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April 2013 Update

Chairman’s Report 100 Camps as a volunteer. It was a very great pleasure to recognise Jodie “Casper” Scanlon’s achievement with a plaque (to be hung in the Leaders’ Room), and a clock at Licola this week, which marks Casper’s 100th camp as a volunteer leader. A great effort!

Camp leaders and volunteers We need to have volunteers of all ages on our camps, and there is a range of activities that can be covered, not everybody is a tri-athlete, but the most important function is to be able to work with and supervise children. As mentioned the volunteer application forms are being revamped and should be on the website shortly. In the interim if you have any questions please contact Licola or your District Licola Board members or District Chairman for more information. Without your help, as volunteers, our camps are not guaranteed to take place. Over 50’s Activities Week in October By the time you read this it will be almost the middle of April so it’s time to start filling out your Applications. Application Forms/ brochures, flyers and letters have now been updated, and can be downloaded from the website or contact Ken Johnston - 9749 3408 if you would like to hear more about this camp. Working Bee 2013 Fri 30 May to Fri 7 June 2013 Everybody is welcome to come up in May if you are able to help. Please contact Adam or Sudge first to book your accommodation. The camp will be fully catered. What else is happening at Licola? One of our Licola stalwarts, Gerard O’Toole of Croydon Lions Club recently suffered a stroke. I heard today that he is making a steady recovery. Look forward to seeing you out and about very soon Gerard.

CEO Peter McShane will be retiring on the 30th June this year. We are grateful to Peter for a job well done. The LVL Inc AGM has been scheduled for June 30th 2013, and the accounts are currently being prepared for audit. More details will be sent to your club in due course. Lions Sponsored Camps. (LSC) As I write this report we will have 130 plus children on the bus to attend our April Lions Sponsored Camp, the most we have had in April. Of course these are the children who were unable to attend the final January camp due to the bushfire threats around Licola. Our Licola team take this opportunity to thank all the clubs involved in the transferring of the camp, for the wonderful communication with the children and the Camp co-ordinator. One thing that is certain is that they will all have a fantastic time and come home with great stories to tell about the friends they made and the things that they did. If you have any queries please contact Noeline Birnie 0458 795 275 or email Lions Sponsored Camps 2013 - September Dates Camp 268: Monday 23rd to Friday 27th Sept, 2013 There also has been a smooth transition of children scheduled for the April camp into the September camp, once again we thank clubs for their help. There are still plenty of vacancies for September and we encourage you to start getting the applications out to schools as soon as the holidays are over. Remember that Club applications are available from our web site

Life after the fires Our managers were exceptionally busy in March and April as camps resumed after the bushfires. There have of course been some cancellations but also new groups making bookings. Most pleasing is the fact that some groups that never go to the same camp twice are returning for their 4th visit. General maintenance Recently we had three large trees near house 6 and the BBQ area identified by an arborist as being potentially dangerous and have been removed, a 4th tree will be removed shortly. It is sad to lose trees but safety is as always our prime concern and is just part of our continuing service and maintenance program Houses 15 and 16. Once again thanks to Heyfield Lions for their efforts to get the decking priced and finished. We know that getting this house finished has taken much longer than planned but when it is ready it will be the best Special Needs facility of any Victorian camp. If you have any questions about what we can offer at Licola please contact Adam or Sudge on 5148 8791 or

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