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50 Shades of Grey

The 3 Most Influential Rock Albums 38 Best Songs About Sex Peachez ArtPop


Spencer Tunick Erotic Art


Nymphomaniac New Love “Blue is the Warmest Color” Films that Disturb and Offend


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50 Shades of Grey 10 Great Works of Erotic Literature


4 Tricks to be Better in Bed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Sex Toys

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by Fraser Lockerbie

I know, I know, my God! One glance at this list and

wake up one day, put on his “Blue Sue-

everyone starts screaming, “Dear Lord, they forgot

de Shoes” and start breaking hearts and

the Beatles!?!” We did not forget. The Beatles contri-

gyrating around the stage. It started with

bution to music and rock is all-encompassing. Their

blues legends like Robert Johnson, who

first album Please, Please Me (1963) took the UK by

despite releasing only 29 songs before

storm, Rubber Soul (1966) shook the foundations in

his mysterious death (another member of

the US and Sgt. Pepper (1967) threw out the book

the 27 club), would leave enough mate-

on what music was supposed to be. We could sit

rial behind to creep through the ages of

here for days writing about how the Beatles chan-

rock, constantly being adapted and built

ged music, but instead we’re going to talk about nine

upon. If Elvis was the King, blues was the

other albums that changed the face of rock, from its

castle,and Johnson was one of its many

early beginnings to the not so clear cut place it is

builders. Seminal Track: “Hellhound on My



King of the Delta Blues Singers – Robert Johnson

Had it Not Happened: We’d be missing a

(1961) For those unfamiliar with linear progression,

whole lot of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones,

rock is not just a happenstance, a musical genre

Eric Clapton and Tozm Waits.

that emerged from the time fog. Elvis did not just

Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley (1956) In a time of the segregated South and building racial tensions, Elvis took hold of rhythm & blues and brought it with his own style to white-middle America. The result was a complete and utter shift in popular music, the subsequent birth of Rock n’ Roll and the emergence of its King. “That’s Alright Mama” and “Blue Suede Shoes” took to the airwaves and with it. The teenage-driven Presleymania.

Elvis became the first badass of the rock movement, the rebellious largerthan-life figure that would become a standard in years to come and forever

as we know it might be some sort of Bjorkian-country

leave an older generation furrowing

hybrid completely unfamiliar to the ear. Anyone who ever

their brows and turning the volume

picked up an instrument after 1956 was influenced by Elvis,

down.Seminal Track: “That’s Alright

but his biggest contribution was the persona and culture

Mama.”Had it Not Happened: Music

he built..


Bringing It All Back Home Bob Dylan (1965) Dylan blew the doors off the folk scene in 1965 with his fifth studio release. Stepping away from the protest songs he had unwillingly come to champion, Dylan turned on his folk roots with snarling, biting lyrics and a gritty electric sound that blindsided everybody but him. Bringing It All Back Home might well be the birthplace of modern rock. Dylan was a chameleon; his ever-changing brand of music not only opened the book on a new era of rock but ensured it never got stale. Everyone owes Dylan, from rock to rap and even MTV; Subterranean Homesick Blues produced the first real music video.

The Velvet Underground & Nico The Velvet Underground (1967) Ushering in the drug ballads that would later fill out the libraries of rock, The Velvet Underground staked their place in the genre with their first studio release, a long, hard and lyrical look at the literal highs and lows of New York in the late sixties. Under the management and flippant, devil-may-care attitude of Andy Warhol, front man Lou Reed was able to go full bore into the limelight with his then experimental brand of rock.


sex The 37 best songs about

1 Best song about a girl rejuvenates by a Big Dick Madonna “like a Virgin” 1984

2 Best song about VD Procol harum, “ A Souvenir of London” 1973 3 Second best song about VD the Coasters, “Poison Ivy” 1959 4 Third Best Song about VD Kool Moe Dee, Go See the Doctor” 1986 5 Best Prince Song about sex Prince, “Darling Nikki” 1984 6 Best imitation of a prince song about sex -Ween, “L.M.L.Y.P”, 1990 7 Best PEdophile song to get Radio Airplay The Knack, “My sharona” 1979 8 Best song about blue balls The Beatles”Please Please ME” 1963 9 Best Song about Masturbation Buzzcocks, “Orgasm Addict” 1977 music

Forget all those sappy love song. Here’s the top music about the act itself.

