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Travel on a Budget Travelling is an activity that involves benefits of exploring new items in the new environment of destination. However, going on a trip to a far place (that is the reason the trip is referred to as a travel), bears with it many expenses. These costs include the transport fees, the meals to buy along the way, the accommodation charges, and the precautionary funds in case of misfortunate outcomes. An abrupt move can be risky and it can end up into shortage of funds due to unplanned finance spending. Travelers need to plan to their spending first before they start travelling for their holidays, honeymoon, or any other courses. In brief, there are many ways of managing travel finances and be able to save up funds without limiting the fun out of the touting or business experience in the new destination. To avoid using all the travel finances, there are discount offers out there to take advantage of especially in the accommodation field. It is also noticeable that charges involved with travelling, accommodation and touring specific places change with certain factors such as seasons. As a traveller, you should consider discount offers and seasonal changes in travelling costs, when planning for a travel budget. The third means of lowering the cost of travelling is by reducing the weight and bulkiness of luggage. The presence of luggage is a form of additional expense to the transportation expenses. When budgeting for a trip, it is possible to make the; limited finances you have satisfy as many achievements as you can get from the trip. Look up at the activities to be conducted during the travel and consider answering these questions:


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Are there cheaper ways of getting to the destination? Are there less expensive accommodation facilities that are no luxurious to avoid high charges? Are there cheaper ways of accessing cheap food

4 Ways to Save Money on Flights


here are four ways of saving money while travelling by means of air transport. Flight charges can seem to be high and in fact, they involve other unavoidable charges like the bag checking fees that are annoying to passengers. These fees can be handled properly and a reduction in the overall fees can be achieved to be able to save money. A summary of the four ways as described below are checking on the change in the flight charges, being updated with the latest special offers by airline companies, using a cheaper means of travelling to the international airport, and ways of escaping baggage fees.


Find Cheap International Flights Air transport is a good example of a means of traveling whose charges can be controlled for the sake of saving money. Sometimes, international flights can turn out to be less expensive in some seasons than in others. Keeping track of the changes in the fares charged for air transport is a wise way of knowing when to book for a flight at the lowest fare possible. This means that the travel schedule has to be flexible to allow the traveler to take advantage of cheap fares so consuming the whole transport budget will be unnecessary.

Consult the Airline ‘Special Offers’ or ‘Last Minute Deals’ Pages Another option for escaping high flight fares is by consulting with the operating airlines in the airport about their special offers. These offers can give you the opportunity to pay fares at an attractive discount. The airline companies have schedules for their special offers, and they can be accessed through their websites. The special flight offers are huge ways of saving money by cutting off flight travel expenses. Avoid Baggage Fees Airlines often charge a fee for every bag checked before its owner enter their airplanes. This kind of fee can be reduced by reducing the number if bags to be carried. Another way is by searching for an airline, among


alternative airlines, that charge cheap fees for bag checking. Some will not charge for the first two bags, hence fees are reduced if a you have to bear many bags along your travel. Avoid Air Travel When Travelling to the International Airport Accessing an airport that is as far as 50 to 150 miles from home can seem to be time consuming and inconvenient in case you have to travel along poorly maintained roads. For these two reasons, many people opt to take flights from their local airports to the international airports miles away from their homes. If the flight charges were compared to the expenses when using a car to access the international airport, you would find the difference to be large. Taking a flight from home to the international airport requires a multiply higher amount of finances than moving to the airport by car. The result would be a loss of extra amount of cash that would have been useful later during the travel. Avoid the extra costs by taking a ride to the airport and be able to save money. All these four methods of reducing air travel charges can be used at any time. They are important when planning for the travel budget to assist in reducing travelling expenditure. One thing to keep in mind is that the travel schedule should be flexible to allow for changes in fare charges. Reducing the number of bags to carry on a trip not only helps in lowering the baggage fees, but also in increasing the convenience of moving around with the bags. With the knowledge of these four methods, then you are lest assured that travelling by air can use less funds than the normal stipulated funds if flight charges and other fees.


