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Keep the Doors to Your Heart Swinging Heart valves open and shut “doors” to the chambers in your heart. And over time they can weaken, especially for those over 60. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and congenital heart disease are all contributing factors to unhealthy valves and symptoms cannot always be seen or felt. That’s why the Heart Valve Center at San Antonio Community Hospital is dedicated to diagnosing and treating valve problems. With state-ofthe-art 3D imaging, and a distinguished cardiovascular team that has collaborated on hundreds of valve surgeries, our expertise is second to none. As one of the region’s leading heart centers, San Antonio Community Hospital provides everything from prevention to advanced cardiac services, including valve repair and replacement. When it comes to your heart, it takes only minutes to find out about living a healthier lifetime. Don’t wait.

For more information about our Heart Valve Center, please call:

909.920.HRTS (4787) or visit us at Have a smartphone? Scan this code to learn more information about life saving heart valve procedures.

Heart Valve Center

Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Care For Women’s Medical Group represents one of the Premier Medical Practices in the Inland Empire dedicated to women's health. We know how important your time is. We treat your time with respect and consideration. - Complete Obstetrical and Gynecological care - Leader in OB-GYN - Specializing in robotic surgery - Minimally invasive surgery

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UPLAND 1310 San Bernardino Road Suite #201 - 909.579.0806

CHINO HILLS 15944 Los Serranos Country Club Dr. Suite #230 - 909.355.7855

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16444 South Highland Avenue, Fontana, CA 92336 O the 210 Fwy AT SIERRA




Publisher Kathleen Sanchez Editor

We are back above Baseline this month with a new issue. We hope you enjoy it. What a difference a month makes. We are back this month with more editorial, restaurants and local businesses supporting our publication by advertising their products and services. We wish to thank each and every business that joined our magazine this last month, as well as those that have been with us from the beginning. We are growing fast and your support will continue to be appreciated. Beginning with the May issue we will no longer be mailing the magazine to every business in Upland and Rancho Cucamonga. We have learned most business owners live in the cities where their business is located and our business delivery is therefore redundant. However, we will still be mailing the magazine to every home and apartment in Upland and Rancho Cucamonga. In fact, beginning with the April issue we will most likely start mailing the magazine to every home in Claremont, increasing circulation to over 100,000 homes and 200,000 readers. Next month we will be announcing the winners of our Reader’s Choice Poll. Although the April issue will be going south of Baseline Road, we will again announce the winners in our May issue when we come back above Baseline so that everyone who voted can see who won. This month we have a brand new real estate section for you. We have homes for sale and a list of recent sales so everyone can see what homes around them are actually selling for these days. If you have any real estate needs, or you see a home that interests you, pick up the phone and call one of our many professional realtors. Do you like the roar of a powerful motor, the excitement of watching someone drive up to, or even over 200 miles an hour? If so, March is your month. The Auto Club 400 will be in town starting March 22, 2013, with some of the world’s best NASCAR racers. Making it even more interesting, Danica Patrick, the only woman in the race, will be in town to give the boys a run for their money. Get your tickets and be prepared for some serious excitement. We wish everyone a great month. Until Next Time,

Kathleen 8

Virginia Lucero Marketing Director Chris Scott Sales Executives Gladys Rullan Matthew Komoto Bernadette Palos Sports Writer Matt Bustos Staff Photographer Gary Byrd Contributing Writers Matthew Komoto Ariel Reed Jessica Ortiz Jovielle Ortiz Jaidyn Loggins Cassandra Nuno Adrienne Milan Senior Art Director Christina Garcia Email us at: For Information: (909) 252-7224 Website: 909 Magazine is published 12 times a year. The entire contents of Nine-O-Nine Magazine is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of the publisher. 909 Magazine reserves the right to edit, rewrite, or refuse material and is not responsible for products that appear in the issues.

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INSIDE Upland Commuter Woes in Upland to End Soon

more.” Although Upland is in the midst of budget cuts it applied for the State Local Partnership Program and received a $1 million grant. “Because of the infrastructure this was a longer project, but everything’s still currently on sched-

ule,” according to Critchfield. Soon residents and visitors can enjoy an upgraded, palm tree lined roadway and better utility functionality. So maybe a little traffic can be tolerated for the added benefits that are to come once this project is complete.

Women Finally Given Combat Opportunities Commuters have been facing traffic congestion in Upland when driving through Foothill Boulevard, Monte Vista Avenue and Central Avenue. Construction has closed some lanes for months. However, work is progressing and the $5.4 million roadway widening project is about three months away from completion. “We started back in August of 2012, and we should be wrapped up in the first part of June in 2013,” Principal Engineer, Bob Critchfield, said. “A lot of the work is complete between Central Avenue and Dewey Way. Right now our efforts are concentrated more on Dewey Way to Monte Vista Avenue, but its taking place in different phases.” Although the road work is still a pain for commuters, the construction and its phases have been necessary. Critchfield said, “These different phases of the project include many underground utilities, a potable water main, a recycled water main, a storm drain, a curb age gutter, raised median islands, landscaping, irrigation and much

Photo Caption: U.S. Marines consider female recruits for combat

The cities of Upland and Rancho Cucamonga are proud to be home to many male and female military veterans. Now veterans and others are waiting to see the changes for female enlisted personnel. In prior service years, female Marines held positions like aviation, medical fielding, high-tech jobs, and other high demand positions according to the Marines. Women also share the same pay scales and opportunities with most military occupational specialties (MOS). However, it was recently announced that

women will be allowed to take up active military combat roles. The U.S. Marine Corps recruiting center in Upland is enthusiastic about the change. “Actually, the change is not effective immediately,” Sergeant Michael Darnell, in charge of recruiting and public affairs said. “The Secretary of Defense has decided to lift the direct combat exclusion rule for women that was put into place in 1994, but the changes will not be fully integrated until January 1, 2016.” Darnell also said that there will

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INSIDE Upland be ongoing research in regards to assigning females to expanded service opportunities. According to USA Today, there are more than 30 fields that have been closed to women. Currently, there are six female Marine applicants from Upland and Rancho Cucamonga. While the number of female enlistments varies each year, the Marine Corps is approximately 7 percent female. Sergeant Darnell said, “Although there are variations in the number of recruits, the Marines will always be efficient. As to the recruiting mission, we set recruiting quotas based on the needs of the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps has never had difficulty in meeting the assigned recruiting numbers and I don’t see this changing regardless of whether we’re being tasked with finding qualified males or females to fill our ranks.” With the anticipated changes, it is too early to know how it will affect female recruitment.

Upland Police Foundation Aids City and Community Needs There are many non-profit organizations in Upland. One in particular is the Upland Police Foundation. This organization not only helps to raise money for state of the art training for Upland police, but they also sponsor many youth activities as well.



The Upland Police Foundation was started in 1995 by then Upland Councilperson Gail Marie Horton. She was inspired by an LAPD program called, “The Parker Foundation.” Her brother, an LAPD SWAT member, made her aware of the foundation that provided LAPD’s funding for things like protective gear, advanced technology equipment and special tactics training. With the city of Upland closely watching its budget, some departments and programs are on their own to find funding for equipment and training. This is where the Upland Police Foundation comes in. Since 1995, Upland residents and businesses have generously donated over half a million dollars. The Upland Police Foundation is mostly funded through donations and uses the money equally towards three programs: high tech equipment, officer training and the officer/youth scholarship program. Jason Sgrignoli is one of the board members and a member of the financial committee. Officially he is the director of the officer/ youth programs for which he has been a volunteer since 2007. During this time there have been 250 youths helped and over $20,000 in awarded scholarships. “There are zero costs for any program expenses like mailing or operational costs,” Sgrignoli said. “One hundred percent of the money goes to one of the three programs.” Officer/youth scholarships in-

clude things like science camps, Pop Warner, AYSO and Little League. Interestingly enough, the scholarships are not always awarded based on financial need. Sometimes individuals are recommended by counselors or teachers to give them additional social skills, or to keep them out of trouble. Each recipient is connected with an officer or liaison that is there to support the youth of Upland and congratulate them on their award and accomplishments. The foundation puts donations into saving accounts or sometimes treasury bonds, depending on the needs of the organization. Every decision is voted on beforehand. Any income earned goes back into the general fund. As for high-tech equipment or training for officers, they have recently included drug enforcement training, traffic collision investigation and specialized training on interview and investigative techniques.

