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Ice stock has a century long tradition The origins of the sport are not exactly known, but it is supposed to have its roots in Scandinavia This winter sport is somewhat similar to curling, which is also why ice stock sport is called “Bavarian curling”. A team is mostly composed of four members and each player has the goal with one try per inning to bring the proper stock sliding over an ice surface as close as possible to the target, the so called “Daube”, a small ring which is placed on the playground, or to cover the longest distance. Ice stocks have a gliding surface, to which a approximately 30 cm long stick is attached. The discipline of the team competition is composed of six runs, while the discipline of target shooting is made out of four times six runs and can be played in a team as well as a single sport. If played in a team every run is done by another player. The third discipline is the distance shooting, where the goal is to shoot the stock, in a special marked track, as far as possible. The current world

with 566.53

record, held by the Bavarian Manfred Zieglgruber,

meters set in 1989 on the lake “Seeoner” is still unbeaten and till today nobody even got close to this result.

Not only famous ice stock nations like Germany, Austria, Italy and Swiss are performing this sport, but also exotic countries like Kenya, Namibia, Guatemala and Columbia, countries where one would never expect an ice stock team acquire a taste for it. Ice stock elite met this winter for the second time in Collalbo at the “Arena Ritten” for the ice stock World Championship supervised by the International

Federation Icestocksport (IFI), the governing body of ice stock sports.


stories 4


Oskar Verant

Until today, Ritten holds the record regarding participating countries, when in 2008 26 Nations from all over the world had come to the

World Championship.


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Welcome This magazine is brought to you by a hand full of people who believe in what the 8article Magazine stands for: In this second edition we celebrate some heroes from then and now, stories which have shaped and influenced our lives. Personalities who we look up, because they have achieved goals we thought were inaccessible or untouchable, but these personalities with their stories have proven us that sky is not the limit and dreams can be made true. As long as you believe in what you want to accomplish, it shall all be fulfilled in life! So we have put our heads together as we are to create this magazine for you. We hope you will enjoy it!


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Nikolett Szántó The art of driving

Jon Olsson World stage



Sage Kotsenburg Olympic slopestyle winner

Alexander Megos Through the roof



Kontrust Austria’s crossover heroes

Marawa Hoola hoop master



Markus Eder Free as a bird

Short stories - Ice stock



Star Wars

Riders on the storm



The „Zugspitze“

Roller Derby



The Land of the Dragons

Muhammad Ali



Pure Mountain

The Ortler North Face




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- Elena Runggaldier



Arianna tricomi freeride skiing

In love! Arianna Tricomi started skiing when she was three years old. At the age of six, she started telemark skiing and alpine racing and she did that for ten years with good results. At the age of sixteen, she decided to start freeskiing and competed in slopestyle for four years until 2013. At the end of that winter, she signed up for her first Freeride World Qualifier competition (FWQ). In her first freeride competition, she crashed in her run, but got a wildcard for Open Faces Kappl **. In the Open Faces **, she landed a good run, and ended up in second place! After this result, she was super pumped to continue to compete in freeskiing the next season. 2014 was her first full season on the Freeride World Qualifier tour where she finished on fifth place in the overall ranking for the Europe-Oceania region. Winter 2015 was her second full year on the FWQ Tour and she had an awesome season! Arianna Tricomi skied well, and was consistently landing her competition runs. After the qualifying season was over, she finished in first place overall for the Europe-Oceania region, and earned her spot for the Freeride World Tour 2016.



Place of birth Age



168 cm


66 kg

Star Sign AthletE since Simon Ricklin

Bozen, Italy

Family status

Leo 1998 unmarried



Simon Ricklin



Falling for freeskiing! Going on freeride competitions was always a good excuse for her to discover new places, ride beautiful mountains and have fun. “I love my home mountains, the Dolomites, the perfect playground all year around! But I also like Innsbruck, the best city to live in and Indonesia for my holidays”, Arianna says. Her biggest passion besides skiing is surfing, which is also the perfect cross training for freeride skiing. She also enjoys trekking, traveling, going for adventures in the wilderness, skateboarding, slacklining and climbing. Her first year on the Freeride World Tour was really positive. She managed to win one tour stop, third place in Alaska and got third place in the overall ranking. At the end of the season she got awarded „Rookie of the Year“. Arianna Tricomi is looking forward to the next season on the FWT and hopes to bring some progression and style into her runs. Her intention is to be at the top of the overall ranking in the next years. After all – and maybe that’s what is most important – skiing for her means joy and freedom. “Every time I put my skis on”, she states, “it’s like falling in love again!”

Jeremy Bernard



Biggest passion besides skiing is surfing

How did you get into sport? My mum was a downhill skier (World Cup and Olympics) and so I started skiing when I was three years old. I was really lucky and got the chance to try out every type of sport and was never forced to do anything, free to live my passions. What would you do with a lottery jackpot? I would give some money to charity, make my family and friends somehow happy and go travelling! Do you have a role model? My role model are my parents, they are both so happy enjoying life! Where do you see yourself in eight years ‘time, or after you retire? I still see myself skiing, studying more, and working as a physiotherapist. Hopefully also teaching my kids one day to enjoy nature and sports. What did you want to become as a child? I wanted to be a marine biologist! What drives you crazy or mad? My printer. It never works and I get really angry! How you beat your way through this men dominated sport world? I grew up with the boys and usually prefer spending time with them. They are relaxed, fun and It’s so nice to be pushed by them! Do you wish to tell something to the readers? Go out and enjoy the mountains, but always safety first!!

Simon Ricklin



Awarded as Freeride World Tour “Rookie of the Year”

Mia Maria Knoll



Typical day on “Riders on the Storm” at Torres Central 3.00



having LYOFOOD breakfast and lots of coffee


starting jumar up the rope


start climbing with the first light of the day, working the pitches until noon


sun disappeared, the face turned wet from melted snow running down




having LYOFOOD lunch


hang out in portaledge for a while


start working on the variant in the late afternoon


melting snow, to get water for cooking


having LYOFOOD soup and dinner


having a sip of our wispy bottle


going to sleep

Sometimes reality makes you do things differently “But there were a lot of these days, after a storm hit the wall...We got up earlier than 3.00 a.m. in the basecamp, hiked up for two and a half to three hours, jumar up the 500meter to the ledge, start climbing at 8.00 or 9.00 a.m. and kept climbing whatever was possible with these conditions” Ines Papert states

“Once I had to go down all the way to the Belgium’s bivi, just to pick up the ice screw we forgot and I went immediately up again. And there was one pitch impossible for us to climb/protect without using an ice screw” (Ines Papert)



Torres del Paine National Park Christian Hartmann

Torres Central


Riders on the Storm (difficulty: 7c, A3) is considered to be one of the most interesting climbing routes in Patagonia. The region is well-known for its fast changing weather with lots of rainfall, the climbing is very versatile and demanding. It was first climbed by Kurt Albert, Bernd Arnold, Norbert Bätz, Peter Dittrich and Wolfgang Güllich. There are all kinds of splits in the stone, requiring complex safety measures. The 1.300 meters route takes a direct line up to the compact granite East Face of Paine’s Torre Central. There have been no free ascents of this route, even though many climbers have tried. Riders on the Storm is heavily challenging and highly famous among classic climbing routes.

