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Putting the pieces together for



Bull Issue

EldErado rWX 16E

Sire: DIAMOND T ALBERTO MgS - cROWN N’7 doUBlE PollEd Jan 5 Wt 1200 lbs

dIaMoNd T lIMoUSIN Private Treaty Bull Sale 24 Yearlings 2 Two Year Olds


Sire: DIAMOND T ALBERTO MgS - TUFF ENUF doUBlE PollEd Jan 5 Wt 1185 lbs *Part of our summer show string


SEMEN TESTEd GUaraNTEEd dElIVErEd * Watch for Bull info sheets in early March

Sire: WULFS xcELLSIOR MgS - WULFS KUDOS doUBlE PollEd Jan 5 Wt 1150 lbs



Thanks to Red Lawn Limousin and Cory Fletcher for purchasing packages of Bred Females

Travis, rilla, dillon & Brodie Hunter

Home: 204-838-2019 Cell: 204-851-0809

PRES I DEN T S R E P ORT We lco m e to 2018. B efore I p ro ce e d w i th 2018 events I would like to review a few 20 1 7 h i g h l i g ht s. Th e M L A h o sted th e 2017 Canad ian Limousin As soc i at io n An n u a l G en era l M eeti n g at t he Canad ian Junior Limousi n I m p ac t Sh ow i n Po r ta ge L a Prair ie July 27-30, 2017. I t was a ve r y s u cce s s f u l event w i th spec t ator s from Br it ish Co lumbi a to N ova S co ti a a n d so me f ro m t he USA as well. Thanks mu st g o o u t ag ai n to th e D avey a n d S myt h families for organizing a n d m an agi n g th i s a ma z i n g event for t he Limousin Junior s. Th a n k yo u al s o to ever yo n e w h o atten d ed, sp onsored, volunteere d an d p ar t i c i pated i n th e great we ekend. Na o m i B e s t re ce ived a n awa rd f ro m th e C JLA; a sp onsored tr i p to Au s t ral ia. Th i s o n ce i n a l i feti me op p or t unit y was to b e ta k e n af te r t h e C J L A I mpa c t Sh ow. N a om i sp ent 28 d ays and to ure d m any far ms a n d f a i rs i n Au stra l ia. Congrat ulat ions to a gra ndd au g hte r o f M a n i to ba L i mo u si n p ioneer s, R on and M arg S ang ste r. Onto 2 0 18. Th e M L A’s AGM wa s h el d i n Brand on, MB on Januar y 13 , 2 0 18. Al l co m mi ttee repo r ts were given and p osit ive result s we re a c k n ow l e d g e d.





Co n grat u l at i o n s to Ch er way L i mo u si n on receiving t he 2018 M ani tob a L im o u s i n Amba ssa do r Awa rd. C her yl and Wayne are ve r y wo r t hy re c i p i ents o f th i s awa rd. A repo r t fro m N ao mi B est ’s tr i p to Au st ralia was given highlight i ng m any d i fferent a spec ts i n Au st ralian b eef p rod uc t ion. Ho pe f u l l y t h e Can a di a n beef i n du str y will cont inue it s d irec tio n of re ward i n g l i vesto ck th at h ave i nc reased mar b ling and yie ld. I t s e e m s l ik e a sl ow pro cess bu t Limousin c at t le will b e rewa rde d if t h e y ca n f u l f i l th i s cr i ter i a . But for t he p resent, s te a dy as s h e g o es! Al l th e b e s t wi t h yo u r ca l v i n g sea so n . S ee you d own t he road in 20 1 8 at t h e var io us L i mo u si n events.



Bill Ca m p b e l l M LA Pre s id e nt

2 018 A DV E R T IS IN G RA TES Full Page..........$300.00 Half Page........$250.00 Quarter Page.......$130.00 Annual Business Card......$160.00 Affordable full color advertising. To advertise or for more information call: Cheryl McPherson

Phone: (204)736-2878 Fax: (204) 736-4124

*email:* Publ isher Agreement #42020515

Return undeliverable Canadian Addresses to Manitoba Limousin News & Views B ox 262, S anford, MB. R0G 2J0


MB Limousin News & Views

MLA Ambassador

Bull Issue 2018


N E W S & V I E WS The official public ation of the M anitoba Limousin A ssociation

VOL 2 5, No. 1

Fe b r u a r y 2 0 1 8

Canadian Mail Produc t Agreement #42020515

Mailed @ S anford, MB


TA BL E OF C O N T E N TS 3 D President’s Message 4 D Directors 6 D Canadian Limousin Association 8 D Canadian Junior Limousin Association 10 D Got Beef 10 D Blast from the Past 12D 2018 MLA Ambassador 14 D Limousin Footprints 14 D Elite Herd Criteria 16 D Manitoba Bull Test Station 18 D CLA EPD Trends 20 D Calving Tips 21 D Screen Shots 22 D Calendar of Events


MB Limousin News & Views

Bull Issue 2018

20 18 MLA D I RECT ORS L-R: Tim Davey, Bill C amp b ell, Leon a rd G e r t z , Jay-Dean Smyt h, Sher r y Daniel, Kyl e Wr i g ht, B o b Davey, Travis Hunter. M issing: S cot t Stewar t, M ar k Angus, Ar t R o dg e r s.