We pay top dollar for your Gold & Silver! 525 N. Central Ave, Upland CA 91786

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INSIDE rancho cucamonga The City That Keeps Growing

a one percent growth per year.” So why should population growth matter to you? An increase in population affects local schools, traffic flow, sewer systems and water supplies. “However, if the population did grow more quickly than forecasted, the 2010 General Plan is in place

to absorb the growth,” Granger said. This means the city roads utility conveyance, and the water and sewer service, would be able to accommodate the increase in population. If you are trying to plan ahead to 2020, at the very least you can expect to have 11,982 new neighbors.

Historical China House in Danger of Demolition

Since 2000 the city of Rancho Cucamonga has seen an increase in their population. This makes sense considering it is the third largest city in San Bernardino County. According to, from 2000 to 2010 there was a 29.4 percent growth in Rancho Cucamonga. As of 2012, the estimated population of Rancho Cucamonga was 171,176, according to CNN Money. This expansion can be attributed to a few things, according to one city official. “Some of the factors for the growth include quality of the built environment, newer housing stock, excellent schools, great parks, convenient and attractive shopping destinations and access to three freeways,” Senior City Planner, Donald Granger said. While the increase in population seems large, Granger said, “The city expects just


For over 100 years the Rancho Cucamonga China House has stood in what was, at one point, considered the city’s historical Chinatown. Once an average home in a community of about 50 ChineseAmericans, the house now sits desolate at the corner of Klusman Av-

enue and San Bernardino Road as it awaits the final decision of its fate. Currently in the hands of the Cucamonga Valley Water District, the China House has been declared as having structural deficiencies and was originally scheduled to be demolished by February 14, 2013.

INSIDE rancho cucamonga With ongoing protests by cultural and historical preservationists groups, such as the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the city has agreed to extend the demolition order until April 11. The planned demolition of the house has sparked an outcry within Chinese-American cultural groups, such as the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California. “They have attended many meetings, expressed their concerns, and provided comments,” Candyce Burnett said, who handles historical preservation in Rancho Cucamonga. According to the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California, it is their mission to “pursue, preserve, and communicate the history of Chinese in America…,” which can clearly be seen in their ongoing efforts to preserve the China House. The main issue at hand is that the Cucamonga Valley Water District does not intend to renovate the building in its current condition. The National Trust for Historic Preservation, however, contends that the best solution for the house would be for the Cucamonga Valley Water District to donate the property to someone who can fund the renovation. The coming decisions concerning the China House will determine the fate of this last remnant of Rancho Cucamonga’s Chinatown.

100 N. Euclid Ave, Upland CA 91786

How Lucky Was This House?

Beginning in 2012, the City of Rancho Cucamonga required new tract homes to be built with fire sprinkler systems. In a recent residential fire in Rancho Cucamonga, a sprinkler system helped contain an electrical fire and kept damages at $5,000, instead of a possible $250,000. However, it was not the sprinkler head that put out the fire. Rather, it was the melting of the sprinkler pipe that contained the fire inside the garage wall of a two-story single family home. “The household is very fortunate, with the fire starting in a concealed space that the sprinkler system is not engineered to protect,” Fire Captain Specialist Timothy Fejeran said. “A fire that travels through concealed spaces can have the opportunity to grow prior to being discovered, compromising detection and escape time from the residence by the occupants. There have been articles published over the years highlighting fires being extinguished by a residential sprin-

kler pipe that begins to melt. This is the first incident that I can recall in Rancho Cucamonga where this has occurred,” said Captain Fejeran. The fire was reported on January 13, 2013. At approximately 1:40 p.m. units from Rancho Cucamonga Fire responded to the 11600 block of Amelia Drive and discovered the residential structure fire in the garage of the home. Fejeran said the fire was deemed under control when it was discovered that a melting fire sprinkler pipe above the garage was leaking and preventing the fire from spreading throughout the house. With the fire contained, fire units on scene were held to a minimum and fire trucks were cleared to make them available to respond to other emergencies, if needed. Although the direct cause is still under forensic investigation by an insurance company, Captain Fejeran said the company is focusing on the water heater as a possible origin. No one in the home was injured.

(909) 252-7337


Saint Mark’s Episcopal School is a closely knit community rich in traditions. Our strong academic program and commitment to character development prepare kindergarten through eighth grade students to face the challenges of the future.

Now accepting applications for the 2013-2014 academic year. Call now to schedule a campus visit. 330 East 16th Street Upland, CA 91784

Ph. 909.920.5565~ Fax 909.920.5569

Colon cancer isn’t something most Americans like to talk about, but the month of March is a great time for that to change. March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. More than 140,000 Americans are diagnosed annually with this disease and more than 50,000 will succumb to it. Awareness of CRC has improved slightly over the last five years mainly due to the efforts of television news anchorwoman Katie Couric, who lost her husband to colon cancer in 1998. However, in comparison to breast cancer and lung cancer, awareness of CRC remains low. Patients find it difficult to discuss their colons, let alone agree to undergo testing. Research has shown that screenings can prevent a vast majority of all CRC cases, yet only 30% of all eligible patients actually undergo a screening. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that if everyone who is 50 years old or older were screened regularly, as many as 60% of deaths from this cancer could be prevented. While there are several methods of CRC screening, colonoscopy re-

mains the gold standard for early diagnosis as well as cancer prevention. Colonoscopy is a safe and reliable procedure which can diagnose and remove precancerous lesions from the colon. Most patients should be referred for a colonoscopy when they turn 50, but there are high risk patients that may meet the criteria for colonoscopy even before the age of 50. Research has also shown that diet and lifestyle changes can help reduce the risk of CRC. Our Western diet is typically high in fat and low in fiber and has been associated with higher incidences of CRC. Fruits, vegetables, and grains that are high in fiber can reduce the risk of developing colon polyps. The American Cancer Society recommends five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily. There are many other foods in our diet that can contribute to colon cancer risk, as can a variety of other medical conditions. To learn more, in honor of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, San Antonio Community Hospital is holding a free community education lecture. Find out whether you have the risk factors for colorectal cancer,

and how you can reduce that risk through diet and lifestyle. Attendees will also hear about the latest screening guidelines for the general population, and for those at high risk. COMMUNITY EDUCATION LECTURE Tuesday, March 26, 2013 6:00 -7:30 pm Protect Your Bottom Line – Colon Cancer Screening, Prevention & Treatment San Antonio Community Hospital 999 San Bernardino Road Upland, CA 91786 Aita Auditorium

Presented by: Basim Abdelkarim, MD Gastroenterologist To reserve your seat, call 909.920.6139


d oW n ToW n







live music crafters village

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FRIDAY AprIL 26, 3 pm - 11 pm SATURDAY AprIL 27, 10 Am - 11 pm SUNDAY AprIL 28, 10 Am - 8 pm 16