Riders on the Storm

The food supply

A top condition, endurance and backbone are decisive for such challenging project. Just like the right, tough and reliable equipment also Rich in nutrients and healthy food are very important, furthermore both have to be light in weight to reach the chosen Target



On the 6th of February, Ines Papert and Mayan Smith-Gobat summited Torres Central, in Torres del Paine National Park, via the east face. They succeeded in making the fifth known ascent of Riders on the Storm, 25 years after the first ascent of this historic route! Ines Papert has climbed her first easy alpine route when she was 23. That is when she noticed that she was born to be a climber. Later, when she was 26, she won the ice climbing world cup and after winning the comps, she had her first sponsors and with that the possibility to pay her daily invoices. “Riders has been a long term goal; since I met Kurt Albert 10 years ago, I was thinking about this line. But I also noticed, this would have been a proud and very hard goal. I had to experience a lot before! As well, I had to meet the person, I am going to climb this route with. And finally Mayan showed up in my life in 2014! She was the only possible partner for Riders I can think of!”, Ines Papert says. After all, the whole project was extremely complex and heavily challenging. “If there had been only the climbing, it would have been much easier. But carrying heavy bags, pulling static ropes, hauling gear, jumaring about 10 km in total, and on top the climbing made everything very power consuming. There were a few pitches, maybe not the hardest in grading, which were icy and crazy scary to climb. That’s when I used one crampon and one rock-shoe for the first time in life. When I am out there I do think a lot of my son, and I am trying not to get home sick. Also I try not to think too much about logistics, before I’m going to sleep. This is because you turn mentally in the circle. Once we decided, what to do next, I started reading a book, which has nothing to do with climbing; I need to be distracted and would not find any sleep, with all this thinking.” Having succeeded with her impressive project, Ines Papert is not planning to come back though: “Mayan is psyched to go again, I wish she can do it and won’t get hurt. If I would go again, I would have learned nothing from any climbing lesson on this big wall. I feel responsible for my 15 years old son. Climbing is my life, but I don’t want to lose it for any climb! The entire risk got incalculable, sometimes I could not identify any reasons for rock fall. Warm temperatures might have been the case, but why in the middle of the night? Rocks have destroyed our portaledge while sleeping, it was so close that the rock hit us. There were several moments like this and I was glad we made it safely to the ground. Plus the fact, that the route is very difficult and would take us again a lot of time. I am quite sure, we have to be more than lucky to get so much good weather again. Patagonia and specially Torres del Paine are well known for constant bad weather. If there is sun, the rock starts to fall down. There is nothing you can do to avoid these dangers. This is why I have decided not to do it again. I have been struggling with this decision a lot, though!” Thomas Senf






Place of birth Age Height

180 cm 80 kg

Athlete since




Weight Star Sign

Fredrik Etoall

Mora, Sweden

Family status

Leo 1994 Girlfriend Janni

The two planks that mean the world! If you try to describe Jon Olsson, it is very difficult to find the right superlatives. Jon Olsson is famous for being one of the best freestyle skiers on the planet and at the same time he is known as a blogger, a car racer and a product designer. In freestyle skiing he has won many titles, among them several X Games medals and the Red Bull Big Air competition. With the Jon Olsson Invitational, he is even hosting his own Big Air event since 2005! Also some famous tricks have been invented by him, like the Kangaroo Flip, a double flatspin 900, being one of the most difficult ones at all! Later on, Jon Olsson even started another career on alpine skiing, where he was short before taking part in the Olympic Games! Only a knee injury prevented him from reaching this goal in the end. Having recovered, he focused on freestyle skiing again and also had many different film appearances and countless other freeski achievements. 8article


Innovated the Kangaroo Flip a double flatspin 900

Mattias Fredriksson

With his passion he has inspired the whole freeskiing scene and many trends can be led back to his creativity and his unique style known all around the world. As a product designer he is involved in different projects as well, like the highly successful Douchebags travel gear, employing nine people full time. At the moment, Jon Olsson lives in Monaco, and, as a passionate car collector, he has got several Audi and a tuned Lamborghini. “I love cars, I love to build them, design them and drive them! I used to be all about crazy sports cars, but now I feel that for every year that goes by, I start to look more and more at four seaters, as it is just so much more practical!” Jon Olsson regularly takes part in the famous Gumball 3000 international celebrity motor rally. Apart from that, he is very much into social media: “I started a daily Vlog where we shot a video every day since then and doing that takes up a lot of my time. But we have grown to 350.000 views a day on my YouTube channel now, so that’s super fun!” His fans can always follow him there as well as on his social media channels and his personal blog.

How did you get into sport?

Where do you see yourself in eight

What is your favorite location to

My family has always been skiing, so

years, or after your career?

go out or to spend time?

for me it was just natural and I just kept

No idea! Haha, I want to have two kids

I love Marbella, bought a house there a

doing what I loved and that made me get

and a dog, besides that I have no idea!

few years ago and my Girlfriends family

pretty good at it!

is there so I always feel good when I What you wanted to be as a child?

arrive there!

What do you really want to make in

The best skier in the world! To me that

your life?

was always the goal, didn’t really think

Do you wish to tell something to

I want to feel productive, work hard and

about much else!

the readers?

have fun!

Just enjoy life, work hard and go for your What you have always with you or

Do you have a slogan?

take along on your journey?

Get shit done! Haha!

My computer, can’t live without it!



dreams even if people call you crazy!

Alpine skiing candidate for the Olympic Games!




Elbow pads

Mouth guard

The rules:

Two teams compete. Five out of 14 skaters are at the same time on the track, one Jammer and four Blockers. Each skater has his own number and every team uses different helmet color with various signs on the players helmet. The Jammer is

Wrist guard

marked with a star and the Pivot Blocker which is like a ' chief ' blocker, has a stripe on the helmet, The Jammers task is to score points, passing the opponent blockers , as often as possible during 2 minutes. The Blockers glide on the middle pace and try to prevent the Jammers from scoring points and help out their own. Each passed Blocker counts one point. Legal contact is limited to hips, shoulders and the front of the body.

Knee pads

Illegal moves are: holding, pushing with the elbow, tripping and backblocks. Each team can change out their 5 players after the concluded 2 minutes. The game consists of two times 30 minutes.

Quad derby skates 22


DERBY A characteristic side of this sport is the team spirit and the toughness of the skaters, which is often reflected in their nicknames. Roller derby first emerged in the USA in the 1920s. The term was used to describe roller skate races. Already 10 years later the sport began to evolve from a mixed team (1 woman and 1 man) marathon skating race on a raised track into a female more physical competition emphasizing skater collisions and falls. Leo Seltzer, the founder of the roller derby league, increased audiences even due to the television in the late 1940s. His son Jerry Seltzer has inherited the league of his father and carried on with the organization until 1973, when he had to shut down his Roller Derby organization. There were several short-lived attempts to revive versions of the old sport in the ´80s and ´90s. Some versions of roller derby, including Roller Games, included staged action and storylines, like professional wrestling leagues. Till the early 2000 when a modern women’s roller derby started in Austin, the Texas Rollergirls. Since then, loud music, crazy outfits, and lots of fun are what makes this sport so interesting and funny. In 2006 even in Europe the roller-fever started. The London Rollergirls (LRG) started on April 2006 and they have been a pioneering force for the growth of roller derby in the UK and Europe. As the first roller derby, a league to be established in the UK, LRG has continued to set precedence in the sport – from becoming the first European member of the international governing body of the sport, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). London Brawling, the all-star team, became the first team outside of the USA to play their way to the end of season championship tournament. Roller Derby has experienced a come-back in Europe, introducing a whole new generation of roller girls and roller boys. In every European state, they have their own champion ships, battled every year, like football and other known sports. In the year 2016 the international roller derby champion ship has been in Milano in the middle of October, where the Munich Rolling Rebels have been one of the most successful teams. This has been a good year for the A-Team Munich Dynamite of the Munich Rolling Rebels. This season they were so successful that in July they had just enough points to mount up in the 1. Bundesliga. 8article







Womens Flat Track Derby Association The WFTDA is the international governing body association of teams from all over the world which sets standards for rules seasons safety and determines guidelines for the national and international athletic competitions of member leagues

Munich Rolling Rebels - Frieder Kesch


The Greatest of all Time

In June 2016 probably one the best known boxer and politi-

Several times he gets arrested and appealed. In total Muham-

cal activists of all time died at the age of 74: Cassius Marcellus

mad Ali fought 61 boxing fights, 56 by winning,

Clay Jr., or better known as Muhammad Ali was born in 1942

only 5 fights he lost. He is still the only

in Louisville, Kentucky and started his boxing career at the age

three-time lineal heavyweight champion,

of 12. At the age of 18 he won the Olympic gold medal in the

having won the title in 1964, 1974 and

light heavyweight division at the 1960 Olympic

1978. His heavywight fights against Joe

in Rome. At the age of 22 he was already



champion by defeating the


Frazier and George Foreman became famous by the media coverage “Fight of the Century” (New York, USA - 1971), or “Rum-

defending champion Sonny

ble in the Jungle” (Kinshasa, Zaire - 1974) or

Liston. By the time he gets

“Thrilla in Manila” (Manila, Philippines - 1975).

also political: In the Civil

Muhammad Ali fought his last boxing

Rights Movement he fought

fight 1981, which he lost, after get-

for the right of equality of

ting the Parkinson-Syndrome. His

the Afro-American People, he rejected the call of the U.S. military to serve in the Vietnam War and after being racial discriminated he converted to Islam and changed his name in “Muhammad

legacy is inspiring for many people, his controversial and polarizing attitude and behavoir made him to one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century.

