s speed and memory. For maximum benefits, spend 30 minutes a day on brainrelated activities. 7. Take an adult education class at a nearby high school. It’s never too late to learn something new – maybe Spanish, a computer course, or flower arranging. You might learn a hobby you enjoy, and meet people who share the same interest. 8. Make your home safer. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in three adults over the age of 65 falls each year. Many of these falls are preventable, especially if

home safety tips are implemented. Moving cords out of walkways, having good lighting near beds, and taping down edges of carpet and rugs can help tremendously to decrease the number and severity of falls for seniors. 9. Schedule regular doctor visits. Unfortunately, with age comes an increased risk of illness and other complications such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and other medical conditions. Making sure that you schedule a regular annual checkup can help in early detection and prevention of many diseases. 10. Laugh a little! Research has shown that the health benefits of laughter are far-ranging. Laughter can help relieve pain, bring greater happiness, and even increase immunity.

Brought to you by: San Antonio Community Hospital Generations Ahead 55+ Club (See our ad in this publication.)



Ann First


e Po c i o h C

E T O ET’S V er ’s



We are doing our First Annual Reader’s Poll where you vote for the best local restaurants, schools, salons, principals, coaches, doctors, hospitals, car dealers, etc. We are conducting polls for Claremont, Upland & Rancho Cucamonga. Every person who completes the Poll will be entered into a drawing for a brand new Google Nexus Tablet. The winners will be announced in our April “Best of Issue.” Just go to our website or our facebook page and cast your vote.



BEST OF CATEGORIES RESTAURANTS Best Family Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurant Best Sushi Restaurant Best Italian Restaurant Best Indian Restaurant Best French Restaurant Best New Restaurant Best Casual Dining Restaurant Best for Meal Under $10 Dollars Best Restaurant for a Steak Best Restaurant Chef Best Restaurant for Breakfast Best Café Best Place for a Sandwich Best Pizza Place Best Coffee House Best Place for Burgers Best Bakery Best Place for a Hot Dog Best Place for Desert Best Place for a Slice of Pie Best Place for Frozen Yogurt Best Ice Cream Parlor Best Tai Restaurant Best Restaurant Bar Best Place for Brunch Best Seafood Restaurant Best Place for Vegetarian Meal Best Japanese Restaurant


Best Bagel Shop Best Place for Barbeque Best Place for Breakfast Pastries Best Night Eatery (After 11 pm.) Best Neighborhood Deli Best Restaurant for Outdoor Dining Best Place for Fish & Chips Best Place for Business Meeting Best Elegant Dining Best Happy Hour Best Sports Bar Best Wine Bar Best Place with Inside Brewery Best Donut Shop Best Place for a Steak under $20 Best Place for a Steak Over $20 Best Place for a Margarita Best Place for a Martini Restaurant Best View Restaurant with Best Wait Staff Best Place for a Buffet Best Place for a Chicken Sandwich Best Bartender Best Customer Service (Restaurant) HEALTH & BEAUTY Best Urgent Care Facility Best Emergency Room Best Hospital Best Hair Salon Best Nail Spa

Best Place for Massage Best Optometrist Best Doctor Best Dentist Best Place for Facial Best Day Spa Best Health & Nutrition Store Best Gym Best Eye Brow Threading Best Physical Rehabilitation Center Best Tanning Salon Best Men’s Barber (Business) Best Martial Arts Studio Best Pilates Studio Best Yoga Studio Best Place to buy a cellphone Best Customer Service (Health & Beauty) HOME SERVICES Best Carpet Store Best Home Door Center Best Home Improvement Center Best Furniture Store Best Electrician Best Painter Best Floor Covering Store Best Window Replacement Best Pool Building Company Best Pool Supply Store Best Roofing Company