10 Best song about anal sex Toni Basil “Mickey” 1982 11 Second best song about anal sex Ween “chocolate Town” 2003 12 Third best song about anal sex Deep Purple “Knocking at your back door” 1984

13 Best song about sex between an elderly couple Howard tate, “look at granny run run” 1966

14 Best song that brags about premature ejaculation

Mötley crüe, “Ten seconds to Love” 1983

15 Best song that complains about premature ejaculation BMP, Two Minute Brother 1991

16 Best dancehall duet about rough sex Vybz Kartel featuring Spice, “Ramping Shop” 2008

17 Best sex songs that doesn’t bother with metaphot

27 Best song about bow-up sex doll Roxy Music, In Every Dream Home a

Notorious B.I.G. “Fuck You Tonight” 1997

Heartache” 1973

18 Best song about Having sex With a hooker ( and not liking it)

28 Second Best Song about a bow up doll

Bruce Springsteen, “Reno” 2005

The pólice “be my girl-Sally” 1978

19 Best song about impotence Freda Payne, “ Band of Gold” 1970 20 Second best song about impotense

29 Best R. Kelly song about sex R. Kelly “In the Kitchen” 2005 30 Best song about being beranged male prostitute

Kid Creole and the coconouts “mister Softee” 1980

Ramones, “53rd and 3rd” 1976

31 Best song about the absurdity of sex songs

21 Third best song about impotense Elastica , “Sutter” 1993 22 Fourth song about impotense Dead Kennedys, “too drunk to fuck” 1981 23 Best songabout seducinga virgin Rod Stewart, “tonights the night (gonna

Tenacious D, “Fuck her Gently” 2001

32 Best song about two guys having sex Jeff Stryker, “pop you in the pooper” 2003

33 Best songs about two teen girls Valeria Featuring Aria, “Girl told Ya” 2007 3436 Three best songs by woman demanding cunnilingus

be alright) 1976

24 Best song about sex recorded when your Granma was Young Lucille Bogan “Shave ‘em Dy”

SWV, “downton” 1992 Lil’ Kim, “not tonight” 1996 Trina “Tongue Song” 2000

25 Best song about ejaculation Sparks, “Tryouts for teh human race”

37 Best song by a woman demanding cunnilingus and anilingus


26 Best song about trying ti get yiur girlfriendto have sex with another

Khia “My Neck, My Back” 2002

woman while you film it N.E.R.D. “tape You” 2002

15 music



Peaches has spread her seed on the pop culture landscape, harnessing a worldwide audience and, along with the countless followers she’s inspired, has shaped the mainstream into a more inclusive and sexually progressive surrounding.






theatrical production that pastiched over

built a reputation on her

20 of her songs into an abstract narrative.

suggestive and intelligent

The retrospective extravaganza employed

lyrics, her amalgamation

a cast and crew of over 40, including her

of rock and electro sounds and her balls-

backing band Sweet Machine, full-frontal

out performances, continuing to outdo

nudity courtesy of trans porn actress

herself with each brash step. Aside from


performing, Peaches took on the role of

vaginae, and elements from the Peaches

director for three of her own music videos,

Laser Show she had brought to several

accepted Pink’s invitation to co-write a

European capitals earlier in the year.

song, remixed Daft Punk, appeared in The

Peaches Does Herself represented her

L-Word, and mentored a pre-debutant

body of work dealing with such themes as

M.I.A. on the drum machine.

gender, beauty and age.

The Boston Globe gave stated “Her

Meanwhile, Peaches’ lyrical, musical and

vocal gifts, in particular, were a revelation

stylistic influences continue to be seen

as Peaches wailed, intoned, and even

and heard in artists around the world,

crooned as if Broadway beckoned.”

from mainstream to underground. But

On the other end of the spectrum, she

making direct comparisons would never

conceived Peaches Does Herself, a quasi-

do justice to her uniqueness. Apples to


oranges. She’s just Peaches!