Ali”. Archive: Muhammad Ali




Through the roof Alexander Megos started climbing as a little kid when he was only five years old with his parents and continued in a kids climbing group in his home town Erlangen in Germany. When he was about eleven years old he got more and more interested in the sport and started climbing more than once a week, while taking part in his first local competitions already with success.



Place of birth Age

Erlangen, Germany 23


174 cm


57 kg

Star Sign Athlete since Family status

Leo 1999 Single

Frank Kretschmann

At the age of 13 he did his first national competitions and with 14 years he took part in his first international youth competitions. That was as well the time when he met the two climbing trainers Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb aka “Kraft Factory� and started training with them. At the age of 14 he became part of the German youth national team. From 2008 till 2011 he did a lot of youth competitions and became European Youth Champion in 2009 and 2010 as well as second in the Youth World Championships in 2010. 8article


SEEKING for more challenge

After finishing school in 2012 he decided to stop competing to have more time for travelling and outdoor climbing, which he wanted to do for one year before studying at the university. After an unexpected world’s first on sight of a route graded 9a he suddenly found himself in the position to continue climbing for a little longer as a professional athlete though. With the support of his two trainers he got multiple sponsorship deals enabling him to finance all of his travels. Since then, he is travelling around the world visiting climbing areas and trying to repeat the hardest routes and boulders, also putting up some new first ascents. Highlights of the past few years were repeats of over 30 routes graded 9a9b and around 20 first ascents of routes from 9a-9b. His career highlights so far were the first ascents of “Supernova” 9a+/b in his home climbing area at Frankenjura and “Fightclub” 9b in Canada as well as the repeat of Chris Sharma’s “First Round First Minute” 9b. Bouldering highlights were multiple boulders till 8B+ and the repeat of “Lucid Dreaming” 8C. When Alex is not climbing, he enjoys photography a lot or just relaxing, sleeping or having a good time with his friends.



How did you get into sport?

What you have always with you or take along on your journey?

My father got me and the whole family into climbing. So when I was younger my parents would take me and my sister out for

I always bring a camera. There are always moments worth



What would you do with a lottery jackpot?

What drives you up the wall?

Invest in real estate to make more money and be able to go

If somebody is not on time, that drives me crazy!

climbing with friends for the rest of my life. - And probably buy a van!

Do you have a slogan?

What do you really want to make in your life?

Train hard, climb harder. No excuses, no mercy.

I want to achieve my absolute limit in the sport I love and be

Do you wish to tell something to the readers?

able to look back in the end and not regret anything I’ve done. Where do you see yourself in eight years, or after your

Do live your life and have fun, no matter what you are doing! Life is short so make sure to enjoy it!

career? I see myself still climbing and having fun doing what I love. No

Ken Etzel

matter on which level I’ll be climbing then.



Christoph Hainz, extreme mountaineer from MĂźhlwald in Italy, the Austrian extreme skier Axel Naglich and the world record holder in speedriding, Armin Senoner from South Tyrol/Italy, have defeated the partly 80 degrees steep icy Ortler North Face. 30


The Ortler North Face bearing a challenge

For the encounter, the three extreme athletes have prepared

ice wall changes by breaking seracs. Classic routes, such as the

themselves by detailed inspection, analysis and exchange of in-

direct Messner-line, are no longer there. In general, the Ortler

formation about the snow situation on the tallest peak of the Or-

North Face is climbed in the months between May and June, so

tler Alps with the local Alpine School Ortler. Due to bad weather

the rise in the month of April depicted an additional challenge

conditions in the past weeks, the climb was postponed for an

for the three athletes. The “giant Ortler”, called after an ancient

uncertain date and the waiting for good conditions dragged on

tale, is located in the heart of the Stelvio National Park, one of

for several days. The Ortler North Face is an extreme challenge

Europe’s largest parks and with its 3,905 meters the highest

even for the

mountain in





ers. So did the

At its foot, on

wall demand






sea-level, lies


the mountain



village Solda


with its about

can count



meter the




dents. Due to

routes as his,

its remote lo-



cation, Solda



is often called


kilometer de-



of Tyrol”. Sur-


from summit

of Mount St. Elias down to


rounded many

by high


Icy Bay one of the world’s longest ski runs and Armin Senoner,

and plenty of snow, it is a perfect place and starting point for

who about a year ago on the Königspitze in Solda - together with

expeditions or daring ascents. Also Christoph Hainz, Axel Na-

his manager Bartolomeus Kohl - beat the existing Speedriding

glich and Speedrider Armin Senoner made the Ortler North

world record set by the Frenchman François Bon. Due to the

Face to their target, one of the most difficult and dangerous

strongly altered conditions, such as the decline of the ice, in-

climbs. While Hainz and Naglich still ascend the longest ice wall

creases the danger of falling ice and rocks. Also the route in the

of the Eastern Alps with its 1,200 meters of climbing, 8article


Ortler, 3905m

46°30’33’’ N, 10°32’41’’ O Stilfser Joch Nationalpark Sulden - “Siberia of Tyrol”

Senoner Armin and his fellow Guido flew down the steep North Face. Hainz and Naglich got rewarded, after a view from South Tyrol´s highest mountain, with a breathtakingly descent from the heavily glaciated Ortler through the Minnigerode couloir, a 50-degree steep downhill with nearly 1,400-meter elevation gain. See the full story about “Der Ortler - Südtirols „König der Berge“ a new documentary film by Planet Watch film productions with the support of 8art Production. Oskar Verant

Wer morgen als Spitzensportler Profil zeigen will, braucht heute eine solide Basis.

Christof Innerhofer

Lebt in Gais, Südtirol. Skirennläufer, WM im SuperG 2011 und Doppel Olympiamedaillen Gewinner SOCHI 2014. Südtiroler SPORTHILFE...war an seiner Seite.

Anna Oberparleitner

Lebt in Olang, Südtirol.Passionierte und talentierte Mountainbikerin, die ihre sportlichen Träume verwirklichen möchte. Südtiroler SPORTHILFE...unterstützt sie dabei. 8article


May the Force be with you The famous American epic space opera created by George Lucas consists of three trilogies: The original Trilogy from 1977 to 1983 with the episodes IV - VI, the prequel Trilogy (1999 – 2005: episodes I - III) and the Sequel Trilogy (2015 – 2019: episodes VII IX). Seven episodes are already published, two more movies are about to come in 2017 and 2019: The first was published in 1977 and the last and 7th episode came out in 2015. It narrates the adventures of various characters “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”. In a brief history, the Star Wars Saga from episode I to VI is about Anakin Skywalker a Jedi Knight that turns from good to evil and becomes Darth Vader (episode I to III). His son Luke Skywalker also in training to become a Jedi knight, tries to convince him to change sides but Darth Vader has become to powerful and evil. At the End of Episode VI father and Son fight each other. In 2012 Walt Disney acquired the production company Lucasfilm for $4.06 billion and earned the distribution rights to all subsequent Star Wars films, beginning with the release of The Force Awakens in 2015. The series has spawned an extensive media franchise including books, television series, computer and video games, and comic books. Star Wars is considered of being the “Most successful film merchandising franchise.” The Star Wars episodes are also famous for its special effects, machines, actors and devices, so the robots R2-D2 and C-3PO got an important role throughout the Episodes. Both have been personified by actors. Recently the British actor of R2-D2 Kenny Baker deceased at the age of 81. In the new episodes, characters are most created and launched with the latest computer technology. In total Star Wars have been nominated for 27 Awards, of which they won seven, including three Special Achievement Awards in Visual Effects.