Travel light


he number of bags a traveler carries along a trip can create high baggage fees. It is advisable to carry less number of bags and rolling type of bags even though there are many items that have to be carried. However, these lots of baggage can be broken down in the following steps to ensure that you travel with one bag bearing all your necessities for the trip. Find a bag that is large enough to accommodate the largest portion of the items to carry. This bag will be used to carry everything that is important for the trip. The advantage of using only one bag is that it is easy to move around with it, and thieves will find it difficult to get across you to get away with it since the bag has all your attention while moving around with it. Pack the bag lightly and smartly. This means that everything should be carried in small quantities. Avoid carrying large and many cutlery especially the dangerous ones like kitchen knives. Anything that is liquid can be put into small containers that can fit in the zip-up pockets of the bag Pack clothes that are not bulky. For example, if the destination is likely to be cold over a long period, it is not necessary to carry the bulky sweaters since they will occupy most of the bag’s capacity, but instead carry the layering clothes. To reduce bulkiness of clothes, roll them into tight tubes so that most of the needed garments fit into the bag. However, in case of you have garments that you want them to


be wrinkle-free, fold them neatly and pack them in small packing cubes. Pack clothes that are dark in color. This means that if they are red, orange or purple, the colors should be dark to avoid visibility of stains while travelling.

Save Money on Accommodation Planning to move to a destination where accommodation expense is the first to consider can be a great opportunity of creating savings. It can be argued that spending many days in a place where hotel rooms or rental apartments are important is the most expensive budget of the overall expenses to be incurred during the whole trip. Accommodation is a necessity because shelter, security, and food provision to hotel room clients can be assured. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the hotel room or rental charges offered at the place of destination.


Plan Your Bookings Two ways of capturing low rates is by applying last minute booking and taking advantage of discounts offered by respective hotels, resorts, or rentals. Last minute booking in a hotel that still has more rooms to offer can make a traveler acquire a room at a bargain price lower than the normal rates. However, some hotels end up offering discounts to ensure that most of their rooms are occupied. Thus, avoid booking for hotel rooms early to escape high accommodation rates and save significant amount of money from the discounts or bargain prices at last-minute bookings. Book for One Night Only There is no need of sticking to one hotel room or hostel if there are others that can be obtained at cheaper prices than the first hotel room or hostel. You can spend only one night in the first hostel or hotel room, and then wake up the following day to seek for a cheaper room. Hotels and hostels can opt to change their rates for many reasons and the following day after the first night is likely to be an opportunity to take advantage of the lowered charges for hotel rooms and hostels. When searching for better rates, travel luggage can be left behind in the first hotel room or hostel to avoid the unnecessary energy of carrying them around. Rent an Apartment If You Are Staying Long Term The period to spend at the place of destination also determines the level if accommodation fees to incur. If hotel rooms were used, then staying for a month would be more expensive than using rental apartments. A rental is a cheaper way of staying in a destination for a


month or more months because travellers do not require paying daily. Instead, all charges are summed up for a long period of stay. The rental charges can be less in amount than the total hotel room charges for the longer period since a discount can be offered for rental charges due to the consideration of the long period of stay in the rental. This way, you can regularly save money after every regular long period of stay in a rental if you had budgeted for hotel room charges. Still on the subject of rentals, much money can be saved if you book a rental apartment with a group of travellers. Group booking appears to be cheaper than booking as an individual through sharing cost of the rent. This is another cost effective means of acquiring accommodation at lower rates. Taking advantage of sharing the charge for a rental apartment with a group of individual travellers enables you to save up more money over regular long periods than if you had booked the apartment individually. In case you have a friend dwelling in the destination site, you can use the premises of the friend as a way of cutting off costs of accommodation. Friends will definitely offer free accommodation. Another option is couch surfing. This is a type of free accommodation offered by people from foreign countries in their local homelands. These people are ready to offer their homes or space for travellers to dwell in them. There is an international website for couch surfing where you can meet and make friends with people abroad. As a tourist, you can find free room space from the people you meet with in the website. This way, accommodation costs are cut off hence money is saved.


Take up a volunteering course in international projects that can take them abroad and provide free accommodation to them. You can do a volunteering job for some time then travel to attraction sites during your leisure time. This way accommodation costs are evaded and money is saved. Using a camper van can be a cheap form of accommodation if you rent it together with other travellers. The renting charges for camper vans can be high, but if the van is used by a group of travellers ready to share the rent of the van, then it becomes cheaper for every individual traveller using the van. Carrying a camping tent and sleeping bags for camping can be a cheap or even free form of accommodation. Some places have camping sites where you can put up their tents but a small fee. However, you can still search for secluded areas that are safe, but convenient to access the urban centres hence there is no need of paying camping charges.