Best Plumbing Company Best Heating & Air Conditioning Best Concrete/Paving Company Best Carpet Cleaning Company Best Customer Service (Home Services) AUTOMOTIVE Best New Car Dealer Best Used Car Dealer Best Car Wash Best Smog Testing Shop Best Repair Shop Best Window Tinting Company Best Car Stereo Store Best Tire Store Best Customer Service (Car Dealer) Best Customer Service (Repairs) MOTORSPORTS Best Trailer Dealer Best Place for Motorsports Repairs Best Motorcycle Dealer Best Personal Water Craft Dealer Best Custom Motorsports Work Best Customer Service (Motorsports) LOCAL HOTELS & MOTELS Best Hotel Best Motel Best Hotel Customer Service Best Motel Customer Service COMMUNITY SERVICES Best Senior Care Facility Best Private School PET SERVICES Best Pet Grooming Best Pet Store Best Veterinarian Best Mobile Grooming Best Pet Boarding Facility Best Dog Trainer Best Customer Service (Pet Services) RETAIL STORES Best Antiques & Collectibles Store Best Arts & Crafts Store Best Flower Shop Best Plant Nursery Best Office Supply Store Best Farmers Market Best Camera Store Best Gift Shop Best Furniture Store Best Jewelry Store Best Local Shopping Center

Best Women’s Boutique Best Men’s Clothing Best Vintage & Consignment Clothing Store Best Bicycle Shop Best Photographer Best Fresh Produce Store Best Book Store Best Mattress Store Best Shoe Store Best Wine Store Best Sporting Goods Store Best Customer Service Best Video Rental Store Best Video Game Store Best Customer Service (Retail)





er ’s


Pol l


ENTERTAINMENT Best Comedy Club Best Live Music Club Best Music Lessons (Name of Company) Best Movie Theatre Best Local Band Best Concert Venue Best Amusement Park Best Ski Resort Best Playhouse / Theatre Best Dance Instruction Best Place to go Dancing Best Location with Family Entertainment Best Golf Facility Best Bowling Alley Best Customer Service (Entertainment Location) KIDS Best Place for Birthday Party Best Kids Boutique Store Best Summer Camp Best Kids Play Facility Best Kids Gym / Exercise Facility Best Kids Menu Best Local Park for Kids Best Local Toy Store Best Customer Service (Kid Stores) CATERING & EVENTS Best Venue for Weddings Best Event Caterer Best Event Florist Best Customer Service (Catering & Events) REAL ESTATE Best Realty Company Best Customer Service (Realty Company)

Best Mortgage Broker Best Customer Service (Mortgage Broker) Best Realtor Best Customer Service (Realtor) BANKING Best Bank Best Customer Service (Bank) Best Credit Union Best Customer Service (Credit Union) SCHOOLS Best High School Best Elementary School Best Middle School Best School Principal Best Teacher Best Coach Best Local College


Is your family too busy to be a family?


he summer flew by too quickly and school is back in session. As a working mother of two, I look forward to the summer as my family gets a wellneeded break from all of the activities that we do during the school year. In fact, at the end of each school year I vow to not over schedule my family the following fall. Despite my best efforts, the schedule seems to fill up quickly with soccer practice, Karate class, and Boy Scouts. I add to the misery by committing to volunteer activities for the school board and church. From my perspective, our activities are getting us to spend time together. In the end, we spend a lot of time in the same space, but do not interact with one another. Before I know it, my family is too busy to be a family.


During the week, I transform into mom the chef, soccer mom, karate-mom, cheerleading-mom, and volunteermom. At times is seems as the entire family is like a family of hamsters, running on a wheel at every waking moment. While you may be spending time with your family physically during these activities, it is not a substitute for quality family time. Most of the activities we enroll our children in do not involve direct, one on one, interaction with our children. Even when I am leading the activity, I am not spending quality time with my son. As the year progresses, my family spends more time doing solitary activities and less time interacting with each other. The emotional distance that overbooking activities creates is difficult to reverse, but not impossible. If you notice that your family is spending more time shuffling from activity to activity rather than interacting with one another, then it is time to incorporate family

activities that they are involved with. Allow them to speak freely about their desire to continue with the activity. Many children will become physically and emotionally exhausted if they do not have down time. Children are blessed with so much energy, but many do not know how to recognize when they need rest. If you have come to the realization that your child is overbooked with activities, have him list his activities in the order that he enjoys doing them. Make the final decision on which activities you will exit. Next, create a list of activities that your family has enjoyed in the past, but no longer do. When I performed this activity, I was surprised at how many activities we eliminated from our routines. For example, we love to bowl and used to go bowling twice per month. Friday nights used to be ‘junk food and movie night.’ Our schedule was so booked up with activities, that we abandoned both activities. We also cut back on family time due to me

