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TIME TO GET MOVING! Before we get started, we know you have been sitting around all day, so here are some warm up stretches to relieve any tension in your body and warm you up.

Triangle Pose x 5 each side

Reverse/Forward Lunges x 20

Whether you are a gymaholic or just want to move, these positions can be done by anyone, if you want to vary the difficulty just make some subtle changes.


Plank x 30 seconds Glute Bridges x 10 (hold for a few seconds at the top and squeeze those cheeks!)

After your workout, your body will be craving water and protein,

Now we are a bit warmed up, here is a simple full body Cat/Camel x10

workout you can do in the garden or living room. Remember to alter your position so it feels correct yet tough, if you feel a strain anywhere, move around slightly until it feels comfortable.

Tabletop to Downdog x 10

Child Pose x 20 seconds (focus on slow, deep breaths)


so make sure to drink plenty of water and have either a protein shake, or find some in food. Tip: you can find plenty of protein in Greek yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, or even beef jerky!


Be consistent

Drink plenty of water

Put the cake down


Body Weight Squats x 20

Jump Squats x 10 Lunge to Warrior x 5 each side


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