Avoid the extra hotel charges Ask about pricing


aving real knowledge about hotels charges of available hotels in a destination, is one of the ways of managing expenses on accommodation. It can be financially disastrous to enter a hotel to ask for a room without knowing the extra charges to expect from using the room. One of the ways of being aware of the charges placed by a hotel is referring to its website. The finest hotels in any country utilize the internet opportunity of marketing themselves worldwide. This should be the first step so far if you are travelling to a foreign country. You are likely to discover that using a room in some hotels includes less number of charges than other hotels. Reducing the need of paying extra charges will guide you into choosing the most suitable hotel, in which you will incur the minimum total amount of hotel charges. You may be able to avoid parking charges and even payment for room services as a way of reducing extra hotel charges. Another way of knowing the extra hotel charges in a hotel is inquiring about them from the same hotel. The best way of inquiry is best done by seeking a brochure of the hotel that state the hotel charges present. In case the hotel lacks a brochure, then ask the receptionist to give you any existing form of a price list for the hotel room charges. As you go through the price list, find out the extra charges that you can avoid by discarding the unnecessary room services, and ask if the extra charges can be avoided. If the additional charges have to be paid, despite whether you are using the services or not, then search for another hotel to avoid paying extra


unnecessary expenses. One important thing to note is to have your accommodation budget in mind. This budget is in form of the available money that you have for spending on hotel accommodation and other relative charges. Ensure that the hotel of your choice is friendly to your budget by requiring less hotel charge-amount than the amount you had actually budgeted. Hands off the mini bar If you want to avoid extra expenses when it comes to dining in a hotel, avoid buying from the mini-bar of hotel. A mini-bar is a convenient means of getting snacks and other drinks faster, but it squeezes out extra money from your pocket. Have you ever compared the prices of the snacks and drinks of a hotel’s mini-bar and those of a supermarket? The mini-bar charges higher prices than the supermarkets. For this reason, a mini-bar is a financial risky spot of dining and it can end up exploiting a large part of your dining budget if you continue sticking to the drinks and snacks of the mini-bar. The mini-bar can be substituted in many ways. Think of taking a stroll to the market, supermarket, or even a grocery. This stroll is healthy and avoids the boredom of sticking to the hotel. In fact, these three alternatives have a wide variety of choices of snacks, drinks, and fruits to choose. Most likely, you will find that the mini-bar lacks


some light-food brands. Of course, you would not want to buy a brand you did not ask for, so skip the mini-bar and find out a wide variety of snacks and drinks from which you can select your favorite and enjoy them fully.

Buying snacks, fruits, and drinks from a supermarket or grocery can save you much cash if you purchase them in bulk. Find out the maximum amount of snacks and drinks you take in a week, and get to purchase them in large quantities hence enjoy discounts in the supermarket. Most likely, you will find that mini-bars stick to few sizes of package for the snacks, so you will find yourself buying a small package at an expensive price, and the package is not yet satisfactory. Thus, staying away from the mini-bar to plan for a whole week or two snack meal at the supermarket will save you money by the low prices of the snacks and drinks in the supermarket, and by the discounts offered if you buy large, enough quantities of the snack food for consuming over a longer period of time than a day. You can as well choose not to go to the market or supermarket and avoid the mini-bar. The mini-bar contains lots of junk food inform of snacks and drinks. These food is not always necessary, that is, you do not have to eat at the mini-bar the whole day or everyday in a week. Consider your health requirements. Junk food can be useful to keep up with the fun of an outing, but it can disastrous to the health because of excess sugars and fats that can cause diabetes and high blood pressure. Thus, reduce the number of visits to the mini-bar for two important reasons, for good health of your body and for avoiding extra costs of dining incurred at the mini-bar. Avoiding the mini-bar has a good advantage to the knowledge of


your surroundings. The mini bar sticks inside the hotel, so you are not able to see the life outside the hotel; hence, there is no understanding about your new environment. When you travel to the supermarket to buy enough snacks and drinks, you get to see and admire the lifestyle of the local community, which you have never seen before, and of course, you would have blamed yourself for not discovering the lifestyle because you never moved out of the hotel. Stay away from the mini-bar, get to the shopping mall, and discover your surroundings as you stroll to and from the supermarket, market, or grocery. Always ask if breakfast is included When you come across a hotel that offers both accommodation and dining faculties for its clients, it is wise to inquire if the breakfast expenses are included in the accommodation charges. It is unlikely to have the staff explain to you about the components of the charge you pay for sleeping their hotels. Thus, it is your duty as the tourist who is careful with his or her finances, to check if breakfast is automatically paid once you pay for accommodation.

