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By James Stephen -

To make sure that their canine companions gets the best protein diet, their masters have put their own cooking skills into action by preparing their pets the best protein-filled food. Yes, many dog owners nowadays have shifted from the ordinary supermarket or pet store food to make their own high protein meal putting in as much protein and other vital nutrients like fiber, vitamins, etc. No longer are they slaves to what the big pet health companies tell them on commercials. Many brave canine owners have followed their instincts in preparing a meal that is entirely safe and healthy for their loyal pets.

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Apart from daily exercise, another very good way to help your dog develop his muscles and get it toned as well is to feed him a high protein dog food. Putting him under such diet will aid him in strengthening those muscles and bones which is exactly what your pet needs during his developing years. But finding the best protein-filled animal food can prove to be a very challenging dilemma for most canine owners.There are practically numerous dog foods in the market that offers a higher concentration of

protein in every can or pack. Many of these brands make special promises such as an improved immune system, stronger muscles, etc. but many of them have failed to do so. Dog owners have turned to their vets and asked for their opinions only to find out that the prescribed high protein food is no better than the regular one. Many people assume that high protein dog food is automatically a better choice for their pet. They assume that because the label of the packet of commercial dog food that they are looking at claims to have a high percentage of protein, it means that that particular dog food will satisfy all their pets nutritional needs.However, this is NOT the case. Yes, protein is an essential part of a canine's nutritional requirements, but it is by no means the only requirement. Many other nutrients and elements are needed for a healthy diet. Also, not all proteins are equal.

What do I mean by that? Well, imagine that you have two bowls. In the first bowl, you have 100 grams of fresh chicken. The second bowl contains a mixture of ground chicken feathers and bones, and poor quality corn. Which would you rather have? Both bowls contain protein, but the quality of the protein is not equal.The fresh chicken in the first bowl contains a greater amount of highly digestible protein. This lets you give your dog smaller portions thus reducing the chances of obesity, and they will still receive all the protein that they need. The chicken feathers and bones in the second bowl also contain protein, but this protein is indigestible, so your pet is actually receiving no benefit. The corn that is also in the second bowl does contain digestible proteins, but as dogs are naturally designed to get most of their protein from meat, it does

them very little good. Therefore, when shopping for commercially produced dog food, it is important that you evaluate not only the amount of protein per serving, but also the quality and source of the protein. It is also important to remember that not all dogs require the same amount of protein in their diets. For example, younger adult dogs require more protein than do senior dogs, and because it is the stage of development, puppies require even more proteins. Excess protein gets converted to fat and may result in your pet becoming obese. This is why it is important to buy the food aimed at the correct dog age group and breed.Creating delicious homemade dog food is an excellent way to ensure that your pet receives a healthy balanced diet, taking in all the protein and other nutrients it requires. You are able to control the portion sizes, and the ingredients that go into each dish, therefore making sure that the protein you are feeding your dog is easily digestible.

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