returning to the workplace. Finally, incorporate some simple activities into your family’s routine. I have provided some things that even the busiest family can do together. Family Night – Designate one night per week as family night. Families with teens may need to designate one night during the week. Most families already spend time watching TV in the evenings, but in separate rooms. Gather everyone in the family room, turn off all cell phones and lap tops, and choose a show that everyone will enjoy watching. Make some popcorn and get some sinful take out food. Sunday morning breakfast– At least one Sunday per month, sit down and eat a hearty breakfast with your family. Engage the entire family by having everyone plan the menu and cook the meal. To make it special, cook all the favorites, sausage, pancakes, bacon, etc. After breakfast, encourage the family to sit on the couch and read the Sunday paper. If you have little ones, encourage them to bring some toys into the living room and play with them. Pray with your children – Give thanks to your higher power either before dinner or before bed on a regular basis. Spirituality brings a family together. Plan short outings – Bowling, a regular trip to the ice cream parlor, or shopping at the farmer’s market creates memories and bonds the family together. Break out the Board games– Remember the games that you loved as a kid? Monopoly, Yahtzee, Candy Land, and Life are played by families until this day. You already know the rules and could probably teach your kids a thing or two about playing! Even though they probably will not admit it, teenagers love to play games. Celebrate the little things– While it may seem trivial to you, an A on an Algebra test may be a major accomplishment to your child. A cupcake with a candle and a congratulations card goes a long way. Purchase several cards ahead of time

and a few decorated cupcakes from the supermarket and keep them in the freezer. Then you will be able to take some time celebrating your child’s life on any given day. Take a class together – If your child is interested in Karate classes, but not thrilled about testing for higher belts, seek out a class that the entire family can participate in. Community recreation centers provide a wide range of family activities that only cost a few dollars to do. Talk it over – Have a family meeting to discuss upcoming vacations or outings. Allow your children to have an equal vote in the process. If you have teens, this will enable them to buy into the activity. This will make them more likely to participate. In thinking back over my childhood, I recall many happy memories that were shared with my family. Some of the happiest and most vivid ones were created in our home or while we were spending a little family time together. Give your family time to be a family so that your family can create memories as well.




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$25 for $50 Worth of Wine at The Wine Tailor in Rancho Cucamonga

$15 for $30 Gift Card from Bad Ass Coffee in Rancho Cucamonga

$225 for 3-Day, 2-Night Stay at Alpenhorn Bed & Breakfast in Big Bear (Normally $400)

$21 for 3 Gold Package Car Washes, (Usually $49), at Foothill Car Wash in Upland

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Meet Your Neighbors The Ramos Family of Rancho Cucamonga

909: How long have you guys lived in Rancho Cucamonga?

909: What could be done to improve your city?

Jesse and Melissa: 6 years.

Jesse and Melissa: It would be a huge relief if the city would improve our road access to our schools. In addition, recoup funds lost by our school district.

909: What made you decide to live in Rancho Cucamonga? Jesse and Melissa: Our family was growing and we needed more space for our kids to run around and play. Also, finding a city with a great school district was especially important. Rancho Cucamonga fits our family’s needs perfectly. 909: How do you like Rancho Cucamonga? Jesse and Melissa: Rancho is a great city. It’s quiet and very family oriented. The people who live here are friendly and care about their community. It’s definitely a place where families can settle and invest the rest of their lives here. We enjoy it’s diversity in people.


