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1-4 April 2014 Pavilion 8, Hall 1, Stand T133


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MosBuild School workshops

08 DMITRY PSHENICHNIKOV, architect: Aspects of transparent architecture 10 ANDREY ASADOV, architect: About identity 12 SERGEY ESTRIN, architect: An ordinary miracle




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Designer collections: 39 Dante Oscar Benini and Luka Gonzo 40 Danny Venle 54 Valentin Yudashkin for ROSSTYLE

93 MosBuild 2014 exhibition calendar 97 Statistics: Housing construction in Russia – the results. DIY market: development trends 102 MADA – Jury Members’ Architectural Designs

41 T+T Architects

MosBuild School workshops:


89 The architects from the Austrian architects and design studio Pos architekten

91 Dr. Alois Geiselhofer

52 Диана Балашова

79 Сергей Сизый

41 T+T Architects 52 Diana Balashova 80 Sergey Syziy


106 Library and references All the issues of MosBuild magazine and Cersanex



AT THE START OF THE CONSTRUCTION SEASON Even the longest road starts with the first step. In March 1995, when Mosbuild staged its inaugural exhibition, the prospect of the twentieth season seemed a long way off. And now we are celebrating 20 years! In our work, we actively use the universal advice of modern living – to move more, resulting in the formation of a positive outlook on life, the development of mental agility and muscle mass. Our positive attitude to life comes across in our support and optimism with regard to Russia's construction industry, and stepping up the level during the next exhibition season indicates the development of mental agility. We've also scored on muscle mass – we are now rated in the TOP 5 of the world's construction events and are Europe's largest annual international consitruction and interior design exhibition. However, the main achievement of our focused and determined progression over these past 20 years is the fact that we have succeeded in creating a unique, consolidated business space, conducive to the Russian construction industry's innovative transition to a modern international level. To reinforce the above, we have put together a special issue of the MosBuild Magazine, combining all the latest construction and interior design innovations and latest products, new collections, innovative designs and new state-ot-the-art technology and equipment which can all be viewed for the first time only at MosBuild 2014. Given the significance of the forthcoming exhibition event, this special issue of the magazine gives an insight into all the exhibition news, events and guests. We have prepared general articles on the leading architects and designers who will be staging workshops in the specially-allocated area of the MosBuild School, snipets about the MADA jury members - the international competition for young architects and students and various facts about unique architectural buildings and interiors. As a public information resource, the magazine will help you to select routes and compile a plan of which stands, workshops, seminars and conferences you intend to visit – and most importantly, prepare you to visit and actively participate in the greatest event of the construction season – the 20th anniversary MosBuild exhibition.

Managing Edito Ruzanna Sarkisova


#12 MARCH-MAY 2014 Founder: ITE Group plc. Publisher: The ITE Group Managing editor: Ruzanna SARKISOVA Editor in Chief: Tatiana ONEGINA Journalist: Anastasia SMOLINA Svetlana KOROLEVA Translation: Tim WOODHEAD Design: Olesya CHISTIAKOVA Anastasiya DUBININA Web support: Aleksey GOMOLOV Proofreader: Svetlana BYCHKOVA Contact Details: ITE LLC Moscow, 129164, Moscow, Zubarev per., 15, p. 1 Tel.: +7 (495) 935-73-50 +7 (495) 788-55-85 Fax: +7 (495) 935–73–51 Web-site: Feedback & Advertising Enquiries: Distribution: more than 370 000 industry professionals

Project by architect Zaha Hadid: Opera House, Guangzhou, China Photo studio: HUFTON + CROW



� '

Glass is an amazing material, very modern, allowing you to achieve the effect you want both inside and out. If you are using modern technology, which is constantly evolving year on year, much is possible.



ne of Moscow's first large-scale glass designs – the Unikombank office – was built back in the 1990s, launching architect Dmitry Pshenichnikov's creative developmental path. Today, few can compare with him in terms of genre and stylistic diversity: the architect works on the designs of public institutions, private homes and major business centres. He also is involved in the reconstruction of historic buildings and is the designer of a number of churches and cathedrals. The architect explains this diversity hrough traditions and his own passion for development: 'In the 18th and 19th centuries, the architect did everything – from the foundations to the door handles and the plume on the chandelier. Rendering the detail of a lamp, door, a stained-glass window or some wrought-metal detail – is this not fascinating? I think that the most awful thing for an architect is to be stuck working on one thing'. The more modern the design, the more innovative the construction materials used to complete the project. Glass tower structures, for the offices of large corporations, account for a large proportion of the projects the architects and design studio 'Dmitry Pshenichnikov and Partners' work on. Dmitry Pshenichnikov is the winner of the RF state prize for architecture, the winner of the Russian Academy of Artists Silver Medal and the winner of the ARX AWARDS prize for the 'Best transport infrastructure facility' category, for the Sheremetevo 3 airport compex. This design (Terminal D) also won the first Russian 'Glass in architecture' competition. The design of the Sheremetevo complex is one of the most large-scale and significant projects both for 'Dmitry Pshenichnikov and Partners' and for the capital's air transport connections. Terminal D is being referred to as the country's front gates. The design is envisaged on two levels – the upper level is for departures and the lower level is for arrivals. When fully up and running,

the levels are parts of a single visual composition. To construct the 180,000 sq. m. terminal buiding, 50 thousand sq. m . of glass was required and the superprecision fitting of all the parts and components for this was paramount. The windows are cut from special profile AGC Glass, with a triangular cross-section and complex colour scheme. Special support racks and crossbars were designed for the external glazing. The roof and canopy covering and the external cladding panels were mounted and assembled using Kalzip metal sheeting. All types of glass were used in the airport design as a construction and building material. The construction of Sheremetevo-3 involved many different types of glass: matt, coloured, laminated and low-emission glass, and glass with a complex colour range. In addition to the very basic functions, the glass also provides soundproofing for the airport complex. 'Working on the airport Sheremetevo-3, we used glass as one of the main materials. The very concept of the airport's external appearance suggested a lightness, grace and openness. As for the image, we hit upon one of the symbols associated with Russia: ballet, Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake, a swan...the association with the bird and the swan image was convincing.'

Dmitry Pshenichnikov's workshop on 'The multipurpose applications of glass in architecture' will be held as part of the MosBuild School interactive study area, 1 April 2014 at the VVC, pavilion 75, hall A




odern Russian architecture is still discovering its face, its identity. So now you can observe very different trends and styles in it – it is both an imitation of a bygone era and an attempt to instill the global mainstream on Russian soil, and sometimes it is just the architect's original design. That is why I think it is more more notable and interesting, as it is charged with the living energy of its creator'. The main focus of our studio in recent years has been connected with the search for an architectural identity – both our own and across the country. Its character has slowly started to emerge – something bright and original, Russian-style reckless and something that does not completely fit in with the canons of modernist architecture. Each design is a search for a clear image, a sign that will hold its space and radiate in its own energy. From a park pavilion to an airport terminal – everywhere we try to attain a clean, easy-togauge design that is full of positive energy. My brother and I, also an architect, organised an exhibition under the title 'The Russian Identity', in which we tried to present a collective image of contemporary Russian architecture. To do this, we selected 20 of the most striking buildings and connected each of them with one of the aspects of the Russian character. The final result was an interesting collection of 'architectural types', embodying various concepts such as 'maybe', 'mockery', 'irresistability' and 'cosmism' etc. 'The architecture 'with a human face' should embody its creator's energy and release it into the surrounding space. For me – it's all lively, unscripted interaction with the building's visitors and, then ideally, gradually transforming their self-conciousness. Therefore, I would like to hope that Russian architecture will develop its arsenal of technology as quickly as possible and experience the global construction industry, and in doing so, obtain its 'identity', its unique face, alive and humane'

Andrey Asadov's workshop, 'In the search for an identity' will take place as part of the MosBuild School, on 2 April 2014 at VVC, pavilion 75, hall A



Andrey Asadov




” 12

As far as the practical implementation of my designs was concerned, I first encountered this abroad. I so very much wanted to finally build something that as soon as I arrived in Ireland, I asked to be taken to a brick factory. They showed me 40 types of bricks…


ergey Estrin's architects practice was launched in April 2002. A passion for work and constantly searching soon allowed the architects practice to occupy the leading position in corporate design and to take up their rightful place amongst the other market players at the highest level. With over 25 years' experience as an architect, Sergey Estrin is not only a prominent figure in the architecture industry, but also in the real estate market. He participates in each of his company's projects and is the instigator of the ideas of most of them. The fundamental principle of an architect's practice is that each design, just like people, should have its own character which is reflected in every detail, so careful study is subject not only to the very concept of the building but also to the materials used in its construction. 'Creating an architectural design always involves a number of fairly strict limits. More than one brilliant project idea has been shattered when confronted with the realities of its technical implementation'. Sergey Estrin will talk about how to avoid the pitfalls and source solutions to bring about non-trivial ideas during the workshop‌

Sergey Estrin's workshop, 'An ordinary miracle, or the use of simple materials for non-conventional design solutions' will take place as part of the interactive learning platform of the MosBuild School, on 3 April 2014 at the ExpoCentre Exhibition Complex, pavilion 8


The interior of the company's head office features transparent partitions, which the architect has placed at different angles, fracturing the view of the corridor. To make them mre tangible, part of the transparent walls have been finished with a broken-glass effect.


The original intention for the design of the penthouse's load-bearing wall was to finish the wall using rusty iron, but sourcing a sufficient amount of this material proved to be impossible, so plywood covered in a plastic-mass coating (plaster-base) was used instead of iron, and then coated in copper leaf. The copper was left in outside to oxidise it and then coated with a matt varnish.


The interiors of the Sretensky Monastry. Using corian white plating and waves over a smooth surface background, Sergey Estrin not only softened the space's original geometry but also created a modern interpretation of the typical architectural elements and features of the Russian church, such as arches and vaults. Columns dressed in 'solid' wood and an 'extended' ceiling and walls fit to the existing frame like a new skin.



A special issue of the magazine contains useful and upto-date information on the products, technical designs and equipment as well as the latest product offers in the construction industry from those companies participating in the construction and interior design exhibition MosBuild 2014.

The company 'Realit' has launched a new product – an aluminium profile for a suspended ceiling system. The aluminium profile's strength and durability ensure that the curtains (fabric or film) will remain securely attached for long periods to the system's base.

'ChMP–Profnastil' produces the 'Monterray' and 'Spanish dune' metal roof tiles using high-technology equipment from Finland. The roller method of painting ensures that the coating is applied evenly and that the tiles can withstand UV light and corrosion. The capillary groove and the additional incision on the tile's left side prevent moisture from accumulating under the roof.


ChMP – Profnastil

VVC, pavilion 75 hall А, stand А203

Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 1, stand М129

MAGAM is the largest Polish manufacturer of curtain tapes. We offer over 100 types of tape made of the best polyester yarns and with all kinds of creasing options. With our modern machinery, the know-how of our rich designs wich follow the latest trends in window decoration. Should you demand a non-standard type of the tape we are capable of producing any design on order.

Bostik is the largest manufacturer of glue and fillers. The company presents its product line for floor coverings: Bostik 1782, a transparent glue for different types of PVC; Bostik Ке310 — an acrylic emulsion based glue for laying PVC flooring, carpet, semi-rigid carpet tiles and foamed vinyl; Bostik Tarbikol KPA is glue for parquet and plywood flooring.

MAGAM Sp. z o.o.


Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 3, stand Е635

Expocentre, pavilion F, stand F637 The extensive colour scheme and textured decorative wall coverings (slim-sheet PVC panels) makes it feasible to choose original design solutions for the home that will satisfy even the most refined taste. Easy and quick to install, a new interior for your home can be created quickly, efficiently and without breaking the bank.


Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand А847



WALL SYSTEMS AND METAL STRUCTURES Construction today needs new technology and innovative materials to be able to complete building projects quickly and to a high standard: metal, plastic, glass and concrete building materials

VVC, pavilion 75, hall Đ? 1-4 April 2014


1 When designing glass roofs and

exterior facades, both the design and the product's ease of use have to be combined, when smoke extraction and natural ventilation systems are being used. Mechanisms and devices for managing a facade's heavy structures partially destroy the harmony of the architectural design. Therefore, a series of high-capacity CDP D+H Mechatronic AG electrical chain mechanisms have been designed.

D+H Mechatronic AG VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А431


2 Composite Butzbach fibreglass –


an exclusive product, developed by the company so that universal wall systems can be created - acts as the basis of the VARIOPLAN plus exterior wall system. The fibreglass panels' low weight and rigidity make it possible to realise both vertical and horizontal architectural solutions.