As you are searching for a hotel to act as your accommodation during your stay in a far destination, it will save much money to consider the accommodation prices that are breakfast-inclusive. This


means as you are comparing the room price-tenders from a variety of hotels in the same region, you can dish out the hotels that charge fairly. Then from the dished-out group of hotels, inquire them if they include breakfast in their room pricing. Most likely, you will get a hotel that considers the breakfast option in the pricing of hotel rooms; hence, you get to save money by paying a room cheaply and taking breakfast in the same hotel without the need of spending money on breakfast elsewhere. Avoid all other kinds of unnecessary costs If you are searching for a hotel that offer luxurious services and goods to its clients, find out which forms of luxury you can do without. Luxury is not important, and it is incurs much money than the basic goods. Take an instance of living in a hotel room where to get a towel you need to pay towel replacement costs to get a clean dry towel. To avoid such an unnecessary cost, carry your own towel from home. At least by using your towel, you are sure that it is not shared by unknown persons and it is 100% clean for use unlike the hotel towels, which you are not sure whether they are properly disinfected or not. Parking a car at a hotel can increase the hotel charges you have to pay for accommodation. Avoid this unnecessary cost by using public transport if you are alone or two. In fact, public transport is cheaper than using your personal car because your car will frequently incur expenses on fuel. On other hand whereby you have to move in with a car, search for hotels that do not charge the parking services. Some hotels have an adequate parking lot for client’s vehicles, and their parking lots are situated in a safe location.


Avoid using room service and be able to save up on room service costs. The services are actually not necessary and you can work out most of the services on your own. Instead of ordering a meal to your room, just dress up and get to the dining area to take your meal, hence save a good amount of money. It saves to avoid luxurious services and goods. Simply check on the pricing lust of the luxurious services. The hotel staff can entice you into using the luxury services and goods as a form of additional benefits without informing you that they have to be paid. Thus, always enquire about the services and their costs, and find out the services you simply do not need. This way you get to save up on the costs of the extra services and goods.

Getting around at your destination


xploring a new environment is an interesting activity, but it is best done when the costs of travelling around the destinations is minimized. It can be tempting to spend much amount of money visiting sites within the place f destination, than carefully spending the money using a set budget. First, consider the basic activities that must take place while touring the destination. Of course, transport is important since the destination is too big to be explored by foot. Food and snacks are important to avoid going hungry hence be able to keep up with the fun of travelling around the destination. In case the


destination is abroad, then local currency has to be changed into the destination-country’s foreign currency to be able to enjoy the hospitality and commodities in the foreign country of destination. Window-shopping and the actual buying of commodities at the shopping malls and market are also leisure activities to happen while travelling around the destination. Use Public Transportation One useful way of avoiding excessive expenses while travelling around a destination is using cheap forms of public transport. When public transport fares for a given period (say one week) are compared to travel fees by cabs, public transport appears to be the best option. However, using public transport requires that you be aware of the map of the region you are touring, and the pubic vehicles must be available in the region. Eat and Drink With Locals Knowing the society of a destination can be achieved by dining directly with it. You can take the opportunity of dining in the cheap, fine restaurants and hotels to be able to mingle with the locals. In this process, obtaining the everyday routinely meal becomes a cost effective method of surviving during the tour. The charges for similar plates offered in the cheap restaurants and hotels, and those offered in luxurious, executive hotels differ largely by level of prices. If you continue to dine in the luxurious hotels, you end up incurring high expenses and loosing large amounts of money for the sake of obtaining food for survival. Thus, you must stick to cheap eateries that are seriously high standards of hygiene, to be able to save money that would have been used to obtain dishes in the luxurious hotels.


Find the Cheapest Currency Exchange Fees Travelling to a country abroad requires the exchange of local currency into foreign currency at any authorized foreign exchange point. Many people often fall for the currency exchange booths of their local international airports, which is an unlucky option. These booths exchange currency at a transaction fee that passengers will have to pay. International airports seek for authorization from foreign currency exchange companies to exchange currencies on their behalf, in return for interest payments. These payments are included in the currency purchase fee at which passengers buy the foreign currency of the destination they are heading. As a traveller, you should avoid using the foreign exchange booths at the international airports and instead visit the foreign currency exchange companies’ offices to find out the company that is selling the foreign currency at a cheaper rate. This way the transaction fee included in the purchasing price of the foreign currency is avoided, hence enabling you to save money from the transaction fee that is unnecessary. Commercial banks are the cheapest ways of exchanging currencies. Using commercial banks or foreign currency exchange companies can be unnecessary due to unexpected circumstances, for example,