909: How did you two meet? Melissa: Jesse and I met at a social venue in March of 1997. We exchanged phone numbers, but neither one of us made contact. Coincidentally, two weeks later, we saw each other at the same location. From that day on, we never parted. 909: What made you fall in love with her? Jesse: I fell in love with her “spunk”, her intelligence and her gentle heart. Melissa has a very caring nature for others. She is an amaz-

ing wife and mother. 909: What made you fall in love with him? Melissa: Jesse is the most sincere and honest person I know. He has a huge heart and cares for the wellbeing of others. Most importantly he is a family man. I fell in love with his playful personality and his passion for life. 909: What do you two do for a living? Melissa: Jesse is a physician’s assistant and has been practicing for over 14 years. I have been a happy homemaker for 9 years and recently became a licensed cosmetologist. 909: Do you think your jobs are challenging? Melissa: Our jobs are very chal-

lenging for the both of us. It’s important to us that our clients are very happy with the services we provide. For Jesse, a patient’s health and quality of life is priority. He takes his job very seriously and is respected in the health industry.

joys camping and taking road trips to San Diego and Las Vegas. On most weekends, the kids bring all of their blankets and pillows downstairs for movies and popcorn. Quality time together in each other’s arms is what we all enjoy most.

909: Tell us a little bit about your family?

909: How did the kids affect your life when they were born?

Melissa: Jesse comes from a large Mexican family, and is the oldest of five boys. I’m Eurasian and am an only child. Having three children has been a wonderful blessing to us both. Jakob is 8 years old and is very sweet natured. He enjoys science, art and making people happy. Adrian is 6 years old and loves to play baseball. He enjoys the outdoors and helping others. Emma, our youngest, is 4 years old. She has a great balance of dressing up like a princess, but enjoys playing rough with her brothers. She also loves to sing and dance.

Melissa: When the kids came into our lives, it was a huge adjustment. Jesse had to pick up more hours at work and finding alone time together was difficult. Nine years later, we’ve learned how to balance everything. Our children give us purpose; our greatest gifts from God.

909: What do you guys like to do together? Jesse and Melissa: Our family en-

the world, where would it be? Jakob, Adrian and Emma: We want to live in Florida, so we can be closer to Disneyworld! 909: Do you guys like our magazine? Jesse and Melissa: Yes. We think the magazine is great. It’s nice to have something just for us and our community. It keeps us updated on what’s current in our city and the cities around us.

909: Tell us something unique or special about your kids? Jesse and Melissa: Our children are very caring and compassionate people. They enjoy helping others and giving back to the less fortunate. For the kids: 909: If you could move anywhere in


(909) 608-7426

Upland • La Puente • Palm Desert • Santa Ana • Chino Hills 16


California Arbitration & Mediation Services “We will keep you out of court by handling all your disputes from start to end”

Save Time & Money, Peace of mind, Integrity, Civility, Certainty of Outcome

Divorce Child Custody/Support Alimony Property Division

Personal Injury Contacts Business/Real Estate Collections



Free Friday Noon Concert Date: January 9 Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Location: Scripps College Balch Auditorium 1030 Columbia Ave. Cost: Free Beethoven: “Archduke” Trio. Trio Lykos: Rachel V. Huang, violin; Roger Lebow*, cello; Gayle Blankenburg*, piano. This concert is one hour of amazing music by one of the greatest composers of all time. Don’t miss out on the enjoyment of this great musical event. For more information call 909-607-3266.

Stand Up Claremont: Beginner/Intermediate Date: January 16 - February 20 (6 week course) Time: 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm Location: Flapper’s Comedy Club 532 W. First Street Cost: $350


Date: January 18 – 21 Time: 4 Day event Location: Claremont School of Theology Mudd Theater 1325 N. College Ave Cost: $5 - $300 The Whitehead International Film Festival is based on Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy - a worldview that focuses on the radically interdependent nature of all that exists. Given this interdependence, we are each responsible for contributing as much as we can toward the common good. Intercultural appreciation and understanding is a component of the common good that can be fostered by viewing and discussing excellent films produced around the world. To view an Individual Film: $5. Purchase tickets at the door. Full Pass includes reception and all films: $100. Faith and Film (includes class, reception, 2 dinners and all films) General: $300 for Members: $250. Call for more information (909) 447-2533.

Art & Activism in the U.S.

This New Year why not refine your comedic skills at the six weeks class at “Flappers University.” Whether you are looking to become a professional comedian, need some help with that next presentation or maybe just want to have some fun: Let Flapper’s help you find the path to funny. Visit or call (909) 542-0133.