17 music



Lady Gaga is at her peak when she’s playing the neon queen of all the world’s outcasts. And with her constant prodding, her Little Monsters have filled the biggest big tent in modern pop. But in the five years since Stefani Germanotta’s arrival, weird has become the currency that overwhelmingly fuels pop culture – from seapunk Tumblrs to American Horror Story. So for Gaga to stay on top in 2013, she has to keep cranking up the cray. or better and for worse, Artpop meets the


lay her intentions, and body, naked. She cops

disco (plus a handful of forays into R&B) that


mandate. It’s a bizarre album of squelchy

aspires to link gallery culture and radio heaven,

a drag queen’s arch humor on intergalactic

“Venus”,examines sex and power

on gothy grinder “G.U.Y” (which stands for “girl

preferring concepts to choruses. It’s

under you”), and woos a lover whose “boyfriend

sexual but not sexy, filled with bitchy

was away this weekend” on the slinky “Sexxx

fashion designers and one-liners like

Dreams.” Yes, we can read her poker face.

“Uranus/Don’t you know my ass is famous?” and “Touch me,

Ironically, Gaga redeems the LP with a pair of tracks that strip away the artifice in

touch me, don’t be sweet/

favor of plain sentiment: “Do What U

Love me, love me, please

Want,” a spectacularly growly and

retweet.” Gaga wants us to

groovy R. Kelly duet, and

believe the LP was inspired by


an Eighties-style anthem where

Marina Abramovich, Jeff

Gaga admits her

Koons and Sandro

love of performing

Botticelli; at its best,

and love of love

it sounds like it was

often clash. “I

creatively directed by RuPaul, Dr. Ruth, and Beavis and Butt-Head.

Artpop opens with four tracks of thumping futuresex/lovesounds where Gaga vows to music

“I don’t want to be alone forever, but I love gypsy life”

don’t want to be alone forever, but I love gypsy life,” she sings without abandon.



By Seth Cohen

Spencer Tunick

stages scenes in which the battle of nature against culture is played out against various backdrops, from civic center to desert sandstorm, man and woman are returned to a preindustrial, pre-everything state of existence. Tunick has traveled the globe to create these still and video images of multiple nude figures in public settings. Organizing groups from a handful of participants to tens of thousands, all volunteers, is often logistically daunting; the subsequent images transcend ordinary categories and meld sculpture and performance in a new genre.

21 ART



By Ryan McKenzie

A distinction is often made between erotic art and pornography. The distinction may lie in intent and message; erotic art would be items intended as pieces of art, encapturing formal elements of art, and drawing on other historical artworks. Pornography may also use these tools, but is primarily intended to arouse one sexually. Nevertheless, these elements of distinction are highly subjective. 26 ART

Ă lvaro Tapia Hidalgo Roy Lichtenstein

Marion Fayolle


Koren Shadmi

Todd James



NYMPHOMANIAC is the wild and poetic story of a woman’s journey from birth to the age of 50 as told by the main character, the selfdiagnosed nymphomaniac, Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg).

On a cold winter’s evening the old, charming

story of her life, rich in associations and

bachelor, Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård), finds Joe

interjecting incidents.

beaten up in an alley. He brings her home to his

Lars von Trier’s upcoming

flat where he cares for her wounds while asking her

NYMPHOMANIAC is distributed in two

about her life.

parts (Volume I and II) and two versions

He listens intently as Joe over the next 8 chapters

(one lasting 4 hours in total, one in 5,5

recounts the lushy branched-out and multifaceted

hours in total).From December 25th


2013 and approximately four

two hours each. The 5,5 hour long version of

months ahead the 4 hour long

NYMPHOMANIAC Volume I and II expect


to be finalized for distribution sometime in 2014.

and II is released worldwide. In some

When exactly is to be confirmed. This version

territories the two volumes will be

will be distributed in those parts of the world,

released at the same time, and in some

where laws of censorship allow. Ever since

territories the volumes will be released

NYMPHOMANIAC was announced as Lars

apart. Each country has its own rules

von Trier’s next project it’s been out in the open

of censorship and in order to create

that the film would be distributed in different

cohesion between each country’s

versions ensuring financing, and as widespread

distribution strategies the 4 hour long


version will be the one released first.

possible, and finally to ensure Lars von Trier as

And even this version is expected to

much artistic freedom as possible.




meet minor additional changes in certain countries.