Butzbach VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А227

3 ZENIT – skylights and smoke

hatches manufactured by the company 'M8City' (Republic of Belarus). The company-designed aluminium profile system ensures high durability and protection against thermal bridges and moisture. Services: bespoke designs, manufacture, delivery and installation and assembly.


4 M8 City, VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А547

4 A high-tech line of energy-saving

sheet glass launched in Russia! The features of this high-tech product include a three-fold silver coating and a multi-purpose energy-saving magnetron spray-coating. It is planned to produce the following types of energy-saving glass: a low-emissions glass, an anti-sun protection glass and a multi-purpose type glass (climate control glass). AGС GLASS RUSSIA VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А300



5 Developed using unique technology

6 5

that means a building's exterior can be changed in as little time as possible and at minimum cost: the design features of Scanroc exterior building stone allows the design to be updated several times. Using Scanroc means that the heating system, the metal substructure and other elements of the system do not need to be replaced.

Scanroc VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А404

6 The AGS40 system is designed to

produce light facade designs. The system's geometric profile allows for the use of Provedal hardware. The apparent width of the base profiles is 55mm. The structural units are racks with a moment of inertia of 25, 40, 64 and 98 cm. Rack assembly and installation can be completed inside the building.

ALTIM BUILDING VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А229

7 The company U-KON has designed a SYS-572(orto-glass) SYS-572(orto-solar)



unique solution for mounting tempered glass or photovoltaic facing panels onto ventilated facades. These facing panels come ready to mount: А-72, А-80, А-81 type frames; tempered glass or photovoltaic units are then glued into the frame.

U-KON VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А333

8 MRC composite panels are designed

8 9

for a building's exterior and they are a natural product. The product has a 100% natural stone appearance due to a new type of reinforcement and a speciallydesigned mineral matrix. ArmoGrid textile reinforcement technology gives a slim-wall effect; the product is also suitable for use in construction even in seismic regions and zones.

Alcotek VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А421

9 Two aluminium substructures for

the RVF-101 ventilated facade system (surfaced with ceramic tiles) and RVF201 (surfaced with composite plate mountings), designed and developed by 'Realit', have passed the fire safety tests. REALIT VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А203


10 11


Agrob Buchtal (Germany) manufactures large-scale panels for ventilated walls and curtain wall systems (external wall systems and parts) as well as all-purpose ceramic tiles, for swimming pools and for technical purposes, interiors, as bricks and ceramic paving.

Agrob Buchtal, GmbH & Co VVC, pavilion 75, hall A, stand А510 11

The 'ChMP – PROFNASTIL brings together companies from across the construction industry: design, manufacturing, assembly and construction of metal and steel structures and steel frames (columns, beams and trusses). Welded beams are particularly effective in the construction of long-term metal frames for industrial buildings.

12 13 ChMP Group Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 1, stand М129

12 The new GammaStone Gres AIR (Italy) system for ventilated facades is made from a very light material but yet is very durable when deflection or curvature is required. These properties enhance the ventilated exterior panels' safety during installation and assembly. The system also ensures sound and thermal insulation and it is quick and easy to assemble. GAMMASTONE, S.R.L.

Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 5, stand R121

13 'RUSCANA' designs and produces

automated equipment for the rolling of various brands of metal sheeting and slitting and shearing lines to dissolve different types of thin-sheet metal, using the company's technological capability to the best European standards. The company carries out servicing. RUSCANA ENGINEERING Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 5, stand R109



SPECIALISED EXHIBITION For the first time, the exhibition featured a themed exhibition section 'Metal Structures. Prefabricated Buildings'. Both Russian and international companies alike participated in the themed exhibition event with their products: metal structures, light steel thin-walled structures, steel tiles and tiling, prefabricated steel buildings, steel products and parts, metal provessing machinery and equipment and rolled steel.

Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 1 1-4 April 2014


Metal and steel structures Prefabricated buildings

1 The development of a metallic

coating from the company represented a continuation in a line of coatings designed for a particuarly corrosive environment. The thick Z600 coating maintains its compex structure, meaning that the product's potential uses are greatly enhanced. The product is mainly used for: silos, culverts, road signage, emergency barrier fencing, electrical casing units, frame and support structures and cable trays.


Ruukki Rus Pavilion 7, hall 4, stand Q121 2

The 'Time Style' Group – manufacturer of light steel thinwalled structures, now presents a finished product, consisting of an inner and outer frame, floors, roof trusses and other interlocking components connecting the structure. All parts are marked. Each component is therefore produced to individual specific properties.

'Time Style' Group Pavilion 7, hall 1, stand M213


3 Using ARS-PROM LMK technology,

the supporting frame and rafter system construction is made from metal and thermo sections. The carcass structure is lined inside and out with sheeting.

ARS-PROM Pavilion 7, hall 1, stand M227

4 This unique product – the STRECK®

(ШТРЕК®) grid provides a hightech modern alternative to those convententional and traditional types of metal grids, with a considerably greater range of potential applications and uses. The STRECK® grid is a product made from a single metal sheet, using perforation and simultaneous stretching methods.



Beloretsk Grid and Decking Plant Pavilion 7, hall 1, stand М307 5

The companies, including the BRADBURY GROUP manufacture an extensive range of equipment for metal engineering and construction. The range of prducts includes hydraulic lines and systems, high-speed presses and shears, automated control systems, lines to produce insulated sandwich-panels as well as various types of shaping and profiling machines.


BRADBURY GROUP Pavilion 7, hall 1, stand М105




Aluminium Plastic Wood

VVC, pavilion 75, hall А 1-4 April 2014



1 Energy-efficient window frames

with thermoplastic hardeners have increased thermal insulation by 20%. The use of products from the Ultradur® High Speed (polybutylene terephthalate group) range, developed by BASF especially for aluplast have made this possible. The reinforced fibreglass has been used to replace the steel inserts, which are usually used in the manufacture of window frames and can result in the formation of 'thermal bridges'. These new windows have significantly higher


thermal insulation properties without forfeiting their durability.

BASF Expocentre, pavilion Forum, stand F341 2 KBE 88 mm is a modern plastic

window system currently on the Russian market and is an ideal efficient energy-saving solution. Windows from this profile system already meet the standards that have been set for 2016 and are notable

for their high practicality, providing the highest level of comfort with maximum cost efficiency, thermal insulation and environmental friendliness.

Plastikat-servis VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А551 3 Windows and doors from HURD, one of the leaders on the US market, are available in nine types of wood in an aluminium (painted in any RAL colour)





or wooden frame, with various opening and glazing options, using the latest energy-efficient technology.

which if necessary, can protect the wooden part of the profile structure from bad weather.

4 'Germeteks' Manufacturing Company 5 'Germeteks' produces tape designed VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand

Amview Inc. HURD SG GROUP VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand stand А119 А217 The latest standards in the manufacture of translucent structures were applied to create SG® wood, an innovative profile system in aluminium and wood. SG® wood's external profile consists of high-quality aluminium,

and seams of roof and sandwich panels during installation, to waterproof buildings and to protect welded piping seams against corrosion.

for installing, sealing, filling, packing and protecting. The products can be used as follows: to install windows, translucent structural glass, ventilation systems and air ducts; to fill and seal the joints






8 6 The company UTS presents an

innovative new product from the Dutch firm Gratch international –a protective, easily removable polymer coating to provide temporary surface protection during construction and repair work FProtec. UTS Expocentre, pavilion Forum, stand F769

casing, four-ply 88х90mm casing crosssection. Coating: non-peelable paint and exterior wood coating treatment.

9 'Realit' presents its own system

8 The 'RIF Corporation' manufactures Realit VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А203

Belarustorg VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А505

PVC panels under the company brand RIFFLine as well as supplying window and door profiles, window sills and highspec. sealant.

7 Double-glazed laminated wooden veneer windows are manufactured RIF Corporation using Italian machinery and equipment. VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, Window casing: three-ply 78х78mm stand А557


updated aluminium windows, with accessories designed for platic windows. Installation companies do not then have to expand their range of parts and rebuild the window assembly process. The costs for a prefabricated window have been reduced by 10-15%.


Setting the highest standard

Leading paper manufacturing technology

Unique Pilot Paper Machine

VISIT US AT Wall Decor, Pavilion 2.2, D443

The company 'Kapital-Invest' produces ceramic brick and drywall, currently in high demand on the modern building materials market, under the trade name 'ProxLadniy'. This innovative design from this contemporary brick manufacturer was developed in 2012 using the expertise of the Italian company Cismac, which provided specially designed automated solutions and modern technology and equipment for the manufacture of 'Kapital-Invest's' product range. Clay from a quarry 500 metres from the manufacturing unit formed the products' raw material base. Clay reserves are estimated at being sufficient for 40 years for the brick plant with an output capacity of 100 million bricks and ceramic stone items a year. The proximity of the raw materials base ensures optimum pricing and a high-quality range of products. Gypsum boarding is manufactured in line with GOST 6266-97, to a width of 1, 200 mm, a height of 2, 500 mm, and thicknesses of 9.5 and 12mm, with a feathered edge. The high-tech production equipment allows for changes to be made to the size and thickness of the end product. Production capacity: 20 million sq. m. of boarding a year. The raw materials base is the'Bedyk' simple geologicaltype gypsum stone deposit site in the Elbrussky region of the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic. 'Kapital-Invest' Russia, KBR, Prokhladnenskiy District, s.p., Uchebhoye Ul., Industrialnaya, 1. Tel: 8 (86631) 7-00-57, 7-58-05, 7-58-06 Expocentre, pavilion Forum, stand F753



Automatic systems Industrial and garage doors Fences and fencing Turnstyles and barrier systems

VVC, pavilion 75, hall А 1-4 April 2014

1 2 1 The DYNACO hig-speed gates are for use in areas and places with a high traffic and transport flow for both internal and external installation. The gates open at a speed of 2.4 m/sec. And are capable of over 1 millon cycles. The body of the spiral-wound gates is fully sealed, without any gaps, and is secured around the full perimeter of the entrance. The gates' unique design does not feature any rigid components meaning that damage resulting from a potential accident or collision would be unlikely.

Dynaco VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А211


2 The anti-terrorist retractable road blocking device, FAAC K, is only available in the automatic design and is notable for its high penetration resistance. When approaching the cylinder, the blocking device J355HA M30-P1 does not stop working, guaranteeing the security of the premises under protection. FAAC VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А219

3 CAME is a new lever actuator for the Fast40 swing gates. This latest innovation consists of integrated functions to slow the gates in an extreme position. The electical device is fitted with a system that can detect mechanical obstacles in the path of the gates' movement, an LED indicator operating system and failure device, as well as internal stops. The width of the gate panel is up to 2.3m and it weighs up to 300kg. CAMЕ VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А215

4 The SP200 staircase, designed by the Finnish company SteelPro, was created as an original prefabricated design solution. The assembly and installation process for the SP200 steps is extremely simple. The glass barrier system does not require supporting racks and is safe, as well as being complete with a flexible aluminium profile system to build in curves.

Glass Furnitura SPB VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А237

5 MAMMOTH is an hydraulic door closer and joint-hinge for 'two in one' swing gates. The elegant self-closing gate hinge, which can easily open and safely close gates up to 150 kg, is fitted with a patented hydraulic shock damper that is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. The force, closing speed and final shutting mechanism of the gates are all controllable.

Locinox VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А105

6 CAME - the market leader in automatic devices and equipment for gates, barriers and parking facilitiespresents the ATOMO range of key ring transmitters. The new models of remote control – the CAME 433.92 MHz with dynamic code technology and 4, 294, 967, 896 possible code combinations, guarantee maximum security and signal confidentiality. UMS RUS VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А 215




6 27


COUNTRY HOUSE AND BUILDING MATERIALS The quality of a country house's construction depends directly on the construction materials that have been used. All the latest products can be viewed at this specialised exhibition, and there is also an opportunity to get expert advice.

Expocentre, pavilion 2 1-4 April 2014







6 1 BMGROUP delivers plastic sheets available in different sizes, colours and thickness for glass constructions; the company also supplies treated tavertin, marble, onyx and granite as well as prefabricated design solutions (steps, columns and fireplaces).

