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By James Stephen - It's super convenient to go from place to place and always have your computer handy to work on, or to do a little web surfing at a moments notice. The freedom and mobility that laptops give people are well known. However, there's something else about owning a laptop that most owners don't talk much about - how uncomfortable it is when it's actually sitting in your lap.That's right. The laptop is designed to sit in a person's lap so that they can easily work wherever they are, but, in reality the computer often slides from side to side, or comes close to slipping off the lap completely. Oh yeah, and there's that awful hot feeling you get on your legs when the machine heats up. Oh how it burns baby burns is what you're thinking at those moments.

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So, what's your options? Well, you can continue to suffer the awkward positions and hot legs, or, you can simply purchase a portable laptop desk.I figure you're choosing the latter and you want one just like you saw on TV the other day. That would probably be the Myplace Laptop Workstation, which is a solid workstation that sits across your lap, and allows you to fit a small to medium sized laptop on top and work comfortably.

This desk features adjustable legs that can accommodate someone who is sitting in their favorite chair, on the couch or even working while laying in bed. I don't blame you for wanting something with this feature.Another nice thing about this desk is that it has a built-in soft mouse pad, so you don't need to add an extra one that clutters up your workspace. Just glide your mouse over the pad and feel how easily it moves underneath. Most laptop desks don't feature this, which shows that the company who makes these desks really thinks about the small details. Another great little feature is the small light that's attached on the side for those times when you need to see just a little bit better. Best of all, of course, is the idea that you can easily pick it up and take it with you from room to room.If you've got a laptop that you use heavily, then it's wise to invest in a sturdy laptop desk, and the Myplace portable laptop desk is a great solution to working comfortably in any environment.

In today's world many people are stuck with jobs that require constant travel from place to place. As an attempt to provide a useful product for these people, portable writing desks were created. A portable writing desks definitely is not your conventional writing desk, as they are not furniture so much as helpful props for sales people and others who have to move frequently and might not always have a table on hand to write on. Often times a normal portable writing desk is little more than a lidded box that doubles as a writing surface. The lid of the box will allow for a solid and reasonable space to comfortably write. The inside of the box can be used to hold paper, forms, supplies, paper or anything else that the person might need

while traveling.The best designs will have a sloped top that helps aide in having better and more precise handwriting while on the road. Those concerned with penmanship know that writing on an incline will improve legibility. There are a number of styles available for a portable writing desk today. Some of the models are designed to be used in the office or home and will roll over to where you are seated to accommodate your writing needs. Others are designed to be used on your lap for comfortable writing no matter where you are located. You might also choose one that is designed to be used like a bed tray for those who must work while confined to bed.

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