Law Talk By: Soheila

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“See you in court” . . . Really!? Disputes are inevitable facts of life: broken promises, failed expectations, or just disagreements over agreements! They can cause disruption in relationships and business dealings, sever bonds of friendship and trust, and often lead to destructive wars in court. Our courts are seriously overloaded and increasingly failing to deliver justice to frustrated litigants. Using alternatives to court litigation may just be the right course of action for your specific needs! Try to envision being a party to a law suit! Write down the first few words that come to your mind. Now, compare your list with the one I compiled: expensive, protracted, hostile, intense, intimidating and frustrating. Protracted court litigation can often exhaust financial resources and emotional reserves before the case even gets to trial! Now, imagine a setting where you have control over the cost, duration and intensity of the process, freedom of choice in selecting your judge or dispute resolution professional, and most importantly, a wide range of options and control over the outcome. With serious budget cuts and shortage of judges, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is becoming the new norm for resolving disputes. The most typical form of ADR is a Mediation or Arbitration, where parties voluntarily, or through a contractual agreement or by a court order, select a dispute resolution professional as a neutral judge or Mediator. The sessions are held in non-intimidating and private settings. Arbitrations resemble the adversarial process in that the Neutral acts as a judge or the finder of facts, who issues an award based on the evidence presented by the parties (the award can be binding or non-binding depending on the circumstances of the case). In Mediation, however, the Neutral acts as a facilitator and skillfully assists the parties in reaching a resolution, without ever issuing an award. Instead, it is the parties’ agreement reached in Mediation that can be documented into an enforceable and binding order of the court. So, next time you are tempted to invite someone to “See you in court,” think twice and be sure to investigate and consider all of your dispute resolution options. I look forward to receiving your questions at

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1035 W. Harrison Avenue Claremont, CA 91711

We’ll Be In Your Neighborhood Information Meeting Tuesday, March 12 6:00 p.m. Four Points by Sheraton Hotel 11960 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga (Corner of Foothill and Rochester) Learn about the best school in the Inland Empire, talk to our Head of School, and meet other families from your neighborhood. Please RSVP to Denise Zondervan at or (909) 626-5681 ext. 120 or contact us for a campus tour at your convenience!

We’re close by:









Kindergarten through 8th grade

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It’s not Gotham City and they don’t work at The Daily Planet. Nonetheless, Auto Club Speedway will be the destination for NASCAR’s Superheroes as they swoosh into Southern California’s premier motorsports facility to battle the two-mile track during Auto Club 400 Weekend, March 22-24. The 2013 Auto Club 400 story line weekend is filled with intrigue and suspense: • After years of trying, Tony Stewart captured his first Victory at Auto Club Speedway in 2010. His superhero skills gave him another win last year. Can he make it two in a row? • Will the newly designed cars go five-wide, side-by-side or will NASCAR’s new Gen-6 car go 6 wide? Or will the new design give them the ability to fly? • It’s never been one of his best tracks, but can current Sprint Cup Champion Brad Keselowski continue to knock out the competition in 2013? And of course everyone’s wondering if our home-state Supermen Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon will flex their muscles and put their extraordinary powers to work to add to their Sprint Cup titles this year. Can Jimmie make it 6? Will Jeff collect number 5?

While amazing powers and astonishing skills will be prevalent on the track, the thrills of the weekend won’t be confined to just the asphalt. There are plenty of incredible feats of entertainment, food and appearances lined up in the track’s FanZone. There’s no secret identity for Lefty, the Auto Club Speedway track mascot, who will be waiting for all families attending in his Lefty’s Fun Zone just behind the center grandstands. The young and young at heart will love all the interactive games, displays and photo opportunities. Kid-themed rides, activities and a few more surprises await you and your friends. Also in the FanZone, bring your rhythm shoes and rock out during Sunday’s pre-race concert. Check out Story Time with a NASCAR Driver in the FanZone on Sunday. Tony Stewart will use his power of transformation to turn his lead foot into a cement foot as he is inducted into the Auto Club Speedway “Walk of Fame” on Sunday. When you need a break and just want to chill, find a bench, grab a cold Coca-Cola and feel free to pig out on great eats throughout the FanZone including the new “Drivers Cuisine Cantina” where drivers Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, Juan Pablo Montoya and Danica Patrick, will “START YOUR TASTE BUDS”

with special entrees that they created themselves. How ‘bout Harvick’s ‘Harv-a-que” Sandwich, JJ’s “Guacamole Chicken Breast” sandwich, JPM’s “Fajita Lettuce Wraps” or Danica’s “Dip and Chips”? Stop by the “Drivers Cuisine Cantina” located on the east side of Impulse/APEX. From King Taco to Pinks Hot Dogs to Viva la Fiesta to drivers apparel the FanZone has something for everyone.

field is no pushover. A new hero lurks in the shadows, hoping to crash the party as Danica Patrick looks to establish supremacy in her first full season in the Sprint Cup Series. She’s well on the way, using her superpowers to become the first female to ever win a pole for a NASCAR Sprint Cup Race – this year’s Daytona 500. Will she bring the same game to the West Coast? Or will her powers be zapped?

Saturday’s NASCAR Nationwide Royal Purple 300 will see NASCAR Sprint Cup up-and-comers look to rule the two-mile oval with feats of greatness and nerves of steel, all masked behind a helmet and a ton of steel. Joey Logano took the checkers in March. The win gave Logano’s owner Joe Gibbs Racing’s its 8th straight NNS victory at Southern California’s premier motorsports facility. Does he have the powers to do it again? Also in the NNS race, Travis Pastrana, the extreme sports legend and X Games superstar will run the full 33-race 2013 NNS schedule for legendary owner Jack Roush and his schedule includes the stop at Auto Club Speedway.

Speedway President Gillian Zucker has wielded her super powers to allow kids 12 and under FREE Friday and Saturday and half off kids tickets on Sunday in the Auto Club Member Section. Other special savings for Auto Club members include $10 off on Saturday and a designated Auto Club member section.

Sunday’s main event pits the strongest of the strong – Johnson, Stewart, Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. – against the remaining 38-racer field. But the rest of the

Against the backdrop of the majestic San Gabriel Mountains and nestled in the confines of San Bernardino County, Auto Club Speedway has something to offer for race fans and

non-race fans alike. Superheroes in super cars. Extraordinary powers in an extraordinary venue. Cultural icons with something to prove at 200 miles an hour.

NASCAR’s only stop in Southern California is the only chance to see these superheroes battle side by side, wheel to wheel, bumper to bumper on the fastest track in the West. Tickets to see NASCAR’s band of superheroes start at $35 and as always, parking is free. Call 800-944-7223 or visit

Get your tickets now and get ready for some


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The Cappelli’s Family The Cappelli’s Meet Your Neighbors of Upland of Upland

909: How long have you guys lived in Upland? Tony: We’ve been here since 1998. 909: Why did you move there? Tony: We moved to get a bigger house for our family. Sandy’s parents live half a mile away from us now. 909: How do you like Upland? Tony: Our life is here. Everything we do is here; the kids go to school here. Even our business is here. 909: What could be done to improve your city?


plant, nerve disorders, cancer or something of that nature. After a family is referred by a social worker, that’s when we help fill the gaps that are missing, because the time away from work has reduced their income or additional living expenses can’t be met. Sandy: Our son Steven was born in 2000. He died of heart complications. We started Steven’s Hope and help people across the world, but the majority of the famlies we help are in the Inland Empire, through our Fill A Need Program. The Housing for Hope program is where families stay in Loma Linda after transplants. We helped 1,700 kids last year.

Tony: As a city itself it has to get past some negatives that have been floating around and we just have to start looking at the opportunities.

909: How did you two meet?

909: Are you involved with your community? If so, how?

909: What made you fall in love with her?