President Bill Campbell Box 92, Minto, MB. R0K 1M0 Ph: 204-776-2322 Treasurer Sherry Daniel Box 191, Kenton, MB. R0M 0Z0 Ph: 204-838-2198 Director Jay-Dean Smyth Roblin, MB. Ph: 204-937-4384 email: ne262527@gmail. Director Mark Angus Box 450, Roblin, MB R0L 1P0 Ph: 204-281-5099 email: Director Kyle Wright Box 1228, Boissevain, MB R0K 0E0 Ph: 1-204-305-0221 email: Director Travis Hunter Box 161, Kenton, MB. R0M 0Z0 Ph: 204-838-2019 email:

Director Leonard Gertz Box 1634 Virden, MB. R0M 2C0 Ph: 204-748-3728 email: Director Art Rodgers Box 156, MacGregor, R0H 0R0 Ph: 204-685-2628 e-mail: Director Bob Davey Westbourne, MB Ph: 204-274-2490 email: Director Scott Stewart MacGregor, MB R0H 0R0 Ph: 204-871-2861 email: Director Tim Davey Westbourne, MB Ph: 204-274-2490 MJLA President Kaitlyn Davey MB NJLC Representative Angus Smyth

BW 90 LBS On Test 691 LBS Jan 23. 979 LBS EPD’s: BW 4 WW 61 YW 86 Milk 31 TM 62 SC 0.40



TAG 211 Jan 23: ADG 3.98 WDA 3.41

BW 92 LBS On Test 796 LBS Jan 23, 1130 LBS EPD’s: BW 5.5 WW 69 YW 96 MILK 24 TM 58 SC 0.75

TAG 213 Jan 23: ADG 3.79 WDA 3.04

JYF ARMOR 525A X RWX 67M Mascot Man

TAG 212 Jan 23: ADG 3.43 WDA 3.12



BW 98 LBS On Test 706 LBS Jan 23, 1076 LBS EPD’s: BW 6.6 WW 80 YW 110 Milk 22 TM 69 SC 0.51

TAG 209 Jan 23: ADG 3.32 WDA 3.01

BW 82 LBS On Test 810 LBS Jan 23, 1089 LBS EPD’s: BW 1.7 WW 63 YW 84 MILK 27 TM 59 SC 0.43


TAG 210 Jan 23: ADG 4.40 WDA 3.22



BW 96 LBS On Test 712 LBS Jan 23, 1010 LBS EPD’s: BW 4.0 WW 69 YW 101 MILK 27 TM 61 SC 0.90




TAG 208 Jan 23: ADG 3.55 WDA 2.86

BW 96 LBS On Test 630 LBS Jan 23. 948 LBS EPD’s: BW 5.6 WW 74 YW 108 Milk 29 TM 69 SC 0.40

Stop in at Douglas Bull Test to check out our 6 bulls or follow their progress @

L & S Limousin Acres Box 1 9 1 , Ke n t o n , M a n i t o b a R 0 M 0 Z 0 2 m. south, 1 m. west, 1 m. south of Kenton’s west edge

Ph: 2 0 4 -8 3 8-2198 Lawrence & Sher r y Daniel

MANITOBA BULL TEST SALE March 31, 2018, Douglas, MB

Pine Creek Limousin B ox 132, Ken t on , Ma n i t oba R0 M 0 Z0 3 m. south of Kenton’s west edge

Ph: 204-838-2311 William, Sharon, Kaylee & Brady Daniel

4Your Source for Polled Purebred Performance Limousin

Manitoba Limousin News & Views


C L A O FFIC E U P D ATE Bull Sale Season! The Canadian Limousin Association invites you to visit the Events page on the CLA website www. for a listing of upcoming bull sales, and links to catalogues when available. You can also stay up to date with upcoming sales on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Welcome Shayla Chappell to the CLA Staff We are very pleased to welcome Shayla Chappell to the CLA staff in the position of Registry/Member Services Assistant. Shayla will join Dallas Wise and Laura Ecklund in serving both Canadian Limousin Association and Canadian Shorthorn Association members. DNA Testing We remind members that DNA testing should be requested at least 6 weeks in advance, particularly for genotyping and horned/polled and coat colour