Tolchin Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 4, stand G163


'YUG-oil-PLAST' manufactures cellular and solid-cast polycarbonate under the following brands: —Borrex, Berolux, Sotalight, Sibirskiye teplicy. The polycarbonate is easily installed and is fire-resistant –when the substance becomes hot, it does not produce any toxic fumes or odour. It can be used for both construction and decorating purposes. YUG-oil-PLAST Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 3, stand P303

3 KMEW is a Japanese company

and is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of fibre cement panels. Their latest product is a photoceramic and hydrophil ceramic panel coating, permanently preserving a house's beauty. The coating contains photocatalysts, which destroy dirt and which is then washed away by the rain. KMEW Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 1, stand M319

4 New technical solutions for using

Bonolit concrete blocks for construction: prefabricated flat arches; mounting unloaded partitions onto load-bearing walls; solid composite floors. Bonolit has a wide product range, ranging from D300 - D600 in thickness. Size range from 50 - 500 mm. Bonolit – Construction Solutions Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 4, stand Q217

5 This building cladding is an exact copy of natural stone, but it provides a more efficient exterior covering and it is easy to assemble. The 'Wild Stone' collection from the company 'Tekhosnastka' features various natural shades and textures of natural materials as well as being noticeable for being frost, humidity and impact-resistant and easy to maintain. Tekhosnastka Expocentre, pavilion 1, hall 1, stand A817

6 Terrace decking from DPK provides a

modern and environmentally-friendly alternative to the conventional wooden decking systems, as it has been designed using the latest technical products and looks almost no different from natural treated decking boards. DPK's products' high moisture resistance make the DPK product range ideal for any type of construction. Avangard Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 5, stand H405





7 7 The ACTIROOF photocatalytic roof 9 tiles and TEGOSOLAR, the photovoltaic roof tiles and MASTER COPPO, the flexible 'ceramic' roof tiles are the latest in the line of products from the company TEGOLA. The MASTER COPPO tiles make any feasible architectural roof construction or configuration possible. There is no need to strengthen the roof structure or acquire special mounts for this product

TEGOLA Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 5, stand R301

8 EltoBoard is a new type of wood-

cement board with improved structural strength. The board has a flexing resistanceof up to 20 N/mm2 as a result of its long wooden strands. The board is lighter and stronger than cementbonded particle board and is water, fire and frost resistant. Standard tools can be used to work the product and it also suits a variety of finishes.

Eltomation Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 3, stand P115


'Kapital-Invest' manufactures ceramic bricks and drywall under the 'ProkhLadniy' trading name. The manufactured ceramic blocks (hollow stone) have a high sound-absorption and heat-retention capacity. The block's hollow structure means that the product is lightweight, while still retaining its durability and reliability.

11 The range of products from the

10 The universal high-tect exterior

12 Kapital-Invest Expocentre, pavilion Forum, stand F753

paint ThermoSan NQG is manufactured using silicone resin nanoquartz lattice technology. The paint's complex structure enables it to keep a building's exterior clean for long periods and the film preservative element ThermoSan NQG protects the coating against mould and mildew.

Dav-Russland Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A549

Danish company Dyrup for finishing wood surfaces has now arrived on the Russian market. The product range includes Gori 22 for wood protection and treatment, six shades of exterior matt varnish, Gori 44, and four shades of decking oil, Gori 38. Ay Korp Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A261

'MIKS-Stroyresource' imports and sells decorating and building materials from international leading manufacturers: Edelholz, Tesoro, Ewedance, Set of color, Warm and Traed insulatio. The entire Edelholz laminate collection is being presented. MIKS-Stroyresource Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J601





13 The latest product for creating the

comforts of home outside – five types of treated ash terrace decking boards. The company Osmo uses the latest technology to thermally treat the wood, giving a home solid wood floor effect to the terrace decking and vice versa.


Osmo Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A647 14

The environmentally-friendly, water-vapour permeable exterior paint 'Sputnik' has been specially designed with the Russian climate in mind. This latest product can withstand any rain and damp, extreme temperatures, UVrays and also contains a film biocide which protects against mould, mildew and algae.

Izhsintez Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A251





15 The advantages of the water and vapour-proof barrier system 'NANOIZOL' are: the product is highlydurable, it is UV-stable, it is easy to use, environmentally-friendly and retains its properties for a long period of time; it is also resistant to chemical substances and bacteria.

NANOIZOL Torgoviy Dom Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 5, stand R119


17 'BZSN' produces the metal grid system Streck, which is used in all areas of industry, agriculture and construction and even as a decorative solution when completing a building's construction as well as in landscape design. The company produces over 200 grid system designs using modern European equipment. . Beloretskiy Grid and Flooring Company 16 'Optom Doors' produce and Expocentre, pavilion 7, sell different types of door. The hall 1, stand M237 manufacturer's anti-fire metal doors have extensive technical properties: special materials (basal fibre and mineral wool) line the perimeter of the door unit and, providing a tight seal; the door profileitself consists of several layers of metal, protecting the door against overheating, warping and distortion. Optom Doors Expocentre, pavilion 8, hall 3, stand V125


18 TSL 310 – the non-woven soundproofing material for parquet and laminate floors also provides waterproofing. All LANDOLT products in the FLOORLINER range have a 'sticking effect' because of the OPTICOAT adhesive coating. This high-tech technology provides comprehensive coverage of the fibres themselves using an adhesive agent, thereby replacing the glue-spotting method.

Inter-Mezzo Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J503


19 Extruded polystyrene is one of the most effective thermal insulating materials. XPS TEXNONIKOL CARBON PROF has unique strength and performance properties. The product is most in demand for the construction of flat roofs, varying types of foundations and load-bearing structures for roofs and floors on the ground.

TexnoNIKOL Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 3, stand P103

20 Brick plant manufactures hollow ceramics and has its own raw materials base, clay processing and working super fine dry milling. The face brick (red/dark terracotta) has a strength of M175 and a special hollow design allowing you to save up to 17% on laying mortar.

www. Markinskiy





21 The manufacturer BAULUX is offering dry mortars for flooring: a quick-setting leveller, a self-levelling continuous floor, and a mix for prelevelling the floor. It can be used to install screws, 'warm' and 'floating' floors. It is also suitable for use in repair work. BAULUX Expocentre, pavilion Forum, stand F155

22 The wholesale sale of techical-use aerosols under the company brand name KUDO: polyurethane foam, decorative-purpose and vehicle-repair finishing sprays, vehicle chemical and cosmetic products, as well as other industrial and technical products and materials. TROL AUTO Expocentre, pavilion Forum, stand F615





DOORS AND LOCKS 'Invisible doors' and 'Top Models' – these are the door collection trends from Russian and international manufacturers. Designing doors involves considering various details such as the opening and locking mechanisms, door size and dimension options and door DESIGN.

Expocentre, pavilion 8 1-4 April 2014


Metal and steel front doors Interior or partition doors Sliding glass doors


1 Natural materials are in vogue. To bring out the texture, the designer Massimo Bellunato proposed embossing and combing out the wood. Barausse Onda is produced in bleached ash; aluminium casing and elegant hinges bring highlight the wood. Barausse Expocentre, pavillion 8, hall 1, stand T133


2 COLOMBO TWITTY door handles were designed based on an idea from the young Japanese designer Tomo Kimura, winner of the international competition 'Hands on doorhandles'. The handles' complex shape means that they are produced using the old production method of metal casting. The end product is then polished and covered with a final and protective coating.

UNION Expocentre, pavillion 8, hall 1, stand T123

3 The 'Andrei Chelobanov Design Studios' design elite solid partition doors in the 'Kantri', 'Provence' and 'Classic' design style. The models are produced through delicate workmanship and luxury decor: hand painted, decoupage, artificial ageing, patina, partial artificial ageing and a broken-surface effect.

1 Andrei Chelobanov Design Studios Expocentre, pavillion 8, hall 1, stand T115





5 4 CISA is the first company in the world to design and patent electrical mechanical locks. They are e-keys fitted with microchips which can be used to control access to a building or premises. The system locks using a changeable code - New Cambio Facile Cisa – allows the set of keys to be changed if necessary without the need for changing the locks.

CISA Expocentre, pavillion 8, hall 2, stand U163

5 AGOPROFIL Atelier are known for classic and modern high-end wooden doors that harmoniously combine beauty with quality and aesthetics with progressive technology. The collection


7 is notable for the elegance of its handproduced craft: the painting and gilding of the door unit follow traditional methods. AGOPROFIL Atelier means ancient traditions used to produce contemporary new products.

LENDOR Expocentre, pavillion 8, hall 1, stand T241

6 The ultra-modern design of the partition doors with concealed aluminium casing, CHAMELEON and PUCCI SAORO are installed in the body of the wall, without the door hinges and trim being visible. This door technology means that the door's visual unity with the wall is achieved, giving the door a special lightness and elegance and

making it possible to achieve bespoke door design solutions.

UNION Expocentre, pavillion 8, hall 1, stand T123

7 Natural materials are in vogue. To bring out the texture, the designer Massimo Bellunato proposed embossing and combing out the wood. Barausse Onda is produced in bleached ash; aluminium casing and elegant hinges bring highlight the wood. Barausse Expocentre, pavillion 8, hall 1, stand T133




8 Champions C28, C29, C38 are keys with a moveable bar component to protect against key duplication. The key has 5 pins, a casing and cylinder that are protected against drilling, the top and bottom pins are anti-picklock, frictioned cylinders are available, as well as 'Vario' version 3 'lives' cylinders and cylinders with construction keys; all thumb-turn cylinders come frictioned as standard.

Mottura Expocentre, pavillion 8, hall 2, stand U235

9 'MetallInvest' is a Russian manufacturer of steel doors, hatches and cabinets under the Leras trade name. The company's expertise means that custommade doors can be manufacturered using


specialised equipment in the company plant. The 'Premier' door model can be installed directly onto the street, with a spy hole or cover. MetallInves Expocentre, pavillion 8, hall 3, stand V225

10 The Republic of Belarus' largest manufacturer produces BELSPLAT steel doors. The doors' excellent properties include safety and reliability in addition to being anti-vanal proof; they have a heat-insulated ergonomic construction and a contemporary design and can include a glass window, a wrought metal grille, reinforced hinges and an intercom system. BELSPLAT Expocentre, pavillion 8, hall 3, stand V111 11 The 'MeDver' front door is manufactured using the 'thermal separation' method: the metal surface from the street side of the door is not in contact with the metal from the building, meaning that an oce cover does not form on the inside of the door and that the unit does not freeze. Steel 1.5 mm, 16 mm moisture resistant MDF-board. Gorod Masterov Expocentre, pavillion 8, hall 3, stand V209



12 13


12 DH-LOCK, the universal electrical mechanical lock, opens during standard use, from the outside with a key, and from the inside with the aid of a button, which if necessary, can be locked using the key. The lock has been adapted for installation on gates, with both left and right internal and external opening mechanisms. DHLOCK can be used with door intercoms and other devices.

DOORHAN Expocentre, pavilion 8, hall 3, stand V119

13 'Guardian' (Russia), the manufacturer of steel doors and locks, is a high-tech company (ISO 9001-2011), and winner of the '100 best Russian



products' award, as well as winner of the gold and platinum Mark of Quality. The'Forum' design in the 'Megapolis' collection, is a three-leaved external steel entrance door, decorated with window-style elements.

Guardian Expocentre, pavilion 8, hall 3, stand V205

14 The 'Forpost' range of burglarresistant doors is the company's unique product range, guaranteeing maximum protection against burglary (22 locking points on the door perimeter, 11 of which are anti-saw; an external 2.0 mm metal sheeting and inside – 1.5 mm; 4th-grade burglarproof locks). A wide range of door

finishes are available.

Territoriya Dverey Expocentre, pavilion 8, hall 2, stand U205 15 MEGI steel doors from the leading Russian manufacturer of front doors are produced from cold-rolled steel sheeting 1.5 mm thick: a fullyinflected door unit, covered in tough polyurethane, patented technology, reinforced external hinges; a wide selection of locking systems and unit decorative finishes. MEGI Steel Doors Expocentre, pavilion 8, hall 3, stand V115



Architects: Dante Oscar Benini Luca Gonzo

Architects Dante Oscar Benini and Luca Gonzo created an exclusive range of door handles DOB Duemiladodici, for ASSA ABLOY Valli & Valli. Their design is unique in that the product's silouette is almost totally formed using straight lines and regular geometric shapes. The handles' graceful exterior is complemented by the pleasant tactile sensations given by polished metal. The handles are made of brass and stainless steel with a black and shiny chrome finish. The handles range is designed for front doors as well as for partition doors and can be complemented with window handles in the same style.

ASSA ABLOY Valli & Valli Expocentre, pavilion 8, halls 1-3

39 39


THE SYMBIOSIS OF CRYSTAL TRANSPARENCY AND LIGHT Creating modern high-tech interiors is the main specialism and passion of the well-known architect and designer Danny Venle. Danny's work is notable for its unique innovative design solutions and the latest technical products. Recently, the designer has been incresingly producing glass designs. In his words, the technical properties of this material somewhat restrict the designer's freedom, but 'it is basically these restrictions that stir the imagination and make the process of designing both interesting and thrilling'.

