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Company Overview Ying Tchin Enterprise was established in 1982, specialized in LCD monitors, Linear power supply, CRT monitors and transformers for the business field of Coin-operated Amusement Game industry then. After our continuous innovation and untiring endeavor day by day, we have developed the power supplies to upgrade as switching power supplies with wide-range power and may be suitable for various applications; the CRT monitors also have been upgraded to the LCD monitors with wide-range sizes, higher frequency and excellent quality. Besides, its touch screen types are available. It is our most advantageous product in the future. Furthermore, we also designed many kinds of accessories such as: chassis, light inverter, sound amplifier, isolate transformer.

Technical & Quality Expect many experienced engineers and skillful technicians ; we also own the technical designed team of many innova tion product projects. Thus, we are capable of matching th e new demand of the local & overseas markets. More than three strict quality control procedures are required to all th e productive process. The technical training as well as the e ducation of quality concept to the staff are focused and exe cuted seriously and thoroughly. Thus, we are able to maint ain the lowest defective rate of our products usually. More over, YTE is not only a manufacturer but also is able to offe r customized design including concept of product, design, development, testing, manufacturing‌etc.. YTE provides a series of developing procedures of customers’ requirement s totally to create remarkable products and innovation enti re industry in gaming and amusement markets.

Goal Now we are one of the leading companies in the field of Amusement & Gaming industry. Our product have owned the very important market share in Taiwan, and successfully been expanded to the worldwide market. Also we have earned the high reputation and evaluation from most of our customers. For profit sharing with our customers, we provide the reasonable prices faithfully; for offering the more competitive prices to our customer s, we continuously search for the methods of cost down.