MB Limousin News & Views

Bull Issue 2018

tests. Low density (GGP-uLD, 30,000 SNP) testing remains at $30 and high density (GGP-HD, 50,000 SNP) testing is now down to only $35. Both low and high density genotyping include parentage verification and return genomically enhanced EPDs. Please visit or contact the CLA office for full details about DNA testing requirements and the testing that is available through your Canadian Limousin Association. 2018 CLA AGM The 2018 CLA AGM will be held on August 3, 2018 in Great Village, Nova Scotia. Further details will be mailed to all members. All the best with calving, bull sales and your bull purchasing decisions! Kindest regards, Tessa Verbeek CLA General Manager

Bulls Bred and Fed for the Real World Performance, Pedigree & Personality



Amaglen Eastwood HNH 10E

Wulfs Xpotential X HNH 28X (Planet Hollywood)

BW 3.0 WW 64 YW 94 Milk 28 SC 0.50 Doc 29 DOB: 1/11/17 BW: 83 WW: 721 Tag #3 calf in 2017 and his dam delivered the #3 calf in 2018 – fertility and performance. High milking cow family. Long bodied, deep, muscled and docile. Double polled and red 56 day wt (Dec 27): 1127 lbs ADG: 4.71 lbs WDA: 3.22 lbs



Amaglen Everest HNH 4E

BW 1.5 WW 55 YW 85 Milk 33 SC 0.24 Doc 27 DOB: 1/13/17 BW: 83 WW: 699 Comes from a 6th generation foundation female in our herd – generations of performance. He is a straight topped, stout made bull. Double polled and red. 56 day wt (Dec 27): 1148 lbs ADG: 4.71 lbs WDA: 3.30 lbs LOT


CAM Poll Aristocrat X HNH 43A (DLVL Walker)


Amaglen Esquire AJH 3E

Amaglen Eldorado HNH 30E

Amaglen Canadian Sunrise X HNH 9S (Valley General Paton)


CAM Poll Aristocrat X AJH 24A (Amaglen Red Realtor)

Amaglen Bulls at the Manitoba Bull Test Sale March 31st @ 1:00pm at Douglas MB

BW 2.0 WW 70 YW 90 Milk 33 SC 0.88 Doc 23 DOB: 2/19/17 BW: 83 WW: 689 Ranked #1 in herd for adj WW. Great numbers and SC measured large at weaning. Straight topped, smooth and sweet attitude. Double polled & red. 56 day wt (Dec 27):1048 lbs ADG: 3.98 lbs WDA: 3.37 lbs



Amaglen Curious George X HNH 57Z (Amaglen Undercover Man)

BW 2.8 WW 71 YW 89 Milk 32 SC 0.97 Doc 19 DOB: 2/2/17 BW: 87 WW: 725

Amaglen Curious George X HNH 14Z (Amaglen Undercover Man)

BW 4.6 WW 74 YW 116 Milk 24 SC 0.65 Doc 22 DOB: 1/19/17 BW: 96 WW: 774 Outcross pedigree and in the top 10% in the breed for yearling weight. He is as long as a cold winter night and structure to carry him. Polled and red 56 day wt (Dec 27): 1170 lbs ADG:4.46 lbs WDA: 3.42 lbs LOT Amaglen Epic HNH 31E

BW 2.5 WW 68 YW 98 Milk 27 SC 0.75 Doc 25 DOB: 2/2/17 BW: 81 WW: 681 Half brother to the thickest bull we ever raised. He has excellent EPDs to match his phenotype – he’s the whole package! Double polled and red. 56 day wt (Dec 27):1065 lbs ADG: 4.38 lbs WDA: 3.25 lbs LOT Amaglen Earnhardt HNH 62E

Gaining over five pounds a day! If you get paid by the pound, this is the guy! Double polled and double black. 56 day wt (Dec 27):1164 lbs ADG: 5.02 lbs WDA: 3.55 lbs We are also offering similar bulls at the ranch by private treaty. Ian & Bonnie Hamilton Box 55, Darlingford, MB R0G 0L0 Amanda & Clint Seward & girls email: Phone for a catalogue: Performance data and videos (204) 246-2312 Cell: (204) 823-1240 @ View our complete bull offering: Test Mgr: 204 724-6271 One of the Platinum Elite Herds in Canada What You Measure, You Can Manage Follow us on Facebook

C J L A RE P ORT Submitted By Naomi Best The Canadian Junior Limousin Association (CJLA) board of directors met in Ontario on the weekend of January the 12th for their annual Board of Directors meeting. Seven out of ten board members participated in person or on the call where there was great discussion relating to the upcoming CJLA Impact Show. There was also discussion about a new CJLA logo as well as an online CJLA merchandise store. Angus Smyth, Kaitlyn Davey, Sam Kennedy, Connor Rodger, Jackie Wismer and Laura Ecklund also participated in the Ontario Commercial Cattle Tour. They toured a variety of feedlots, Smart Limousin and attended the Ontario Cattle Feeder’s Convention. Plans are well underway for the 2018 CJLA Impact Show and CLA Annual General Meeting to be held August 1-4, 2018 in Great Village, Nova Scotia at