The product Glassiled was developed and launched following the designer's joint efforts with the staff at the 'AGC Glass Europe Research and Development Centre’, which features glass with built-in LEDs. The LEDs were laid on the specially-coated glass, then covered with PVC which was then coated with an outer glass layer. The LEDs can be laid in any order: it all depends on the designer's creativity and the purpose of the design. This may be a sign, company logo or any artistic or graphic design – the flights of fancy are not at all restricted. The LEDs can be multi-coloured and RGB, meaning that theu can change colour and brightness depending on their intended use. In daylight, the multi-layered Glassiled glass appears transparent and allows in sunlight, then at night, the glass starts to play with all the colours of the rainbow. Glassiled glass can also be used in architectural designs – on building facades and in interior design – to create partitions, doors, stair railings as well as other interior designs. Any design made using Glassiled – whether it is a building facade or a shelf in a shop – will always be a unique design solution, which will attract attention and catch the imagination.

AGC Glass Europe VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А300



” M

odern cities are ever more aware of the significance of using built-up areas rationally. The route of intensive development makes the reconstruction of run-down buildings an important process for the architecture of the city as a whole.When there are problems – there are experts to solve them. Sergey Trukhanov, General Director of the T+T Architects bureau and Aleksandr Brovkin, architectural director and their team know how to formulate a new architectural shape for the building within the existing structure. T+T Architects are proud to include a whole number of complex projects that turned obsolete industrial buildings into modern social complexes. The best example of this is 'Schmidt’s Mill' in Saratov. 'Schmidt’s Mill' is an industrial complex 3,35 hectares in size, which houses a whole range of historical architectural buildings such as a steam mill, auxiliary buildings and a boiler room. The pseudo-Gothic facade has been well preserved with elements of the old Russian style, which was characteristic of the late 19th century eclectic style. The aim of the reconstruction was to conserve all the historic areas.

Incision: Members of the project: A. Brovkin, N. Makarov, P. Voevodina, S. Trukhanov, A. Fadeev, V.Kupriyanov, M. Sussinger.

Today’s Saratov suffers from an acute lack of public spaces, which the transformation of the Mill into a functionally zone open to the public will go some way in compensating. This will include offices, hotels, apartments and a concert hall. T+T Architects took a model of the historic European town with narrow streets, cosy cafes, pedestrian zones and bright architectural buildings as a basis that were worth becoming symbols of the city. The single architectural tone of the space will be from two base materials: aged bricks and light-toned natural stone.

A master class from the General Director of T+T Architects S.S. Trukhanova and leader of the architectural team A. S. Brovkin on the theme 'Recycling buildings and space' will be held as part of MosBuild School 2nd April 2014 in 'ExpoCentre' in Moscow.



Architectural HEIGHTS

Asia's architecture 'outgrew' the low pagodas long ago and made a beeline for the sky, often surpassing the American skyscrapers. The most interesting architectural and design innovations are all located in the skyscraper that houses one of the Four Seasons' chain of hotels in Guangzhou.






Guangzhou International Finance Center (Guangzhou, China) One of the 15 tallest buildings in the world.


The hotel occupies the upper section of the 103-storey skyscraper building, the International Finance Centre, built to a design by Wilkinson Eyre Architects. The modern glass tower is 437.5m high and is constructed in the shape of a huge triangle, which could easily house the Statue of Liberty. From the resulting atrium a view opens up of the skyscraper's multiple floors, stretching upwards. An especially grand spectacle is in store for visitors to the building after dark, when the zigzag lines of the galleries are illuminated with futuristic lighting. The design tapers upwards in such a way that in addition to the building's graceful shape, the design also contributes to reducing the force

g Four Seasons Hotel – the atrium i Guangzhou International Finance Center j j 30-storey atrium with a glass dome j The luxurious lobby design → Hotel lobby on the 70th floor





The interior achieves its completeness with a series of carefully selected pictures, prints and sculptures by contemporary artists from various countries. In the hotel lobby on the first floor, people's attention is drawn to the aluminium panels with a perforated pattern, that describe winter and autumn; similar designs on the 70th floor depict spring and summer – so the designers simply used the theme of the 'four seasons' to the best effect.

of the wind on the skyscraper's upper floors. The skyscraper is crowned with a glass and metal dome. Glass walls, overlooking both the city and the skyscraper's central atrium, are an important architectural feature. A special venture was made on the panoramas from the 100th and 99th floors, housing restaurants and bars that have already gone down in history as the highest bars in the world. The hotel features a SPA area, a fitness centre and an infinity pool that blends with the sky, the central feature of which is a panoramic view of the city and Guangzhou's Pearl River. The interior of the Four Seasons in Guangzhou was designed by the hotel interior design experts, the company Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA). The architects managed to combine classic luxury with a high-tect futuristic skyscraper design. One of the design features in the hotel lobby on the 70th floor is the criss-cross flights of the spiral staircase and a sculpture that blends in with it from the Australian Matthew Harding.

i g The lobby with its perforated wall detail, symbolising the seasons j Lounge-reception area near the main hall




k Cafe Mondo in the Italian style i The Atrium restaurant g g Indoor pool with a view over the city g Bathroom with natural stone sink units

Laconic luxurious room interiors complement the paintings, drapery fabrics and decor featuring traditional Chinese motifs. In the hotel, windows to the floor feature in the bedrooms and bathrooms of each room, meaning that the hotel building is flooded with as much natural light as possible and visually seems to expand. The bed design was developed specially for the Four Seasons. Echoing contemporary design trends, the hotel's bathrooms have a marble finish. High-end bathroom brand names were selected to match the style of each room.



The Four Seasons in Guangzhou is now the latest word in architecture and design amongst the hotels in Asia and in 2011, the hotel was awarded the best high building in Asia and in 2012 the hotel received the prestigious Lubetkin Prize. The skyscraper's contemporary interiors, engineering and technical design have created new heights, for both for China's architecture and the international Four Seasons brand.


g Presidential luxury suite j Room design with traditional Chinese motifs i → Marble bathrooms in the hotel's luxury rooms




Mark Does a designer need their own style? Or is the designer's professionalism their ability to work in any style, perfectly adapating to the client's taste and not exerting their designer individuality? Diana Balashova, the acknowledged master of interior decor and design responds to these questions for MosBuild Magazine.


РУБРИКА | РАЗДЕЛ I think that these big designers are always recognisable by their work. They have tried and tested approaches, favourite materials and a skill set which they use to create amazing interiors. I am a fan pf Kelly Whistler, her interiors are always exuberant , bold and and instantly recognisable. And always different. There is always an active floor, alot of gold and the distinctive graphic pattern. I love Alverto Pinto: he creates both Eastern interior designs and contemporary and classical palaces – but anyway, it is still obvious that it is the great Alberto Pinti. During the winter holidays I stayed in a beautiful hotel – just one look at the entrance and I knew instantly that it was the work of the designer Jacques Garcia. The individuality of these designers and their personal style brings their interior designs out of the 'beautiful and convenient' and into the art world, they are classical interior designs – a role model. Personal style becomes a designer's trademark, meaning that a client will automatically have an idea as to what to expect from a certain designer. Style helps to select the designer for your perspective interior design. By referring to a design from a well-known designer, the client will already understand the type of stylistic tone that will be created in their home. The main thing to consider when selecting an interior designer is to find a designer whose taste and style please the client. Individual style does in no way mean that the designer creates a design blueprint. However well-known the designer, each of their designs is intended for a specfic space and a specific person for a particular way of life and their social status. Here a complete analogy with clothes can be made – a suit ordered from Paul Smith, will be made up to Paul Smith patterns, but to the client's standards. The suit's fabric will be suitable for those situations for which the suit is intended, but the suit's lining will certainly carry the brand name. Like a medal, there are always two sides to a design project: the designer and the client. Their mutual sense of understanding and committment to a common final result will be a guarantee that this medal-design will be gold.

Diana Balashova's workshop 'The secret of a successful design project' will be held on 3 April 2014 in the ExpoCentre as part of the MosBuild School.




Home Fashion


At MosBuild, we can expect the first ever showing of the wallpaper collections from 'Rosstyle' – the current collection from Valentin Yudashkin. How did this idea come about and how did it become reality – the editor of MosBuild magazine found out in an exclusive interview with the designer himself. - In fact, it is all not so unexpected. Several years ago, companies traditionally associated with fashion, clothing and accessories started to emerge onto the home goods and interior design market. It all perhaps began with the mass market: Zara, Esprit and so on. Then more renowned fashion houses started to show an interest in this market and we now know the collections of Versace, Valentino and Roberto Cavalli... They are all different and all recognisable, because the designers create the collections based on the usual logos and patented designs, such as Cavalli's use of wild African animals, for example. The fashion world is familiar with the House of VALENTIN YUDASHKIN and naturally expects fabric collections from you, so why wallpaper? - My collection of items for the home came out some time ago: furniture, textiles and crockery. It was all intended for the elite, affluent consumer. A different type


of product was needed to reach out to the mass buyer. Marketing experts surprised me by saying that Russia is the largest wallpaper market in the world. A huge amount of wallpaper is sold here, as in Russia, wallpaper is used to traditionally decorate the walls. Two years ago, the Roberto Cavalli Home collection appeared on the market here, which sold extremely successfully, despite its original designs. We hope that our designs will be more universal and versatile. Indeed, a classic damask and leopard skin detail wall covering demand completely different interior design solutions. But your collections are always de-luxe. Do you think that the Russian consumer is ready for haute-couture wallpaper? - I'm confident they are. Although, I would not say that our collection is haute-couture as it is intended for the mass consumer market, but naturally, it will be significantly more expensive than wallpaper no name. I am confident that we have the right partners in this project. How did you select your partners for this market which is new for you, or are you entering this new market alone? - It would be madness, we know everything about fashion, about the latest trends, the way various dominant colours reoccur, but wallpaper is completely unchartered territory for us and we started to source partners for the project. 'Rosstyle' is the clear leader in


this market. They are involved in designing themselves and adapt to the demand of designs from studios abroad. From the very beginning it was a joint project and from the project's very first steps, we understood that we were moving in the right direction. They also advised the manufacturer, saying what would make the collection a success and who can fulfil even the most complex design. Your partner is equipped with a unique degree of knowledge and expertise – Rosstyle has been in this market for 18 years already. Which of the Russian or international manufacturers recommended Rosstyle? - The law maker in the wallpaper world is Italy, which is understandable in terms of design , which is crucial for wallpaper, as wallpaper is a key defining component in a room's end design. However, it transpired that the most technically-advanced factories capable of producing the densest, heaviest wallpaper are also based in Italy. The wallpaper market even has this term 'Italian vinyl'. Rosstyle recommended the Emiliana Parati plant. They secured the tender to manufacture the wallpaper range for Cavalli and that said it all. We were confident in the quality and we are confident that they will produce the required goods on time. The plant is fitted out with the latest modern English and Italian equipment, the raw materials come from Belgium and Germany and the technology for producing the PVC paste is English. Protecting the environment has been a subject of


great discussion and debate in recent years. How safe is the use of PVC in residential housing? What information did the experts provide on this? - Germany and the state of California in the USA have the most stringent requirements with regard to the environmental friendliness of decorative materials. Emiliana Parati wallpaper is sold in both places. The materials for the wallpaper paste in Europe are produced by three or four international companies, for example, ExxonMobil – their products undergo endurance testing. European wallpaper brands are regulated by so many EU controls and standards and those standards of the individual countries within the EU, that there is no need to be concerned about their total safety. How did the fashion aspect of the project develop? - Yes, you used the word 'fashion' completely correctly in the wallpaper context: there is also fashion in wallpaper, wallpaper trends also change and new colours and materials appear. The Valentin Yudashkin Home Fashion collection will not just be static, it will live up to the current demands of wallpaper fashion, which often originates from the textiles in Italy, albeit with a delay. A great professional expert will assist us with this – the creative director at Emiliana Parati, Egidio Freddi. We both understand each other and we speak the same language. We will consult with Rosstyle about the market's readiness for a particular trend. I am confident we are doing everything correctly.

