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Form-hugging fits had been on their way out for a

For several years, the overarching trend in men’s

while but 2019 was the year that really finished

footwear fashion has been marked by a move

them off. From baggy denim to Chandler Bing-

away from minimalism and simplicity, and towards

approved oversized tailoring, loose cuts crept

OTT styling and bulkiness. The rise of maximalism

from the fringes of fashion and into mainstream

has been most evident in the sneaker world, but

menswear, marking a sartorial shift that looks

2019 saw it take hold of our boots and brogues, too.

set to continue long into the next decade. The commando sole is formal footwear’s answer It was a breath of fresh air for both our

to chunky sneaker madness. It’s bold and bulky,

wardrobes and our spuds as spray-on legwear

and has a way of completely altering the overall

disappeared almost entirely – replaced instead

look of a shoe. Everything from classic Chelsea

by straight-leg, relaxed and wide-leg fits – and

boots to dressy Derbies received the thick-

boxy ’90s-inspired outerwear reigned supreme.

tread treatment over the course of the last year, and with those rugged soles offering increased


traction in wintery conditions, this is one of those rare trends that’s as practical as it is stylish.

As sun-drenched strolls home from the office mutate into dark, frigid commutes in torrential rain, sneakerheads all over the world are faced with a horrifying choice: to ruin their most prized possessions in the adverse weather or, perhaps even worse, to consider wearing footwear other than sneakers for the next couple of months. Thankfully, 2020 and its taste for functional fashion brought with it a solution to this age-old seasonal conundrum: Gore-Tex sneakers…and plenty of them. From Nike to New Balance, every trainer brand worth its salt was experimenting with the waterproof fabric this year and we still can’t get enough of it.


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