Date: January 22 - April 14 Time: Tuesday - Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm; Art after hours Thursday 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm; Saturday January 26, 5:00 pm - 7 pm Location: Pomona College Museum of Art 333 N. College Avenue Cost: Free

12th Annual Whitehead International Film Festival

Many American artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have made their art work an integral part

of their political activism. This exhibition contains a sampling of such works from the late 1920s to the present, drawn primarily from the permanent collection of the Pomona College Museum of Art. Check out the website at edu/museum/exhibitions/2013/art-and-activism/index. aspx or Call (909) 621-8283. UPLAND

Upland’s Biggest Loser Challenge Date: January 2 Time: TBA Location: Recreation Division Office 651 W. 15th Street Cost: $50 per team Join the City of Upland, Recreation Division’s Biggest Loser Challenge. The hit TV show has inspired the city to GET FIT! This is a fun competition to lose weight and get in shape. Team up with your spouse, friend, co-worker or anyone who wants to lose those unwanted pounds (Two People Per Team). Registration is January 2nd - 31st. The official challenge start date is February 4th. For more information, please contact the Recreation Division at (909) 931-4280 or visit asp/Site/Living/Calendar/index.asp.

Free Crafts for Kids Every Saturday Date: January 5 Time: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Location: Lakeshore Learning Store

125 N. Mountain Ave. Cost: FREE Every Saturday from 11:00 am –3:00 pm, Lakeshore Learning Store offers FREE craft activities for kids ages 3 and up at all of our locations. Visit http://www.lakeshorelearning.comfor more information.

Hair Date: January 11 - 27 Time: 7:29 pm Fridays & Saturdays, 2:00 pm Sundays Location: Grove Theatre 276 E. 9th St. Cost: $15 - $25 HAIR portrays a loving, living, realistic look at the flower children of the 1960s. Seeking a new way, and with a yearning to change the world, the flower children take on the feel of an American Indian tribe, questioning authority, the society they are living in, and the war in Asia. Phenomenal musical numbers include Aquarius, Good Morning Starshine, I Believe in Love, Hair, I Got Life, What a Piece of Work Is Man and Hippie Life. Visit or call (909) 9204343.

girls ages 7-15. Four divisions: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-15. The 8-week program teaches the fundamentals of volleyball. Registration for this program can be done online at or you can request a registration form by calling the USYVL National Office at 1-888-988-7985.

Upland Certified Farmer’s Market Featuring Ron Ely Date: January 22 Time: 8:30 am – 1:00 pm Location: 3rd and A Street Cost: Free This CA Certified Farmer’s Market has the best produce, baked goods, and an art walk. by Ron Ely!!! Ron Ely is a performing songwriter, plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, and performs songs in the folk, country, maritime and Americana genres in and around Southern California. For more information check out or call (909) 931-4300. RANCHO CUCAMONGA

Biane Library Upland Spring 2013 Youth Volleyball Registration Date: January 16 Time: 12:00a to 11:59p Location: Sierra Vista Park Cost: $185, or $150 before March 1 Youth volleyball league for boys and

Date: The month of January Time: Varies depending on the activity for that day Location: Paul A. Biane Library Cost: Free for most events. The Paul A. Biane Library provides many reading programs throughout the month of January for all ages.

Programs are held during the weekdays (Monday – Saturday). For most classes, walk-ins are welcome. Please visit the city website and check out their calendar events for programs and times or call for more details. *Limited seating so please come early and make sure to check in. Contact: (909) 477-2720 or

Peking Acrobats Date: January 12 Time: 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm Location: Lewis Family Playhouse 12505 Cultural Center Drive Cost: $22 - $28 Back by popular demand, these masters of agility and grace known as the Peking Acrobats return to the Lewis Family Playhouse with exuberant performances featuring all the excitement and festive pageantry of a Chinese Carnival! Accompanied by live music, special effects and authentic costumes, the Peking Acrobats performance makes for a perfect family outing. Visit for more information or call (909) 477-2752.

Aladdin’s Luck Date: January 26- February 10 Time: 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm Saturdays, 1:00 pm only Sundays Location: Lewis Family Playhouse Cost: $14 - $16 This is the West-Coast premiere of an imaginative re telling of the muchloved tale! For ages 5+. Come see the first showing in January.