Moritz Russ

Il profilo di un futuro campione si costruisce con un solido presente.

Dorothea Wierer

nata a Brunico, Südtirol. È stata la prima biatleta italiana a vincere la Coppa del Mondo individuale, nel 2016. SPORTHILFE Alto Adige...era con lei.

Laura Mair

vive a Selva di Valgardena, Südtirol. Gioca a tennis ed il suo sogno è quello di poter avere un'opportunità. SPORTHILFE Alto Adige ...sarà con lei.



Yay Section Fatbikes: winter sport fun for biking and fitness enthusiasts

A really


Benno Prenn

Why fat biking? Arriving at destinations, which are unat-

the countryside.

tainable for regular mountain bikes during

Step away from standard indoor activities

the cold season, makes this piece of sports

and find yourself in a new adventure. This

equipment a real winter outdoor-activity

is fat biking and you should have tried it.

alternative. It seems to appeal especially

By regular training fat biking can contribute

Little children are greeting, the grandpar-

to men, who love endurance sports and

significantly to improve your endurance,

ents look puzzled and the women wink at

exposure to extreme and in this case cold

despite this cruising around with this vehi-

me: the 4.8-inch wide tires of the fatbike are


cle makes you just look cool.

real eye-catchers.

For sure this combination opens new possi-

Fatbikes (also fat bikes) or as sports name

bilities for all passionate bikers who would

What does this mean?

fat biking was mainly designed for use on

otherwise have to renounce their hob-

Get down from the couch and up on

sand and snow. The idea for this has been

by during winter. Even the fitness factor

the saddle.

around for a very long time, but the first

should not be underestimated: on average,

concrete models have been manufactured

about 1,500 calories are burned in an hour

around 1980 in Alaska and contemporane-

of fat biking.

ous in Mexico. Since some time the hype

Infobox: In Europe are several events where you

around fat biking and it’s lifestyle has also

Any conclusion?

get the opportunity to try and test a fat-

reached Europe. Nowadays you will hardly

Get into your functional clothing and then

bike. A very popular one ist the “Snow-

find a bike store where no fatbike is show-

out into the open. Step into the pedals, start

bike Festival� in Gstaad (Switzerland)

ing in the window display.

sweating and enjoy this new prospective on

from 19 to 22 January 2017.



Marawa hula hoop

Place of birth Age

Melbourne, Australia 34


165 cm


No idea

Star Sign


Athlete since


Family status

2 Brothers & 1 Sister



Eight facts about Marawa • holds the world record for 200 hoops at once! • started skating when she was two years old. • has three pairs of high heeled roller skates! • performed with Kenzo, JackÜ, Refinery29 and hula hoop crisps! • played Josephine Baker in New York for six months to rave reviews! • came third on Arab’s Got Talent and was

holds the world record for


hulla hoops

a semifinalist on BGT, AGT! • is hooping since she was 20 • holds eight world records!

Jo Duck



The Lady of the Rings! Marawa is a truly international person: Her mother being from Australia and her father from Somalia, she spent her childhood in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Middle East. She never stopped traveling! Maybe this is what gave her the great inspiration for her later career as an artist. As a child she admired the gymnast Olga Korbut and dreamt of playing a role in the rollerskating musical Starlight Express. Also, she was very much into music and played drums during her high school time. After graduating she went on a tour of circus schools in China and enrolled in a Bachelor of Circus Arts in Australia. Even though she did not plan to become a performer, later on she discovered that it could be possible to make a career out of this, especially being inspired by several cabaret shows. This is also where she intensified her love for hoola hooping, which she could perfectly combine with her travelling nature. Since then, Marawa has performed and taught hoola hooping in many different countries, such as Nepal, North Korea, Spain, Poland, Mexico, and Somalia. Always enjoying working with creative people, she also was into video making and live performances, even establishing her events at the fashion weeks in London and Paris. Being asked about her attitude towards fashion, she quotes that it is most important that people feel comfortable and just wear what they like, no matter what the other people say! Finally, in 2012, she launched her own team of hoop performers called Marawa’s Majorettes. She wants to teach everyone how to hoola hoop. After all, she still loves to teach, to perform and to work on interesting projects, and, most importantly, to travel, making new friends all over the world!

World conquering hoola hoop master Marawa the Amazing What is your favorite location to go out or to

Do you have a role model? Josephine Baker

spend time? Fountain Valley skate rink – Los Angeles!

What you wanted to be as a child? An astronaut!

What do you really want to make in your life? A new world record with more hoops!

Where do you see yourself in eight years, or after your career? What do you mean after my

What you have always

career!? It’s not ending, haha!

with you or take along on your journey? My laptop. Good moisturizer. A camera.

Do you wish to tell something to the readers? Anyone can hoop – you just

Do you have a slogan?

need the right size!




Race against the clock! In the mountains five hours, under terrible conditions, can be a very long period of time. Even for well-trained mountaineers the Alps bear a lot of challenges in their rough and harsh terrain. The German Michi Wohlleben and his fellow countryman Michi Bückers took up the challenge: Packed with only a Mini Wing in their backpack, the two alpinists have climbed Germans highest peak, the „Zugspitze“!

Julian Bückers



Big faces, exposed ridges, ice and snow on lonely summits are the home and playground of Michael Wohlleben and Michael Bückers. Combining the climbing favor with their latest passion of flying has opened completely new possibilities to both athletes. The idea of climbing the 2.875 meter high summit of the „Schneefernerkopf” in the Zugspitzmassiv via the difficult climb called „Zwischen den Toren“, a mountain face with a climbing duration up to 10 hours, with the descent to the valley using a small wing haunted their minds already for a while.



Climbing one of the hardest routes in the Bavarian mountain

It was not really planned that Wohlleben and Bückers would achieve their ambitious goal right away at the first attempt! „We only wanted to have a look into the face as preparation“, states Wohlleben later, „we just had our ultra-lightweight Skywalk gliders in the backpack in case everything would work out perfect“. After its entry into the approximately 1.300 meter long climbing face, the duo realized quite fast, that conditions might not be perfect but they found quick harmony and balance as a team for a smooth flow. Wohlleben leads, Bückers follows fast. With various speed climbing techniques, like „simulclimbing“, or „running belays“, they approach the 24 pitches climb. That means, skipping as many bolts as possible plus having 20 quickdraws on the harness. With this approach they can link many pitches together, to save time on belays.



to be back in time for lunch On one hand, this minimalist vision was only possible because of the large experience Michi Wohlleben gained in the last years in speed climbing, for example the first enchainment of the Tre Cime north faces in winter with the famous Swiss alpinist Ueli Steck or on the Eiger North face where Michi climbed together with his friend Julien Irilli in five hours and five minutes to the summit, which was the third fastest time for a team. On the other hand Bückers is a good match to Wohlleben: strong, reasonable and reliable. “If you climb in this style, the team has to be perfect”, Wohlleben states, “if one falls off, it definitely ends horrible.”

Hold on for a good momentum For the demanding climb the guidebook recommends six to ten hours, but the two speed climbers needed only two hours and 45 minutes. At the summit plateau of the Schneefernerkopf, the weather and winds for the takeoff was everything else but perfect. In the early morning it was raining and for the evening a cold front was predicted. Wohlleben and Bückers were waiting first of all. More than half an hour passes on the peak before Bückers, the more experienced pilot of the team, could air born. Wohlleben follows. In an only ten minute nose dive, down the 1.000 meter steep mountain face they shortly before hung in, the two are landing safe down the valley and - after a short look at the watch - they realized that they stood within the five hour mark, which is a brilliant achievement for both athletes. “There could have been even more possible” they smirk, “if the weather would have been on our side!” Anyway, it was a great achievement that nobody had expected beforehand!