Balamore Farms Ltd. We are eagerly anticipating this to be one of the largest Impact Shows in recent years and a fantastic opportunity for junior Limousin members to socialize and enjoy the East Coast! Sponsorship opportunities are available for the show, please contact Joe and Carolyn Cooper for more information. A block of hotel rooms is booked at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Centre in Truro, Nova Scotia. Please make plans to join us for what is sure to be an exceptional Limousin gathering! The National Junior Limousin Show “Christmas in July” is being held in Denver, Colorado July 14-20th, 2018. The CJLA board is in the preliminary stages of organizing a group of CJLA members to attend the show. If you are interested in more information, please contact Laura at Also, a reminder that we still have tickets for sale for the 2018 CJLA Impact Show clothing. If you wish to purchase a ticket, please feel free to contact any of the CJLA board members and they will gladly help you. Naomi Best

CJLA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bac k (L-R) Connor R od ger s (t reas u re r ), An gus Smyt h (Direc tor ) Front (L-R) Jac k ie Wism er ( Vice Pre s i de nt ), S amant ha Kenned y (Presid ent ), K a i t l yn Davey (Direc tor )


MB Limousin News & Views

Bull Issue 2018


Sire: CottaGe lake BoSton 911B X JaymaranDy annie eXtreme FeB 23, 2016 86 lB BW Jan 20 WeiGht 1945 lBS

Sire: rPy Game Day 59U X JaymaranDy anGelia lna 31a BW 86 lBS. Jan WeiGht 1675 lBS.

April 3, 2018 @ the farm Pre-Sale Lunch 1:00 p.m.

Sire: WUlFS XCellSoir X252X X JaymaranDy PiCkin PeaCheS DoUBle PolleD BW 96 WW 705 yW 1235 lBS DoB Jan 24/17



Box 450, Roblin, MB R0L 1P0 Len & Ruth Angus 204-937-4980 Len’s cell: 204-937-0274 Todd & Jay-Dean Smyth 204-937-0828 Angus and Jules Smyth 204-207-0085 Call for a catalouge

15 Two Year Olds 17 Yearling Limousin Red/Black as well as a couple Lim-Flex on Offer AUCTIONEER: Clayton Hawryluk from Heartland Livestock Auction Yorkton MB Limousin News & Views Bull Issue 2018


GOT BEEF! Skirt Steak The process starts about 2 days prior to the smoking.

Wulf Cattle OPPORTUNITY SALE of 2018 Friday n April 6, 2018 n 12 Noon At the farm n Morris, Minnesota

Selling Approx. 450 Limousin, Lim-Flex & Angus Bulls & Females


Watch the sale and bid live online at and Cattle can be viewed at Sandy Ridge Ranch, Atkinson, Nebraska, anytime prior to the sale. Join us for our open house March 6 and 7 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at Sandy Ridge. Success from farm to fork is a daily goal at Wulf Cattle. If you are interested in improving the quality of your product and being part of a value added supply chain, give us a call.

Visit 26406 470th Ave. / Morris, Minnesota 56267 / Office: (320) 392-5802 Fax: (320) 392-5319 / Office E-mail: Casey Fanta: (320) 288-6128 /

.625x5.025 4c-Manitoba Lim News.indd 1

1/29/18 1:05 PM


48 hours out follow the Morton tender quick instructions and brine for 24 hours. The only deviation is add in equal part of brown/ demerara sugar to mortons and add 1/2 portion spice below. 24 hours out rinse the skirt steak and pat dry. Rub heavily with homemade Montreal seasoning. Wrap in saran with extra seasoning. Refrigerate for 24hrs. Smoke at 80-105F for 3 hours. If available you can cold smoke for a longer period. Oak is one of the best flavours in my opinion but you can also use hickory or your preferred hardwood. Cooking options: Once it is smoked you can grill at 450F for 3-5 minutes per side depending on preference. Cut across the grain for best serving. or Slice like bacon and fry up some beef bacon! It is a much leaner option, and easy to make.

Always look ing for submissions to this sec tion. If you have something to contribute please for ward your old MLA pic tures to


MB Limousin News & Views

Bull Issue 2018

Montreal style seasoning: 2 tablespoons paprika 2 tablespoons crushed black pepper 2 tablespoons kosher salt 1 tablespoon granulated garlic 1 tablespoon granulated onion 1 tablespoon crushed coriander 1 tablespoon crushed red pepper flakes For best results roast the black pepper and coriander seeds before grinding to release more flavour. You can make this in bigger batches just keep the ratios the same. Thats it!