Chapter 1:The Compleat Angler

Just as Lars von Trier gave consent to

How does an ordinary bag of chocolate sweets

the making of different censored versions

become a symbol of sexual victory?



when that film was

As Joe and her experienced friend B embark

released, Trier has also approved of

on a train trip, they bet on how many men they


can seduce on the ride. The grand prize is a

Technically the changes in the abridged

delicious bag of chocolate sweets, and it soon

version consist of an editing out of the

becomes clear to Joe that in order to win, she

most explicit close- ups of genitals and

needs to lure the prey into biting the hook like a

the film has, in agreement with Lars

skilled fisherman.

this version of

von Trier, been shortened by his editors to a length, which has been decided

Chapter 2:Jerôme

upon in collaboration with several of

“Love is just lust with jealousy added”,

the film’s stakeholders; two parts of

Though love is a shallow feeling in the eyes 31 film

of the cynical nymphomaniac, young

you move away from guilt and pain, and towards

Joe is met by forces penetrating her

light and joy. Nymphomaniac tells the story of a

armoured defences.

woman who self-diagnosed as a nymphomaniac.

His name is Jerôme.

In the film the protagonist narrate all erotic experiences with the man who saves her life. This

Chapter 3:Mrs. H

tape is well loaded with sexually explicit escencas

Keeping track of a large network

becoming an extreme challenge for director Lars

of lovers isn’t always easy, and

Von Trier. ‘Nymphomaniac’ will be starring Charlotte

Joe is soon confronted with the

Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard yShia LaBeouf

unpleasant consequences of being a

among others. The director Lars Von Trier has said


of his latest work to be performed two copies, one

After all, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Chapter 4:Delirium Delirium:Confusion.Delusion.

with sequences with explicit sex and other softer.


Hallucination. The nymphomaniac’s father dies.

Chapter 5:The Little Organ School A chorale prelude by Bach: Three voices each with its own character, but in complete harmony. In other words: POLYPHONY The nymphomaniac is easily inspired, and acts it out.

Chapter 6:The Eastern and the Western Church (The Silent Duck) The Eastern Church is often referred to as the Church of Joy, and the Western Church as the Church of Suffering. Should you make a mental journey from Rome eastwards, you’ll find that

Joe / Charlotte Gainsbourg Seligman / Stellan Skarsgård Young Joe / Stacy Martin Jerôme / Shia LaBeouf Joe’s father / Christian Slater K / Jamie Bell Mrs. H / Uma Thurman L / Willem Dafoe P / Mia Goth B / Sophie Kennedy Clark Joe’s mother / Connie Nielsen Old Jerôme / Michaël Pas Debtor gentleman / Jean-Marc Barr Waiter / Udo Kier



umors, rumbles, and other

has become a myth, gilded by an NC-17

palpitations have beset “Blue Is the

certificate and crowned by news from

Warmest Color” since it showed at the

Idaho, where depictions of explicit sex

Cannes Film Festival, in May.

may not be combined with an alcohol

The jury, chaired by Steven Spielberg,

license, and where patrons of Flicks,

awarded the Palme d’Or to the director,

an art-house cinema in Boise, will

Abdellatif Kechiche, and his two

therefore be forbidden to see the film.

leading ladies. Clearly, this was

Heavens! If it’s all too much for

a work to be reckoned with,

Idaho, how will the rest of

but what did it contain?

us cope? And that is the

Sex, allegedly, and lots

story of this film—the

of it: untrammelled,

most consuming and

unabashed, and

most exhausting of its

practically unprecedented.

kind since “The Dreamlife

We heard that the film was

of Angels,” fifteen years ago.

a love story about Adèle

From the moment when Adèle

(Adèle Exarchopoulos), a high-school

first catches sight of Emma, on a busy

student, and Emma (Léa Seydoux),

crosswalk, the movie restores your faith

who is a few years older, and that the

in the power of the coup de foudre and

dramatizing of that love would make

yet redoubles your fear of its effect; love,

us claw our popcorn into tiny particles.