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Modern medicine and modern conveniences are wonderful things... They have enabled us to live longer and more comfortable lives.

BUT now, The Problem... “ The Biggest Fear of Later Life is Out-living Income.” THE MISSION OF “THE IRA ADVISORY GROUP, LLC” (TIAG) IS TO HELP SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.

TIAG - Relieving fears about out-living income. TIAG - Offering “higher” safe Income sources. TIAG - Establishing your family legacy. TIAG - Enjoying the “Funeral Advantage” Service The Later Life “Peace of Mind” Plan Phone: 909.731.7025

For further information: Contact: Byron Whisler, MBA, CRA


TIAG on the Web:

TIAG - Specialists in Guaranteed Lifetime Income Planning Services


Much like choosing a health care professional, choosing a salon can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider, and the outcome can have a tremendous impact on your sense of self and wellbeing. At Clippings Hair Design, we take our profession seriously. We strive for excellence in all we do so you can trust us with the care of your hair, skin and nails. We understand some of the common challenges clients have with salons and make every effort to exceed your expectations. We believe you will find the atmosphere of Clippings Hair Design to be outgoing and welcoming. From the moment you enter the salon you’ll be expertly cared for by our friendly team. There is no place for tension in our salon; we are a team that works together in harmony, and honestly feels like family. We also serve a wide range of clientele; women and men of all ages, and yes even children, truly enjoy their time with us. At Clippings Hair Design we understand the vital role advanced

education plays in our salon. Although a licensed salon professional has completed the training required to obtain their state license, beauty schools do not necessarily equip salon professionals with advanced skills or the hottest techniques. You can feel confident in our team’s expert hands. They regularly attend advanced hands-on training to master the hottest trends, stay inspired and keep their skills polished. From head to toe, the Clippings team has you covered with our full service salon menu. We feature women’s cut, color, texture, styling, skin care, nail care, men’s grooming and even special occasion hair & makeup packages. We have partnered with leading manufacturers to bring you the best in hair, skin and nail care. Featuring products by: Eufora, Eufora Beautifying Elixirs, Eufora Hero for Men, Unite, Dermalogica and OPI. Have you ever had a stylist double-book during your appointment time? It can make you feel rushed through the salon, almost

resembling an assembly line of sorts. You won’t experience that at Clippings. Your appointment is our first priority. We dedicate your appointment time exclusively to you, so you can enjoy the one-on-one relaxation of having your salon professional’s full attention. Our stylists even take the time to give you a rejuvenating scalp massage and hot towel treatment with every hair service. Our commitment to our clients and the community has resulted in tremendous growth here at Clippings. We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening a second Clippings location on 19th Street in Alta Loma in February 2013. So be sure to watch our Facebook page for our Grand Opening Celebration details! Want to experience our first class customer service? We invite you to join the Clippings family, book your appointment today!

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Tues: 10 - 7, Wed: 10 - 6 Thurs: 10 - 7, Fri: 10 - 6, Sat: 9 - 5

Online Booking Available!

We are growing! Coming in February 2013, a second location of Clippings in Alta Loma. Watch our Facebook page for our Grand Opening Announcement.

7201 Archibald Ave., Suite 6, Alta Loma, CA 91701 | | 909.987.9974


The Ultimate Venue Over 10,000 seats for sporting competitions, concerts, family shows, special events and community activities

January 4

Reign vs Utah


Reign vs Alaska


Reign vs Alaska


Reign vs Las Vegas


Reign vs Colorado




LMAO Comedy Show


Reign vs Bakersfield


CheerPros Cheerleading Competition

Coming Soon 2.18

Harlem Globetrotters


Rock And Worship Roadshow


Carrie Underwood


CCAA Basketball Conference Championship


Andre Rieu


CIF Regional Basketball Championships


Nuclear Cowboyz

5.4 & 6.29

Lingerie Football





All the Information you need to have a great dining experience! 19





THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD IN TOWN! Voted Best Mexican Restaurant By The Los Angeles Times

All our well margaritas are made with 100% agave tequila!