Andrew McPherson


OAKRIDGE EDGE 12E CED 5 BW 1.9 WW 66 YW 84 Milk 26 SC 0.50 Doc 12 CW 16 REA 0.48

BW 92 LBS WW 765 LBS ADJ YW 1092 LBS Double Polled, Moderate Frame, Maternal Famiy has Raised Several Carcass Champions

BW 84 LBS WW 690 LBS ADJ YW 1180 LBS Double Polled, Excellent Conformation, Heavy Milking Dam, Herdbuilder Genetics


BW 96 LBS WW 785 LBS YW 1130 LBS Homozygous Polled, Powerful Growth, Strong Maternal Traits and Extra Quiet

CED 8 BW 1.2 WW 63 YW 83 Milk 31 SC 0.57 Doc 15 CW 15 REA 0.65

AI sire: B Bar Cognac 1B

AI sire: B Bar Titanium 3Z

CHERWAY PLD NIGHT TRAIN CMW 9E CED 2 BW 4.3 WW 77 YW 104 Milk 28 SC 0.60 Doc 12 CW 34 REA 0.62

AI sire: B Bar Cognac 1B

AI sire: B Bar Titanium 3Z

CED 7 BW 1.8 WW 65 YW 85 Milk 33 SC 0.61 Doc 22 CW 18 REA 0.82

BW 72 LBS WW 645 LBS ADJ YW 1020 LBS Double Polled, Full of Muscle Out of an Anchor B Fantuz jBx 78x Dam, Great Choice for Heifer Pen

Picture a Cherway Bull Working for You! Sound Conformation, Fertile, Easy Calving, High Yielding Carcass & Quiet


100% Raised on Mom and Grass


Give us a call to view the bull pen a Breeding Soundness Evaluated a Delivery Available a Guaranteed Visit us online @


or follow us on facebook

2018 Manitoba Limousin Ambassadors

Presentation by MLA President Bill Campbell on left to Cher yl & Wayne McPherson, Sr. par tners Cher way Limousin.

An example of the type of moderate framed herdsires we have built our herd with. Pictured is Anchor B Usher 49U,a sire of extremely productive females.

We wo u l d l i k e to express o u r grati tud e for t he nominat ion and award of 2018 M a n i to b a L i mo u s i n Am b a ssa do r to M a n i to ba Lim ousin Assoc iat ion Presid ent, Bill Cam p b e l l a n d to a l l wh o h ave m ad e th i s po ssi bl e. We a re d eep ly honored to receive t his award. For 3 9 ye ars we h ave wo r ked towa rd s a q ualit y herd by emp hasizing effic ient, e a s y ke e p i n g c attle t h at p ro du ce o f fspr i n g w i th sup er ior c arc ass q ualit y for commerc ial c at tl e me n a n d se e d s to ck p ro du cers. We sel ec t tra i t s t hat inc rease p rofit ab ilit y : fer t ilit y, mus c l e, mate r n a l, d oc i l it y an d c alv i n g ea se. We o cca si onally p urc hase p ureb red b ulls and female s, b u t we h ave m ain l y u p gra ded th e h erd th rough t he const ant use of c arefully selec ted AI s i re s. We e n co u rag e ou r cl i ents to expl o re t he value ad d ed mar ket s availab le to Limo u s i n s i re d m usc u l ar c al ve s, o u r su ccess depen ds on t heir success. Bred females and show p ro s p e c t s a re co n sign e d to va r i o u s sa l es du r i n g the year and sold by p r ivate t reat y. We’ve b u il t o u r pu rebred breedi n g program on a found at ion of ex p er ience in t h e co mme rc i a l cow/ c al f b u s i n ess, a n n u a l l y feedi n g out a p ercent age of our c alf c rop for t he fre e ze r b e e f tra d e h as k e p t u s l i n ked a n d fo cu ssed on what t he end consumer ac t ually want s a n d n o t follow m e d ia t ren ds. We k n ow th at the end p rod uc t of a high-yield ing c arc ass i s w h at dr i ve s th e d e m an d fo r qu a l i t y repl a cement c at t le. O ur b eef c ustomer s ex p ec t a consi s te nt q u a l i t y bee f p ro d u c t w i th l o ts o f mu scl e a n d tend er ness.

Calves are raised with Mama’s milk & good grass. NO CREEP!


Yearling bull pen has polled, red and black bulls for sale annually by private treaty.

MB Limousin News & Views

Bull Issue 2018

Winter grazing corn

Females must maintain their condition, breed back successfulkt and bring home an exceptional calf in the fall.

Herd grazing in summer, good grass is key to beef production.

