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Цель: Формирование речевых навыков. Задачи: Практическая: • • •

тренировка в употреблении ранее введенных ЛЕ; развитие монологической/диалогической речи; закрепление эмфатических и восклицательных предложений;

Общеобразовательная: • •

развитие общего кругозора; развитие филологического кругозора;

Развивающая: • •

развитие языковой догадки; развитие памяти, мышления, воображения;

Воспитательная: • •

воспитание внимания, умения слушать друг друга; развитие умений работы в паре, в группе.

Языковой материал: Ранее введенные ЛЕ по теме “What do you do to enjoy yourself?” Оснащение урока: Карточки с заданиями для монологических высказываний, компьютерные презентации, аудиокассета, учебник, дополнительная литература. Ход урока I. Подготовка учащихся к речевой деятельности на английском языке. 1. Приветствие. 2. Фонетическая зарядка в виде отработки скороговорки: The brave bloke blocked the broken back bank door. 3. Повторение ранее изученных ЛЕ, перевод R – E Продюсер, вытеснить, ширма, необычный, нечего сказать, дрянь, трогательный, великолепный, научить откровенности, слава богу, абсолютно неслыханный, ограниченный показ, отвечать запросам, пользующийся успехом. Дать синонимы словам: magnificent, nothing to write home about (у доски двое ). 4. Речевая зарядка ОЗУ: As you see the topic of our lesson is… Could you tell me if the children are allowed to watch all kinds of films? Why? Express your own opinion about it. II. Основная часть. 1. Объяснение нового материала.



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ОЗУ: Grownups think that not all films are suitable for children, especially action films Open your books at page 196, ex 2. Listen to the teenagers` opinions and say who likes or dislikes action films (прослушивание кассеты). In general what can you say about Pam`s David`s Sue`s attitude… Now, I suggest you do the test (компьютерная презентация) 1. ... thinks that action films are dynamic, dramatic and full of special effects, but they are unrealistic. 2. … likes films with a mysterious plot. 3. … thinks action films are stuffed with fights of different types. 4. … thinks action films are horrible and frightful and cause crimes. 5. … thinks action films teach people to defend justice and to be strong and brave. 6. … thinks that some people watch violence to cool off. 2. Отработка нового материала. а) Ex.3 p.197. ОЗУ: More than that I recommend you to read some other teens` opinions about action films, then discuss them with your partner and divide into pros and cons (5минут на обсуждение). Let`s check up. В это время можно дать 2 карточки • •

Imagine that you do love action films and try to explain why, using these key words Imagine that you do hate…

b) Video. ОЗУ: I want to show you the clip of one of the most famous American film “The Worlds war”. Then you should express your attitude to this film, using exclamotary sentences (фрагмент фильма на 5 минут, на компьютерной презентации образцы восклицательных предложений). Exclamatory sentences •

How + adjective

How beautiful! •

How + adjective/adverb + subject +verb

How magnificently she sings! •

What (+ adjective) + noun

What a surprise! What strange people! •

What + object +subject +verb



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What a marvellous play we saw! с) ОЗУ: As you see teens mention MPAA rating system. What does it mean? Look at the screen (компьютерная презентация, чтение по одному). MPAA rating system the organisation which determines to which age groups films may be shown • • • •

G. General Audience; all ages admitted; PG. Parental Guidance Suggested; some material may not be suitable for children; R. Restricted, children under 17 require accompanying parent; NC – 17. No one under 17 admitted.

It`s important for Russia to have such rating system, isn`t it? What group of rating system does this clip match? d) Proverbs. ОЗУ: To come back to the topic of our lesson I want to say that it`s an English proverb. What does it mean? Find Russian equivalent. Now, match the following English proverbs with Russian equivalents (компьютерная презентация). What do the proverbs mean?

e) Prattle phone. ОЗУ: Speaking of action films I suggest you play the prattle phone. One of you should go out. I read the story twice and you should retell it to smb.



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Снятие трудностей: Strengthen – усиливать; Aptitude – склонность. I don`t like films that are stuffed with fights. Cruel films can influence the man. Some people can follow bad examples of behaviour. Cruel films with plenty of killing can strengthen cruelty in people who have aptitude to it. Cinema should tell us about different aspects of life, make us more educated and, of course, entertain us. I like kind Russian and Hollywood films. Such as the film “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn or “Moscow doesn`t believe in tears”… f) Работа с текстом “Stunts and make-up” ОЗУ: Ok. Is it interesting for you to know how action films are shot? Read the text “Stunts and make-up” and match the parts of the text with the statements. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

They are the same. But it looks real. Sometimes a man can look like a woman. When are stuntmen used? They shouldn`t get hurt.

Questions: 1. 2. 3. 4.

When are stuntmen used? How do they look like? Who made all his own stunts in Mad Max? How much time did it took to change Francessca Annis into a 100 year-old woman in the 1982 film “Krull”? 5. Is it possible to make a man look like a man?

g) The game ОЗУ: Let`s play , choose one of the cards and answer the question. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Do you like action films? What is your favourite action film? How often do you watch action films? Who is your favourite actor /actress? What do action films teach us? What positive about action films?



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7. What negative about action films? III. Заключительная часть. 1. Сообщение и объяснение домашнего задания. 2. Подведение итогов работы на уроке и сообщение отметок. 3. Организационный конец урока.

Скачать презентацию: is so good but it might have been better_презентация_(

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Nothing is so good but it might have been better (