Julian Bückers



nikolett Szántó Drift Car Driving

The Art of Driving

women deserve the same

Nikolett Szántó has always been interested in cars and

opportunities in their

motorsports. She first tried to drift ten years ago, and fell in

lives as men.” With that

love with it immediately. When she was at the track for the

attitude she already

first time and heard the sound of the drifting cars and smelt

achieved respectable

the burning tires, she realized that she was meant to be a

finishes in various drift-

part of it. “That’s how it all started and that’s how I still feel

ing competitions. When

before my races”, she states. She first started practicing with

she is not driving, Nikolett

her daily car, a BMW E36, before she chose an E30. Her first

Szántó likes doing sports,

race took place on a round of the Hungarian Championship

going to the theater or attending

in 2007. Later, as she started to develop, she took part in

art exhibitions. As a huge fan of the

different drift events in Europe. Being asked, how she beats

Italian culture, she also likes travel-

her way through this men dominated motorsport world, she

ling during the summer. Besides her

says, that she just always does her best and tries to care less

talent in motorsports, Nikolett Szántó

about what society seems to prefer: that motorsports is a

is passionate for art. “Basically, I am an artist”,

men’s privilege. “I have two arms, two legs and one head,

she says. “I studied classical music and fine arts. Arts

and I don’t think we need any other special body parts for

and sports have been major parts of my life since my child-

driving. The path I have chosen is not an easy one, but I think

hood. I prefer challenges that require creative solutions.



Place of birth Age

Budapest, Hungary 36


165 cm


50 kg

Star Sign


Athlete since


Family status





What do cars mean to you? They are my best friends, I really love my cars, and drifting is my life. What would you do with a lottery jackpot? It would be nice to participate in numerous championships, I would love to travel the world, and I would be happy to establish an association in order to help women reach their goals all around the world. Do you have a role model? I think highly of Danica Patrick who is very successful in this sport. I also respect Michelle Mounton, whose career is amazing. Where do you see yourself in eight years, or after your career? I think motorsport will always be the part of my life, so I see myself racing as long as possible. In my senior years I would like to deal with art and painting. What drives you crazy or mad? When people don’t respect other people Do you see yourself as a petrolhead? I’m a woman with an interest in motorsports. Do you have a slogan? Don’t let the world decide who you can be! You should be the judge of your own life! Show them who you are!

Do you wish to tell something to the readers? Never give up, believe in yourself and work hard for your dreams!



During my studies I learned about several artworks and artists, moreover I managed to understand the physical and chemical characteristics of the canvas, wood and other kinds of frescos. Restoration processes need precision – this feature determines other parts of my life as well.� Nikolett is an associate of art and a paint-restorer-artist, also working as a graphic designer, and, at the same time, the very first woman in the world who won races and championships.



The oldest and most spoken Language The Chinese language, also known as Mandarin, has the most native users in the world today with more than 1.4 billion speakers. The Chinese written language with the Chinese characters, is one of the oldest, and the only pictographic language in modern use. It is about 4,000 years old and consists of more than 100,000 characters, but only 3,000 – 4,000 are required for functional literacy. Characters convey meaning often through symbolic units, quite unlike phonetic written languages. Profound and elegant, they lend themselves to beautiful calligraphy and poetic phrase and idiom.

More than 5,000 years of history About 5,000 years ago the area of today’s China was divided in many kingdoms. Many dynasties fought for the right of their existence, seeking to expand their power. In this era of incertitude raised the General and later Emperor Qin Shihuangdi. He conquered and unified a huge area in Eastern Asia and founded the first united Chinese Empire. Qin Shihuangdi, literally means the “first god’s emperor of the Qin Dynasty”. The name “China” is deviated from the Word “Qin”. The cultural Heritage of Qin Shihuangdi is still visible near the city of Xi’an with the world famous Terracotta Army, placed there as guards for his tomb. His tomb has never been opened, and will never be; according to Chinese tradition to open a tomb of the ancestors is the worst you can do to someone.

Vineyard for Vineyard. Wine for Wine. 46


Jonas Werth

Travel destination

The Land of the Dragons China is a country of superlatives, beginning with it’s almost 10,000 years of history and culture, it´s probably the country with the oldest one on earth. No European or Western Country can reach this heritage and keep it for this many centuries. With about 24.6 million square kilometers it is the fourth largest country on earth and the country with the biggest population, about 1.4 billion inhabitants.

Over the Centuries China has had three capital cities: Beijing – the northern capital, Nanjing – the southern capital and Xi’an – the western peace. All are related to the reign of the many Dynasties ruled in China: The most known are the Shang, Xia, Han, Ming and Qing-Dynasties. In 1911 the latest Empire of China was disposed and the Emperor and his household had to flee. For a short time eastern China was divided by western colonial concessions - such as the French, British, German or Dutch Concessions - until Dr. Sun Yat-Sen took back the control of power, and formed the Republic of China. In the 1930’s Japanese military forces invaded in northern China, and occupied a huge area from Beijing to Hong Kong. The Japanese occupation ended in 1945, after Japan was hit by the two nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In 1949 the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party Mao Zedong proclaimed the People’s Republic of China and constructed a socialist regime. After his death in 1976 China has slowly been opened to the western capitalist markets. In the last 20 Years China has made remarkable economic development and growth by rebuilding cities, production factories for western companies, and engineering. This economic growth lasts until now. China’s development into the “factory of the world” has captured the largest slice of the global supply chain. 8article


All roads lead to Beijing Beijing, the “Northern Capital”, the capital city and political center of China, is the most populated city in China, with about 24 million inhabitants. The main square in the center of Beijing is the Tiananmen-Square (Square of Heavenly Peace) which occupies a huge area in the city center, representing the political strength of China with the People’s Congress Hall, the National Museum, the Mausoleum of Chairman Mao Zedong, the Peoples-Monument and the entrance gate to the former Emperors Palace, which is called “the Forbidden City”. The name derives from the fact, that it was forbidden for the public to enter this area. The whole palace has had exactly 9,999 rooms - only heaven can have 10,000! It still is the largest imperial palace complex in the world. On the north side of the palace lays the Coal Hill – an artificial hill, to prevent the Forbidden City from the Siberian/Mongolian cold in the winter – from where you will have a nice panorama throughout the city of Beijing. The town’s landmark is though, is “the Temple of Heaven”, where the emperors prayed twice a year for a good weather and a good harvest. About 70 km northeast of Beijing crosses the probably most famous Chinese construction: “The Great Wall of China” or, how the Chinese would say “The Long-Wall”. It was constructed within 2,500 years, especially to protect the trade on the silk road from the Mongolian invaders coming from the north, and has had a total length of about 21,000 km (ca. 13,000 mi). Off the famous Terracotta Army, the Old Town of Xi’an, “the western Peace”, is surrounded by a 14 km long city wall. It has been a wealthy city, being situated on the silk road, and so in the past many traders had to pass it. Still today it has many pagodas, temples, and city markets, which sell street food and souvenirs.

Boomtown Shanghai and surroundings The second largest city of China is also the economic center of China: Shanghai - situated at the Delta of the Yangtze-River and constructed along the Huangpu-river with the world famous Pudong-Skyline at the “Bund”. Near Shanghai about 100 km to the west is the city of Suzhou: Yet the Chinese Emperors admired the city and constructed the “Emperor Channel” from Beijing to Suzhou and on to Hangzhou, more than 2,000 kilometers. Suzhou was known for it’s silk industry, and it is still today. The city center is well known for the Suzhou Gardens for example the Garden of the Master of Nets and the Garden of the Humble Administrator. The channels crossing the City, which gave it the nickname “Venice of the East”.



The Yangtze-River is the third longest river in the world and

zhou-Shenzhen Area, with many enterprises, markets and in-

very important for the Chinese economy and culture. The

ternational companies and also another language: “Cantonese”.

Chinese people say it divides the country between North and South, with different cuisines, languages and also social behavior. The Yangtze Headwaters lay in the autonomous region of Tibet and it crosses many big cities, such as Chongqing, Wuhan and Shanghai, but the probably best known part are the Three Gorges – Qutong, Wu and Xiling, and the majestic 125 meters high Three-Gorges-Dam.