like lightning, can both illuminate and

We even heard that the performers had

scorch. The problems of two little people,

complained of their treatment at the

it turns out, do indeed amount to a hill of

hands of Kechiche. In short, this movie


beans. Some hill. Some beans. film

Totally Fucked Up: Films That Disturb and Offend by Severin 1.Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) Salo is a raw tale of sadistic immorality and sexual perversion. But really, what the hell do you expect? It’s a truthful and honest movie adaption of the Marquis De Sade’s classic novel of the same name, that was burned and banned for hundreds of years. But Salo does say a lot about the horrors of fascism and bourgeois decadence, so it’s not pornographic just for the

Cannibal Holocaust

hell of it. This movie is definitely on the inflammatory and traumatizing side of things. In fact, Pier Paolo Pasolini was





even released and luckily did not witness the intense backlashes and controversies surrounding the movie.

2.Cannibal Holocaust (1980) Cannibal Holocaust- The name itself brings back bad memories of my viewing experience. It’s a super disgusting fever dream nightmare. There’s tons of gore, the most nasty being the scene where a turtle gets graphically murdered and eaten. I felt the bile rise up in my throat as I watched. Just a warning-

Turkish Delight

Ichi the Killer don’t watch this if you’re eating, just ate, or ever plan to eat ever again.

3. Ichi the Killer (2001) From the crazy Asian director Takashi Miike, we get a warped, twisted gore overload of a mob film that would make even the most psychotic pervo sick to their stomach. The main character even cuts his own tongue

Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom

off and enjoys masochistic beatings. Ichi is sex and violence combined into one all-encompassing bout of troubling cinema.

4. Audition (1999) Another Takashi Miike flick. I actually did not find this film disturbing at all and I was like “what the hell do people get all worked up over this for?” But then came the last 30 minutes. Totally


weird. Anyways, Audition is not really that sickening, but that’s just my opinion.

5. Equus (1977) This is a super underrated film with brilliant acting. It’s very screwed up though because it’s about a young man’s strange sexual obsession with horses and his spiral into psychosis.






disturbing and challenging.

6. Turkish Delight (1973) This Dutch classic is far from your average love story. It’s really sexually explicit, with full frontal shots of the lovely Rutger Hauer’s dong, and has tons of vomit, blood, maggots and shit and a super depressing ending.

7. An Andalusian Dog (1929)


Luis Bunuel’s short masterpiece is mostly known for its infamous shot of an eyeball being sliced open with a razor blade, but it has tons of other surreal and repulsive visuals that also

El Topo

stun and shock.

8. The Holy Mountain (1973) When I first saw this film, I didn’t know what to make of it. I still don’t. The only way I can describe it- a psychedelic trip through hell.

The Holy Mountain

9. El Topo (1970) A bizarre, bloody, desert hallucinationlike





gunfighter who destroys all his rivals.

10. Antichrist (2009) Antichrist is visually stunning, but actually pretty boring. Until it starts getting really gory. But watching Willem




Gainsbourg having sex is disturbing enough already.

An Andalusian Dog




“Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me” he following samples represent some of


badly written books about fucking – quickly

the cultural commentary surrounding the

followed in the 1980s by badly written books

Fifty Shades publication phenomenon. They are

about shopping-and-fucking – were the kinds of

reproduced for illustrative and critical purposes,

book your mother read, and so, to be fair, did

copyright remains with the author, and they

your father, and to be even fairer, 400 million

represent the opinions of their creators and not

other people. When I was about ten I went to a

the University of Brighton.

jumble sale to buy books only to discover that everything that wasn’t a copy of Jaws was by

London Review of Books Vol.34 No.14-19 July

Jackie Collins, Harold Robbins, Sidney Sheldon,

2012 When it comes to erotic writing, the more

or Danielle Steel. Robbins and Collins liked

explicit it gets – the more heaving, the more

a plush car with a smooth chassis. They liked

panting – the more I want to laugh. Erotic writing

champagne and caviar and jets you could shag

is said to have a noble pedigree: the goings-on

in. They liked big desks. They liked jacuzzis.

in Ovid, the whipping in Sade, the bare-arsed

But what these gazillion-selling authors liked

wrestling in Lawrence, the garter-snapping in

most was a human being perpetually on the

Anaïs Nin, the wife-swapping in Updike, the

brink of a soaring orgasm. Women just had to

arcs of semen hither and yon. But it’s so much

be approached, sometimes just looked at, and

sexier when people don’t have sex on the page.

a ‘shuddering’ event would occur in their ‘sex’.