Thro u g h t h e yea rs o th er breeders h ave shared t heir wisd om of management t i p s, c at tle fi t t in g exper ti se a n d sh ow eti q uet te and mar ket ing, and we gratefully a b s o r b e d t h e in fo r m at i o n . B o th Ch er y l a n d R ob er t a have ser ved ter ms as d irec tor s on t h e ML A, R obe r t a, E l l e n an d An drew a c ti vel y s er ved on t he MJLA and t he Car m an 4-H B e e f D i s t r i c t Assoc i at i o n . C her y l h a s represented b eef p rod uc t ion as a d irec tor on MBP, ser ve d o n pa st P F R A co m m i ttee, a s a 4-H B eef Lead er and has p rep ared t he M anitob a Limo u s i n Ne ws an d Vi e ws fo r pr i nt fo r11 yea rs. The family has b een b lessed wit h many gre at f r i e n d s h i p s d e r i ved f ro m th e L i mo u s in and general c at t le ‘com munit y ’. O ut sid e o f o u r own h e rd, we re ma i n i nvo l ved i n th e b eef ind ust r y t hrough p rep arat ion of t he ML A N e ws & Vi e ws an d l o ok fo r wa rd to co nversat ions and visit s wit h c at t le p rod ucer s. Tha n k yo u to t h e M L A , CL A a n d fel l ow b reed er s for t he im p ac t eac h have had o n o u r f a mi l y an d cow h erd. We en co u ra ge ever yone to not only evaluate t heir herd b u t a lso e val u ate t hei r ta l ents, get i nvo lved by volunteer ing at, or p ar t ic ip ate in c at t l e a ssoc i at i o n e ve nts to pro mo te th e good wor k et hic s we have in p rod uc ing q ua l i t y b e e f. Way ne, Che r yl McPh er so n & f a m ily

Grand Champion Steer

Our family

The junior calving managers in training. MB Limousin News & Views Bull Issue 2018


ELITE HERD PROGRAM Th e E l ite H e rd Pro gra m a i ms at i de nt ifying th e h e rd s t h at do to ta l repo r ti n g of i nfo r m at io n fo r th ei r a n i ma l s a n d t r uly co nt r ib u te to th e a dva n cement o f t he L i m o u s i n b re ed. E li te H e rd Awa rds a re di v i ded i n 4 c ate g o r ie s : • Pl at i n u m : h erds th at su bmi t t heir B W, CE, W W, D o c i l i t y o n ever y ca l f wea ned, Y W, S C, U l t ra s o u nd o r ca rca ss • G o l d : h erds th at su bmi t th ei r B W, C E, W W, Y W an d do ci l i t y • WW

S il ve r : herds th at su bmi t B W, C E and

• B ro n ze : h erd o n Wh o l e Herd E n ro l l m e nt B a s e d o n in fo r mati o n su bmi tted by D ece m b e r 31, 2017.


MB Limousin News & Views

Bull Issue 2018

LIMOUSIN FOOTRPRINTS Stay warm, Spring is just around the corner!

THREE SIMPLE RULES IN LIFE 1. If you do not go after what you want you’ll never have it. 2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no. 3. If you do not step FORWARD, you will ALWAYS be in the same place. Special occasions, Limousin Family notices, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, graduations or noted accomplishments are welcomed. Phone Cheryl 204-736-2878 or email:

