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With new technological up gradations emerging day by day media advertising agencies have started to change the market activities. Staying updated to the new advertising trends has become even more important than before. From A.I. powered bots to webpage shortening, new innovations have positioned themselves in the advertising industry.

Google AMP Nothing is more frustrating than a webpage taking too long to load. For the same reason many people abandon the page and search for something else. Because of this Google introduced AMP last year, providing accelerated mobile friendly web pages approximately 4 times faster than usual. Recently introduced ALP also provides accelerated landing pages and ads. Faster loading pages mean more engaged users and better revenues for every online advertising company.

More landing pages A website is not always opened with the home page URL but more often through landing pages that appear on search engines. Thus, more landing pages mean more ROI for any media advertising agency and more user engagement on the website. Providing ebooks or guides on your web pages in return to email id and other contact details with the right balance allows the website engage the user more.

Chat Bots As messaging continues to grow rapidly (is it WhatsApp or Facebook messenger) users are more comfortable in chatting rather than doing a Google search. Thus A.I. enabled chat bots are deployed for promotion of products giving more personalized and accurate information as they serve better than smart phone advertisements. Earlier only websites featured chat bot support but now with integration in Facebook messenger more and more companies are using automated messaging for their mobile advertising services.

Providing an Omni channel user experience Omni means all and channel means passage. Thus, Omni channel marketing is a multichannel and connected approach providing all the user interactions to the customer with an integrated experience no matter how the customer reaches us. Most of the top advertising services companies have already adopted to this approach to provide an immaculate and seamless experience to the user, be it smart watch, mobile or a laptop so that the user can avail all the services through any channel with an ease of access.

Online Flash Sales Top Advertising Services companies leverage the popularity of reputed shopping sites as the ecommerce industry is set to growth around 188 billion USD by 2025 as projected by KPMG Report – E-commerce Retail Logistics India-. The opportunities it stances have also increased. Companies such as Xiomi and One Plus have magnificently promoted their brands with the help of Mobile Ad Agencies and ecommerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon with the help of flash sales only buying option during their market entry and brand promotion. The reason why these sales are successful is because it creates a sense of urgency among the target customers and the company shows limited stocks due to which the buyer feels the necessity to purchase within the given time constraint.

Remarketing ads Remarketing ads may seem annoying but it is an effective practice to cut down your advertising costs yet increasing revenues. Be it a smart phone advertisement or newspaper advertisement. It helps you reach out to the people who didn’t get the message conveyed in the first run. For example, Google remarketing ads in Mail Chimp give you the power to recapture attention of people who leave your website and bring them back when they are ready to buy.

Using GIFs for demonstration GIFs have an advantage over videos in case of landing pages of websites. No doubt, video is and would continue to be the most loved on outdoor media advertising and television advertising platform. The loading time of a GIF is less and it’s concise too. Thus, it makes product demonstration faster and not so boring as compared to a video, that would take some time loading and the eventually user may lose interest.

Data driven marketing There is data all around us. Thus with the help of analytics many fixed media advertising services companies are advertising with more of a data driven approach as it emphasizes on user behavior and activities. This helps the advertising companies target specific user prone to use your service while advertising on mobile devices.

For a successful marketing campaign and profitable business every hoarding advertising company should be updated with the latest market trends to keep up with the competition. ADmyBRAND is India’s largest end to end marketing platform giving brands the power to influence the world with advertising. Available in all advertising mediums and equipped with updated techniques according to the latest trends, from data analytics driven marketing to digital OOH marketing and marketing automation.

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Best advertising trends  

Businesses face a lot of challenges in India, but we see each of these hurdles as an opportunity for the century. Outdoor advertising has st...

Best advertising trends  

Businesses face a lot of challenges in India, but we see each of these hurdles as an opportunity for the century. Outdoor advertising has st...