Hong Kong & Macau “One Country, two Systems” At the Pearl River Delta two special administrations and former colonies, Hong Kong and Macau, still stand more or less independent from Mainland China: Hong Kong since 1997 was part of the British Empire, meanwhile Macau was given back from Portugal in 1999. Under the principle of “one country, two systems”, Hong Kong and Macau maintain a separate political and economic system from China. Except in military defense and foreign affairs, the two states have their independent executive, legislative and judiciary powers. Hong Kong, on the eastern side of the Pearl-River-Delta, is 1,106 square kilometers (427 sq mi) big and has a population of over 7.3 million inhabitants. It’s one of the worlds most densely populated states. It is very important for the financial industry and international trade: many banks have their headquarters in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the world’s most significant financial centers, and it is renowned for its deep natural harbor, which enables ready access by international cargo ships, and its skyline, with a very high density of skyscrapers; the territory boasts

Southern China

the second largest number of high rises of any city in the world. It has a very high Human Development Index ranking and the world’s longest life expectancy. But Hong Kong also has many

The Southern Part of China is characterized by social poverty

touristic attractions, probably the most famous one is the Pan-

and poor infrastructures, a big exception though, is the area

orama at the Victory Peak. Other famous places are the floating

around Guilin. It is the international touristic hotspot of China

village of Aberdeen and Kowloon, from where you can admire

and well known for the marvelous Carst-Hills and Rice Fields.

Hong Kong’s Skyline.

Highly recommended is to take a bamboo-float-ride along the

Best season to travel to China is in spring (March to June) and

Yulong-River near Yangshuo, or a boat-ride on the Li-River,

fall (September-October). Please check for visa-inquiries: Most

from Guilin to Yangshuo, but also to take a hike to one of the

western and European citizens need to apply for a Travel-Visa.

many Carst-Hills-Panorama-Platforms. North of Guilin is the

Many travel agencies offer organized round-trips for groups.

Scenic Area of Longsheng, very famous for it’s rice terraces.

Individual tourists must pay attention, public transportation in

More southwards along the Southern Chinese Sea Shoreline

cities and high-speed-trains are well operated. Please consider

rises another economic hotspot area in China: The Guang-

the dimensions of the country. 8article


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Stay safe and stylish with Dr.Zipe’s Cranium Show that you stand up for children’s rights to education and peace on earth with the reliable and comfortable armor

The endurance athlete by gloryfy

matt black light weight helmet with unique fea-

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Sony´s new Virtual Reallity will enchant you Immerse into a variety of possibilities with the new VR system from Sony Playstation® A hole new world is opening for you. One might thing it is not challenging in terms of motion, but you will have to move your entire body to see and to reach all the new Sony Playstation® VR is offering of wide scope.

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Explore the world of freeride skiing Discover new possibilities with K2. Updated with Konic Technology, the Pinnacle 118 is one award-winning freeride ski that’s sending into the new season without even pulling in for a pit stop. Its fir and aspen core delivers solid edge-to-edge connection and lightweight resilience for professional big-mountain performance, and a tapered K2 Powder Rocker maximizes float while releasing turns with ease.

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Place of birth Age



178 cm


75 kg

Star Sign AthletE since Family status

Shay Williams


Coeur d’Alene - Idaho, USA


Leo Pro since 2010 unmarried


First ever slopestyle winner of the Olympic Games At the age of five, Sage Kotsenburg decided to start

forming an original grab of his board he invented

snowboarding, inspired by his older brother, who did

himself, called the “Holy Crail”.

not like skiing anymore at this time. Born in Coeur

He was the first gold medalist of the Olympic Games

d’Alene, Idaho, and growing up in Park City, Utah, he

as well as the first medalist for the United States of

soon made it to one of America’s most interesting

America. Being asked, what this extraordinary suc-

newcomers in his sports. Even though he claims him-

cess means to him, he states that he hopes to show

self that he was not talented in the very beginning,

to younger people that you can really make it in

at the age of twelve already, he had his US Open

snowboarding, passing it on to a new generation of

debut and at 16, he won the slopestyle silver at the

snowboarders, inspiring them like he was inspired

European X Games in 2010! He landed the first-ev-

himself when he was younger. For 2014, Sage Kotsen-

er Cab double cork 1440 at the Air & Style in Inns-

burg and his ‘Lick the Cat’ crew have been awarded a

bruck in February 2011, took third at the 2011 Arctic

Signature Session. During the summer, Sage Kotsen-

Challenge, and was named to the U.S. Snowboarding

burg trains on Mt. Hood at High Cascade Snowboard

Slopestyle Pro Team in December 2011.

Camp, and, when he finds the time, he is working on

He won slopestyle gold at the 2014 Sochi Olympics,

doing movies, edits, webisodes, and his online and

nailing one trick he had never tried before and per-

social media presence. 8article


Klaus Polzer

What do you do when you are not

Do you have a role model?

that and always been on track again very

pursuing your sport?

For sure, I mean I have role models


A lot of times I am skateboarding, surf-

within snowboarding. For example

ing, mountainbiking, hiking. I’m think-

Travis Rice is a big role model, this guy

What changed in your life after

ing of snowboarding most of the time

knows how to shred and live life at the

your win at the Olympics?

though, it pretty much consumes my

same time!

A lot of things changed, I couldn’t even

whole entire life!

walk around New York City afterwards What do you like to do in your free

without getting people in restaurants

What you wanted to be as a child?


cheering or taking photos, it was just

First I thought it was cool to be an

Music for sure, I’m super into music.

absolutely hectic. That’s sort of worn

astronaut or whatever but since I got

I don’t play anything but I’m always

of now though and I am just back into

into snowboarding I always dreamt of

listening to something. Other than that I


becoming a professional snowboarder!

like reading, I read a lot of books, a lot of

Do you have a slogan?

autobiographies and stuff like that. I’m

Where do you see yourself in eight

always trying to have a book with me!

years, or after your career?

I never really had a slogan, I mean, I’m

My whole life is snowboarding and

always trying to have fun and good

Did you have any injuries during

board sports so I never really wanna

times and surrounding myself with good

your career?

leave it!


Fortunately I’ve been pretty lucky with



Shay Williams





Culinary Delights

1.000,00 â‚Ź For existing restauran

ts and ALGE start-ups in Austria,

Germany, South Tyrol

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Start-Up with Alge

art in 2015 d! Since our st een founde a Alge h ve b already 14

The idea of Alge is to bring healthy organic food to the world‌ *valid until 31.12.2018

Would you like to have your own vegan restaurant? With Alge this is possible! If you are interested in healthy and delicious vegan and raw food and want to open up a new restaurant, bistro or cafe, you will be supported by the private, nonprofit Alge initiative! With this voucher you will get free support plus a one time financial benefit of 1.000 Euro for marketing, which can be used for flyer, labeling, menu, etc. This offer is also valid for existing restaurants that want to change into an Alge restaurant! Alge wants to support healthy eating, so let us know if you want to work with us!

The Alge team works fully nonprofit, in order

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as recipes. This guarantees an ideal efficiency.

ful and experienced entrepreneurs, who bring in their knowledge for the good cause for free!

entrepreneurs with deep knowledge and experience. The goal is to create 100 vegan Alge

The restaurant owners have got competent

restaurants and cafes within the next ten years.

contact persons for all problems. They can also

All Alge restaurants still are individually shaped

exchange experiences among each other. For

and designed by their owners, there is no stan-

this purpose there is an online forum with a

dard appearance. They have in common that

huge knowledge data bank. Marketing is sup-

they offer healthy food according to their code

ported by collective over regional advertising.

of honor! Alge is a protected name, which is gi-

All these benefits are given absolutely free to

ven to the Alge restaurants and cafes for free.

all Alge restaurants owners. That means: All ad-

Information 56


More info: / Alge vegan

Recipes by

Alge initiative

VEGAN RAWFOOD mayo by Alge initiative small serving Ingredients


• 100 ml water • 3 tablespoons apple vinegar (unfiltered)

• Put all in the blender except the oil

• 5 tablespoons almond butter

• Mix it about 40 seconds

• 1-1.5 cm turmeric (fresh)

• Blend it again while adding slowly the oil

• 1 tablespoon mustard • 1 tablespoon salt • 6 tablespoons olive oil

Raw vegan chief Boris Lauser supports the Alge initiative Boris Lauser, the famous raw vegan chief, is the patron of the Alge initiative. He supports it with his longtime experience and his great recipes. HINT: If you want to discover the world of vegan rawfood without opening a restaurant yourself, you should buy his book: Go raw - be alive! ISBN: 978-3-440-14358-2 19,99 €

Annett Melzer



KONTRUST Austria’s crossover heroes! Manuel Haglmüller (percussions), Roman Gaisböck (drums), Agata Jarosz (vocals), Stefan Lichtenberger (vocals), Mike Wolff (guitar), Gregor Kutschera (bass)



Andreas Riedmann


Music award winning Band

KONTRUST are firing at it hard again! Their colorful style, the impressive combination of genres and the unique fun factor made the band an attention grabbing veteran on international stages. The wild trip began in 2005, with their debut album „Welcome Home”. Since then, the band glances with their unique line up having two vocalists and adding a percussionist to the standard rock band setup. In the first years KONTRUST works their way through countless club shows and festivals throughout Europe and receives their status of being a live act standing apart by an ever growing legion of fans. 2006 marks their first recognition by receiving the Austrian Newcomer Award by public vote.