Tony: We started Steven’s Hope in 2002 and provide assistance to families whose children have a serious illness or injury; organ trans-

Tony: There is our Italian heritage and we also had similar goals. On our first date we were talking about different things we wanted to ac-

Tony: Video Dating Service. Great Expectations had one in Upland and that’s how we met.

complish and years later we see many of those things have come to pass. 909: What made you fall in love with him? Sandy: He made me laugh and was a big supporter. He was an enabler for all my big ideas and still is. 909: Tell us one thing your wife does that annoys you. Tony: That’s a really bad question to be asking me on Valentine’s Day. 909: Tell us one thing your husband does that annoys you. Sandy: He has a lot of projects going all the time. Tony: We both know the projects are for her. 909: What do you two do for a living? Tony: We run a children’s charity, Steven’s Hope. For a long time we both had insurance agencies. Sandy is in the midst of a book launch about the journey she had during

the pregnancy with Steven and how Steven’s Hope started. She is an author and hopefully she is going to be a motivational and inspirational speaker.

909: How did the kids affect your life when they were born?


Sandy: We actually had infertility and didn’t think we’d ever get pregnant. When the doctors told me we were having two or three. Tony ran around saying “Cappelli party of 5!” and I went “Cappelli party of four is fine.” The twins work together. There was an instance where Nick escaped out of his crib and Alexa got her foot out like she was going to escape and he was going to catch her. I was juggling a career with Farmers Insurance, with the kids and then we got pregnant with Steven when they were 8 months old. He was given a fatal diagnosis, so we delivered and he only lived for a day. The kids were 16 months old so it was a pretty challenging time after that. But the kids are a blast.

909: If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Sandy: My parents are local. My mom comes in and works here all the time. I have sisters and an Aunt out here as well.

909: Tell us something unique or special about your kids.

Nick: I think it’s vanglorious.

909: What do you guys like to do together?

For the kids:

909: Do you think your job is challenging? Sandy: It’s challenging working with the families. It’s also very rewarding. No day is the same. 909: Tell us a little more about your family. Tony: Nick is the eldest by a minute, energetic, wants to be an actor and loves gymnastics. Alexa is the younger by a minute, very into the arts, has a great voice and is the current Upland Lemon Festival Idol, 2012. I have a brother who lives in Colorado.

Cappelli’s: Camping. We are also very involved with the church so the kids have a lot of activities there. 909: Do you guys celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Easter? Tony: We’re going to go camping St. Patrick’s Day. Easter is a normal big get together with Sandy’s family and church. There’s a lot of young kids so there’s lots of Easter egg hunting.

Nick: Hollywood because I want to be an actor. Alexa: I like Upland, but maybe Los Angeles too. 909: What do you like to do for fun? Nick: For things that don’t require wireless internet, I like music, dance, gymnastics, urban acro. Alexa: Playing guitar and musicals. 909: Do you guys like our magazine? Alexa: It’s amazing.

Tony: They’re fun to be around.

909: Tell us something that your parents do that annoys you. Alexa: Mom took away our Ipods at night because she thought we’d be on Instagram all night. But we don’t have alarms anymore. We have wireless intercoms. She (mom) takes the intercom and yells Nick! Alexa! Wake up! Nick: This whole punishing thing where they take away our things when we’re in trouble. It’s mind


Mountain Plaza Shopping Center





No anyt goo oth d in er com off ers bina or tion dis w cou ith nts





S rcing L U O ST S dy Pie




B & s o o Tatt TAIN


OUN 1 N. M




CA 91


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$10 minimum Purchase Limit 1 per customer with this coupon. Cannot be combined with any other sale or promotion. Expires 4-30-13

$10 minimum Purchase Limit 1 per customer with this coupon. Cannot be combined with any other sale or promotion. Expires 4-30-13



FREE PRINTER SERVICE & CLEANING $30 Value with this Coupon Only Limit 1 per customer Cannot be combined with any other sale or promotion. Expires 4-30-13


In Business Since 1987

Sell & Build Custom Computers

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Upgrade & Repair All Brands of PC’s Remove Viruses, Malware, & Spyware

Store hours M-F 10-6pm Sat 10-4pm

(909) 982-2501 273 N. Mountain Ave. Upland, CA 91786 N.W. Corner of 9th Street & Mountain Ave.

25% Off

For Any Repair Work (Labor Only) Does Not Include Cost of Parts Must Present Coupon for Discount *Offer valid from 3/1/2013 - 3/31/2013


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Ronald McDonald Walk 4 Kids


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By Matt Bustos


As 2013 gets underway, we leave football in the dust and begin to focus on the game created by Dr. James Naismith over 100 years ago. Buzzer-beaters and screens have replaced tackles and first downs. There is plenty of excitement this year in the Baseline and Mt. Baldy leagues, as the teams all begin to jostle for playoff seeding heading into the first round of the CIF Tournament. paign, Coach David Smith has rea great deal of size in their interior, BASELINE LEAGUE bounded as the Grizzlies finished which accounts for their stellar deabove .500 for the 7th time in the fensive numbers. Seniors such as ETIWANDA EAGLES past 8 seasons. Los Osos started Sean Williams and Christian 22-2 (9-1 League) the year with a nail-biting 61-59 vicSchneider will look to end their high tory over Roosevelt. Led by juniors school careers on a high note as they No one has been soaring quite Tide Osifeso and Jamar Akoh, Los look to play Hemet in the playoffs. as high as of late as the Etiwanda Osos is already looking like a strong Eagles. Dave Kleckner has his contender for the Baseline League ALTA LOMA BRAVES squad playing extremely well headtitle in 2014. Nevertheless, this year 8-17 (0-10) ing into the playoffs. This upward is not over just yet, as the Rancho trend does not appear to be slowVerde Mustangs are looking to knock When the Braves defeated Ayala 82ing down anytime soon as at least off the surprising Grizzlies. 57 to start the season, many at Alta two of the Eagles star players will be Loma were hoping that the program back for the 2014 campaign. Juniors UPLAND HIGHLANDERS had turned a corner. Sadly, the three Kenny Barnes and Jordan 14-12 (4-6) straight losses that followed put Alta McLaughlin have been playing lights Loma in a hole they were unable to out as Etiwanda looks to continue After three straight 20-win seasons, dig themselves out of. The Braves their success heading into a playoff Upland has had a down year in will, however, have roughly half of match up against Highland. 2013. The Highlanders started the their roster returning for the next season in fine form with a 5-game season. Coach David Furman will RANCHO CUCAMONGA COUGARS winning streak but were unable to no doubt look to those players with 23-4 (9-1) finish nearly as strong. While Upland experience next year, as Alta Loma was unable to make the playoffs this will attempt to find their footing in the Not to be outdone, Rancho has quiseason, things are looking bright tough Baseline League. etly put together an impressive camfor John McNally’s squad. Upland paign. After a few less than stellar has had contributions from several MT. BALDY LEAGUE seasons, Bill Burke has his team in sophomores this season and several position to make a deep run in the juniors will be back next year in the COLONY TITANS postseason. Rancho started out the hopes that they can return Upland to 19-9 (11-1) season in style with a 71-22 victory prominence in the Baseline League. against Victor Valley and it has been When a 19-win season is your lowfull speed ahead for the Cougars GLENDORA TARTANS est win total in a decade, you know ever since. While they have only two 17-10 (2-8) you have a special program. Colony losses in the year, one of those lossonce again proved they were among es is to league-rival Etiwanda. Next In spite of a 2-8 record in the Base the elite in the Mt. Baldy League up for Rancho is the King Wolves in line League, Glendora has been with another stellar season. Led by the first round of the CIF playoffs. good enough outside of the confines Senior Captain, Everett Turner, the of league play to earn a playoff birth Titans have once again proven that LOS OSOS GRIZZLIES in 2013. Mike Leduc continues his they are one of the best programs 19-8 (6-4) winning ways as the Tartans head in the region. With impressive wins into the playoffs with the confidence against Mission Viejo and Chino After a disappointing 8-19 camthat they can advance. Glendora has to end the season, coach Jerry