MANITOBA BULL TEST STATION P E N # 3 L I M O U S I N              22 B UL L S ON TEST                1077  JAN 23 3. 45 ADG     3 .1 1 WDA S Q UIR R E L C R E E K A N GUS Sire: WULFS ACC UMULATO R L131A P         2 1 8  P B  R     16/01/2017   78  CCM  3E          820    1103  283      3. 37     2 .9 7 LG L IM O U S I N Sire: EDW BAT TLE C RY P         2 0 1  P B  R     26/02/2017   92  LGL   75E         676    947    271    3. 23 2 .8 6 AMAGL E N L I M O USI N Sire: C AM PO LL ARISTOC R AT P         2 0 2  P B  R     11/01/2017   83  A JH 3 E         863    1197 334  3. 98           3 .1 8 AMAGL E N L I M O USI N                                       Sire: C AM PO LL ARISTOC R AT P         2 0 3  P B  R     13/01/2017   83  HN H   4E     884          1170            286              3. 40           3 .1 2 Sire: WULFS X POTENTIAL T019X P         2 0 4  P B  R     19/01/2017   96  HN H   10E       921          1201            281              3. 34             3 .2 5 Sire: AMAGLEN C ANADIAN SUNRISE P         2 0 5  P B  R     02/02/2017   81  HN H   30E           820          1133            313              3. 73             3 .1 9 Sire: AMAGLEN C URIO US GEO R GE P         2 0 6  P B  B     02/02/2017   87  HN H 31E             883          1228            345              4. 11             3 .4 6 P         2 0 7  P B  R     19/02/2017   83  HN H 62E             825          1115            290              3. 45               3 .3 0 P IN E C R E E K L I M OUS I N Sire: JYF ARMOR 525A P         2 0 8  P B  B     04/02/2017   96   WD H 2E               712          1010            298              3. 55               2 .8 6 L & S L I M O U S I N ACR E S Sire: C AM PO LL BILLIO NAIRE 212            R     15/03/2017   90   L D S     32E             691            979            288              3. 43                 3 .1 2 Sire: RPY PAYNES C R O SSFIRE 28C P         2 0 9  P B  R     26/01/2017   82   L D S   1E                 810          1089            279              3. 32                 3 .0 1 Sire: JYF YAGGERMEISTER 150Y P         2 1 0  P B  R     23/02/2017   98   L D S   17E         706          1076              370                    4. 40                       3 .2 2 P         2 1 1  P B  R     26/02/2017   92   L D S     23E       796          1130              335                    3. 98                       3 .4 1 Sire: JYF ARMOR 525A P         2 1 3  P B  B     17/03/2017   96   L D S     35E       630            948                318                    3. 79                     3 .0 4 MA P L E H U R S T FA RM S Sire: GREENWO OD PLD ZAMBUK A P         2 1 4  P B  R     28/01/2017   98   MTF     7E         766          1067                302                    3. 59                     2 .9 6 T IM DAV E Y                                                                 Sire: RPLF MAVERIC K 960M P         2 1 5  P B  R     01/02/2017   97    T W D   25E     715            997                282                    3. 36                     2 .8 0 Sire: GREENWO OD PLD ZEPPELIN P         2 1 6  P B  R     02/02/2017   90   T W D   29E     777          1034                258                    3. 07                       2 .9 1 P         217  P B   R     04/02/2017   98  T W D   35E     707            949                242                    2. 88                       2 .6 9 T RIPL E “R ” L I M O U S I N                        Sire: RPY PAYNES DERBY 46Z P         2 1 9  P B  B     02/02/2017   83   A R M    30E     779          1053                275                    3. 27                       2 .9 7 P         2 2 0  P B  B     04/03/2017   88   A R M    43E     803          1033                230                    2. 74                     3 .1 8 Sire: WULFS AMAZING BULL T341A P         2 2 1  P B  R     12/02/2017   82   A R M    3E       888          1094                206                    2. 45                     3 .1 7      Sire: TMF REDWOO D 322A P         2 2 2  P B  R     28/03/2017   89   A R M  93E       852          1143                292                    3. 47                   3 .8 0


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Bull Issue 2018

Expected Progeny Differences (EPD’s) Expected progeny differences (EPDs) are important tools in making selection decisions for your herd. EPDs are run twice a year (Fall and Spring) in the National Cattle Evaluation (NCE) with interim calculations performed between runs. To learn more about the new base for Canadian Limousin EPDs please read the following info sheet: Understanding the Base for Canadian Limousin EPDs You can search individual animals on the Canadian Limousin Association Digital Beef site at to view their current EPDs and compare them against the current breed averages for specific traits depending on your breeding goals.  


Manitoba Limousin News & Views

Spring 2018 Canadian Limousin Breed Average EPDs   Proven Sires Proven Dams NonParents





























0.51 -0.27















0.46 -0.32















0.50 -0.30


Manitoba Limousin News & Views



Please join us at the Farm ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE

** NEW LOCATION: 11851 Cartwright West 1/4 Line,Blackstock, On

SATURDAY, MARCH 10th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

AN EXCEPTIONAL SET OF BULLS AND HEIFERS AWAIT YOUR INSPECTION We have both black and red purebred Limos and welcome your calls anytime. Photos or short videos available upon request.

Holli and Brian Lee Janetville, ON

705-340-5944 Cell: 905-477-5173

CALVING TIPS S e ve ral p ro d u cers were k i n d en o u gh to sh a re s o m e c al v i n g ti ps to th i n k a bout. S om e m i g ht wo r k i n yo u r o perati o n , t hey a re al l wo r t h co n si der i n g.

DWh e n m ak i n g breedi n g deci si o n s use

L i mo u s i n g e n e ti cs to yo u r a dva nta ge. Pay at te nt i o n to EP D fo r ca l v i n g ea s e and m ate r n al cal vin g ea se, th i s go es a l ong way to p ro d u ce fema l es th at w i l l reduce c a lv i n g d if f i c u l t y.

D H ave s e p arate w i nter i n g gro u n ds and

m ove to cl e an ca l v i n g gro u n d.

D D re s s a p re e mi e ca l f o r a co l d si c baby in

a n o l d s we at s h i r t o r h o o di e to h el p keep th e d raf t s o ff t h em even i f th ey a re und er a heate r. B e s ure to ch eck i n a n h o ur or t wo to e n s u re t h ey a re n o t getti n g overh e ate d. We d on’t feel th at sl i ght draf t in th e b ar n d re s s ed i n o u r w i nter du ds b ut a si c k b aby d o e s.