What are the main features of your designs? - Our designs are calm, classic themes, damasks, flowers and so on. Each design will bear an imprinted logo in the latin letters VY and the words Valentin Yudashkin in full. The designs are beautiful and recognisable. On the wall, the designs will look exceptionally refined, imitiating painting and patina by hand. Luxury decorative materials – these are the product of your design studio. What else are you planning to design for the home? - The wallpaper collection, of course, has just been launched. We are considering developing a co-ordinated textiles collection this autumn and we may also design a ceramic tile collection and items such as lighting fixtures to accompany this. I think that we've already found a partner capable of bringing our designs onto the decorating materials market. They are Rosstyle – the largest distributer of decorating materials in the CIS. They will help us to source the right manufacturers for all our trade groups. We intend to present our wallpaper collection at the MosBuild exhibition on the Rosstyle company stand. We think that this will be an ideal location to present a project such as this.

ROSSTYLE Expocentre, pavilion 2 hall 2, stand D 307




Classic and cork-based wallpaper Murals and frescoes Wall panels and panelling Decorative coatings

Variety – the key word that describes the 2014 season's latest products. International and Russian brands are producing modern high-tech fabrics and using different materials. Silk and balsa wood wallpaper, imitation knitted fabric and origami, embossed 3D print patterns will be the centre of attention in the new season.

ExpoCentre, pavilion 2 1-4 April 2014




2 1 Classic motifs are always in fashion – this is confirmed by the exclusive collection range from 'ROSSTYLE'. Blue Baikal 3 from Artshow – is a pastel-toned wallpaper with a flower pattern. Aquarelle from Rasch is a light summer design on a 3D texture. Bella Italia from the oldest Italian wallpaper manufacturer Decori Decori is an elite collection in deep tones on a complex multi-layered base

ROSSTYLE ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 2, stand D307


2 IberCork, the cork wallpaper is a type of wall covering made from natural raw materials derived from cork oak bark. During production, a thin layer (max. 1mm thick) of cork veneer is glued onto a paper base, and then initially treated with a colour-based or neutral varnish. Roll size 1000х500mm.

BASK ExpoCentre, pavilion 3, stand J119

3 The Zais wallpaper from Zoffany comes in every shade of gold, due to its complex texture which has the feel of printed velvet. The paper-based collection is produced using an engraving printing method in 6 colour shades. Manders ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 2, stand D241


4 The simulated textures of knitted and woven fabrics form the basis of the Shelter wallpaper collections, the latest products range from the company Loymina. The collection is dominated by the natural colours of snow, undyed linen, heather, sand and semi-precious stones. Loymina ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 2, stand D535




5 Paisley patterns, oleander and peony flowers, coffee leaves and Chinese paintings feature on the RICHMOND HILL collection from Sanderson Home. The embossed and digital printing successfully convey the depth of tone, silky texture and highlight the range's most intricate detail, as never done before.

Palladio ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 1, stand C213

6 Traditional Scandinavian patterns form the basis of the Wallpapers collection by Scandinavian designers BorĂĽstapeter. The range features twelve original patterns by the leading designers of the 1950s: Arne Jakobsen, Sven Markelius, Karl Axel Perrson and Stig Lindberg.

O-Design ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 2, stand D133

7 The Ginger Tree Designs collecton from the German company RASCH has continued the 'classic' in the v.3 series. The soft colour palette includes shades of grey, terracotta, golden sand and warm olive tomes. The fabric is decorated with traditional damasks, arabesques, stripes, English flower patterns in a wide range of water colours as well as textured rough surfaces, giving the wallpaper an antique vintage look.

Funky-Style ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 1, stand C215

8 The non-woven wallpaper Pleats from the company Elitis imitates the art of origami. The refined homogenous background, reminiscent of thousands of folded paper sheets, contrasts with the leaf motif depicted on it, intricate patterns and a French design. The company Skol is introducing the collection to the Russian market.

Skol ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 2, stand D351

9 American designer Ronald Redding has created the unique wallpaper range Sculptured Surfaces III, each of which produces their own particular interior style. MANUSCRIPT imitates a penned letter on a wall – ink relief detail on a metallic or matt background. The embossed wallpaper TERRAIN looks like raffia fibre and relief ink printing highlights the realism of the imitation effect.

Opus ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 1, stand C223

10 Wallpaper fabric, 90% silk, features in the Ceasar collection, from KT Exclusive. Arabesque patterns in lighter tones, accentuated by green and blue outlines, have been rendered onto a deep grey, beige, brown and blue background. The Ceasar collection's multi-layered structure is bonded together with nano-glue; the exterior silk coating is Teflon-protected against moisture and sunlight.

KT Exclusive ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 1, stand C433








The company KT was awarded the prestigious ECO-CHIC International Award for designing the environmentally-friendly Ceasar collection.




12 11 The latest products in the Kids' Club range, from German company Rasch, are intended for children from 3 – 13. The designers have successfully interpreted various themes for children and teenagers: the traditional cars and football for the boys and in the girls' rooms, flowers bloom and butterflies in all shades of pink flit about.

Rasch ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 2, stand D131

12 These unique designer wallpaper-to-colour-in for both children's rooms and the lounge space makes drawing on the walls possible. The wallpaper print is to a unique designer specification from the 'Kukuruza' studio. The wallpaper is manufactured using only environmentally friendly materials and theproduct is easy to maintain. Company Moskovskaya Wallpaper Factor ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 1, stand ĐĄ131

13 Crocus (Ukraine) presents a full range of non-woven and paper-based wallpaper collections. All the latest products are manufactured using the latest German equipment. Only modern environmentally-friendly materials are used in the wallpaper's production. Crocus ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 2, stand D339



WALLPAPER | 14 American designer Ronald Redding has created the unique wallpaper range Sculptured Surfaces III, each of which produces their own particular interior style. MANUSCRIPT imitates a penned letter on a wall – ink relief detail on a metallic or matt background. The embossed wallpaper TERRAIN looks like raffia fibre and relief ink printing highlights the realism of the imitation effect.

Opus ExpoCentre, pavilion 2, hall 1, stand С223

15 ART panel is involved in UV printing, murals, photographic wallpapers and glas panels for the home and office. ART panel has its own base of high-quality digital images for printing in large formats. The company uses only the latest technology and the most high-spec materials. All the company's products are environmentally friendly and durable. ART panel ExpoCentre, pavilion1, stand А853

14 15




17 16 Natural frescos are the latest products from the company 'ArtPoligraf'. Landscapes from warm, exotic countries are rendered onto a fabric, matt surface similar to plaster. The image's brightness and clarity is retained during printing, meaning that the final image effect is deep and virtually 3D.

ArtPoligraf Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 1, stand С113

17 A full range of fast drying paint for different surfaces is presented in the 'Northern Lights' brand by NOVAX. The series includes paints, enamels, primers, solvent, and the especially indemand rust-application paint with a hammer effect. It is designed for forged products and enables the leveling of uneven surfaces, also eliminating corrosion and protecting the material. LKP Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand А248


18 Clavel from France is presenting a new product – 3D Modulo stencils. The interior 3D wall panels created using these stencils are simply unique, with a wide range of colours and designer textures.

Clavel Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand А341

19 Over 100 works of art on gold and silver feature in the Silver & Gold Art collection from the designers at Affresco. The collection's manufacture involves a complex handmade base, to which a layer of gold or silver is then applied. Complex graphics then complete the 'picture'. The ornate patterns of the Silver Art and Gold Art collections imitate the broad brush strokes of the artist and the collection variation Silver Crack and Gold Crack gives a rough-textured covering, complete with decorative cracks.

Affresco Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 2, stand D631

18 19




20 Paints are getting harder in composition and texture, they create a wider range of diverse decorative effects. Some types successfully perform the function of leveling and smoothing the surface. The luxury decorative coatings boutique VIRTESO is launching a premium product onto the market with an amazing 3D-pearl effect and a particularly delicate velvet feel. This new product will thrill discerning customers expecting from decorative materials not only expression and luxury, but also exquisite tactile sensations. VIRTESO Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A741

21 Protection and a well-groomed appearance for wooden flooring is provided by the heavy duty waterbased Oxi parquet lacquer. This new product has good penetration and is resistant to mechanical damage. The environmental friendliness of the product has been confirmed by the European Certificate of Conformity.

StroyDesign Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A547


22 The Renaissance Fresco design studio has designed a series of original photo-panels Fabric Silver and Fabric Gold, on a shimmering fabric with metallic and gold threads. The material emits a glow effect and reflects artificial light. New textures: Aurora, reproducing the shine and the play of light on a pearl and Polaris, with its elegant relief pattern and superb shine-effect.

Renaissance Fresco Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 1, stand C413



23 The new range of AMBIANCE DE FRANCE wall coverings includes the most up-to-date colour effects: metallic, pearl, sand and glitter. Coatings do not require special treatment of the surface and can be applied in one layer; they also meet the highest environmental standards.

Provance Deko ExpoCentre, pavilion 1, stand A253

24 The innovative 'Plaisir' material for painting walls from the Italian brand Antica Signoria creates a softtouch coating with the texture of silk. The pearly lustre of 'Plaisir' creates a unique play of light, reminiscent of an iridescent fabric.

DI DONATO Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A649






25 The new collection of plastic panels 'Flowers of the Sun' features sixteen exclusive designs incorporating various flowers and plants. The collections soft, subtle shades are in line with today's trend for natural motifs.

28 Orto Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A417

26 Coconut mosaic is a unique ecofriendly new product in Cosca's product range. This wall covering is made by hand from coconut shell, dried and then coloured using natural dyes and then varnished. Coconut mosaic is extremely durable, with a high wearresistance.

Intek Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 2, stand D301

27 Exact replica landscapes of London, Eastern Tokyo, the Bavarian Alps, Venice and Ancient Athens feature in the 'Travels' laminated wall panel range. This latest product is notable for its bright colours, its image definition and the fact that the product is easy to maintain.

Nordside Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A421


28 Smoke and Basalt are the latest products in the Armourcoat Sculptural decorative wall panels range; the panels combine to produce a smooth wavy lines effect. A sculpted wall covering using ready-made panels, the panel joints are filled in and levelled off to achieve a 'monolithic' surface.

Armourcoat Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A641

29 Wood's extensive possible finishes are fully visible in GrandDecor's decorative range. The company manufactures all kinds of wood-based decorative items and products, from wood to hand-made rosettes to wall panels and ceilings.

GranDecor Expocentre, pavilion 8, hall 1, stand T101


30 29


30 One of the most popular products used in interior design – PVC panels – has been released in a new format. The new UNEXT-Strong panel, 7mm thick and 2.03*3.05 in size, has been designed to solve design issues where a thickness of 6mm is too small and 8mm would be an unreasonable expense.

Himsyriye Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand А729

31 An advantage of the two-sided painted composite aluminium AlcoteK panels (G1 flammability class) is that they can be used universally to create an interior design and also to bring an architect's ideas to life.

AlcoteK Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 5, stand R333


32 The long, horizontal 'wooden' wall panels, complete with vertical complete-glass partitions, are one of the most sought after new products from 'Astarta Prestige'. The Group is the winner of the first International Environmental Award for Construction and Building Materials – the e3 Award and now hold the e3 award logo.

Astarta Prestige Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A627



WINDOW DECOR. DECORATIVE TEXTILES AND SUN PROTECTION Curtains and drapes, blinds and shades – not only protection against the sun, but, more importantly, decoration for the home. They can be made in various different materials (fabric, plastic, bamboo, aluminium, wood and paper) but practicality is the most important aspect to consider.

Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 3 1-4 April 2014



2 3 1 Accolade, a brocade curtain collection, is the combination of warm golden-creams, light greens, cold pinks, light-chocolate shades and muted reds. The fabric echoes that of medieval tapestries and the bright, striped accompanyments bring a modern dynamic to the collection.

Hometex Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 3, stand E433

2 Classic patterned brocades and plain different-textured widths of fabric feature in the 'Chic' roller blind colection. The range also includes blinds up to three metres in length

Chic Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 3, stand E249

3 Designer cornices from the 'Selena' collection have been made using diamond-cut steel heads. Brackets and caps were produced through casting. The eaves detail has highquality galvanic painting.

Decolux Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 3, stand E121




4 The 'F2' mounting system for pleated curtains is new to the Russian market. Its distinguishing feature is that the mounting system is mobile, meaning that the upper part of the curtain pair can be opened.


RSG Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 3, stand E535

5 Slava Zaitsev's 'Passion' collection of bedlinen fabrics combines contrasting colours and and designs. The design reproduces the splendour of diamonds and the luxury of sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Valtery Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 3, stand E639

6 Cotton and linen Roman blinds – an original and practical new product. The blinds are adjustable in length and simple to use. The combination of Roman blinds with lace curtains adds extra beauty to your windows. BelliGrace Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 3, stand E541



4 7


7 Magram's range of products features over 100 types of varying-assembly curtain tapes in high-quality polyester. White, matt, transparent and transclucent tape (for lace), as well as Velcro tape. Accessories include: lead wire (weights) and different curtain hooks for curtain tape. Magam Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 3, stand E635

8 The company DDA produces luxury decorative cornices. Framing and forged items are produced to unique designs in a wide range of colours.

