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while at home, especially for

you? See any tasks after 5:30pm

your current task, save it, safely

this unpredictable timescale, it is

as Jerry. Hold your ground and

switch off your equipment and

important to pick a time everyday

say to yourself, “no, it can wait”.

run away from any Jerry’s.

the office and socialise.. Yes, that

You may feel like you are being


means you can rejoin the family,

productive, but then you may

put your feet up and enjoy the ease

decide to start work later the next

of working from home and being

day to make up for yesterday’s

near your close ones (if you want

time, you end up working late

to - we won’t judge!). But be sure

again still and you end up in a

to have a nutritious meal and be

cycle with no routine where

back at your desk at the dedicated

anxiety and stress can set in.

time to carry on your work.

Restrictions are important for

where you can step away from

your mental health, you can Now, this next part is very

avoid this by setting an alarm for

important, you have the option

10 minutes before you usually

of working half an hour longer

finish work so you can finish up

than usual if you need to, but cap it at that! Any more than half an hour and ‘Work Creep’ will take a hold of you. This is where you lose track of time as you’re working hard, suddenly look up and notice it is 7pm. Imagine it like this, you’re in your office, it strikes 5pm and you start packing your stuff up, then Jerry from accounting comes in and asks you to work the next 2 or 3 hours for him. You would walk away wouldn’t




Create a space similar to your office away from the family

Set your dedicated start, end and lunch time

Make sure you move every 30 minutes

Use your lunch time to socialise and relax

No daytime wine (although we won’t tell!)

Avoid Jerry

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