In 2009 the band achieves international success with the release of their second album “Time to Tango”. The album and their hit single “Bomba” receive top chart placements in the Netherlands. The accompanying video breaks the 4,5 million views marker on YouTube and the stepping stones for a long series of unmistakable KONTRUST style videos are set. “Time to Tango” and the growing live success are honored in 2010, when KONTRUST is awarded with the Amadeus Austrian Music Award, Austria’s highest musical recognition. In 2011, KONTRUST plays the Przystanek Woodstock festival in Poland in front of over 300.000 people and sets a new record for the largest audience ever played by an Austrian artist.




Greatest hit: international chart breaker with over 4,5 million YouTube-Hits so far With the release of their third album “Second Hand Wonderland” in 2012, the band continues their straight course to success with a top 25 chart placement in Austria’s national charts. An achievement not easily won due to the lack of radio airplay for rock music. The video to the single “Hey DJ!” jumps to the million marker on YouTube within ease and the band receives

further nominations for the Amadeus Austrian Music Award in 2013 and 2015. With their new stunning release “Explositive”, KONTRUST proves once again to be an unpredictable magnitude in Europe’s music scene – hungry, wild and full of surprises!


Welcome Home (2005) Time to Tango (2009) Second Hand Wonderland (2012) Explositive (2014)

What does your band name mean and where did it come

Do you wish to tell something to the readers?


Thanks for your amazing support! Thank you for sticking with

Contrast and trust, two defining words that lead to one thing…

us, over these years! We love you beyond count!

progress. That’s what our music stands for! What project are you working on right now? There is always work to be done! It’s been a busy year writing, producing, recording, get the picture. Plus it’s been more than ten years for the band so far, so who knows, there might be a compilation of some sort with maybe new material on there as well. What do you do when you are not performing? Mostly collecting influences for new material and of course planning for further selected live shows. What would you do with a lottery jackpot? Buy an airplane for concert touring. What music or artists have influenced your career? Everybody in the band would probably give you a different answer to that question, but I’ll list a couple of artists that shaped us and there’s kind of an agreement on: Sepultura and Soulfly, Rage against the Machine, Iron Maiden, Korn...There are too many to be listed here though! What drives you up the wall? Now that would be a neat trick…driving up a wall! Do you have a slogan? Work hard, play hard!



Ton van Moll



Pure Mountain The fountain of youth effect

The town of Sulden (Italian: Solda) lies at the foot of the Ortler Mountain, or as sometimes otherwise referred to, the king of the Eastern Alps. Sulden am Ortler’s is located in one of Europe’s largest parks, in the Stelvio National Park. At this inspirational place you soon find breathtakingly beautiful scenery of mountains and glaciers. It is undoubtedly a paradise! One easily becomes enchanted as travelling to Sulden, as the way to this beautiful place in South Tyrol really has a magical touch to nature for its perfectly projects the constructed environment and its harmony. As you arrive to town, there are many elite accommodations such as hotels and apartments to choose from. One thing is sure: the locals are very hospitable and no doubt you can perfectly relax in this well-developed town. Sulden is mostly visited by sport lovers throughout the whole year from all over Europe. Sulden am Ortler’s ski resort offers something for everyone and skiers of all abilities tend to enjoy the atmosphere. The slope system is watched over by the eyes of fourteen sublime 3.000 meter mountain peaks in the majestic Alps with its highest pike massif, the 3.905 metre high Ortler Mountain. Like a fairy tale village out of a picture book, guests and experts call it “a jewel in the heart of the Alps”.

Sport- and neurophysiologists of the US Field & Track Association have decoded the stimulating effect of a stay in medium altitude locations. Where the air is thinner, more is demanded of the organism. The organism produces younger, powerful blood cells that transport oxygen into cells. The tissue (e.g. the heart muscle) is “breathed through” better and more cell energy is produced. It is like a fountain of youth effect on our organism! Holidays in Sulden are not only total relaxation and enjoyment of a splendid environment, but also always a rejuvenating cure for body and soul, as well as optimism, fresh vitalities and new impulses for everyday life. One takes nice memories home and would like to come back soon again. That’s why for top class endurance athletes training at high altitudes has long been part of the program. Experts call it “permitted and natural doping”. Simply because in height training the organism synthesizes even molecular substances similar to those found in prohibited drug doping. This includes an increase in red blood cells as well as of euphoriant hormones and neurotransmitters such as endorphins, noradrenaline, dopamine or serotonin.



Climatotherapy and medical effects at high altitude In Sulden you will find the best stimulating climate for your health! The mix of a cool climate, high UVB radiation (very important to form vitamin D3 during summer and winter) and reduced oxygen is being called a stimulating climate. The body reacts to these stimuli with its regulating systems. Climatotherapy avails itself of this effect. There are Climatotherapists to walk with you through the beautiful wood landscape the whole year. You will feel much better after a holiday in this rarely climatic feature!

healthy metabolism Sulden am Ortler is the place of a pilot study for health and active holiday. The study is named “A healthy metabolism in Sulden�. A two week stay in Sulden combined with regular exercise leads to considerably better regulation of abnormal blood fat levels and of pathogenic adipokines in people with the risk factors of metabolic syndrome as equivalent training at low altitudes. A major decline in leptine and triglyceride levels indicates that the metabolic adjustment processes under mild oxygen deficiency lead to an amelioration of the metabolic syndrome, at least in the short term. The use of a hiking holiday at an altitude of 1.900m as a non-medicinal additional therapy for patients with metabolic syndrome represents an attractive new treatment option. __________ Literature: Gutwenger I, Hofer G, Gutwenger A, Wiedermann CJ. Circulating leptin and triglyceride levels in patients with metabolic syndrome.



Environmental contribution A large part of Sulden’s energy supply comes from the local power plant, fed exclusively by pure water from the Ortler Alps. An important contribution to environmental protection. Guests with allergies will love the village 93% of households in Sulden are connected to the bio-heating plant. This minimizes domestic fuel and causes minimal fine dust pollution. At least one week of clean air on holiday The dry and clean air as well as the temperature are responsible for the absence of house dust mites and for a changed composition and concentration of pollens.




Classic style redesigned, women’s Sarner jacket Standing out on a sunny day while chilling in the hut. This Sarner jacket comes with windproof, breathable membrane lining and comfortable new wool mix. Basic, clean design by Luis Trenkers new BERG collection.

FasH ion ABLE accessory

The revolutionized unbreakable gloryfy eyewear The Gi12 Bon Voyage Stylediver from gloryfy is developed by a team of scientists, extreme athletes, and designers. The combination of unbreakable frame and unbreakable lenses last for eternity.

Luis Trenker “Agato” herringbone loden gaiters Walk stylish through a winter wonder land gaitered with the Agato Loden by Luis Trenker. This waterproof gaiters made out of Austrian loden will keep you dry while a long lasting walk in the snow.

Bo Concept produces a wide range of cutting edge contemporary design furniture Ladders are a clever design tool – one creative display solution that looks contemporary and add style to your home as a true statement. With its modern designs, this piece can add a dimension to dark and unused corners. Use them to hang towels in the bathroom, throw on magazines or a plaid in the lounge or bedroom.