DDA Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 3, stand E435


9 SHIMMER, the new collection of upholstery fabrics feature, bright, rich colours from only natural fabrics. The fabrics used are extremely durable and are resistant to chemicals.

Exterio Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 3, stand E431




Parquet, parquet and solid boarding Mosaics, cork, PVC and linoleum Laminated floors Carpets and accessories

A floor covering made from natural materials will always be popular. The peak of the craft of cabinet makers is 'artistic' parquet , and marquetry with other natural materials (stone, metal, leather, ceramics), the mosaic of different kinds of saw-cut and species of wood.

Expocentre, pavilion 3 1-4 April 2014




'Classic' wood mosaic(teak


1 In the modern world the floor should be made from environmentally-friendly materials, offering comfort and peace in the home. For many years parquet boards have been one of the mostloved materials for making floors. The beauty and unique nature of the TEKA Parquet wooden floors is noted for the distinguishing varieties of structure and colour. King’s Parquet Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J711

2 Da Vinci Wood Engineering is a producer of high-quality wood floor coverings and mosaics from different wood species. The company also supplies parquet from the best Italian factories which are notable for their high quality and unique design. DaVinci Wood Engineering Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J537


Aged parquet board – Cottage oak brush, oil

Module 'Marseille Massif' (oak, oil/lacquer)


Parquet board – black and white oak brush, lacquer


SuperPreMass Glamour Metalli


3 Under the trade name Amber Wood flooring high-quality parquet and massive boards (oak, ash) are produced, single-piece parquet from block (oak). Particularly notable for wide range of wood tones of oak: from light yellow and grey to dark brown.

Amber Wood Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J839

4 The firm Ali (from the Republic of San Marino) produces high-quality preliminary processed large-scale parquet from different wood species, with various product and surface finishings as well as accessories and decor. The SuperPreMass Collection is toned in Gold, Silver and Bronze metallics.

S.p.A. ALI Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J515




LINE (glue) collection, size: 600х300х4 or 6mm

5 Corkstyle, Print Cork (Hello Kitty My Stars) collection

Corkstyle, Print Cork (American Nut) collection

AFRICA Collection, Black birch

9 9

AFRICA Collection, Black birch

5 The new collection of wide format cork floors - Corkstyle – is unique in texture and design, superimposed on cork floors with the help of high resolution printing innovations (1000 dpi).

Torgovy Dom BASK Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J119


6 The cork floor coverings Corkart, CorkConcept, CorkDesign provide the highest level of durability and surface uniformity thanks to the balanced technology of the finishing of the cork surface and the application of NATURAL SHIELD lacquer. The lacquer for cork surfaces is odourless and does not contain volatile organic compounds.

7 In the HARO collection of cork floors there are designs imitating natural wood, 'tiger skin' or multi-layer planks in ethnic style. The upper layer is (2,53 mm) and processed with three layers of varnish. Planks are interlocking which is handy for installation and enables the floor to be restored on use.

Alix 'Cork Centre' Group of Expocentre, pavilion 3, Companies (Corkart-Industria stand J213 De Corticas SA) Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J631


LONG PLANK (UNICLIC) collection, size: 1200х210х11mm


10 8 We present industrial single-piece

9 The American triple-layered GALA 10 Interlocking cork floors are presented

STP WOOD + Flooring industries Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J863 PARKET POINT Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J861

merbau parquet flooring, which has excellent strength capacity and can withstand mechanical damage, moisture and extreme temperatures. This has been made possible by the wood's radial cut. The product's lack of grooves and ridges means that it can be assembled and removed quickly.

parquet board is a new class of high technology floor coating which appears to be like a massive board and has the multi-layered structure of a parquet board. The front layer is of natural wood. The bases of HDF water-resistant boards supports greater weight and provides maximum stability in boad construction.

as elements of a prepared floor. Thanks to the modern technology of CORKLOC interlocking system and the protective layer of MATT10 lacquer is a guarantee of the simplicity and speed of their installation. Several layers of varnish, natural cork veneer, an agglomerated cork layer, HDF-slab with CORKLOC interlocking system and flexible cork insulation layer.

Salon Probkovkh Pokrytiy Viscork and Wicanders Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J641



Armstrong Contour Conductive Armstrong Royal Conductive

13 12

11 11 The modular coating Tarkett Art Vinyl (LOUNGE collection) enables the combination of different types of planks, stylized 'in wood' and planks imitating natural stone. This is the only coating which enables you to effortlessly combine wood and stone in once surface.

38 Metres Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J517


12 Marmoleum Forbo natural linoleum is an environmentally friendly material in whose production natural raw materials (linseed oil, jute fibre, sawdust, resins), a special heavy-duty coating and touch environmentally friendly dyes are used. The material has bacterial properties, is resistant to dyes and is used for heated floors.

Torgovaya Ploshchad Expocentre, pavilion 1, stand A319

13 Armstrong linoleum (UK) the Contour and Royal Conductive collection have been designed especially for use in healthcare institutions and for the industrial sector where the increased electrical conductivity of finishing materials is required. Tile: 60,8 cm x 60,8 cm; roll: 183 cm x non-standard length. Linoleum thickness: 2,2 mm

SINDBAD Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J113



14 15

15 14 Contesse Floor – is a water-resistant quartz vinyl laminate. It is precisely the quartz powder that makes it very durable and environmentally friendly. The floor coverings are available in two types – adhesive and key packing. It can be used for any premises: Class 43 in durability, high sound and heat insulation, anti-slip upper layer.

VINILAM Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J703

16 15 The vinyl tile Tarkett Art Vinyl helps in the creation of a 'wooden' floor with under-heating , the NEW AGE collection (that can withstand heat up to 27оС). The polypropylene based PenoPremium substrate is placed underneath the heating elements. This enables heat to be distributed evenly across the whole surface and the foamed base prevents it from going into the screed.

38 Metres Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J517

16 ECO Art Tile pvc tiles from the Premium collection are perfect at imitating natural woods of various species. ECO Art Tile meets Class 43 requirements in durability and can be used in premises for a wide range of uses.

'BMB' Company Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J423






18 17 Steps and profiles for the carpets serve as logical trimmings for carpet coatings. PK-18 aluminium profile: special slats on the internal side of the profile designed for solid adhesion to the carpet surface. PS-13 aluminium profile: special slats on the internal side of the profile enable adhesion to the pile surface and firmer attachment to the covering. PS-12 aluminium profile: Can be used for joining both straight joints and curvilinear sections.

LUKA Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J211


18 The AKO SAFE & SOFT coating(Germany) has a soft and fleecy surface. It enables water to drain off thanks to its lattice structure. Thereby, this surface is ideal for both open and closed areas. The grid from fibreglass(PES) is covered on both sides with PVC- foam. Nylon flocking coating with PVC granules on the surface. Resistant to temperatures from - 20°С до + 60°С. AKO-MAT Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J315

19 Commercial carpet is a reliable variant of carpet coating designed for premises with an increased trafficflow. It is resistant to mechanical impact and is not susceptible to burning, is resistant to UV-rays. Highquality materials are used for making the carpet, which provide for a long service life. ALM-FAZA Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J111


Witex Piazza Maxi

21 Portuguese Oak

Witex Piazza Argentine Maple , triple-banded

20 Kronostar laminate floors are notable for their variety of decors, making them particularly attractive for designers. The Premier Evolution collection is for general use. The thickness of the tiles is 8 mm, gluefree assembly. 'DREVIZ' group of companies ( 'Megaplit' company) Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J865

Pergo Total

22 Design, decor 'Cloud'

21 Witex Piazza – is a class 33 waterresistant laminate with interlocking panels. The collection includes classic species (oak, pine), as well as more exotic varieties (zebrano, afzelia, nut). The distinguishing feature of the Witex Piazza Maxi laminate is its decor, made up simultaneously of single and dualbanded variants.

Alix Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J213

Decor 'Print, bronze'

Decor 'Strip-code, white silver'

22 The decorative surfaces of the laminated floors by the Pergo company create a feeling of length both visually and tangibly. Pergo offers realistic textures for each floor type: ranging from frayed planks and ceramic tiles, burnished to mirror-like smoothness to vintage decors of the Total Design collection.

ELEGNO Expocentre, pavilion 3, stand J701



ALL LIVING THINGS REACH OUT TO THE LIGHT Sergey Siziy, a designer at the company Philips Light and a teacher at the design-school School.Interior.Pro is currently the leading lighting design specialist in Russia. His creative designs have brought the light to the shops 'M-Video' and the office of the company TP-Visionin Moscow. The TP-Vision lighting design won the 'Russian Lighting Design' competition in 2013.


” T

We decided to move away from using boring and old-fashioned uniform lighting systems and took a gamble on effective accent lighting.

he luxury lighting design solution gave the TP-Vision office a sense of individuality, an effective external appearance and helped to create a comfortable work space. Lighting design techniques have divided the building space into practical zones and areas for both individual and group work, meetings, guest receptions and relaxation – each part of the space has its own lighting concept. The 'face' of the office is the reception area, which is highlighted by contrasting lighting tones. The lit-up company logo on a dark background stands out really well. The designer has visually enhanced the waiting area by highlighting individual elements of the interior. The intelligent setup of lighting accents on the small table, on the switches and on the documents box, creates a soft play between light and shadow, helping you to feel comfortable. The cafe and kitchen areas opposite, however, are glowing with energy. Here three types of lighting are used: local lighting – for the table and bar, effective functional lighting for the area where food is prepared and decorative lighting to bring out the kitchen units by changing the colour of their outer edge. The lighting in the narrow corridor 'enhances' the space, by using a diagonal suspended lamp arrangement and decorative lighted wall niches. The niche lighting changes depending on the time of day, transforming the atmosphere from a dynamic, working environment in

the mornings to a calm, soothing one in the evenings. In the Open Space area, which houses most of the staff's work stations, Sergey Siziy has used soft, even lighting. Energy-efficient advanced optic lighting was used in the design: they scatter the light and eliminate any glare from the computer monitors. TP-Vision's staff's eyes have been protected and there are also suspended lighting lamps with mixed light – direct and reflected. The design of the meeting rooms allows for different types of lighting scenarios, creating the right type of atmosphere. Bright, uniform lighting is available here for serious meetings involving a greater number of people and muted lighting, centred over the table is an option for informal, private meetings. The use of the lighting devices in this design project has had a considerable influence on the perception of the interior. Lighting design is currently one of the simplest and most effective methods of conveying the designer's design concept to the audience – everything really does reach out towards the light. Sergey Siziy's workshop 'New trends in lighting design for interiors with the arrival of LED technology' will take place as part of the MosBuild School on 3 April 2014 at Moscow's ExpoCentre.




Modern LED production and manufacture is gaining pace and is increasing its scale. Many companies can now offer an extensive range of products, which have successfully found an unoccupied niche in the market.

Expocentre, pavilion 5, hall 1 1-4 April 2014

1 1 The Aura light is a built-in swivel wall footlight, suitable for use both indoors and out. The light fitting is made of brass with a shiny palladium finish and a methacrylic clear coating. Recommended for the nightillumination of steps, staircases, corridors and passageways. Pellitteri LEDLIGHT Expocentre, pavilion 5, hall 1, stand K201


2 The company ASIA MUSIC presents the new devices LS Systems and Euro DJ, which are unique in Russia. The brands Euro DJ and LS Systems supply extremely high-quality equipment. The LED PAR SET is a set of 4 LED spotlights, each of which is fitted with 9 watt three bright RGB LEDs.

Asia Music Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 1, stand C447


3 The company Light&Design - the official representative of the Austrian lighting manufacturer XAL (Xenon Architectural Lighting) in Russia – presents the HUNTER 950. The fixture has a round-shaped aluminium housing with 2 lighting components. The exterior ring is fitted with RGB LEDs as extra emphasis, for dynamic colour changes using DALI and DMX signals.

Light&Design Expocentre, pavilion 5, hall 1, stand K133

4 Built-in flat ceiling panels – 'spots' are ultra-slim LED lights (up to 12 mm thick) that are designed especially for use in suspended ceilings or walls. The super-thin LED lights are as thin as possible and will not overheat.

