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By James Stephen -

Who doesn't love a panini? This grown-up twist on everybody's favorite childhood comfort food gives you the best of both worlds. Comfort food with a gourmet twist is a hot cooking trend right now, and with good reason. Due to the popularity of paninis, tons of panini makers have cropped up on the market. Many of them are less expensive than the Breville Panini Press, and you may be considering one of these cheaper presses.

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However, consider the quality of the machine before you buy. Many less expensive machines are made with low-quality materials and have inefficient cooking surfaces. The Breville Panini Press, on the other hand, boasts a high-quality and durable stainless steel exterior, surrounding cast-aluminum cooking plates which heat quickly and evenly, delivering the perfect sandwich every time. This press isn't just another gadget; the Breville press is a quality kitchen appliance.

Families will love the Breville Panini Press for many reasons. Sandwiches of any kind are a wonderful quick meal for busy weeknights. Paninis allow you to give leftovers a delicious makeover, saving money and time.In addition, home cooking is nearly always healthier and more cost-efficient than frozen meals, take-out or fast food. Forget hitting the drive-through on busy days. In the same amount of time you can whip up delicious paninis that the whole family will love! Everybody can have their favorite, since the Breville Panini Press can easily accommodate up to four hearty sandwiches at the same time.= There's no reason to stop at traditional paninis, either. A quick internet search will turn up sweet sandwich recipes for a truly unique dessert experience. If your family enjoys peanut butter on toast, they'll flip for hazelnut-chocolate spread in a warm, gooey, toasted sandwich! Nearly every traditional favorite can be given a delicious makeover with this panini press. Toast and press fruits, scrambled eggs, or cheese and bacon for breakfast sandwiches that are quick and tasty. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Singles and couples will love the Breville Panini Press as well. Many recipes are sized for families of four or more, leaving singles and couples with tons of money-saving leftovers. With this panini press, you can enjoy all your favorite tastes in a convenient, cost-efficient size.

It's also sized perfectly for smaller kitchens at 12.25x15x5 inches. You'll find yourself using it so often that you may want to leave it out all the time, but if you choose, it's ideally sized for easy storage.Sandwiches aren't the end of the Breville press's talents. This multi-tasking tool is also a great countertop grill! Put the perfect sear on steaks, chops, chicken breasts or any of your favorite grilled goodies. With adjustable tilting plates, you can drain off all the fat or leave them level for extra-juicy meats. Regardless of your household size, preferences or tastes, the Breville Panini Press is sure to fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

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