A wide selection of all of our wines are available for purchase online or at the winery



12 and 2pm

Monday - Sunday 9-5pm


Catering Concessions Special Events

Come and enjoy fantastic food and a great “Happy Hour” at a reasonable price while listening to the sound of Jazz music.

Committed to quality by bringing you food made from the freshest quality ingredients

(909) 937-3059

(909) 988-4591

2000 E. Convention Center Way, Ontario

215 East C. Street, Ontario

M-Th 8:00 am – 8:30 pm Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Sat 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Not good in combination with any other discounts or coupons. Limit one per table. Does not include alcoholic beverages. Please present coupon to server at the time of payment, other restrictions may apply. Good at both locations

Open M-F 11:00 am – 7:00 pm Enter through administration parking


(909) 937-3061

At the Ontario Convention Center

••HugeeSelectionnoffFineeWiness ••ExquisiteeCigarrCollection ••WineeTastinggEveryyFridayyNight PACIFIC


Wine Merchants

210 East A Street, Upland Ca, 91786 (909) 34


THE ULTIMATE GUIDE IN CHOOSING WINDOW BLINDS There are a lot of window treatments available, which can make choosing one a hard decision. Now that you have chosen to install window blinds in your home, you will also need to decide on which type of blinds will be best suited for each room of your home. Remember that in whatever window treatments you choose, you need to consider two things: functionality and artistic quality. This rule applies even to window blinds. However, different rooms in your home have different needs, there are specific window blinds that will be best suited for them. Here is a quick guide on how to choose window blinds for your home.

Blinds for the Living Room The living room is perhaps the easiest room to choose window treatments for. There are limited considerations in terms of getting wet or stained, etc. You can play with whatever type of blinds you want for your living room. Just remember to complement your furniture.

Blinds for the Bed Room Window blinds with relaxing colors and soft fabrics are usually the best ones to be used in the bed room. This is especially true for cluttered and overly decorated bedrooms. Blinds that can keep out the light are a plus for some. For the bed room, roman and roller blinds

are usually appropriate. These window treatments have a wide blackout range perfect for blocking out sunlight when you want extra hours of sleep.

Blinds for the Bathroom Choosing window treatments for the bathroom can be a little tricky. You need to factor in humidity and condensation, because these can affect the quality of your blinds in the long run. Roller and venetian blinds that are water resistant are a great option for the bathroom. You should avoid fabrics and real wood as they can collect mildew in a heavily damp environment.

Blinds for the Kitchen We also have factors to consider in the kitchen. Changes in the room temperature as we cook can affect the quality of the window treatments that we have. It will also be worthy to note that some homes are designed to let more sunlight in the kitchen. You will then need to consider blinds that have a wide range of blackouts if you have such a home. Never ever use heavy fabrics as they easily absorb cooking smells and moisture. In addition, choose something that is easy to wipe clean as your blinds may get splashed by kitchen materials every now and then. The most recommended blinds for kitchens are those that combine the practical nature of Venetian

blinds with the look of Wood Venetian blinds. It is not really wood so you will not have worry about the wood warping in humid conditions. With these tips in mind, you should be able to pick out the perfect window treatments for your home.


Bonded & Insured CA Lic# 917235




See important terms and conditions to this offer below

$119. value. To take advantage of this promotion, you must call 888-303-3123 before expiration date. Not valid with other offers or discounts. Must present this ad. Promo Code 9090113. Expires 2/15/13.

To take advantage of this promotion, you must call 888-303-3123 before expiration date. Not valid with other offers or discounts. Must present this ad. Promo Code 9090113. Expires 2/15/13.

Promo Code 9090113

Valid only for first 50 new ADT customers. Not valid with other offers or discounts. Available from this dealer only. Must present this ad. Promo Code 9090113. Expires 2/15/13.

*$99 customer installation charge. 24-month monitoring agreement required at $36.99 per month ($887.76). Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account. Offer applies to home owner only. Local permit fees may be required. Satisfactory credit history required. Certain restrictions apply. Offer valid for new ADT Authorized Dealer customers only and and not on purchases from ADT LCC, Cameras & receiver are provided by Advanced Home Security and are not monitored by ADT LCC, Limit 2 cameras & 1 receiver per household. While supplies last. Products may vary from images shown. License: CA-AC07031. Other rate plans available. Must mention coupon.