Ekologicheskiy Rost Expocentre, pavilion 5, hall 1, stand K117

5 Сhe Т8 G13 600 mm LED light are replacing the standard T8 600mm linear fluorescent lamps with two G13 lamp bases. The lamp is fitted with an aluminium surround to ensure the unit's effective cooling. Unlike other similar designs, the light is fitted with swivel caps, making it universal.

ECOLA Expocentre, pavilion 5, hall 1, stand K151

6 The MODALIGHT overhead lights from the company CENTRSVET.RU for m the basis for the most daring concept in lighting design. Any length of lighting source can be used; there are complex geometrical lines and many various lighting tones as well as temperatures.


CENTRSVET.RU Expocentre, pavilion 5, hall 1, stand K211






HARDWARE AND TOOLS The pace of the construction industry is becoming constantly more demanding. Construction equipment and tools, therefore, play a vital role, ensuring that projects varying in both size and complexity can be become reality.

Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 2 1-4 April 2014




1 Its unique data visualisation, the fact that it is easy to use and its high output combine to put the X-Scan in a new dimension. PS 1000 is a system for scanning concrete constructions, allowing you to view the building's structure in real time to a depth of up to 3 00 mm; the system is fitted with automatic imaging so that the results can be assessed on the construction site.

speed, while automatically increasing the power to meet the load.

2 The Hitachi M12V2 is a compact and powerful milling tool and is one of the latest market newcomers from a wellknown brand. The device is intended for professional use with a high load resistance. The reliable Japanese highpower motor drives the spindle and the motor's exclusive electronic revolution control system guarantees a high STIHL Expocentre, outdoor area, stand O331 Hilti VVC, pavilion 75, hall Đ?, stand A323

84 220 Volt Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 2, stand N155

3 The new high-power acu-saw designed for use in areas with standard noise limits is equipped with a specially designed STIHL 1/4' PM3 chainsaw. The EC-motor allows for up to 55% more power from the battery and also protects the tool from excessive wear.





4 The grinder from the company Elmos is specifically designed for cutting stone, concrete, tiles and bricks. It differs from conventional cutting tools in that the correct speed can be set., allowing the diamond cutting disks designed for the processing of construction materials, to be used effectively. The EWS24ST is fitted with a special casing for precision cutting and vacuum cleaner connection.

6 Working with blocks of concrete is not possible without a constructional framework or support. Therefore, a wide range of materials may be used during its manufacture. This selection determines the area and surface requirements. MonolitStroyOsnastka manufactures and sells equipment for use on construction sites. Our product range includes both column and shaft support structures.

Tekhstroy Expocentre, outdoor area, stand O121

MonolitStroyOsnastka Expocentre, outdoor area, stand O277

5 The Raimo Spinta tile cutter is available in three types, depending on the length of the cut. Easy to use and an accurate cutting tool, it has an ergonomically-shaped handle, an adjustable tile bracket and graded markings to cut the tile at angles ranging from 0째 - 75째, as well as a 14mm-wide titanium cutting wheel.

7 The SDS-plus GBH 2-28 DV Professional rotary hammer drill from Bosch is seen as the most powerful tool in its class. It features a rotation stop, a ball grommet for the cable, a rotating brush plate for equal power in forward and reverse rotation, an overload clutch and forward/reverse rotation for dislodging jammed drill bits as well as smooth rotation and speed adjustment.

Taurus Tiles Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 2, stand N105

Lit Trading Expocentre, outdoor area, stand O251






8 8 Europe´s leading paper manufacturing technology in inclined wire process, pilot paper machine with double layer head box, individual product development and application consulting – Nonwoven by Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier. Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier Expocentre, pavilion 2, hall 2, stand D443

9 The MetalMaster Commercial sheet bender from Van Mark is designed for professional use, to produce various fine-leaf metal constructions. This version can be used both on the construction site and in a small workshop.

Stroypromet Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 2, stand N201


10 The TA3010 strip welding machine allows you to save on outoings, reduces the size of the production area required and also maintains a high output. The assembly line complete with a four-headed BD2030 welding machine includes a cooling unit, a portable robot and a twin-axel CD3050 corner cleaning unit with numerical control

Company: 'Fest-98' ('Kaban Makina') VVC, pavilion 75, hall А, stand А258

11 The latest equipment for wide-format printing, the ROLAND SOLJET PRO4 XF-640, is the fastest printer available on today's market. The printer features increased drying performance and a powerful operating mechanism. The ink intended for use in the ECO-SOL MAX2 gives deep and rich colours. Papillons Expocentre, pavilion 1,stand А615



14 15 12 The CFM-355 cutting saw from the Swiss brand IVT Swiss SA is the latest in a wide range of power tools, equipment and accessories in the IVT product range.

Spektr Instrumenta Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 2, stand N343

13 The ADA Ground Drill 3 is the most compact portable drilling device in the series. The drill, which is both easy and reliable for a single operator to use is designed for use in the garden, or on plots of land and winter fishing. The tool's capacity means that the device can hande a boring screw up to 200 mm in diametre.

GEOTOTAL Group Expocentre, pavilion 7, hall 2, stand N149

14 The self-propelled drilling unit Multiquip JTNSW20HTCSL is fitted with a bi-cylinder four-stroke carburetor air-colled Honda GX630 engine, OHVs and transmission, designed specifically for use on construction sites.

BETONNYE TECHNOLOGII Expocentre, outdoor area, stand Đž287

15 The robotic welding equipment for welding carriage and truck girders is a system that consists of two welding robots and features two work areas. The unit is fitted with search sensors, automatic burner cleaning devices, a safety system and specialised welding torches, allowing access to all areas where welding is required.

Kontur-97 Expocentre, pavilion Forum, stand F301



Unlimited possibilities The architects from the Austrian architects and design studio Pos architekten have 25 years expertise in environmentally sustainable architecture. The designs they have completed include: Schiestlhaus – a building (passive house) in extreme conditions at a height of 2,000 metres; ENERGYbase - an office building (passive house) with renewable energy sources and a media centre design based on recycled materials.


ritz Ettl, a consultant with the EBRD on environmentally sustainable costruction projects , is POS architekten' s senior architect. For many years, Fritz Ettl and his coleagues have carried out research, developing, testing and then implementing innovative technology to create environmentally friendly and energy-efficient architecture. All the architects at POS architekten maintain that the integration of these designs into actual housing and office building projects is an extremely important achievement and their professional duty. In their opinion, one hunderd years ago, architects worked mainly with construction engineers and, whereas today, given the environmental, social and economic standards and requirements in the construction industry, the participation of a large staff of consultants and experts in each of these areas is needed to turn out durable, sustainable and beautiful architectural designs. One of Europe's most ambitious building projects is

ENERGYbase, in Vienna. The 7500 m² office building is considered to be a unique example of the possible combination of sustainable architecture and passive house technology, which takes into account not only energy efficiency, but also renewable sources of energy and the comfort of living. Fritz Ettl will talk about successful projects and the latest energy efficient technology and methods being used in the construction industry and questions concerning the relevance and demand for environmentally sustainable designs in contemporary architecture at the MosBuild 2014 exhibition as part of the е3 Forum, in the section ‘Environmentally sustainable

A lecture by the architect Fritz Oettl will take place as part of the e3Forum, in the 'Environmentallysustainable architecture' section, on 1 April 2014, at Expocentre.


90 Green Haus-fotocredit ecoplus Š




he cluster of energy-efficient houses - BEUC ecoplus – was initiated and funded by the Austrian government. The organisation, brings together over 240 manufacturing and research companies involved in ecological, sustainable and energy-efficient construction. The basic designs of the BEUC Cluster focus on the construction of passive houses, the thermal rehabilitation of buildings and energy efficiency. 13 Austrian companies, under BEUC management, as part of the 'Green aktiv Haus' project, both study and design contemporary integrated solutions to make the outside of buildings more eco-friendly (landscaping

fotocredit Thule G. Jug ©

Doctor Alois Haiselhofer has been the BEUC ecoplus (energy efficient construction) cluster's director since 2007. His work has achieved several awards. In 2012, Alois Haiselhofer won the title of the best cluster-manager in Europe 2012 and the cluster itself won the European Cluster Excellence Gold Label award. effects) and to enhance and automate the energy efficiency of multi-storey buildings. The results of the 'Fair Sleep' project saw the launch of budget, energy efficient module motels, where the consumer can purchase a fully equipped, pre-fabricated motel. The 'NovaHome' project focused on the subject of comfortable living. Wireless control systems were designed and integrated for cottage-type building structures. Alois Haiselhofer is speaking as part of the e3Forum in the section ‘Environmentally sustainable architecture’ on 1 April 2014 in the ExpoCentre.

NovaHome Haus-fotocredit Smertnick ©

NovaHome Haus-fotocredit Smertnick ©

Dr Aloisa Haizelhofer's lecture will take place as part of the e3 Forum in the ''Environmentallysustainable architecture' section on 1 April 2014, at Expocentre.




MosBuild Fenestration, VVC pavilion 75 MosBuild Building & Interiors, Expocentre

MosBuild Fenestration, VVC, pavilion 75, hall 'А' 1 APRIL 2014

12.00-13.00 Conference hall № 213, hall A • Master class by Andrey Asadov, Asadov architectural studio, 'In search of an identity'.


14.00-15.00 Conference hall №213 hall 'A' • Master class by Dmitry Pshenichnikov, Dmitry Pshenichkov and Partners, 'The multi-purpose use of glass in architecture'

2 APRIL 2014

10.00-18.00 № 215, hall 'С'


11.00-14.00 № 101, hall 'A'

International conference: Methods and technology for the design and construction of an energy efficient 'Passive House’ Co-organiser: Passive House Institute

Presentation of new products from Roger Technology and Roger Brushless (passion day) Organiser: BiKoms Holding

• Window and door constructions for passive and energy efficient buildings, assembly options in enclosed structures. Design and construction of an air-tight membrane. Actual measurements, construction quality control. Training courses for gaining certification for designers and builders.

• Examples of houses in Western Europe, Russia and the CIS. Pilot projects. Certification for passive and energy efficient buildings. New standards.

12.00-16.00 № 208, hall 'A'

Conference: ‘Current issues and practice in the use of new technologies and materials for translucent structures in the construction of energy efficient buildings’ Organiser: Tatprof

14.00-17.00 № 213, hall A

Conference: ‘Energy-saving architectural glass’ Organiser: SaratovStroySteklo

3 APRIL 2014


12.00-13.00 № 215, hall C Conference: ‘Installation as a guarantee of effective window construction’ Co-organiser: Association of Suppliers and Manufacturers of Materials for Window Unit Assembly (APPM)



MosBuild Building & Interiors, Expocentre 1 APRIL 2014

11.00-12.00 Pavilion 8


15.00-17.00 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №3

Formal opening ceremony

• e3Forum: Environment, Energy, Efficiency

Master class: 'Using environmetally innovational materials in the construction of sporting facilities in line with international 'green' certification procedures'(LEED, BREEAM, DGNB) Co-organiser: EcoStandard Group

11.00-13.00 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №4

Round table: 'Legal aspects of designer supervision. Developing a set of guidelines for designer supervision Co-organiser: National Association of Design Engineers (NADE) 12.00-16.30 Pavilion 8 Conference hall e3Forum: Environment, Energy, Efficiency Session: Sustainable architecture

13.30-15.30 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №4

Conference: 'Government and Municipal Procurement in Moscow Conference: 'Government and Municipal Procurement in Moscow

16.00-18.00 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №4

Round table: NADE tasks on improving the design and construction legislation, with regard to the Federal Law of 05.04.2013, № 44-FZ (revised from 28.12.2013), coming into effect: 'On the contracts system for the procurement of goods, work and services for ensuring government and municipal needs'. Co-organiser: National Association of Design Engineers

17.00-18.00 Pavilion 8 Conference hall

MosBuild Architecture and Design Awards (MADA) Presentation of the competition winners’ designs

2 APRIL 2014

10.00-13.00 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №4

Conference: ‘New technological methods for effective roof construction: design and assembly’ Co-organiser: National Roofers’ Union


3rd international forum: ‘Problems of developing the construction and decorating materials market and the DIY trade’



13.00-16.40 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №3

e3Forum: Environment, Energy, Efficiency Session: Russian-American round table on green construction Co-organiser: Green Building Council

14.00-15.00 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №4

Nicholas Champkin master class: British Higher School of Art and Design

15.30-16.30 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №4

T+T Architects master class: 'Reclaimed land areas and buildings'

17.00-18.00 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №4

Narine Tyutcheva master class, Rozhdestvenka architects ‘Inspiration’