DeFabiis will look to continue a strong campaign into the playoffs starting with La Quinta on 2/13. MONTCLAIR CAVALIERS 20-6 (10-2) With 10 wins both in and out of conference this season, Montclair proved they have a good chance to win no matter who the opponent is. Bill Blades and his staff have developed a respectable program, one that looks to be in the hunt for a league title year after year in the near future. The standout of this Montclair team is, by far, senior guard Jody Smith. Smith has been somewhat of a “Swiss-Army” player for the Cavs, as he leads the team in points, blocks, rebounds and steals. Smith and the rest of the Cavs do not intend to go quietly this season, as their playoff game against Chino Hills will no doubt be a hard fought game. DON LUGO CONQUISTADORS 15-7 (8-4) After two losing seasons to start his tenure, William Thigpen has apparently figured things out as he has completed his third straight winning season at Don Lugo. The Conquistadors ended the season on an impressive four game wining streak and begin the playoffs with a game against Western High School. While the process has taken several years, it appears that Thigpen, with the help of seniors like Jason Verde and Jorge Perez, has

Don Lugo poised to solidify a strong position in the Mt. Baldy League. ONTARIO JAGUARS 14-9 (7-5) After several lackluster seasons, Richard Johnson has his first winning season since the 08-09 campaign. Ontario went 3-3 to end the season and will look to make a surprise run in the playoffs after finishing with a winning record in the tough Mt. Baldy League. The roster has plenty of experience and there is no doubt Johnson will look to his senior leaders once the playoffs start. GAREY VIKINGS 8-19 (4-8) The Vikings have gone 8 years without a winning season and coach Tony Nguyen is hoping the losses will build character leading into next season. Defensively, no team gave up more points in the Mt. Baldy League than Garey and if they want to contend in 2014, defense should be the first thing they look to improve. With only six of their 15 players returning next season, Nguyen will be looking for a youth movement to revitalize his program next season.

season to start his tenure at Chaffey, coach Danny Ryan has a tough road ahead of him. There are a few bright spots on the horizon, however, as freshman Devon Harper saw some playing time this season that he can hopefully build upon as he attempts to right the ship for the Tigers. CHINO COWBOYS 0-22 (0-12) For the second time in 6 seasons, Chino’s basketball team went through a season without winning a game. Chino can chalk this season up to rotten luck, however, as they gave up the second fewest points on defense in the league. The Cowboys have some young players waiting in the wings, including standout sophomore Vic Lewis. While this was without a doubt a touch season for Chino, there are still aspects of the program on the rise.

CHAFFEY TIGERS 3-21 (2-10) The Tigers had another disappointing season in 2013. Two of their three wins were the results of forfeits and the 3rd was a close 52-51 win against Norte Vista. After a 4-win


(909) 608-7426

Upland • La Puente • Palm Desert • Santa Ana • Chino Hills 28

real estate

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Ten Simple Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home Before Putting it on the Market It’s that time. You’ve decided to place your home on the market and upgrade to a bigger, better home. The question remains, however – what can you do to make your home more appealing and set it up for a quick sale. While there is many things that can be done, here are ten simple steps to add value and make your house move. Clean & Organize: Unclutter your house to make it look bigger and cleaner. Buyers need to be able to envision their own belongings in the home, so avoid using bright colors and too many personal effects. Keep Your Lawn Green: Get your lawn in shape. A patchy lawn takes away from the home’s overall appearance. Your local hardware store has supplies to re-seed those unhealthy areas. Add Insulation to Save Energy: The most inexpensive way to increase your

home’s energy is to add insulation which can reduce heating and cooling costs by more than 25%. Update Kitchen Appliances: The kitchen is often the room that buyers gravitate towards first, and an updated kitchen can help sell your home. You don’t have to remodel your kitchen to give it a new look. Updating your appliances to the current standard and replacing cabinet doors and hardware can make a big impact at a relatively low cost. Update those Bathroom Fixtures: A little change can go a long way when it comes to the look of your bathroom. Updating simple fixtures such as your sink and faucet can give any outdated bathroom style. And, according to Bankrate. com, minor bathroom remodels typically return over 100% of the initial investment. Build a Fence: If you’re trying to sell a

house, the appearance of a fence adds value to the home overall. Buyers with children or pets will appreciate the privacy and security of an enclosed backyard. Repair the Gutter: Ensuring that your rain gutter is clean is crucial in protecting your home against water damage. Light up the Outside: An easy and inexpensive way to increase your home’s outdoor space is to add lighting. It makes it more appealing and safer. Store and Organize: Ample storage space is a plus, especially when it comes to garages and closets. Efficient closet structures can help keep your clothes organized and can save space. Polish off the Basement: Rather than adding an additional room, it is more cost-efficient to remodel your basement. This adds value and usable space to your home for potential buyers to see.

The above list of properties closed escrow in February 2013. The information is obtained through IRMLS and deemed reliable but not guaranteed

Mary Harlan Sold 59 properties in 2012.... Mary Harlan can Sell Yours too!!! Broker/Owner, A List Estates 19+ Years of DRE#01167340

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1644 N. Euclid Ave, Upland Prestigious Euclid Avenue Location. 5 Star Upgrades. 4 Bedrooms + 3 Baths, Media Room, Custom Cabinets, Gourmet Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances, Granite Counters, Wood Floors, 2 Fireplaces, Plantation Shutters, New Windows, New Roof, New Plumbing & Electrical, Large Lot with Pool, and Block Walls. Must See to Appreciate.

8770 King Ranch Rd, Rancho Cucamonga Custom Built Home in the King Ranch Estates. Sprawling Floor Plan with lots of Glass. Features 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths, Office, Formal Dining Room, Beautiful Living Room with Fireplace, Family Room with Fireplace and Wet Bar, Gourmet Kitchen, Center Island and Breakfast Counter. Incredible Master Bedroom with Fireplace. Grounds include Pool, Spa & 3 Car Garage.

5716 Cabrosa Pl, Rancho Cucamonga Custom built home with beautiful view. 5 Bdr, 4.5 baths, with coffered ceiling, arched doorways. Master suite has fireplace, walk-in closet, organizer, oversized tub, his and her sinks and vanity. 4 car garage includes shop cabinets. RV parking. Backyard has stucco patio with tiled roof, recessed lighting, fans, barbeque, T.V. , fireplace, sound system & pool with spa and saltwater system.

Listing Price $795,000

Listing Price $1,329,000

Listing Price $1,195,000

607 Lamplighter Ln, Upland Gorgeous Single Story Home in San Antonio Heights. Comes with 1/4 share of water stock. This home features 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, Formal Dining & Living Room, Family Room, Remodeled Kitchen & Center Island, Granite & Counter tops. Wonderful Cul-De-Sac location, Pool and Lush Grounds & 2 Car Garage.

953 W 14th St, Upland Wonderful Two Story J.M. Peters Home. 4 Bedrooms, 3 baths. Large Tile Floors in downstairs in Kitchen with Granite Counters, Breakfast nook, Family Room with Gas Fireplace, Sunken Living Room, Cathedral-Vaulted Ceiling. Huge lot with Block Wall. Needs some TLC (paint, carpet, and some repairs)

2447 N 5th Ave, Upland San Antonio Heights Home with 8’ Double Doors, Formal Living & Dining Room. 4 Bdrms, 3.5 baths. Bonus Room with Fireplace. Wood Floors. Gourmet Kitchen, wine cooler, eight burner stove. Family Room. Master suite w/jet stream tub, walkin closet & Mountain View. Spacious deck & covered patio, fish pond and BBQ.