because of lack of enough time to visit a bank where you can exchange your local currency to the foreign currency. Which way can be used to buy the foreign currency in the cheapest price possible? Using a credit card or withdrawing the foreign money from an ATM is the best option, though a transaction fee is charged for the withdrawal. Nevertheless, the transaction fee is less than the fee charged at the foreign exchange booths of the international airports. However, a combination of foreign currency exchange using ATM withdrawal and bank transactions can be used. This can be done by exchanging some of the local currency money into foreign currency for countrydestination at the commercial banks. The rest amount of the local currency can remain within the bank and be withdrawn in foreign currency using ATM in the foreign country after arriving at the country. This way, you save money by escaping excess transaction fees of the airport booths and the ATM withdrawal. Bargain at Open Markets Shopping for trendy items in the shopping centers of your destination can be a risky process financially. You can be tempted to buy everything that is “gold� if there is no shopping budget to control the urge. There are ways of preventing over shopping that can lead to shortage of finances for future courses during the travel. While shopping for an item, discuss with the vendor to reduce the price of the item if it seems to be high. However, note that bargaining is accepted in the open-air markets. Shops, on the other hand, have fixed prices in the items they sell to the public. In case the open-air market vendor refuses to lower the price, then move away and leave the item with the vendor to avoid wasting excess money on unfairly high prices. The second fact to note is that shopping in an open-air


market is cheaper than shopping in the supermarkets and shops, because open-air markets have the high probability of purchasing items at cheaper prices through bargaining. Spend Your Days Cheaply You never need to incur much more expenses touring the attraction sites of a destination. There are ways of reducing the touring costs. You can use the advice of a travel guide on how to minimize costs of touring attraction sites and at the same time have the maximum fun visiting the sites. One of the ways of reducing the expenses is using cheap public transport means to get to the tourist sites. Some of the attraction sites can be free to visit, or even cheap. A few can turn out to be expensive though. The expensive ones can be visited in the next tour to avoid incurring both the cheap and expensive costs at the same time. In the mean time, you have to stick to the free and cheap attraction sites.

Purchase an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) to qualify for discounts. (For students)


ouring foreign attractions and sing hospitality services can turn out to be generally cheaper with the use of an International Student Identity Card. The card enables students of over the age of 12 years to access overseas tourist attractions at cheaper rates than the normal rates charged. An international Student Identity Card gives a student in a part of the world the opportunity to enjoy discounts on charges for visiting tourist sites around the world. Major tourist sites in many countries worldwide require students visiting them to produce their International Student Identity Card. For example, students visiting


the Vatican in Rome, have to provide their ISIC to pay an entry fee of eight Dollars instead of the normal rate of 15 Dollars per person. This way, as a student, you get to save seven Dollars from their touring expenditures. The International Student Identity Card can be acquired from registered stores authorized to issue the cards. Many countries have the stores where their citizen-students can register for the card and acquire it. The students must be over 12 years of age. Students can also apply for the International Student Identity Card online and obtain the card conveniently. However, the discounts cannot be obtained freely because of an annual fee to be paid by the cardholder. This fee is 22 Dollars per year, which is coverable by the discounts gained from the visits around the foreign tourist sites allowing the operation of the ISIC card.


You can also achieve farther discounts by applying their International Student Identity Cards in purchasing food from hotels and restaurants. This way they save money daily while dining and visiting tourist sites at discounts, hence there is no risk of exploiting the normal budget that was set at the undiscounted prices of food and touring attraction sites. Thus, it is possible to enjoy maximum experience from touring all attraction sites of a destination not minding about the financial constraint, if you have an International Student Identity Card. You can explore all tourist sites including the expensive attraction sites that would have been out of the visiting list if they failed to have and carry their International Student Identity Cards along their tours. In fact, the card can result into high amount of savings on a year basis that is far much higher than the cost of the card that is 22$ per year.



aving read this document, you will find it easy to reduce costs on travelling and other activities associated with travelling. A travel budget should be formulated to be assured of the availability of finances for each touring activity. However, you should consider ways of managing the charges and fees involved in their trips. As a reader, you can find out ways of reducing charges and fees when travelling by airplane to their respective destinations, spending nights in the places of destination, enjoying fun activities at the destinations, and touring the attraction sites. In general, interacting with people is a major way of reducing expenditure on food and accommodation.


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Travel on a Budget  

Travel on a Budget is a guide that everyone who travels abroad should have. In this guide you will be able to find over 20 must-know tips th...

Travel on a Budget  

Travel on a Budget is a guide that everyone who travels abroad should have. In this guide you will be able to find over 20 must-know tips th...

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