3 APRIL 2014


10.00-18.00 Congress centre Press room

11.00-12.00 Pavilion 8 conference hall

International conference: ‘Methods and technology for the design and construction of an energy efficient Passive House'

Master class by Stanislav Orekhov : ‘Cooperation between designer and service supplier’

• Thermal insulation for passive houses and energy efficient buildings. Redevelopment of old buildings. Calculations, costing and efficiency of thermal bridges

• Engineering equipment for passive and energy efficient buildings. Examples of ventilated installations in conjunction with ground heat exchangers. Monitoring and control systems. Designing non-residential buildings

Lecture: Modern practice in roof construction'

13.00-14.00 Pavilion 8 Conference hall

Sergey Estrin master class:’ An ordinary miracle or the use of simple materials for unconventional solutions'

10.30-12.00 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №4

Master class: 'Modern case-examples for the use of barriers – for example at the junction of Komsomolskiy Prospekt and 3rd Frunzenskiy Ulitsa', the National charitable foundation supports the work to adapt the urban environment for people with limited mobility, 'City without Barriers', Union of Moscow Architects

12.30-14.30 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №4

11.00-13.00 Pavilion 2 Seminar room №3

General open discussion of the edition of the Code 'Steel cold-rolled thin-walled and galvanised corrugated sheeting constructions. Design guidelines' Co-organiser: National Association of Design Engineers

13.30-15.30 Pavilion 2 Seminar room № 3

General open discussion of the Code 'Typical design documentation' Co-organiser: National Association of Design Engineer

15.00-16.30 Pavilion 8 Conference hall

Diana Balashova master class: ‘The secret of a successful design project’

Please visit for the latest information about the business programme MosBuild School General Partner:

DIY Forum official partner:

e3 Forum partner :



HISTORIC HIGHS FOR CONSTRUCTION OF RESIDENTIAL HOUSING IN RUSSIA DURING 2013 In recent years the construction of residential housing has been one of the fastest-growing segments in the construction market, as witness by the high rates of residential houses being put into operation. In 2012-2013, the rising trend in prices in the primary real estate market in 74 regions of Russia, including Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Omsk region, Altai region and others is for growth. In turn this facilitated an increase in the total volume of housing construction. By the end of 2013 organizations of all forms of property in the territory of Russia enacted 912.1 thousand apartments with a total area of 69.4 million square meters., a 5.5% increase on 2012. Among entities in the Russian Federation in 2013, the largest volumes of housing construction are carried out in the Moscow Region, Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and the Tyumen and Rostov Regions. The combined activities in these regions

accounted for just under half the total area of housing built in Russia in 2013. According to Ivan Fedyakov, CEO INFOLine: 'The low levels of the provision of specific living space per person is one of the main reasons for the growth in the rate of housing construction. By the end of 2012 the total area of residential premises, based on an average for a Russian citizen, was 23.4 m². In comparison with a number of European countries this figure reaches 60-70 m² per person.' Another significant reason can be the poor quality of the existing housing stock in the country. According to the State Statistics Committee at the beginning of 2013 the total area of dilapidated housing was 100.1 million m ². Against a background of slowing income growth for the population mortgage lending has ever greater influence on the housing market. According to the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (HMLA), the share of mortgage loans for the purchase of new

housing is up to 40% of the total market volume. In 2013 more than 25% of real estate transactions in 2013 were encumbered by mortgages, almost 5% up on 2012. The level of mortgage lending is still very low compared to developed countries, where up to 90% of transactions are completed with the use of a mortgage, which says a lot about their inaccessibility, primarily due to their high interest rates, for the vast majority of Russians. Unless it solves this problem the construction market risks facing a 'glut' on the market and a sharp downturn in the volume of new construction,' - Ivan Fedyakov, CEO INFOLine. Considering the dynamics of the commissioning of residential homes, it may be noted that from 2003 to 2008 the volume of housing construction increased by 176%. In 2009 and 2010 there was a reduction of input into the total living space compared to the previous year, and from 2011 again the trend of growth in housing construction was noted until it

Rate of new house-building in Russia 1990-2013 MILLION SQ. M -19,9% -16%



4,6% -16,4% -4,7%


4,3% -5,4%







20,3% 5,7% -6,2% -2,3%



5,6% 69,4

65,7 61,6



50,1 49,4

1990 1991







1994 1995



1996 1997







1998 1999 2000





2005 2006 2007 2008











- Rate of new house-building, % to previous year - Volume of new housing, million sq. m


BUSINESS PROGRAMME | STATISTICS reached record levels in 2013. Along with the increased growth rate of housing construction indicators of retail and wholesaleretail sales of construction and finishing materials (the DIY segment ) increased. According to analysts from INFOLine, presented at the annual business forum 'The Problems and Prospects for Development of the Market of Construction and Finishing materials and DIY Goods', held in the framework of the exhibition MosBuild, sales in 2013 expected to

exceed 1 trillion rubles. According to preliminary estimates, we can say that the predictions were confirmed.Of the total volume of commissioned housing only 15% were concentrated in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moreover, if the market of construction and finishing materials in central Russia has been actively growing and not for the first year, so the regional development of leading manufacturers and retailers in the DIY & Household segment is gaining momentum.

In 2014-2015, the market will face new challenges. The high debt load of Russians will take its toll by reducing consumer purchasing power and by reducing the number of transactions in the real estate market, entailing a slowdown of the market of construction and finishing materials. 'Building effective relationships in the supply chain to the consumer requires the close attention of both suppliers and DIY chains. 'Adapt to Survive, ' CEO' INFOLine 'Ivan Fedyakov.

THE MAIN DEVELOPMENT TRENDS FOR THE DIY MARKET IN 2013 By the end of 2013 the growth in retail trade turnover growth amounted to 3.9% and reached to 22 trillion rubles. In this respect 1

Russia is a leader among European countries. Analysts had forecast an increase in the volume of retail and wholesale-retail sales in the DIY segment in 2013 to be above $ 1 trillion rubles, and according to preliminary estimates, these figures were confirmed. Thus the development of DIY retail comes amid increased competition and changes in the consumer preferences of Russians. The DIY market largely supports housing construction activity.


Last year apartments of 69.4 m², increase in

more than 912,000 with a total area which continued the the rate of housing


construction over the last 3 years. The situation with the construction of new residential buildings in Russia has been a central topic of discussion at the forum 'The Problems and Prospects for Development of the Market of Construction and Finishing materials and DIY Goods', in 2013. As noted in his welcoming speech, Secretary General of the European Federation of FeDIYMa Ralph Ramid in Russia about 55% of homes are in need of major repairs,

and 6% are uninhabitable. The amount of new housing brought into operation is not enough to solve the problem of complete 3

renovation of the 'old ' housing. This gives additional impetus to the development of the Russian DIY market. A major shift occurred in Russian consumer behaviors. In his report at the DIY forum CEO INFOLine Ivan Fedyakov noted that the repair and improvement of living conditions is an investment priority for Russians. According to the results of opinion polls for 20% of Russian citizens their consumption plans are associated with the renovation of

the apartment. Leadership in the industry as previously is still maintained by hold major international players: Leroy Merlin, OBI and Castorama, which continue to invest actively on the territory of Russia. Today we can say that according to 2013 results for the growth in retail space by just these three ranking leaders of the rating INFOLine 'DIY Retail Russia TOP' amounted to almost 100 thousand square meters. Over the past year the international chain 'Leroy Merlin' has increased its retail space by more than 60 thousand m². by opening 6 hypermarket stores. The first shops appeared in Kazan, Volgograd, Tyumen, Ryazan, Tver and Noginsk. Thereby the company has 28 stores in 16 Russian cities. Alexander Keramidas, the chain’s Director Marketing, speaking at the forum 'The Problems and 4

Castorama opened a hypermarket in Orenburg with a total sales area of 9,700 m². Alexey Iovlev, Member of the Board of Directors of the 'Metrics' chain speaking at the DIY forum in 2013, indicated the company's plans to have more than 99 stores. In May of the same year in Yelabuga the chain’s 100th store opened. However, the situation on the market of construction and finishing materials is multidirectional. One of the leaders of the rating INFOLine 'DIY Retail Russia TOP' trading network 'K-Routh' in 2013 indicated a decline in financial results and a reduction in investment activity. At year-end the 'K-Routh' chain closed 2 hypermarkets in St. Petersburg and one opened in the Moscow region, so the increase in retail space in the chain was only 1,000 m². Among DIY-retailers who have 5

entrance of the largest DIY retailers onto the regional market of Russia, by eliminating the strong fragmentation, are changing the development paradigm for DIY retail in general. As noted in his speech at the DIY Forum Rinat Mukhametvaleev,General Director Trust SKM, European manufacturers are looking with great interest to Russia in terms of investment zones. Therefore, the amount of direct supply from the commercial chains will only increase. Detailed results of 2013 will be announced by experts and representatives of the major players in the DIY market on 2nd April 2014 at the Mosbuild exhibition forum 'The Problems and Prospects for Development of the Market of Construction and Finishing materials and DIY Goods.' The analytical agency INFOLine will present the most relevant figures of the market on the basis of their latest research results and rankings DIY Retail Russia TOP for 2013, drawn up with the organizers of the exhibition MosBuild.

1 General Secretary of FeDIYMa, the European Federation of DIY Manufacturers Ralph Ramid. 2 Ivan Fedyakov, CEO, INFOLine.

Prospects for Development of the Market of Construction and Finishing materials and DIY Goods' noted that the company's focus turned to the end consumer, and the main elements of this strategy are the lowest product price and low margins. The volume of new retail space for the OBI chain at the end of 2013 amounted to just over 20 thousand m². New hypermarkets were opened in Saratov and Ryazan. The hypermarket chain

shown a serious reduction of retail space, was the chain 'Starik Hottabych.' In 2013 in Moscow and regions of Russia the number of stores decreased from 32 to six, five of which are in the capital. A key development in the DIY market in 2013 was active regional expansion, which led to increased competition in virtually all federal districts of the country. Leading players have expanded their presence in those Russian cities with a population of over 300 thousand people. The

3 Aleksandr Keramidas, Marketing Director, Leroy Merlin 4 Aleksey Iovlev, 'Metrika' Board Member 5 Rinat Mukhametvaleev, CEO, 'Trest SKM'





Vera Butko and Anton Nadtochiy, Moscow Architects Studio 'Atrium' (Russia) One of the designs from the architectural design studio 'Atrium' is a private house in a village just outside Moscow – Gorki-6, which has become a model for


The results will soon be in for the MosBuild Architecture and Design Awards (MADA) – the international competition for young architects and architectural students. While the candidates wait to find out whose work will be chosen as the 'Best Architectural Solution for Creating an Accessible Environment' and the 'Best Environmentally Sustainable Architectural Design', we thought that it was high time to find out more about the work of the members of the jury who will be deciding the verdict..

Koen Oltuis Waterstudio. NL (Netherlands) While scientists and environmentalists are warning about the rising sea and ocean levels, the Dutch architect Koen Oltuis has put forward a radically new approach to life in a changing world. His company, Waterstudio developed the design for 'Citadel',

a floating housing complex. The design features sixty luxury apartments on one platform that connects the floating bridge to the 'mainland'. One of the design's objectives was to reduce the costs (now unnecessary) against antiflooding measures.

'transparent' architecture. Most of the house's French windows and transparent walls open up the house to sunlight. The combined interior space provides open plan accommodation, where the living areas seamlessly flow in to the private spaces.

The house's interior spaces and outside terraces are combined into a single space, the exterior being highlighted by the use of the same materials inside and out. The architects' main problem was the construction of the bathroom window, which is set at an angle.

Sergey Makushev, DOM-A Architects Studio (Russia) The achitect Sergey Makushev designed a house in the style of a modern American residence. The numerous glass walls and windows ensure that the building blends in well with its surroundings. The design also features individual and private areas – children's, guest and master bedrooms – as well as many open spaces. These areas are connected both horizontally and vertically, flowing seamlessly into each other. The building's interior finish has been completed in the eco-style that is popular in Europe and which is exceptionally discerning about the quality of the materials used, ensuring that they are as close to natural tones as possible.

Mikko Heikkinen, HeikkinenKomonen Architects (Finland) The architect Mikko HHeikkinen is known for the design of Scandinavia’s first science and entertainment centre and the main science museum – ‘Evrika’ (co-designed by Markku Komonen). The complex’s contour ressembles an intergalactic spaceship, held together with metal plates and sheeting that glitter in the sun. The museum is made up of three pavilions and the GALILEI science park.




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MOSBUILD CERSANEX Ceramics. Stone. Bathrooms

15 – 18 April 2014 Moscow, Expocentre



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