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Dawn light breaks its promise to leave us be. It comes in slots through blinded windows. The shadow of morning dewdrops falling from pine needles lingers on your skin. Your sleeping breath breaks what would be silence. Even the birds know not to disturb us. I lose myself in what feels like days. Your warmth exhales on the back of my neck, and I know now that you’ve awakened. I turn to see the light slotted on your face, this time through fingers. Everything is perfect except the day.

Thick forest and even thicker fog barely visible in this dense darkness. Wind passes with a whisper, bitterly biting at my appendages. Air exits my body in stutters, half-seen and fading fast. A growing glow catches the edge of a dying breath. My eyes dance, searching for the source of illumination. A smile radiates from the highest branch. Optimism shines from your teeth: the fingers of clasped hands praying for the weak.

I hear the gutter beneath my feet flowing with new life bestowed to snow by the approaching sun. From the trees that surround me, birds sing out in welcome, sensing its presence. My shadow’s posture becomes far less pronounced at its impending presence.

Nowhere to hide in this place we’ve destroyed. Not from the light of cold, hard reality, or from your severing words. Unable to sway your path of change. Powerless to fight back. Incapable of feeling even the most basic of hate. You shined away the best parts of me, the dark parts, and left me a shadow-less, defenseless shell. Your face hides a smile when you brush me away like crumbs from a mattress. No place feels like home.

Early morning haze floods this empty street as I welcome the day. (poor choice of words) I accept the day. I lose myself just for a moment. I feel cold concrete steps beneath my soles, and I can’t help but think of you. You who left. Me who is left. The sun breaches the horizon. Still the moon lingers in the midst of dawn, uncertain whether coming or going. You again enter my mind.You who is lying in your bed, but not to me.

The sun’s face directly above me, forcing sweat down my cheek. My shadow hides between my soles and cold concrete.

Type2 Poems  

Kohl Harris Type 2