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FHAIN Lookbook

8bar FHAIN FHAIN is a unique fixed-gear/ single-speed bike made of high quality aluminium making the frame stiff as well as durable. The name FHAIN comes from the district Friedrichshain in Berlin, Germany. Friedrichshain or locally called F‘hain is an area where many young and fashionable people live. The district is well known for it‘s trend-setters and urban styled inventions. This lifestyle and attitude are embodied in the 8bar FHAIN.

The FHAIN is available in iron black and as a limited edition in matt denim blue.

FHAIN - iron black The new 8bar model FHAIN is not just another glossy black frame. Due to a certain varnish, the paint has got an special gleaming look, giving it a nice shine in the daylight. However during the night or in darkness the frame satisfies with a pure deep black finish, completing the frames fashionable look.

FHAIN - limited edition - matt denim blue To keep it‘s scarcity value, this clear frame with a light denim blue colour is limited to 100 pieces worldwide. Furthermore the matt finish gives it an even more remarkable appearance.

CREDITS Photographer: Stefan Haehnel Layout: Antonia Bartning

8bar FHAIN - Lookbook