Yet if you were a working-class boy in the 1970s,

Ana [protagonist of Fifty Shades triology] likes

to offer hostages to fortune.

spanking flick A Dangerous

Grey condemned as “manual

‘Sometimes I wonder if there’s

Method, to argue that not only

for sexual torture”’ A women’s

something wrong with me,’

is there a trend for surrender


she says. ‘Perhaps I’ve spent

but that it is a feminist dream:

bestselling Fifty Shades of

too long in the company of

“It is intriguing that huge

Grey trilogy as “an instruction

my literary romantic heroes.’

numbers of women are eagerly


She follows Emma Bovary in

consuming myriad... fantasies

individual to sexually torture a

nothing very much, except in

of submission at a moment

vulnerable young woman”.Clare

her habit of blaming her crazy

when women are ascendant in

Phillipson, director of Wearside

love life on her reading matter.

the workplace.” Roiphe claimed

Women in Need, a charity for

Andrew O’Hagan

that this may be caused by a

victims of domestic violence,

need to escape the “pressure

said she had been waiting for


of economic participation” and

“a feminist icon to savage this

27 April 2012 ‘S&Fem: erotic

the “hard work” of striving for

misogynistic crap, but nobody

novel Fifty Shades of Grey


did”, so

ignites feminist debate’ A sort

backlash was swift. On her

needed to speak out herself.

of Mills & Boon with bondage,

blog, Meat Market author and


EL James’s novel — which

columnist Laurie Penny [see


this week became the fastest-

below] dubbed Roiphe’s work

is the classic narrative of

selling book of the year — is

“a woeful piece of drivel” that

domestic violence – “that you

very much aimed at women.

was intended to provoke. Penny

can heal this broken man, that

It tells the story of virginal

argued that sexual submission

if you just love him enough


is the “acceptable face of

and take his shit enough, he

(“Ana”) Steele, who falls in love



will get better”.”That message

with businessman Christian

obedient and all about pleasing

is so dangerous,” she added.

Grey — a disciplinarian who

your man”. The media fixate on

“I’ve done this job for 30 years

oozes money from every pore

this trend at the expense of all

and the chances of making

and wants Ana to “surrender

others, she thinks, so Roiphe’s

a Christian Grey better by

yourself to me willingly, in all

piece actually says “a lot more

enduring the abuse he heaps

things... to please me”. ... Under a


on you – well, you would be

picture of a topless, blindfolded

relationship between female


woman, Newsweek’s cover last

freelancers and editors than it

potentially dead. It is not

week claimed submission was

does about any other so-called

going to happen. You have to

“The Fantasy Life of Working


walk away from the Christian









Women”. Inside, journalist Katie

















Greys of this world.” Alison

Roiphe used Fifty Shades, as





well as new TV series Girls and

August 2012 ‘Fifty Shades of

Flood The Independent (blogs) Wednesday, 4 July 2012 ‘The

debate: Is



negative example to readers.

Sexual problems are linked to

relationship seen in 50 Shades

But is the sadomasochism

an inability to tune into, and

of Grey degrading to women?’

seen in 50 Shades of Grey

communicate about, what we

Since the first in the erotic

degrading to women? Or is

want sexually, so it is certainly


purely fantasy, with whichever

useful to open up a diversity of

form of sexual exploration a

erotic possibilities.”Of course,

Was published a year ago,

personal choice to pursue in the

that might just be my girlish

50 Shades of Grey has sold

bedroom? Dr Gina Barreca: “50

way of looking at things. Laura

over 10 million copies. Coined

Shades perpetuates absurd,


as “mummy porn”, the novel


and its sequels have made it

psychosexual rituals making

Be wrong? Or does the Fifty

to the top three spots in the

an already culturally mangled

Shades phenomenon actually

bestseller charts in the UK



and the US.Not only is the racy


novel the best selling e-book of

more difficult.” Meg Barker:


all time, it is also responsible

“The popularity of the 50

one that suggests the future

for boosting erotic purchases.