MB Limousin News & Views

Bull Issue 2018

D Use a d iap er and d uc t t ap e to cove r t he top of a c alf ’s head to save i t s e a r s. B ec ause t he d iap er and t he d uc t t a p e a re slic k M om ma c an’t lic k it off as e a s i l y a s fleece ear muffs. D Use a st rong c heap p er fum e o r a i r

freshener to foster c alves. B e ve r y generous wit h sp raying t he cows n o s e a n d face and c alf ’s b um, t ail, b ac k a n d h e a d. R ep eat for 2 or 3 d ays, if t hey sme l l t h e sam e t he cow t akes t he c alf.

D Ad eq uate shelter and lot s of dr y b e ddi n g for t he c alves to have a q uiet p l a ce to esc ap e to c lose to where t he cows re s t. D Car r y a nasal vacc inat ion t ip i n yo u r

p oc ket to use to resusc it ate a c a l f rat h e r t han st raw.

D Vacc inate your cows wit h a sco u r g u a rd vacc ine and to vacc inate t he c a l ve s a s soon as p ossib le wit h En-Force. D For a heifer wit h a newb or n t h at i s n’t

vigorously lic k ing her c alf, sp r ink l e a mix t ure of salt /grain on newb or n to g e t t he heifer ’s at tent ion.

D I f c alving on grass p ad d oc ks, e ve r y 1 - 2

weeks (d ep end ing on herd size) move t he cows t hat haven’t c alved ye t to a new un-used p ad d oc k . The c alve s w i l l b e more unifor m by size and age fo r s p r i n g vacc inat ions and if you have a s co u r out b reak in fir st group t he follow i n g group s of c alves haven’t b een exp o s e d to t he sam e p at hogens.

D Calve on grass.



RR 1, Alexander, MB R0K 0A0 P: 204-573-6529 F: 204-855-2472


(204) 717-6300 1212 18th St.


(204) 748-2892 512 7th Ave S.



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Quality Genetics Email: AFDRanch Web:

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Visitors Welcome!


STOCK FARM Lloyd & Joan Trevor & Melissa Atchison Atchison 204.854.2947 204.854.2510

Pipestone, MB. R0M 1T0 email: pvsf@r

Business Card spots available, Dont get left behind!


Shoal Lake Farm Equipment

Darby Cochrane


Box 279 SHOAL LAKE, MB R0G 1Z0 P: (204) 759-2527 F: (204) 759-2852 C: (204) 365-7133 E:

MB Limousin News & Views Bull Issue 2018


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Shoal Lake Farm Equipment Triple R Limousin

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Wulf Cattle Co.

2018 is letter 22

Do yo u have yo ur Lim o us in tags?


Hockridge Farms

Maplehurst Farms


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Bull Issue 2018

calendar February 15 Nordal Limousin & Angus Bull Sale Saskatoon, SK March 10 Hollee Limousin Open House March 26 - 31 March 31 April 3

Blackstock, ON

MB Winter Fair

Brandon, MB

Manitoba Bull Test Sale

Douglas, MB

Western Gateway Bull Sale

Roblin, MB

April 7 Triple R LimousinOpenHouse&Sale MacGregor,MB Aug 1 - 4 CJLA Impact Show

Great Village, NS






l l e b p Cam



BILL and LAUREN CAMPBELL & FAMILY P. O. Box 92 Minto, MB. R0K 1M0 204.776.2322 204.724.6218 (cell) Follow us on Facebook



*R* LI M O U S I E L P I N TR Plan to Attend Our 2018 Open House & Private Treaty Bull Sale April 7, 2018 30 Yearlings & 30 Two Year Olds on Offer. Calving Ease and/or Performance.

We also have Limousin & Angus Cross , Red or Black plus Limousin & Char cross. Come browse the cattle we have on offer, we have an excellent set of bulls to see

Plus we have 4 Bulls at Douglas Test Station Sale March 31, 2018. Check them out. Many sired by leading AI bulls: B Bar Cognac RPY Payne’s Derby Greenwood Canadian Impact Cottage Lake Big Star Cole Architect 08A Wulfs Audition Wulfs Apostle Wulfs Yak the Black Wulfs Amazing Bull B Bar Titanium TMF Redwood 322A Payne’s Crossfire Greenwood Canadian Ways RPY Payne’s Diesel Greenwood Curve Ball Cottage Lake Border Agent

Wulfs Compliant Wulfs Trail Blazer

TR a Buy with confidence a Ask Art about 2 year guarantee on bulls aCustomer Satisfaction #1 LOOK for upcoming Limousin Female Sale for 2018! TRIPLE *R* LIMOUSIN HERD REDUCTION



Rodgers Art & Maria MacGregor, MB



Stewart Scott, Larissa & family MacGregor, MB

Home: 204-685-2628 Art Cell: 204-856-3440 Herdsman Scott: 204-871-2861 email: West of MacGregor at Rd. 62W, 4 1/4 miles North

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Mb Limousin News & Views Bull 2018  
Mb Limousin News & Views Bull 2018