(909) 392-5554 !

Flip It


TWIN Set from…..........$149 FULL Sets from …........$209 QUEEN Sets from …....$249 KING Sets from ….........$299




1147 Foothill Blvd.

(5th store west of Starbucks between Wheeler & Damien Avenue)


La Verne

Mon. - Fri. 10-7 Sat. 10-6 Closed Sun.

Ask Abo ut Tax Cred it or Reba te in 2012

Energy Solutions

For Saving Energy




• Cut energy bills up to 30% and rejects solar heat up to 82%


• 99% UV protection


• Earthquake and graffiti protection • Reduces glare by up to 87% (great for viewing T.V.’s & Computers) DUAL PANE SAFE

Blinds, Shutters and more to liven up your home better energy ideas

Since 1979

9587 Arrow Rte. Bldg. 2, F, Rancho Cucamonga

“Have It Done Right” Suface Prep Painting Wood Repair Pressure Washing

Stucco Patch Drywall Patch Taping & Texture

Established 1967 Professional Residential Service Insured & Licensed #438227 P.O. Box 1558 Upland, CA 91785


(909) 947-4025 / (909) 240-3311

For your window tinting and blinds needs call

1(800) 591-7604


PATIO ENCLOSURES | SUNROOMS Patio Enclosures from $8995


Close Patio Covers from $1595

Alum-A-Wood Patio Covers: We got rid of the wood with Alum-A-Wood NO Painting, NO Termites, NO Warping

Retrofit Aluminum Patio Cover with Recessed Lighting from $395 for 3 Lights.

Visit Our Showroom: 840 S. Rochester Ave. I Ontario, CA Open 7 Days a Week I Serving CA Since 1972 I Lic. #517575-B

“Kynar 500” paint finish


Kitchen & Bath


Locally Owned & Operated No Job Too Big Or Too Small No Extra Charge For Weekend Calls Or Emergency After Hours

Residential Mobile Homes New Construction Commercial

(909) 754-1705 Or Call (626) 806-3532 Lic # 916121, Bonded & Insured Serving Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Alta Loma & Claremont

We still make housecalls!

“MAKE FIXTURE SHOP THE PERFECT CHOICE TO HELP YOU DESIGN YOUR GETAWAY!” Discriminating Styles - Unequaled Service Overwhelming Selection - Extensive Products Knowledge Competitive Prices - Quality Decorative Fixtures

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LICENSE 837449

30 Years Experience 40


$100 OR, F 0 purchase over $ ree Delive ry 1000 pur (local deliver chase



Hours: Monday - Saturday 10AM - 6PM Sunday 11AM - 5PM Closed Tuesday

14151 Fern Avenue, Chino CA

Near Edison & Euclid


CA Lic # 894245 C-8 & C-29

Driveways / Walkways Pool Decks & Coping Decorative Finishes Color Finishes Pavers / Bricks

Slate / Flagstone Stone Veneer Block Walls BBQ Islands

Pest Control - Roaches - Ants - Spiders - Bee Removal - Termites - Rodents - Gopher Control - Fungus Control - Bed Bugs - Animal Pest Trappers - Weed Abatement - Bird Barriers - Repellants and Controls


Brown Lipinsky, LLP Serving Workers & Their Families Since 2000 - Wrongful Termination - Employment Discrimination - Sexual Harassment - Whistle blower Retaliation - Wage and Hour Violations - Disability / Medical Leave Violations - Catastrophic Personal Injury

5811 Pine Avenue, Chino Hills CA 91709 / (909) 597-2445

A-PLUS CARPET & TILE Where Quality and Service Meet




$1.39 sq. ft. installed


$4.50 sq. ft. installed




LAMINATE: $2.99 sq. ft. installed WOOD:

We’re Open 7 Days A Week

$4.99 sq. ft. installed

SHUTTERS: $15.99 sq. ft. installed

Call for Free Estimate

(909) 987-3101 Fax: (909) 987-3040

11561 Foothill Blvd. #103 • Rancho Cucamonga •

909 mAGAZINE  


909 mAGAZINE