Shades trilogy demonstrates

of producing and consuming

Sales of erotic literature and


texts will be engineered and

porn magazines have risen by



governed not by publishing

130 per cent in the last month,

fantasies is. This is helpful

houses and literary elite but

while the number of women

because people often have

by the interests and habits of

buying sex toys has more than

narrow ideas about ‘normal’

readers, many of whom simply



happen to like genre writing?




hideously power











desires stray outside of this. Both its success and appeal are apparent, but discussions over what the subtext of the book has to say about modern feminism has come to fruition. It’s been argued that the submissive


seen in the book could undermine


equality and sets a




warning shot across the bow the


Katy Shaw.


10Great Works of Erotic Literature

Here are 13 works of great, or at the very least significant erotic fiction of the last several centuries you could try on for size, and see if they keep your blood circulating to all available extremities. had proportions been observ’d, it must have

1 .- Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin

belong’d to a young giant.”

Plot, if any: More short stories than a whole

3.- Ada, or Ardor by Vladimir Nabokov

novel. Nudes posing for artists, etc.

Plot, if any: Incest. Incest. Incest.

Teaser quote: “I would tell him how he almost

Teaser quote: “The fire you rubbed left its brand

made us lose interest in passion by his

on the most vulnerable, most vicious and tender

obsession with the gestures empty of their

point of my body. Now I have to pay for your

emotions, and how we reviled him, because

rasping the red rash too strongly, too soon, as

he almost caused us to take vows of chastity,

charred wood has to pay for burning. When I

because what he wanted us to exclude was our

remain without your caresses, I lose all control

own aphrodisiac — poetry.”

of my nerves, nothing exists any more than the ecstasy of friction, the abiding effect of your

2.-Fanny Hill by John Cleland

sting, of your delicious poison.”

Plot, if any: A young girl comes of sexual age in 18th-century London. This includes a long and

4.- Story of the Eye, by Georges Bataille

colorful stint in a brothel. Teaser quote: “Now, disengag’d from the shirt,

Plot, if any: Teenagers descend, and I really

I saw, with wonder and surprise, what? not the

mean descend, into a sexual relationship

play-thing of a boy, not the weapon of a man,

punctuated with fetishes.

but a maypole of so enormous a standard, that


Teaser quote: “To others, the universe seems decent because decent people have gelded eyes. That is why they fear lewdness. They are never frightened by the crowing of a rooster or when strolling under a starry heaven. In general, people savor the ‘pleasures of the flesh” only on condition that they be insipid.”

6.- “Beatrice Palmato” by Edith Wharton Plot, if any: Short story fragment that

5.- The Story of O, by “Pauline Réage”

resurfaced when one of Wharton’s

Plot, if any:Young woman becomes slave of sadomasochistic

biographers went through her papers.

sex club in French château.

Father-daughter incest!

Teaser quote: “Finally a woman confesses! Confess what?

Teaser quote: “At the same moment

What women never allowed themselves to confess. What

the other hand softly separated her

men always criticized on them: they only obey the blood

legs and began to slip up the old path

and everything is sex on them, even the spirit.”

it had so often traveled in darkness.”


“To others, the universe seems decent because decent people have gelded eyes. That is why they fear lewdness.” LITERATURE

7.- The Sexual Life of Catherine M. by Catherine Millet Plot, if any: Memoir by art critic, involves lots of group sex. Teaser quote: “Undressing, I love to gaze on a promising-looking cock.”

8.- Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller

9.- Maidenhead by Tamara Faith Berger Plot, if any: A 16-year-old on vacation dreams

Plot, if any: Writer drinks and screws

of losing her virginity, and ultimately does.

his way through Paris.

