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Are you ready to shed some fat, lose weight and have a great time? Then it's time to check out the new Zumba DVD workout. Zumba, the newest Latin inspired exercise craze that is taking the world by storm, promises both a good time and a great workout. Zumba features a mix of dance and aerobic moves set to a fun and funky beat. Zumba used to only be available at special exercise studios and gyms, but now, with the new DVD you can do Zumba anytime you want in the comfort of your home. The Zumba dvd workout is a flowing session known as Interval training - you alternate periods of high intensity with low intensity and you can pace yourself so you can learn the steps. The Zumba workout is very popular in places like Texas, California and New York, but it's popularity is spreading throughout the world, creating an international experience and an energetic workout. The moves are simple to understand. With the Zumba dvd you can watch others do all the moves and learn from those around you. Zumba is a great workout, allowing you to lose 400-450 calories per workout and because of the great soundtrack and exercise routine you won't get bored. The Zumba dvd contains there levels of workout - zumba basic, gold and zumba level two. You can start at the level most suited to your existing fitness condition and work up to the harder levels. Zumba is a great way for moms to lose the pregnancy weight - with the new Zumba dvd, you can work out in the privacy of your own home at a time that is convenient for you - whether it's around naps, or kids soccer games. Check out the Zumba dvd now and see what it can do for your fitness plan.

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For best selling ZUMBA DVD's chech this out: ==== ====

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