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Editor: Jeff Cahn 84 Smeaton Close LARA 3212 0419 822-110 Club No: 57873

Probus Newsletter June Report

July 2012

Diary at a Glance Wed 11 July Committee Meeting 09:30

Guest Speaker: Ian Board WELL known Lara personality Ian Board, spoke to the Combined Lara Probus about the setting up of the new Lara Heritage and Historical which has evolved from the now defunct Lara Heritage Festival.

Wed 18 July General Meeting 10:00 to Noon Thu 26 July

As shown in the picture, the old corner building at Forest Road South and Canterbury Road is being renovated by Lino Bisinella and will be run by the new group upon completion as the Lara Museum.

Tour of Simonds Stadium

The new group are seeking new members to join the association and all will be made welcome. The opening of the new building will hopefully be in February 2013.

New Members Inducted Pictured from the left are: Helen Glare, Mike Waters, Lynn Waters, President Val, Theresa McManus, Anita Young, Denise Sparks, Tom Christou being our new Probus members together with their sponsors after the inductions.

12th Year Celebration

Fri 27 July


CANCruise $38:00/p Tramboat

Thu 2 August Lunch at the Black Salt Restaurant at the Chifley Hotel Tue 28 August Aircraft Museum, Point Cook

Wed 10 October Dinner at the Little River Hotel Thu 11 October Visit to Cape Otway Light Station Sat 13 October D LE NCEL A C Theatre Outing to ‘King & I’

Editorial Note Lara Probus Website Our new Website can be found at THE Combined Lara Probus Club celebrated its 12th anniversary, at the June Meeting held at the Bisinella Community Centre. Here cutting the cake are Life Members John Thompson and Helen Glare, Helen was also the Lara Probus Charter President. What a wonderful Anniversary Cake made especially for the occasion by Brenda Hearn.

Next Guest Speaker: Fleur Nicholas SAM Keown will have the pleasure of introducing Fleur Nicholas, Project Manager, Avalon Airport Rail Link Project.

Morning Melodies We had a lovely morning tea, and good entertainer with songs from Elvis, Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong, Ray Charles, Tom Jones and many others. Lunch was more than adequate and 16 of us had a very enjoyable get-together with singing and dancing including the Congo line.

PROBUS - Tomorrow's Vision for Active Retirees

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Almoner Notice!

Lara Combined Probus

June 12 Newsletter

From the President’s Desk! Dear Probians

Margaret Allen can be contacted on 5275-2345, if you know of a member who requires a caring call.

Morning Tea Roster

Our numbers were down at our June meeting with 24 apologies. Members provided a very plentiful morning tea to celebrate our 12th birthday and good conversation was enjoyed prior to hearing our Speaker Ian Board from the Lara Heritage & Historical Society. Ian spoke to us on how the group was formed, the Lara Bank Hotel building that they are currently renovating, which was previously the home of Jack and Brenda Darcy, plans on how the property will be used and what is planned for the future. Many of our members may be able to offer their services when the Society moves into the premises by way of memorabilia or by volunteering to assist in any way possible. I have contact details for Ian and membership forms if you are able to assist. I had the pleasure of inducting Anita Young, Tom Christou, Mike & Lynn Waters into our club. I trust that they will enjoy the fellowship, friendship and fun that gives pleasure to so many of our members. We purchased a new microphone for use at the Bisinella Centre and I do believe it performed better. Our Tramboat Cruise has been cancelled due to insufficient numbers. This trip would be more suitable for warmer weather. The Committee are always looking for venues and locations for outings and trips, so if you have an item of interest, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant person or any committee member.

Roster for Wed 18 July Helen Coggle Rosemary Hollis

July Birthdays

Thank you to Helen Glare and John Thompson, our 2 Life Members, for cutting the 12th Birthday cake. Many thanks to Brenda Hearn for baking and decorating the cake. We need to know if you are unable to attend the monthly meetings. It is important to ring Theresia on 5282-8140 with your apology. 10 members enjoyed lunch at the Lara Hotel. Our meals were well prepared with fresh vegetables and very tasty. As we had a very busy meeting, there was no Show & Tell but we look forward to Jill providing us with another interesting and informative session. If I don’t see you at Annie, keep well and remember that the days are now getting longer and hopefully a little warmer.

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June 12 Newsletter

Lara Combined Probus

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Trips & Tours

Trips & Tours

Visit Point Cook Aircraft Museum: Tue 28 August

Tour of Simonds Stadium (Kardinia Park)

THERE will be a flying display at 13:00 weather and aircraft serviceability permitting. Transport there and back by car! Admission is free and bring a picnic lunch. Meet at the Lara pool at 09:30

Dine Out The Black Salt Restaurant Noon for 12:30 Thursday 2 August 13-15 The Esplanade, Geelong THE Black Salt Restaurant located at the Chifley Hotel. The Cypriot black flaked salt is known for its amazing crystal pyramids. Mixed with activated carbon to increase its health benefits, this salt is a natural detoxifier. The crystal pyramids are perfect when used as a finishing salt, and add a crisp and earthy flavour to any dish.

A tour of Simonds Stadium (Kardinia Park) is booked for Thursday 26 July. There will be a limit of 20 people, so if you wish to be considered, please book NOW. We will meet outside the Cat's Bistro at 13:15, so lunch can be taken at the Bistro prior to the tour if desired. The tour commences at 13:30 sharp.

Cape Otway Light Station

Contact President Val by Wed 25 July, to book for this great dine-out.

The Little River Hotel 18:00 for 18:30 Wednesday 10 October 10-14 Flinders Street Little River THERE is a very modern, recently refurbished dining room with plenty of seating that does a wonderful selection of meals. There is an outside verandah if you feel like eating outdoors that catches winter’s rays beautifully. It is easy to while away the hours eating fine food, sipping a nice wine and chatting with colleagues, family and friends. The restaurant tables are well spaced to allow ease of movement for people between tables who wish to converse, absolutely ideal for group bookings!

Thursday 11 October TOUR of lighthouse, telegraph station, learn about wartime history and stroll along Great Ocean walk. More details later. Lunch included!

With Thanks THANK you to the Hon John Eren MLA and staff for permitting us to utilise his office for the printing of this newsletter

July 2012 Newsletter