Teaser quote: “At the beach, college girls

Teaser quote: “I too love everything

lay in groups on the sand around buckets of

that flows: rivers, sewers, semen,

drinks, their bums curved up like fruits. Mine

blood, bile, words, sentences. I love

didn’t do that.”

the amniotic fluid when it spills out of

I love the kidney with it’s painful gall-

10.- Belle de Jour by Joseph Kessel

stones, it’s gravel and what-not; I love

Plot, if any: Repressed housewife seeks

the urine that pours out scalding and

masochistic outlet.

the clap that runs endlessly; I love the

Teaser quote: “The pleasure the degradation

words of hysterics and the sentences

had given her had vanished almost as soon

that flow on like dysentery and mirror

as the man who caused it touched her. He

all the sick images of the soul.”

had taken her dead.”

the bag.



4 tricks to be better

in bed


1. CLASSIC MISSIONARY... WITH A DIFFERENCE! Missionary is still the most popular sex position, but it’s so easy to spice up! Try lying down with your legs spread further apart than usual, which will feel amazing on its own, and bending your knees. Then slide your legs around him, and squeeze your thighs together as he thrusts. You’ll be in heaven, and it’s so easy!

2. STANDING... THE UPDATE! This is an unmissable position, but so many of my friends said they hadn’t tried it as they didn’t know what to do. Start by standing face to face, with your back against the wall, and get him to bend his knees to make it easier to enter you. Hold his shoulders to steady yourself and try wrapping your leg round him if your balance is good enough... you’ll drive him crazy!

3. SEATED – NEW AND IMPROVED Make him sit in a chair, but make sure the chair is sturdy first! Straddle his lap, but instead of letting him do the work, raise your knees and put them against his chest, and rest your feet on the seat. Get him to grip your thighs while you thrust... a few friends hadn’t tried this either, but soon reported back that it’s their new favourite position!

4. SEATED – PART TWO Who hasn’t ever imagined being their boyfriend’s hot secretary? This move is perfect for playing out that fantasy! Dress the part then get him to sit on an office chair in front of a desk, and face away from him. Slowly lower yourself onto him, and once you are both comfortable, lean forward and grip the edge of the desk. Wow...!

51 ...


Years book exclusive:

The Things We Made Them Do So, you wanna be a Swimsuit model? You’d better be game for anything, and we mean anything BY REBECCA SHORE IMPROBABLE POSES | The

delight and, as ever, beauty.

Things We Made Them Do:

Flip through the gallery below

“Would you hold onto this

for a selection of photos from



the book and never-before-

tree? Lie down among these

seen images from the most

bananas?” Requests that less

outrageous shoots in Swimsuit

playful or courageous folks

history. Stay tuned for more



exclusive sneak peeks from 50

models embraced. That will-do

Years of Beautiful over the next

spirit led to journeys of fancy,

few weeks.







FEEL THE BUZZ by Aly Walansky

Whether you are single or part of a couple, toys can bring your bedroom fun to another level. While shopping, you may find the selection is quite intimidating! Here’s how to get started. Take it slow Talk to your partner! Tell him that he will not be replaced by a toy nor is he an incompetent lover. An object is not a substitute for a real person. You deserve pleasure just as much as he does, and a vibrator is just a device to help you achieve it. Plus, it’s a great way to add some variety in the bedroom! Don’t bring an intimidating vibrator into the bedroom. Start small and then work your way up to something bigger and bolder.

Head online Take your time browsing through the plethora of toys out there, with the rule that nothing is off limits, as you may surprise yourselves in what arouses your curiosities. Go to sites that are really great in providing educational/expert information with their toys, like Babeland, Good Vibrations and the Sinclair Institute. If there is no online option to chat with a live salesperson, go ahead and trek to your nearest quality sex toy shop to learn and/or see more.

“It doesn’t hurt to buy a sex toy book, which can guide you with all of your options and how to use them safely while maximizing pleasure,” says Astroglide’s Sexual Health and Wellness Ambassador and Sex Expert, Dr. Yvonne Fulbright. 57 ...

Your first vibe “Vibrators are always great for beginners because they’re not only simple and easy to use, but they’re versatile and can create different sensations for different people based on what speed is used and where you put it,” says Dr. Jane Greer, marriage and family therapist & SHRINK WRAP media commentator. Also, they’re great for self-pleasure as well as for being pleasured by your partner. For couples interested in using toys in their sex lives: Have fun! Be open to discovery and trying new things, and be OK with the fact that your partner may not enjoy it and you might have to try something else that you both enjoy.

58 ...

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