Listing Price $579,000

Listing Price $475,000

Listing Price $798,000

1359 Monte Verde Ave, Upland Excellent Upland Area - Excellent Starter Home. 4 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. New Carpeting, New Ceramic Tile Floors, Freshly painted inside. 2 Car Garage with RV Parking to the side of property. This property will sell quickly!

12584 Atwood Ct, Rancho Cucamonga Beautiful unit in gated, Victoria Heights. Tennis courts, pool and spa, barbeque, weight room, and a park like setting. New paint inside, new tile, excellent condition inside and out. The privacy is unmatched in Rancho Cucamonga. Close to shopping at Victoria Gardens, and gorgeous mountain views. Also includes lots of guest parking.

Updated with New Doors, Windows, Laminate Wood Flooring, Carpeting w/new Padding, a new Contemporary Kitchen including: New Cabinets, Stainless Steel Appliances, Sink, Facets, Dishwasher, and Gas Oven-Range w/Hood. Freshly Painted Inside. Family Room with Fireplace opens to the Kitchen. Large Yard with Covered Patio. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage and RV Parking.

Listing Price $294,000

Listing Price $129,000

Listing Price $350,000


“A field of opportunities, success through effort.�

Beautiful Big Bear Home


Serving the Community for Over a Decade!

Located in exclusive Ironwood Estates of Big Bear Lake. Beautiful lake and mountain views. This homes features 5 bedrooms and 3 baths in 2678 square feet of living area. Two car garage. Call for your private showing. Asking price is $730,000.

Janice Reynolds (909) 702-9388

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8 PROPERTIES CLOSED BY THE GUSHUES IN JANURARY OF THIS YEAR!!! Call for a Complimentary Pricing Analysis on Your Property

5225 Birdsong Place Listed & JUST Closed @ $780,000

6261 East Avenue JUST Closed @ $426,000

14693 Nova Scotia Drive JUST Closed @ $295,000

Represented Buyer and Seller

Represented Buyer and Seller

2266 Wendy Way Listed & Closed @ $599,000

406 Signal Road Buyer Closed @ $2,300,000

7047 Mendocino Place Listed and Sold @ $360,000

11738 Black Horse Court Listed & Closed @ $372,000

773 South Oak Tree Drive Buyer Closed @ $432,500

2244 N. Albright Ave. Listed & Closed @ $470,000

Represented Buyer and Seller

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UPLAND SALES Address Price DOM* Bed/Bath Sq. ft. Built 129 Stillman Way #1 $120,000 289 2/1 840 1971 184 Sinclair Avenue $135,000 13 2/1 882 1971 530 Diamond Court $160,000 336 3/2 1,364 1979 549 N. 2nd Avenue $185,000 144 3/2 1,136 1900 633 N. Tulare Way $210,210 6 3/1 1,020 1951 1522 Corte Caballo $214,900 136 2/3 1,522 1988 990 W. Arrow Hwy. #E $219,000 29 2/3 1,120 1984 269 Austin Way $225,000 13 3/2 1,278 1962 716 N. Shasta Way $230,000 13 4/2 1,047 1951 1425 Orange Tree Lane $231,000 3 3/3 2,146 2004 1074 Washington Blvd $234,000 19 2/1 874 1947 672 E. Arrow $250,000 15 3/2 1,053 1906 1444 Primrose Street $297,500 81 3/2 1,476 1965 1790 Omalley Avenue $298,000 3 3/2 1,524 1962 843 W. 8th Street $298,000 16 3/2 1,718 1962 780 Mesa View Street $305,000 222 4/2 1,595 1986 894 Magnolia Avenue $310,000 249 4/2 1,492 1962 1426 Lemonwood Drive West $315,000 23 3/2 1,579 1978 1216 Fairway Circle $315,000 109 3/2 1,693 1980 585 E. 7th Street $318,000 290 4/2 1,964 1940 1561 Wedgewoord Way $320,000 52 3/7 1,927 1975 1151 N. Tulare Way $330,000 218 3/2 1,947 1977 934 N. Euclid Avenue $335,000 100 3/2 2,232 1947 1341 Malaga Street $346,500 154 3/2 1,322 1987 1999 Briar Trail $349,950 121 4/3 1,951 1988

RANCHO CUCAMONGA Address Price DOM* Bed/Bath Sq. ft. Built 10655 Lemon Avenue #1803 $70,000 302 1/1 728 1987 12584 Atwood Court #421 $132,000 366 1/1 694 1992 8396 Sunset Trail Place #H $143,000 135 2/2 1,010 1987 10151 Arrow #68 $145,000 11 2/2 973 1986 8315 Vineyard Avenue #6 $147,500 51 2/2 866 1988 9866 Highland Avenue #B $154,500 343 2/2 996 1988 9930 Highland Avenue #B $155,000 187 2/2 996 1988 8252 Berringer Place $155,555 310 2/3 996 1989 8126 Via Carrillo $156,000 219 2/1 993 1946 9819 Casiano Court $160,000 16 2/2 1,037 1985 8068 Archibald Avenue $160,000 105 3/1 1,120 1890 10134 25th Street $160,000 306 3/1 1,440 1925 12584 Atwood Court #1724 $164,000 32 2/2 967 1992 8309 Gabriel Drive #94-D $172,000 21 2/3 1,117 1994 9621 Hampshire Street $175,000 101 3/2 1,300 1957 7625 Haven Avenue #B $200,000 224 2/2 1,012 1991 7879 Portola Road $202,000 38 2/2 1,037 1986 11950 Ashford Street $203,000 27 3/2 1,170 1974 8464 Snow View Place $212,000 73 3/3 1,243 1989 9874 Paloma Court $215,000 73 3/3 1,288 1984 35 *DOM Days on Market

(909) 942-3003

Locally owned and operated: only REALTY WORLD ALL STARS HAS BEEN AWARDED “Best Real Estate Company” in 2012 & 2011 by The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin & The Los Angeles Times newspapers. Current and past clients recommended us for these recognitions. Find out what it’s like to work with “The Best.”

















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Foodies: A R E YO U O N E ?

Wine & Dining


by Dean Rullan

Let’s go on a food run! Whether it is to dine in or to-go Foodies have become a staple for restaurants. There is a very likely chance you know a foodie or may be one yourself. Do you or someone you know experience the desire to take pictures of food and post them on a social network? Maybe you know someone who loves to write or sing about what they had for breakfast? Perhaps they have a strong urge to try something out of the normal fare menu? Then you or your friend exhibit symptoms of the common foodie. It is nothing to be alarmed about. The term Foodie is defined as someone who takes their love of food beyond eating out of convenience or hunger into a passionate activity. Foodies have become a movement that shows their expression as writers, photographers, competitors, or adventurers in eateries. They have a powerful influence that can sway other restaurant patrons’ hunger. Some restaurants have caught on to this movement and made alterations that help them stand out among the rest. Restaurants may make changes that keep their establishment interesting in order to have an identity amongst the mass of other restaurants, such as food trucks, food fusions and food challenges. Food trucks or County Fairs have been known to be the best places to cater to Foodies. They have been known to take ordinary food into extraordinary food, such as deep fried Oreos or chicken adobo burrito (Mexican/Filipino fusion). Restaurants have also been known to catch on to the popularity of such foods and have adapted them onto their own menu. Also, county

fairs have been known for their food competition in which some restaurants have adapted their own contests with their own rewards. If you would like to become part of this movement you don’t have to wait for a food event in your area to start. You can start at your local restaurant and ask for something unique in their menu or ask if they serve something not in the menu that you can try. Another alternative is just to stay at home and be ordinary. There are over 700 restaurants to choose from in our area, so get out there and try something new.