It is time to stock up on “Arthur” stockings by Luis Trenker Keed your feets dry and warm with Luis Trenkers new knee socks with turnups. High-quality wool blend yarn from Austria hand-linked and reinforced on heel and tip.



Arm up for a cruel winter wearing the new LUIS TRENKER Jacket from the BERG collection with an extensive material mix

To match the jacket from LUIS TRENKER here is the pant to be in harmony and to enjoy the whole day on the slopes

Dare to be original and wear handmade WAMS, Made in Italy



Make a statement gearing up in this knit pullover from LUIS TRENKER that is made out of highly elastic soft-shell material

This lady salopettes from LUIS TRENKER will keep you warm even when the temperature drops below the freezing

These WAMS will make you feel unique and stylish in every situation

The Rucksack, is a redesigned typical backpack used specially in the Alps, converted by ZILLA into an everyday city bag

These crazy cute looking booties from EA7 will make you look great on the slope

Make a statement gearing up in this Jacket with basic, clean design with EA7 logo on front

The all in one ski suit from ONESKEE, their signature product, can be found over peaks around the world




Place of birth Age





185 cm


82 kg

Star Sign Athlete since


Bruneck, Italy

Family status

Sagittarius 2016 Happy in a relation

Alessandro Dealberto Helge Kirchberger



Damiano Levati

Free as a bird The first thing known about Markus Eder’s life is that he learnt to ski. Born in Bruneck, he was raised in the Ahrntal valley, directly in the beautiful mountains of the Dolomites with the skiing slopes next door. However, at that time nobody was thinking that he would become the first new school freestyler from South Tyrol – Italy to reach international recognition. “I always wanted to be a skier but never really believed it could work out. Obviously I never had a clear vision of what a „skier” means but I always knew I wanted to be skiing”, he states.

Alessandro Belluscio

Blake Jorgenson




Also from the very beginning it was clear for him, that he wanted to have fun while skiing, and that is why he finally started freestyle skiing, after being an alpine racer for many years. He won several national titles before taking part in European competitions. In 2010 though, he had his international breakthrough, when he took part in the famous Nine Knights contest competing with the best freeskiers in the world. At that day, he started a fabulous freestyle career, winning a podium place at the international Red Bull Line Catcher event, competing with Team Europe at the Swatch Skiers Cups, and winning the World Heli Challenge! Still, after all, for Markus Eder one of the most important things is his home, where he grew up, playing all around the place, making him what he is now! And even though he loves to travel, coming home is always special for him.

The first Italian new school freestyler Blake Jorgenson

creating memories

Being asked, where he sees himself after his career, he states that he wants to do something that creates good memories together with all the other aspects of life, like maybe a family. However, right now, Markus Eder is preparing himself for his next big competitions, like the X Games, concentrating on his professional skiing career, and we hope to follow him doing this for many more years!

Tero Repo



What do you do when you are not pursuing your sport? There’s many things I love to do when I’m not skiing like biking, hiking, trampoline and climbing and so on. I try to be as active as much as I can outside so I don’t have to hit the gym too much during summertime. How did you get into sport? It’s for sure because of my parents. I hiked a bunch with them and started skiing at a young age. And I was always kinda hyperactive so it came pretty natural. What would you do with a lottery jackpot? Good third question, haha. I don’t know. I might save it for now till I know what useful things I can do with it. Maybe I’d just keep it to manage my after skiing life which I hope still takes a long time.

Alessandro Dealberto Blake Jorgenson Sebastian Marko



Don‘t stop me!

Your Local Adventure What do you really want to make in your life? Leave a mark for others while having fun. Do you have a role model? Sure I have a few. In skiing it’s probably Candide Thovex and his passion for skiing. He was there since the beginning and still blows minds, after winning everything you can imagine. And what impresses me the most that his voice is still just skiing and not something else. What you have always with you or take along on your journey? There’s a special key chain I always bring, a special wristband. Along with obviously phone and wallet and those things.

There’s many but none I really agree with. That’s probably also why I never got a tattoo, haha. Do you wish to tell something to the readers? Thanks for reading this. Winter is here so get your skis ready!

I‘m gonna have a real good time

Do you have a slogan?



avalanchetrail interactive avalanche tool

The teaching and learning platform about avalanche prevention in South Tyrol goes online The next winter comes for sure and mountain fans and athletes

On the platform it is possible to access the basics about the right

are getting ready: touring with ski, snowboard or snowshoes in the

behavior at ski tours. Apart from that, the interactive online tour

open terrain is booming and more and more people want to try it

training path connects dynamically with the current avalanche re-

out. They are fascinated by the overwhelming silence, the majestic

port in order to check the input of the user. Different methods of

view at the top, and the ski run in the fresh powder snow. Also in

strategic avalanche theory were prepared easily to read and under-

South Tyrol, this kind of sport finds more and more fans every win-


ter, according to experts. Without doubt, it is a very special nature

The platform supports the user with the entire tour planning and

experience, promising pure fun, and, at the same time, requiring

offers different learning and exercise games. In five menu items –

a lot of skills, knowl-

planning, start, ascent,

edge and experience!

descent, knowledge – the

Besides a good shape,

basics for behavior on

skiing competence in


the deep snow, and

dures, equipment, or cor-

the right equipment,

rect evaluation of danger-



ous situations are given.

planning and knowl-

All relevant data is being

edge about possibly

considered and evaluated,

dangerous situations

from group size over the



current weather situation

from the public ski

including the view, wind,

tracks there is always

temperature and snow-

the danger of ava-

fall to the expert level of


the group. Critical areas

In the Alps, every year

can be analyzed, detailed

about 100 winter ath-

forms support the plan-

letes die in avalanche

ning. Like this, winter ath-


letes can prepare their







knowledge and mistakes are the main reasons for this, as about 90

tours the best possible way and dangers can be avoided!

percent of the victims cause the avalanches themselves. This is ex-

At “” everyone can find the best possible

actly where the new web platform “” comes into

touring knowledge: No matter if beginner or expert, young or old

place and helps with the preparation. The interactive learning path

– the online tour training path is convenient for athletes and inter-

“” offers the possibility, to plan a showcase tour

ested persons of any kind. It also can be used as a teaching tool for

at the ‘Zenleser Kofel’ mountain step-by-step: current risk situation,

guided groups in training. The platform can be reached at “www.

weather, formation of the group, equipment and routes – every-” and is linked by most of the alpine institutions

thing is being considered at the new online learning path!

of South Tyrol. It is available in Italian and German language!



How to reduce avalanche risk on a winter tour At “Avalanche Trail” a virtual tour through the mountains, including a professional mountain guide, awaits you! The platform supports the user with the entire tour planning and offers different learning and exercise games. The basics for behavior on tours, standard procedures, equipment, or correct evaluation of dangerous situations can be studied. The interactive learning path shows you five steps to safeguard in avalanche terrain:






partners IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige Autonome Provinz Bozen South Tyrolian Alpine Rescue Team Civil and disaster protection Tyrol University of Innsbruck Global Risk Forum Davos EURAC

For More information go to: Georg Sojer



In a Nutshell

Elena Runggaldier Elena Runggaldier was born in Bolzano in South Tyrol. She is a professional ski jumper. She won a silver medal in the 2011 World Championship in Oslo. Her next big goal is to win a medal at the Olympic Games, the highlight of every athlete! Being asked, how she beats her way through these men dominated sports world, she states: “Women can be as good as men, sport is not only power you need to have a lot of sensibility, too, and that’s maybe something that women have more than men!” In case she won the lottery, she would travel and give the money to people who need it. Family? Thankful about the time i can spend with them while I’m at home. Pizza? Mozzarella di bufala, cherry tomatoes, anchovies and a lot of basil. Future? I live in the present, for sure family and having kids. Computer? Not the big computer freak. Sport? Teacher of life, makes me feel free. Communication? Good way to be connected with my family and boyfriend when I’m far away from home. Summer? Sleeping, training, eating and repeat. :-P Habits? The little piece of black chocolate with my coffee after lunch. Tadeusz Mieczynski



Dr.Zipe is a registrated trademark. For further info: Distributed by: MT Sport & Trading


@drzipe 8article


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the slope into a catwalk


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