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So, how can we create this haven

If you don’t have an office, try and



of focus and make sure you work

set up a mini office in an area away

conducting video calls in your

your hours productively so you

from where the family relaxes,

pyjamas and pouring yourself

can put the laptop away at 5 O’

this may be the dining table, the

a glass of wine in the afternoon

clock without that guilty feeling?

hallway or even your bedroom.









Wherever you choose, make it The first step is to create an

as office-like as possible, set up

It can be quite easy to get sucked

environment away from the rest

your space like your desk in the

into work when you are in the

of the house that you can dissociate

office with your desktop, notepad,

zone, however it is important to

from homelife, where the thought

phone, a comfortable chair and

remember that you still need to

of popping away to put a quick

anything else you may need -

get up every 30 minutes to stretch

wash on is eliminated. This is best

maybe a cut-out of your manager

and generally move. Whether

done in a room where you can lock


you stay within your space or go

Use your time efficiently and effectively at home and avoid “Work Creep”





into the garden for some fresh air, space,

it is best to make sure you move

the first few days will require

in an area that gives you that

discipline as you get into the habit

breathing time, but maintains that

of making this your focal area, we

clear disassociation from home.





need your brain to associate this new space with your old office.

It is also important to follow

Resist the temptation of popping

the routine of work with your

out for anything home related,

lunch time, whether it is 30

if possible, and try to only leave

minutes or one hour. It can be

yourself away (hide) from your

the desk for things you would

very tempting to work through

children and any distractions,

leave the desk for in the office, i.e

this time when you are at home

however that isn’t always possible.

toilet breaks, a coffee and lunch.

however, to maintain the balance


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