37 37


With Purchase of 2 Lunches or 2 Dinners and 2 Beverages Excludes the large Size Buffalo Wings

With this coupon only. Dine-in only. One coupon per table. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 3/31/13

$5 OFF

Purchase of $25.00 or More Excludes Alcoholic Beverages

With this coupon only. Dine-in only. One coupon per table. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 3/31/13

WEEKDAY LUNCH SPECIAL BUY ONE LUNCH GET ONE Half off of Equal or Lesser Value With Purchase of 2 Beverages 11am-3pm Mon-Fri Only

With this coupon only. Dine-in only. One coupon per table. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 3/31/13




Find us on


(909) 981-3663

1883 N. Campus Ave, Upland, CA 91786

Magic Lamp Inn SINCE 1955

Make your reser vations



Sun-Thur 4:30pm-7:30 Not valid w/other coupon or offer Exp. 3-31-13


00 OFF

Happy Hour Sun - Fri 4:30pm - 8pm Sat 5pm - 7pm Live Music Wed - Sat Karaoke Tue & Sun Now open: Mondays from March 1st 2013 Sundays Champagne Brunch 10am – 2pm

Lunch Buffet 11am -3pm. Mon-Fri Exp 3-31-13 Champagne Brunch Sat-Sun Exp 3-31-13

Buy one Dinner Entree, get one of equal or lesser value $10 OFF w/purchase of 2 drinks.

Romantic, Classy & Upscale! Banquet Hall Available

15% off

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$799 $999

ON ALL TAKE OUTS. Not valid with lunch buffet

One coupon per party per table. Not valid w/other offers or holidays. Valid w/coupon only. Exp 3-31-13

7890 Haven Ave. Suite 15 & 16 Rancho Cucamonga

8189 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga

hly Anticip(N.W. Corner of Foothill & Haven in Deer Creek Village Plaza) a Hig

d te

Th e


909-581-1951 w w

Sixty6 C



Award Winning Indian Cuisine

Open Daily from 11am-10pm including Major Holidays




Ristorante Italiano




OFF Minimum purchase of $30 or more.

Valid 11am-3pm buy one reg. priced lunch & receive 2nd lunch equal or lesser value half off.

One coupon per party per table. Not valid w/other offers or holidays. Valid w/coupon only. Exp 3-31-13

One coupon per party One coupon per party per table. Not valid w/other offers or holidays. Valid w/coupon only. Exp 3-31-13

ENTERTAINMENT BANQUET HALL AVAILABLE Live Music on Friday Evenings, Karaoke on Thursday Evenings

7945 Vineyard Ave. Suite D7 Rancho Cucamonga (Corner of Foothill & Vineyard)

909-941-0047 w w w.antoniosrest


$4 Drinks All Day $5 Appetizer All Day At Bar Only


Wed & Sat Evening

Banquet Hall Available


One coupon per table, per party. Expires 3.31.13 With the purchase of two beverages Not valid with any other coupon or offer. Not good with Happy hour.

296 N 2nd Ave., Upland, CA 91786



Exp 03-31-13

Exp 03-31-13


11837 Foothill Blvd. Rancho Cucamonga


Exp 03-31-13

(909) 477-4377



Beautiful Stone Walls, comfy leather bar stools & 16 flat screens!


Not good with any other discounts, coupons or specials. Does not include beverages Exp. 3-31-13 909


Catering Concessions Special Events

Committed to quality by bringing you food made from the freshest quality ingredients M-Th 8:00 am – 8:30 pm Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Sat 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

(909) 988-4591 215 East C. Street, Ontario


Not good in combination with any other discounts or coupons. Limit one per table. Does not include alcoholic beverages. Please present coupon to server at the time of payment, other restrictions may apply. Good at both locations

SAVOR... CATERING: (909) 937-3061 At the Ontario Convention Center


THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD IN TOWN! Voted Best Mexican Restaurant By The Los Angeles Times

Hot dogs. Check! Gourmet Burgers? Check!


All our well margaritas are made with 100% agave tequila!


Proudly serving hot dogs, gourmet burgers, sandwiches, wings, and more.

12-JHD-002 Ad_3.9x5.24.indd 1

2/19/13 2:05 AM






2 Blocks Below Foothill Blvd.







RC COMMUNITY YARD SALE Date: March 2, 2013 Time: 8:00am – 2:00pm Location: RC Family Resource Center Looking to get rid of some old items? Then join the RC Community Yard Sale, where you can sell all your items at one convenient location. Sell your books, clothes, sporting goods, office equipment, furniture, and more! Have nothing to sell? Then come to shop around and see what others have to sell. Located at 9791 Arrow Route, the RC Community Yard Sale is something you don’t want to miss out on! For more information, call (909) 477-2781.

THE FANTASTICKS Date: March 2nd – 10th, 2013 Time: Friday (March 8th) & Saturdays – 7:30pm, Sun – 2:00pm Location: Lewis Family Playhouse Cost: General Admission - $18.00, Senior - $16.00 Come visit the Lewis Family Playhouse and enjoy the ecstatic musical of the Fantasticks. The Fantasticks is the story of a young man and the girl next door who fall in love, even after their parents’ extensive efforts to keep them apart.

SENSATIONAL SEUSS! Date: March 6, 2013 Time: 4:00pm Location: Rancho Cucamonga Library


Cost: FREE For one night at the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library an event honoring the wonderful works of Dr. Suess will be held. On Wednesday, March 6th, visit the library for a wonderful night with a story, crafts, and other activities featuring Dr. Suess. Free tickets are now available so be sure to pick them up.

PARENTS NIGHT OUT! Date: March 9, 2013 Time: 6:00 – 11:00pm Location: Lions West Community Center Cost: $16 for residents, $21 for non-residents The “Parents Night Out” is a program in which parents may ensure the care of their children to the City of Rancho Cucamonga’s Community Service Staff and Teen Recreation Activity Club (TRAC) members. Children potty-trained to age ten will be treated to arts and crafts, games, toys, movies, video games, snacks, and a fun-filled night. Parents can have a whole night to spend out on the town with the knowledge that their kids are in good care. For more information, call (909) 477-2795

LUNA FEST Date: March 10th Time: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Location: Chaffey College Theatre Cost: $20.00 – includes light refreshments and parking Soroptimist International of Baldy

View is hosting Luna Fest which is a culmination of short films by, for and about women. This is a charity event to support the Breast Cancer Fund and our local community. In addition to the films provided by the Cliff family – we have a special treat from a local short film producer, Sara Hills, “You Got This”. For more information please contact us at (909)6804165 or visit or

ROCK & ROLL DANCE PARTY Date: March 15, 2013 Time: 7:00pm Location: Central Park Cost: $10 per person Join the Rancho Cucamonga community at the Rock & Roll Dance Party! The party will be featuring The Ravelers and In-N-Out Burger will be served. Located at Central Park on 11200 Base Line Road, this event will surely be enjoyed by all ages.

OPENING NIGHT PARTY FOR THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH Date: March 30, 2013 Time: 5:00pm Location: Lewis Family Playhouse Cost: $10.50 The Phantom Tollbooth will begin on March 30, 2013, at the Lewis Family Playhouse. To kickoff this wonderful event, there will be an exclusive “night” celebration held after the 4pm performance. This is the opportunity to join in conversation with the cast and creative team while enjoying delectable food. Performance tickets are sold sepa-

rately. For more information, visit   UPLAND EVENTS

FLOWERS FIELDS OPENING NIGHT Date: March 1, 2013 Time: 6:00-9:00pm Location: Flowers Fields at San Antonio Park Flowers Fields at San Antonio Park is the home of the Upland Foothill Little League. An opening night celebration will be held on Saturday, March 1, and food, fun, and activities will be provided for all who attend. This is a wonderful event meant to kick off a great season for the Upland Foothill Little League so this is surely an occasion you do not want to miss out on. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. SEUSS! Date: March 5, 2013 Time: 6:30-7:30pm Location: Upland Public Library As it is the birthday of one of the most notable children’s book authors, Dr. Seuss, a celebration, will be held at the Carnegie Cultural Center. Stories, crafts, activities, and a special birthday cake, provided by the Soroptimists International/Montclair Inland Valley, will be included in the event. All ages are welcome to attend this special occasion.

STEPPING OUT 50’S STYLE Date: March 9, 2013 Time: 10:00 am

Location: Doubletree Hotel, Claremont Cost: tickets are $45.00 The Uplanders Club will be hosting this exciting fundraiser event. The fundraiser will benefit the Megan’s Wings Foundation. A colorful fashion show will be featured along with a silent auction, and much more. The event is open to the general public. Reservations due by February 22, 2013. For more information please contact Mary Burns, Philanthropic Chairman at (909) 560-6912.

LUCK OF THE IRISH Date: March 15, 2013 Time: 3:00pm Location: George M. Gibson Senior Center Price: $2.00 per person Join the George M. Gibson Center as they celebrate what it means to have the luck of the Irish! There will be dancing, good cheers, and fun for all who want to join in on this special party day. For more information, call (909) 981-4501.

TRIVIA BEE Date: March 28, 2013 Time: 6:00pm Location: Upland Public Library, Carnegie Cultural Center Price: $15 admission The Upland Public Library will be holding its 11th Annual Trivia Bee and Silent Auction on Thursday, March 28 in the Carnegie Cultural Center. There will be the opportunity to bid on various prizes, support

your favorite trivia bee teams, and enjoy a delicious dinner and dessert. Ticket sales begin Monday, March 1 and all the proceeds will go to the benefit of the Upland Public Library Adult Literacy Program. For more information, please contact Liz Barbee at (909) 931-4212

SPRING EGG HUNT Date: March 30, 2013 Time: 10:00 am Location: Memorial Field and Rotary Field, Memorial Park The Upland-Foothill Kiwanis and the City of Upland, Recreation Division will be sponsoring a spring egg hunt for kids age 7 and under. This is an event your children will surely enjoy, so you don’t want to miss out on this seasonal event! For more information, please contact the Recreation Division at (909) 931-4280.

UPLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE GOLF TOURNAMENT Date: April 1, 2013 Time: 9:00am Location: Red Hill Country Club All golfers or those looking to sponsor are welcome to join in on this wonderful event. Registration begins at 9:00am., then a Chipping and Putting Contest will begin at 9:30am. The shotgun start will then start at 11:30. For more information on becoming a golfer or a sponsor, please call the Upland Chamber of Commerce at (909) 204-4465


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Wine Merchants

210 East A Street, Upland Ca, 91786 (909)

Fully stocked Boar's Head Deli Create Your Own Wine Wine Tasting Events Normal Business Hours:


Heated outside seating Wine Club Custom Labels

Monday: Closed Friday – Saturday: 11:00am – 10:00pm

Tuesday – Thursday: 11:00am – 8:00pm Sunday: 12:00pm – 7:00pm

8916 Foothill Blvd., Ste K3, Rancho Cucamonga 909-481-5050

A wide selection of all of our wines are available for purchase online or at the winery






Made in America

Paul Niederer is an American Veteran. He served his country proudly and he serves his customers proudly on a daily basis. Paul is the owner of Cost + Mattress in La Verne. Unlike most of his competition he’s more concerned about selling the “right” mattress rather than selling “a” mattress. His family has worked in the mattress manufacturing industry for nearly thirty years and in that time he has seen many people taken advantage of by the big-name brands. “When I first started, I thought about stocking the big-name brands. But when I went to check things out, some of them weren’t entirely made in America, and, to be honest, the family-owned companies just made a better bed,” Niederer said. “Every mattress in the store from the coils to the top-stitching is made in America - even our pillows.” “I try and educate customers about what to look for when purchasing a mattress,” said Niederer, who served in the Air Force during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. “I show them what’s inside the big-name mattresses and what’s inside ours. We’re making beds the old-fashioned way, with the two-sided

cotton, button-tufted beds that we all grew up on when we were kids. The kind made to last. I also let them know they don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good mattress. Just because it is a more expensive mattress doesn’t mean it is the best mattress for you.” Something that Paul teaches is the “mattress rule of thumb,” which is that the cost of a Mattress should equal out to about $100 to $150 per year. Paul is outraged by an advertisement claiming mattresses should be changed every “8” years. “They say a mattress doubles in weight in eight years, well that’s just not true,” Paul said. “The only reason to change your mattress is when you are no longer comfortable on it, or you are changing to a different sized mattress. I can tell you that at least half a dozen times I have told people to put their money back in their pockets and come back when they are uncomfortable on their mattress.” At Cost + Mattress you’re given a 100% money back guarantee. Why not talk to Paul before you make your next Mattress purchase? Asked what message he would like to leave our readers with, Paul said, “I sell a great night’s sleep at shockingly low prices. If you’re not happy with any mattress we sell, I will give you 100% of your money back. That is how I sleep at night.” Cost Plus Mattress 1147 Foothill Blvd La Verne, Ca 91750 909-392-5554 Mon-Fri 10-7 Sat 10-6


Flip It


TWIN Set from…..........$149 FULL Sets from …........$209 QUEEN Sets from …....$249 KING Sets from ….........$299

(909) 392-5554



1147 Foothill Blvd.

(5th store west of Starbucks between Wheeler & Damien Avenue)

La Verne

Mon. - Fri. 10-7 Sat. 10-6 Closed Sun.


Closed Sunday “Family Day”



A Comfortable Extra Bed for any Room Hidden Desk Bed


Barrington Queen Bed w/ Desk

Partially Open


A multi-purpose room  Home Office  Crafts  Hobbies  Sewing and a Guest room All In One


A comfortable extra bed for any room! Any finished bed when you mention this ad



$100 OR, F 0 purchase over $ ree Delive ry 1000 pur (local deliver chase



Hours: Monday - Saturday 10AM - 6PM Sunday 11AM - 5PM Closed Tuesday

14151 Fern Avenue, Chino CA

Near Edison & Euclid


CA Lic # 894245 C-8 & C-29

Driveways / Walkways Pool Decks & Coping Decorative Finishes Color Finishes Pavers / Bricks

Slate / Flagstone Stone Veneer Block Walls BBQ Islands


Bonded & Insured CA Lic# 917235










Lic. No. 784994

(909) 985-1071

1860 W. 9th Street, Upland



PATIO ENCLOSURES | SUNROOMS Patio Enclosures from $8995


Close Patio Covers from $1595

Alum-A-Wood Patio Covers: We got rid of the wood with Alum-A-Wood NO Painting, NO Termites, NO Warping

Retrofit Aluminum Patio Cover with Recessed Lighting from $395 for 3 Lights.

Visit Our Showroom: 840 S. Rochester Ave. I Ontario, CA 50

Open 7 Days a Week I Serving CA Since 1972 I Lic. #517575-B

“Kynar 500” paint finish


Brown Lipinsky, LLP Serving Workers & Their Families Since 2000 - Wrongful Termination - Employment Discrimination - Sexual Harassment - Whistle blower Retaliation - Wage and Hour Violations - Disability / Medical Leave Violations - Catastrophic Personal Injury

5811 Pine Avenue, Chino Hills CA 91709 / (909) 597-2445

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